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“ Earth was to us a seat of war;
“ In thrones of triumph now we are.
“ We long'd to see our Jesus dear,
" And fought him there, but find him here.
* We walk in white without annoy,
“ In glorious galleries of joy;
“ And crown’d with everlasting bays,
“ We rival Cherubs in their praise.
“ No longer we complain of wants,
“ We see the glorious King of saints,
". Amidst his joyful holls around,
“ With all the divine glory crown'd.
“ We see him at his table-head
“ With living water, living bread,
* His chearful guests incessant load
“ With all the plenitude of God.
“ We see the holy flaming fires,
“ Cherubic and seraphic quires ;
“ And gladly join with those on high,
“ To warble praise eternally.

Glory to God that here we came,
" And glory to the glorious Lamb:
“ Our light, our life, our joy, our all
“ Is in our arms, and ever shall.
* Our Lord is ours, and we are his :
« Yea, now we fee him as he is:
“ And hence we like unto him are,
“ And full his glorious image Mare.
“ No dakness now, no dismal night;
"No vapour intercepts the lights
1. We fee for ever face to face
" The highest Prince in highest place.

This, this does heav'n enough afford, “ We are for ever with the Lord : “ We want no more, for all is giv'n ; “ His presence is the heart of heav'n.”. While thus I laid my list’ning ear Clofe to the door of heav'n to hear; And then the sacred page did view, Which told me all I heard was true;


Yet shew'd me that the heav'nly song
Surpasses ev'ry mortal tongue,
With such unutterable itrains
As none in fett'ring flesh attains:
Then said I, “ O to mount away,
" And leave this heavy clog «f clay!
" Let wings of time more hally fly,
“ That I may join the songs on high.”




2. Law and GOSPEL.
4. Faith and Sinse.
5. HEAVEN and Earth.


The Believer's PRINCIPLES concerning Creation and

Redemption: or, Sume of the firt Principles of the Oracles of GOD.


Of CREATION. The first chapter of Genefis compendized; or ibe first seven days · Work, from ibe following Latin lines

Englilhed. PRIMA dies cælum, & terram, lucemque, creavit.

Altera dillendit fpatium, discrimen acquarum. Tertia secernens undas, dat gramina terris. Quarta creat folem & lunam, cæleftiaque aftra. Quinta dedit pisces, eadem genus omne volantum. Sexta tulit pecudes, huminem quoque quem Deus ipse Condidit; inde operis requies lux leptima fullit.

In English tbus. 1. The first day, heav'n, earth, light, JEHOVAH sent. 2. The next, a water-lund'ring firmament. 3. The third made dry land spring with flow'ry pride. 4. The fourth set up bright lamps, times to divide. 5. The fifth brought swimming fish and flying fowl. 6. The fisth, earth's herds, and man to bear the rule. 7

The seventh brought forth no more, yet brought the best, The lab'ring creature's and Creator's rett.

Or tbus.'

The first day, at Jeuovah's word,
Did 'heav'n), and earth, and light afford.
The next, a firmament so wide
As might the water's course divide.
The third, fevering lands from seas,
Made earth produce herbs, grass, and trees.
The fourth, fun, moon, and stars of light
Set up to rule the day and night.
The fifth made fish in depths to move,
And fowls to fly in air above.
The sixth all earthly beasts did bring,
And inan to be the creatures king.
The seventh, of all these days the best,
Was made for God and man to rest.
Redemption-work doth bring again
The first of these to be the main.
Fetching new heav'ns and earths in sight,
And immortality to light.
Since then the first is now the best,
Keep well this pledge of endless relt.

Tbe Sum of CREATION.
All things from nothing, to their fov'reign Lord
Obedient rose, at his commanding wird.
Fair in his eye the whole creation stood ;
He saw the building, and pronounc'd it good.

And now each work (while nature's fabric stands)
Loud for its wife and mighty Lord demands
A rent of praise, a loud and lofty fung
From ev'ry rational beholder's tongue.


Of Re D E MÉTION The Mystery of the Redeemer's Incarnation ; or, God

manifested in the flesh, i Tim. iii. 16. John i. 14.
WHAT though the waters, struck with dread,

Rise up and form a pyramid ?
Though foods should gush from rocks and stones,
Or living fouls from wither'd bones?
To hear of an incarnate God,
Is yet more wonderful and odd ;
Or to behold how God most high
Could in our nature breath and die.
What though the bright angelic forms
Degraded were to crawling worms?
These creatures were but creatures still,
Transform'd at their Creator's will.
Though creatures change a thousand ways,
It cannot such amazement raise,
Nor such a scene as this display,
Th'eternal Word a piece of clay.
God-man a strange contexture fix'd,
Yet not confused nor commix'd;
Yet still a myft'ry great and fresh,
A Spirit infinite made fleth.
What though, when nothing heard his call,
Nothing obey'd and brought forth all ?
What though he nothing's brood maintain,
Or all annihilate again?
Let nothing into being pafs,
Or back again to what it was?
But, lo! the God of beings here,
As turn'd to nothing doth appear,
All heav'n's astonish'd at his furin,
The mighty God became a worm.

Down Arian pride to him should bow,
He's Jesus and Jehovah too.

With haughty mind to G dhead man aspirt,
With loving mind our manhood God defird:
Man was by pride from place of pleasure chas'd,
God man by love in greater pleasure plac'd.
Man seeking to ascend procur'd our fall;
God yielding to descend remoy'd our thrall :
The Judge was caft, the guilty to acquit;
The sun defac'd to lend the shades the light.

Tbe REDEEMER'S WORK; Or, CHRIST all in all,

and our complete Redemption.

A Gospel-Catecbism for Young Christians.

IND teacher, may I come to learn

In this abrupt address,
By framing questions that concern,
My endless happiness?

Yea, child; but if you'd learn to run

The great falvation-race,
Know that the name of Christ alone,

Can answer ev'ry case.
Q: By fin my God and all is loft,

O where may God be found?
A. In Christ; for fo the Holy Ghoft

Shews by the joyful found.
Q: But how will God with sinful me

Again be reconcil'd ?
4. In Christ, in whom his grace to theç

And favour is reveal'd.
Q. O how shall I a sparer provę,

And see his glorious grace?
4. In Christ, the image of his love,

And brightness of his face.

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