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agissionary anniversary. The Fourteenth General Meeting of the Missionary Society will be held in London on Wednesday, May 1l, and the Two following Days. The various Services are arranged as follows :

Wednesday Morning; SURRY CHAPEL, the Rev. Joan CAMPBELL, D.D. one of the Ministers of the Tolbooth Church, Edinburgh, and Secretary to the Society in Scotland for propagating Christian Knowledge, will preach.

Wednesduy Evening, TABERNACLE, the Rev. R. L. ALLEN, of Exeter, will preach.

Thursday Mörhing, HABERDASHERS’ Háll, the Members and Friends of the Society will meet to elect Officers and Directors for the ensuing Year, to hear the Report of the Directors;--and transact the General Business of the Institution.

Thursday Evening; TOTTENHAM COURI CHÁPEĽ, the Rev. ROBERT Winter, of London, will preach.

Friday Morning; ST. BRIDE'S CHURCI, Fleet Street, the Rev. JOAN, MÁRTYN LONGMIRE, LL. B. Rector of Hargrave, near Kimbólton, will preach.

Friday Afternoon, at Pour o'clock, the Members of the Society will ineet for Business, at the School-Room of Sion Chapel.

Friday Evening, Sion Chapel, the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be administered to those Members and Friends of the Society who are Stated Communicants. Tickets for Admission may be had of their respective Ministers. Non-Communicants will be admitted to the Galleries.

The Morning-Services will begin at Half past Ten, and the Evening Ser. vices at Six v'clock. A Collection for the Benefit of the Institution will be idade at each of the places,

The Annual Meeting of the BRITISH AND Foreign Bible Society will be held at the New London Tavern, Cheapside, on Wednesday, the 4th of May, at Eleven o'clock.

The Annual Meeting of the Rectaious Tract Society will be held at the New London Tavern, Cheapside, on Thursday Morning; the 12th of May; at Seven o'clock.

'The Annual Meeting of the LONDON Finale PexITENTIARY will be held at the above place, on Monday, May 16 ; when the Proceedings of the Coromittee, will be reported, and other Business connected with ihe General Meeting transacted. The Chair will be taken precisely at Twelve..

A General Meeting of the Members and Friends of the INDEPENDENT Tsion will be held at the Rev. Mr. Wall's Meeting-house, Pavement, Moorfields, on Wednesday, May 18 ; when the Rev. Dr. Williams, of Rotherham, is expected to preach. Service at Eleven. The Report of the Committlee will be read, and other Business transacted, after the close of the Service, · The Friends of the Union will breakfast together at the New London Tavern, Cheapside, at Seven in the morning.



NUMEROUS Letters and Journals from the Missionaries in various parts of the world, have just been received by the Directors; the particulars of which we have not time nor roon to detail in the present Number: the substance of this information will doubtless be given to the Society in the Annual Report, and in the Missionary Transactions; from which we shall bereafles make suitable extracts.

Letters from Messrs. Cran and Des Granges, at Vizagapatam, written in Sept. and Oct. 1807, have come to hand. They were diligently engaged in perfecting themselves in the Telinga language, embracing, every opportunity of conversing with the heathen, and in preaching to our countrymen and the people of colour; in superintending the charity; school, and taking care of a rumber of poor helpless children committed to their care.

They were also employed in supplying the wants of 150 poor objects of distress, from a Fund raised by the settlenxcut. The build. ings for the Mission, and the Charity School, were going on. They have åboot 40 children in their school, soine of whom were very promising:

Mr. Loveless remains, for the present, in the School at Madras, where he is very usefully einployed.

Mr. Ringeltaube continues to labour in Travancore, with success.

Mr. Vos, who was very useful at Columbo, in Ceylon, has been driven
from that island, in consequence of the persecution of the Dutch Clersy.
He is now at Tranquebar; and will probably settle at the Cape.
Letters and Journals haye also been received from Otaheite.

We are gorry to find that a civil war has again broken out there; but the Mission. aries were in safety. Mr. Warner had arrived; as also letters and supplies from England. Pomarre (the King of Otaheite) has written another Leiter, in a very good kand, to the Directors.

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of the lower classes know and love SWEDEN.

the Saviour.'.
A RELIGIOUS Tract Society bas
just been established at Stockholm.

They intend to print Tracts in the
Swedish, Finlandish, and, if possible, An intelligent and pious traveller,
in the Laplandish language. They

who was lately in Denmark, writes have commenced by printing in the

thus to his friend in another part Suedish language two of the Lone of Europe. don Society's Tracts, viz. “The Great “ I need not inform you concerning Question answered,' and the account the deplorable state of Denmark in of “Janies Covey.?

respect of religion. From the ac. They hope soon to print some counts, of which you are already in in the Finlandish tongue, as there possession, you will perceive that is the most pressing necessity in contempt of the laws of Heaven-had Finland, which is likely to become arisen to the most awful height ; the seat of war; and it is very de- and every thing that had any consirable that the poor suffering in- nection with the gospel of Christ habitants may enjoy the consolations was ridiculed, and cried down with of religion in their hearts.

public applause. Who that was eyeIt has been tbrough the influence witness to these things, and was at of the Religious Tract Society in all acqnainted with the method ofLondon, that this Society has been the Divine procedure, as to nations, fornucd ; and on receiving informa, could avoid predicting their fall, tion of the same, they have voted although he could not pretend to £25 for their encouragement. say by what means it should take

We hear with picasure that there place! are, in Stockholm, not a few faith- “ You will naturally ask, “What fui, zealous preachers of the Cross. effect have the late judgments proReligion is countenanced by the duced on the inhabitants of VeaCourt, and many of the first people mark?' It is not, indeed, inconamong the robility. Numbers also siderable; but I am sorry to say, it


is far from being what might be M. Israel Jacobson, Counsellor ef wished.. Instead of humbling them- Finances, to the Minister of State, selves under the mighty hand of M. Simeon, and afterwards to Kings God, they are

embittered Jerome, M. Jacobson addressed his against him; and plainly declare Majesty in a short speech; and the by their conduct, that they will following is part of the reply which yet do more wickedly.' When was made: neither the Divine long-suffering

• I am satisfied with your speech. and goodness, nor the most mani- That article in the constitution of fest proofs of the Divine displeasure my kingdom, which establishes the make any impression on the minds equality of all religions, is in pera of men, how hardened, must their fect unison with the feelings of my consciences be! how aggravated heart. The law ought to interrupt their guilt! I would only mention, no man in the exercise of his worin confirmation of this, that when ship. Each subject is as much at they heard of the late Fast in Egg. liberty to observe the rules of his land, they made the most blasphe faith as the king is to follow his mous remarks in the public papers religion. The duties of the citizen on the proclamation of it made by are the only objects which the laws the King ; and especially on that of the Government can regulate.' part of it, in which he speaks of prayer for averting the punishment which is but too much deserved by

ITALY. the people of that country.”

The Prince of Lucca and Piom

bino has abolished all places of FRANCE,

asylumn, formerly resorted to by Bonaparte's Reply to the Proteste criminals ; so that the armed force

can enler churches, convents, &c. ant Consistory of Paris.

and seize delinquents. I accept the blessing and congratulation of the Consistory. You owe me so obligation. I wish not

AMERICA. men to think themselves indebted to

" A most remarkable reformation me, merely because I have been prevails in Middleborough, Berkley, just to them. Conscience is not within the jurisdiction of human

Arroniett, Carver, and Fair Haven.

In Fair Haven, religion has been I self and successors, not only the in greatly neglected till lately. Most dependence, but also the most per violently opposed to reformations.

of the people in this town have been fect freedom and inviolability of The Lord is now working in a wonyour worship. The Protestants

derful manner ; the minister has have always proved themselves to

become a hopeful convert. be good citizens, and faithful sub- hundred are admitted or propounded

One jects of the laws. Though I do not

for admission into the church. As profess to be of their religion, tell the village is small, this is an asihem that I place them in the circle

tonishing number. A large number of my best friends.'

have been admitted into Mr. An-The Emperor has founded at

drews's church in Berkley. OppoMarseilles, a Professorship for the

sition is still great in Fair Haven ; Arabic Language ; to which he has

but Christ as yet triumphs gloriousappointed Don Gabriel, formerly a

ly. Here a number of old, abanmissionary at Cairo, with a pension doned sinners, who had for a long of 5000 francs.

time neglected public worship, were

present at a conference, and for CASSEL

some time stood together, inmoved À DEPUTATION of the Jews in the and looking on. At length, the kingdom of Westphalia has assem- minister addressed them, with his bled here, consisting partly of Rah. usual cuergy, in the following words; . bin, partly of Elders. On: Feb. 8, • Your children are now waiting for the Deputation was introduced by your property, the worms for your


hodies, and the Devil for your souls.' straining every nerve to bripg, the The divine power accompanied thiş pure doctrines of the gospel into hold address. In a moment their contempt, when the hulk of nominal þeads fell, the tears gushed from Christians, by their lives and convertheir eyes, and they became anxious șation, are denying the religion they to inquire and hear what they should profess, - such information must do to be saved. With what case afford the true followers of the can God cal!se bis word to pierce the meck and lowly Jesus peculiar pleasinner's soul! The Lord can make sure. While Zion prospers, let her his people willing in the day of his sons and her daughters rejoice. power. The reformation is increas- May the children of God, encouing in all the places before men- raged by the recept triumphs of the tioned. There is a great call for cross, be fervent in their prayers, preaching. The fields are white that this gļorious work may extend, already to harvest.”

that none may say,

The harvest In a degenerate and licentious age, is past, the summer is ended, and when the enemies of religion are we are not saved !”

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J. B.
W. N. Tweedmouth
From a Lady, by Rev. Mr. Bottomley
A Friend, by Mr. C. Potter, Norwich
H. H. by Rev. Mr. Jay
Rev. Mr. Steill'and Friends, Kidderminster

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Buck, of Wiveliscomb, engaged in AỊ Milborne Port, Somersetshire,

the devotional parts of the work. Dec. 15, 1807, Mr. W. Paige, to the

Mr. Weston, of Sherborne, preached

in the evening: çare of the Independent church. Mr.

The ministry of Tracy delivered the introductory

Mr. Hendebourck has already been discourse; Mr. Weston charged the attended with some pleasing success ; minister • to make full proof of his and there is a prospect of further ministry ;' and Mr. Herdsman the ụsefulness. people to submit one to another, March 25, at Maulden, ja the and be clothed with humility; Mr. room of Mr. Coles who has reGray offered up the ordinalion- sígned, Mr. Ilohson, over the Freeprayer; and Mr. Cracknell preached Communion church, assembling at in the evening. Other paris of the Maulden and Ampthill. Introducservice were conducted by Messrs. tory discourse, Mr. Bull, junior; Morren, M'Gibbon, "Besly, Jones, charge, Mr. Bull, sen. ; sermon, Mr. Prankard, and Cox.

Thorp. Mr. Aston, Mr. Eisdell

, March 9, 1808, at Bishop's Hull,

and Mr. Castleden prayed.

Mr. near Taunton, Mr. W. Mendebourck,

Hillyard preached in the evening at late a student at Axminster, to the Ampthill. care of the Independent church. Mr. Tozer, of Taunton, delivered the in. April 6. The Middlesex and Herttroductory *address, &c. ; Mr.Small, fordshire Union of Protestant Dis. the Tutor, gave the charge; Mr. senting Ministers held their First Golding, of Pirminster, preached Half-yearly Meeting at Mr. Mas. the sermon ; Mr. Tracy, of Yeovil, len's, Hertford." Mr. Whitefoot, of Mr. Saltren, of Bridpori, Mr. Herds- Enfield, preached : On the Nature, mat, of South Petherton, and Mr. Advantages, and Best Methods of



conducting Religious Associations,' chapel lately erected, which will from Ps. cxxxiii. Messrs. Mumslun, contain from 400 to 500 people, of Epping, Knight, of Ponderis which is generally well tiled. Mr. End, and Thomas, of Enfield, en- A. Shadrach is settled there as a gaged in prayer.

minister; and the prospect is very promising

Wednesday, April 13, the Bucks Schools -- At a Meeting of upwards inghamshire Association held their of 500 of the Inhabitants of Dover, Høif-yearly Meeting at Mr. Den,

WILLIAM KING, Esq. Mayor, hain's, Tówceşler. Mr, Reynolds It was resolved, 'That the Establish: preached in the morning, froin Rom, înent of a School, upon the plan of xii. 9, 10; and Mr. Aston, from Mr. Joseph Lancaster, has been a 1 Thess. v. 25; and, in the evenvery great benefit to this town; it ing, Mr. Fletcher, of Bicester, being a surprizing fact, that, in the preached from Jer. iii. 23; and Mr. space of three weeks, more than 200 children have been brought in,

Gardner, from 1 Thess. iv, 3. The

next Hälf-yearly Meeting will be to order, and are now daily taught held at Mr. Scraggs's, Buckingham, by a youth of 17 years

of with:

on Tuesday, Oct. 4. out reşortii.; to any of the common modes of correction, and that, in

The Annual Meeting of the Ox every way, the improvement of the

fardshire Association will be held at children is very great, considering

Bourton on the Water, on Tuesday, the short time that the Iristitution

May 31, and Wednesday, June 1.bas existed,

The preachers appointed are Mr.

Stennett, of Bampton, and Mr. March 9 and 10, the Ministers of Thorp, of Bristol. the Congregational Churches in Cardiganshire, held their Quarterly

The next Annual Meeting of the Meeting at Talybout. Messi's. J.

Benevolent Society, for the Relief

of the Widows and Families of ProGriffiths, of Machynlleth, P. Mor. ris, of Eberezer, W. Hughes, of

testant Dissenting Ministers in the

Counties of Essex and Hertford, will Dinas Mowlhy, T. Jones, of Saron, M. Jones, of Trelech, j. Roberts,

be held at the Horn Inn, Braintree, of Llanbrynmoir, H. Pugh, of Brith.

on Tuesday, May 17, 1808. dir, and R. Davies, preached on the occasion. The congregation was

LONDON. numerous and attentive. Between the morning and afternoon services The Annual Meeting of the Pro. on the second day, the ministers, to.

testant Dissenters' Grammar School, gether with some hundreds who had

was held April 6; when the Report come from a considerable distance,

of the Conimittee was read, and an partook of a repast in the chapel, encouraging statement of the proficonsisting entirely of wholesome ciency and behaviour of the pupils bread, cheese, and table · beer,

was presented by the Rev. J. Alkinwhich had been plentifully brought

son, Head-Master. It is in contem-. thither by the neighbours. while plation to purchase the premisses thus feasting together, with wuch

now occupied for the use of the InChristian love and simplicity, the

stiiution; bui, in order to secure greatest cheerfulness appeared in

so desirable an objeci, a large adcvery countenance. The friends of dition iv the funds is indispensable. the Redeemer 'greatly rejoice in The Árnal Meeting of the Hiseeing the grace of God in the bernian Society was held ou Tues• neighbourhood of Talybont, which day, April 19; when an interesting is on the direct road from achyni- port of the seriions of the Comleth to Aberystwyth. It is a new miile: was presented; and which, and increasing interest. Mr. T. we undersiarid, will shortly be printPhilips, of Neuaddlwyd, vas ho, ed juris inspection of the public, noured as the chicf instrument in Ç'the fiends of this Society intend raising it. There is a conscairat to breakfast together at the New

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