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Good news of gold to poor that lack;
Of raiment to the naked back ;
Of binding to the wounds that smart;
And rest unto the weary heart.
Glad news of freedom to the bound
Of Itore all loffes to refound
Of endless life unto the dead
And present help in time of need.
Good news of heav'n, where angels dwell,
To those that well deserved hell;
Of strength to weak for work and war.
And access near to those afar
Glad news of joy to those that weep,
And tender care of cripple sheep;
of shelter to the foul pursu'd,
And cleansing to the hellish-hue'd:
Of foods to fap the parched ground,
And streams to run the desart round;
Of ransom to the captive caught,
And harbour to the found'ring yacht :
Of timely aid to weary groans;
Of joy restor'd to broken bones :

divine to graceless preys,
And glory to the vile and base :
Of living water pure, that teems
On fainting souls refreshing streams;
Of gen'rous wine to chear the ftrong,
And milk to feed the tender young :
Of saving faith to faithless, ones;
Of f ftning grace to flinty stones;
Of pardon to a guilty crew,
And mercy free, where wrath was due.
Good news of welcome kind to all,
That come to Jesus at his call;
Yea, new of drawing pow'r, when fcant,
To those that fain would come and can't.
Glad news of rich myllerious grace,
And mercy meeting ev'ry case ;
Of store immense all vids to fill,
And free to whosoever will."

Of Christ exalted as a Prince,
Parduns to give a penitence;
Of grace o'ercoming stubborn wills,
And leaping over Bether hills.
Faith comes by hearing these reports ;
Straight to the court of grace resorts,
And, free of mercenary thought,
Gets royal bounty all for nought.
Faith's wing within the clanmy lea
Of legal merit cannot flee;
But mounting mercy's air apace,
Soars in the element of grace.
But as free love the blessing gives
To him that works not, but believes
So faith, once reaching its desre,
Works hard by love, but not by hire.

CHAP. III. The Believer's Principles concerning Jufrification

and Sanctification, their Difference and Harmony.


The Difference between Juftification and Sanctification;

or Righteousness imputed and Grace imparted; in up-
wards of thirty particulars *.
K IND Jesus spent his life to spin

My robe of perfect righteousness;
But by his Spirit's work within

He forms my gracious holy dress.
He as a Priest me justifies,

His blood does roaring conscience still;
But as a King he sanctifies,

And subjugates my ftubborn will. * Note, That (METRI CAUSA) Juftification is sometimes here exprefled by the words, Imputed grace, jurifying grace, righteousnefs, &c. Sanctification by the names, Imported grage, grace, graces, Sephiness, fanctity, &c.; which the judicious will çabily understand.

He justifying by his merit,

Imputes to me his righteousness; But fanctifying by his Spirit,

Infuses in me faving grace.
My justifying righteousness

Can merit by condignity;
But nothing with my strongest grace

Can be desery'd by naughty me.
This justifying favour sets,

The guilt of all my fin remote : But sanctifying grace delets

The filth and blackness of its blot. By virtue of this righteousness

Sin can't condemn nor jufily brand : By virtue of infused grace

Anon it ceases to command. The righteousness which I enjoy,

Sin's damning pow'r will wholly stay; And grace imparted will destroy

Its ruling domineering sway. The fornier is my Judge's act

Of condonation full and free : The latter his commenced fact,

And gradual work advanc'd in me. The former's instantaneous,

The moment that I first believe: The latter is, as Heav'n allows,

Progressive while on earth I live. The first will peace to conscience give,

The last the filthy heart will cleanse : The first effects a relative,

The last a real inward change. The former pardons ev'ry sin,

And counts me righteous, free, and just: The latter quickens grace within,

And inortifies my fin and luft. Imputed grace intitles me

Ùnto eternal happiness; Imparted grace will qualify

That heav'nly kingdom to possess.

My righteousness is infinite,

Both subjectively and in kind; My holiness most incomplete,

And daily wavers like the wind.' So lasting is my outer dress,

It never wears nor waxes old; My inner garb of grace decays

And fades, if Heav'n do not uphold. My righteousness and pardon is

At once molt perfect and complete; But fanctity admits degrees,

Does vary, fluctuate, and fleet. Hence fix'd, my righteousness divine

No real change can undergo; But all my graces wax and wane,

By various turnings ebb and flow. I'm by the first as righteous now,

As e'er hereafter I can be : The last will to perfection grow,

Heav'n only is the full degree. The first is equal, wholly giv'n,

And still the same in ev'ry saint; The last unequal and unev'n,

While some enjoy what others want. My righteousness divine is fresh,

For ever pure and heav'nly both; My fanctity is partly flesh,

And justly term’d a menstrous cloth. My righteousness I magnify,

'Tis my triumphant lofty flag; But, pois’d with this, my fanctity

Is nothing but a filthy rag. I glory in my righteousness,

And loud extol it with my tongue; But all my grace, compar'd with this,

I under-rate as loss and dung. By justifying grace I'm apt

Of divine favour free to boast; By holiness I'm partly shap'd

Into his image I had loft.

The first to divine justice pays

A rent to still the furious form;
The last to divine holiness

Instructs me duly to perform,
The first does quench the fiery law,

Its rigid cov’nant fully stay ;
The last its rule embroider'd draw,

To deck my heart, and gild my way, The subject of my righteousness

Is Christ himself, my glorious Head; But I the subject am of grace,

As he supplies my daily need. The matter of the former too

Is only Christ's obedience dear; But, lo! his helping me to do

As all the work and matter here. I on my righteousness rely

For Heav'n's acceptance free, and win; But, in this matter mult deny

My grace, ev'n aş I do my sin. Though all my graces precious are,

Yea, perfect also in desire; They cannot stand before the bar

Where awful justice is umpire : But, in the rob that Christ did spin,

They are of great and high request; They have acceptance wrapt within

My elder Brother's bloody vest. My righteousness proclaims me great

And fair, even in the light of God; But sanctity's my main off-set

Before the gazing world abroad. More justify'd I cannot be

By all my most religious acts; But these increase my sanctity,

That's still attended with defects. My righteousness the safelt ark

Midlt ev'ry threatning food will be; My graces but a leaking bark

Upon a stormy raging fea.

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