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I see in justifying grace

God's love to me does ardent burn; But by imparted holiness

I grateful love for love return.
My righteousness is that which draws

My thankful heart to this respect :
The former then is first the cause,

The latter is the sweet effect. Christ is in justifying me,

By name, The Lord my righteousnefs: But as he comes to sanctify,

Tbe Lord my firengib and help he is. In that I have the patient's place,

For there JEHOVAH's act is all : But in the other I'm through grace

An agent working at his call. The first does slaviflı fear forbid,

For there his wrath revenging ends; The last commands my filial dread,

For here paternal ire attends. The former does aonul my woe,

By God's judicial sentence past; The latter makes my graces grow,

Faith, love, repentance, and the rest: The first does divine pard’ning love

Most freely manifest to me;
The last makes shining graces prove

Mine int’rest in the pardon free.
My soul in justifying grace

Does full and free acceptance gain ;
In sanctity I heav'nward preis

By sweet assistance I obtain.
The first declares I'm free of debt,

And nothing left for me to pay;
The last makes me a debtor yet,

But helps to pay it ev'ry day, My righteousness with wounds and blood

Discharg'd both law and justice' score; Hence with the debt of gratitude

I'll charge myself for evermore.

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Tbe Harmony between Justification and Sanctification. НЕ

E who me decks with righteousness,

With grace will also clothe; For glorious Jesus came to bliss

By blood and water both.
That in his righteousness I trust,

My fanctity will show ;
Though graces cannot make me juft,

They shew me to be fo.
All those who freely jullify'd

Are of the pardon'd race,
Anon are also sanctify'd

And purified by grace.
Where justice lern does justify,

There holiness is clear'd;
Heav'n's equity and sanctity

Can never be fever'd.
Hence, when my soul with pardon deckt,

Perceives no divine ire,
Then holiness I do affect

With passionate desire.
His juftifying grace is such

As wafts my soul to heav'n:
I cannot chufe but love him much,

Who much las me forgiv'n.
The Sun of righteousness that brings

Remiflion in his rays,
The healing in his golden wings

Of light and heat conveys.
Where-ever Jesus is a Priest,

There will be be a King;
He that affoils from fin's arrest,

Won't tolerate its reign.
The title of a precious grace

To faith may justly fall,
Because its open arms embrace

A precious Christ for all.

From precious faith a precious strife

Of precious virtues flow;
A precious heart, a precious life,

And precious duties too.
Where-ever faith does justify,

It purifies the heart; The pardon and the purity

Join hands and never part.
The happy state of pardon doth

An holy life infer:
In subjects capable of both

They never sunder'd were.
Yet in defence of truth must we

Diflinctly view the twain; That how they differ, how agree,

We may in truth maintain. Two natures in one person dwell,

Which no division know,
In our renown'd IMMANUEL,

Without confusion too.
Those that divide them, grofsly err,

Though yet distinct they be :
Those who confusion hence infer,

Imagine blasphemy.
Thus righteousness and grace we must

Not funder nor confound;
Else holy peace to us is lost,

And facred truth we wound. While we their proper place maintain,

In friendship sweet they dwell;
But or to part or blend the twain,

Are errors hatch'd in hell.
To separate what God does join,

Is wicked and profane :
To mix and mutilate his coin,

Is damnable and vain.
Though plain distinction must take place,

Yet no division here,
Nor dark confusion, else the grace

Of both will disapear.

Lo! errors grofs on ev'ry side

Conspire to hurt and wound; Antinomists do them divide, And legalists confound.


Fairb and Senfe.


1. Of Faith and Sense natural. 2. Of Faith and Sense spiritual. 3. Tbe Harmony and Discord between Faith and Sense. 4. Tbe Valour and victories of Faitb. 5. Tbe Heig bis and Depths of Sense. 6. Faith and Frames compared, or Faith building

Sense discovered.

SECT. I. Faith and Sense Natural, compared and distinguished. W

HEN Abram's body, Sarah's womb,

Were ripe for nothing but the tomb,
Exceeding old, and wholly dead,
Unlike to bear the promis'd feed :
Faith said, I shall an Isaac fee ;
No, no, said fenfe; it cannot be :
Blind reason, to augment the strife,
Adds, How can death engender life?
My heart is like a rotten tomb,
More dead than ever Sarah's womb;
O! can the promis'd feed of grace
Spring forth from such a barren place!
Sense gazing but on flinty rocks,
My hope and expectation chukes :
But could I, skill'd in Abram's art,
O'erlook my dead and barren heart;
And build niy hope on nothing less
Than divine pow'r and faithfulness;
Soon would I find him raise up fons
To Abram, out of rocks and itones.

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Faith acts as busy boatmen do,
Who backward look, and forward row:
It looks intent to things unseen,
Thinks objects visible too mean.
Sense thinks it madness thus to steer,
And only trusts its eye and ear;
Into faith's boat dare thrust its par
And put it further from the shore.
Faith does alone the promise eye;
Sense won't believe unless it fee;
Nor can it trust the divine guide,
Unless it have both wind and tide.
Faith thinks the promise sure and good;
Sense doth depend on likelihood;
Faith-ev'n in storms belives the seers;
Sense calls all men, ev'n prophets, liars.
Faith uses means, but rests on none;
Sense fails when outward means are gone ;
Trasts more in probabilities,
Than all the divine promises.
It rests upon the rusty beam
Of outward things that hopeful seem;
Let these its support sink or cease,
No promise then can yield it peace.
True faith that's of a divine brood,
Consults not base with flesh and blood;
But carnal sense, which ever errs,
With carnal reason ftill confers.
What! won't my disciples believe
That I am risen from the grave ?
Why will they pore on duit and death,
And overlook my quick’ning breath?
Why do they flight the word I fpake ?
And rather forry counsel take
With death, and with a pow'rless grave,
If they their captive can't relieve?
Sense does enquire if tombs of clay,
Can send their gueits alive away ?
But faith will hear Jenovah's word,
Of life and death the Sov'reign Lord.

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