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Rev. John Lloyd and Congregaiion, Henllan, Carmarthenshire 21 0 0 R. Adams and Congregation, Winchester

11 1 0 S. Bottomley and Friends, Scarbro'

6 6 0 A Lady, by Rev. Dr. Haweis

20 00

10 6 6 collected at a Sunday Evening Prayer-Meeting From a few serious Young Men in the Congregation of

4 13 6 the late Rev. Mr. Hobbs, Colchester Rev. Mr. Slatterie and Friends, Chatham

4 4 0 Assistant Missionary Society, Cambridge, by Mr. Bell

8 4 0 A few Friends at Whitby, by Rev. J. Arundel

5 5 0 Legacy of Mrs. M. Tilt, late of Stourbridge Worcestershire 501.

45 0 0

Legacy Duty deducted '57. Rev. W. Smelle and Friends, Great Grimsby, Lincoloshire 5 5 0 A few Friends at Shrewsbury, by Rey. W. Weaver

94 Donations received at the late Countess of Huntingdon's

28 2 6 Chapel, Bristol, by Rev. Mr. Plait Contributions received at Bath, by ditto

14 8 0 G.

1 0 0 Additions to Anniversary Colleotions. Tabernacle £0 411 | St. Bride's

O IO Surry Chapel

1 2 4 Sion Chapel 4 93 Tottenham Court

0 15 3


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List of Lectures, &c. in and near London, for August.

1. Mun. Ev. Missionary Prayer-Meet

ing at Hackpey.
2. Ta. M. Broad Str. Mr. Humphries.

Crown Ct. Mr. Clout. Nature,
Extent, and Reward of Christian

3. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation

at Mr. Waugh's. 4. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Collier.

The Deity and Dominion of Christ.

Thomas to preach. The Eficacy

of the Blood of Christ. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Austin.

Evangelical Repentance. 19. Fr. Ev. at Kingslaod, Mr. Towa

send. On the Prayer of Jabez.

21. LORD's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

Townsend; Devanshire Sq. Dr.
Jenkins; Hare Crt. Mr. Brooks.
bank; Orange Str. Mr. Burder;
Crowo Ct. Mr. Hyatt; Peter Str.
Mr. Spilsbury; Palace Str. Dr.


7. Lord's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

Duncan. 23. Tu, M. Broad Str. Mr. Clayton. 2 go. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Collison.

The Church at Pergamus.

Collison; Devonshire Sq.
Clout; Hare Crt. Mr. W. Smith;
Crown Crt. Mr. Greig i Peter Str.

Dr. Duncan.
8. Mon. Ev. Prayes-Meeting for the

Nation at Surry Chapel.
9. 7. M. Broad Str. Mr. Burder.
11. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Indep.)

at Mr. W. Jiuophries's, Mr. G.
Clayton to preach.
Th. Ey. Feiler Lane, Mr Nicholl.

The Christian's l'ears of Death, and Remedies against them.

31. LORD's Day Ev, Broad Str. Dr.

Rippon; Devonshire Sq. Mr. C.
Hyatt ; Hare Ct. Mr. Frey; Crown
Ct. Mr. J. Clayirn, JUD ; Peter
Street, Mr. Symmons ; Palace Str.
Mr. Dunn.

14. LORD's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

Stephens ; Devonshire Sq. Ir.
Powell ; Hare Crt. Mr. J.. Thomas;
Orange Str. Mr. Townsend; Crown
Crt. Mr. Gore; Palace Sur Mr.

Greig ; Peter Str. Mr. Pharez.
:6. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Barber;

Crown Crt. Mr. J. Hyatt. The
Nature und Origin of True Great-

Lord's Day Morn. Lect. (7 o'clock) Camomile Strect. Artillery Lane, 7. Mr. Gore

7. Mr. Ball 14. Dr. Rippon 14. Mr. Wilks 21. Mr. Brooksbank 21. Mr. Burton 28 Mr. Upton

28. Mr. Platt



78. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Bapt.)

at late Mr. Rance's, Mr. Thomas

Surry Chapel, Mr. Sibree
Spu Fields, Mr. Jones, of Langan
Sion Chapel, Mr. Young
Floztun, Mr. Hillyard, of Bedford

Taken (by Permission ) from Dr. Walts's Songs for Children,



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Accompanying a Foluntary Donation to the Missionary Sociciy,
by some Young Ladies at Miss Jobson's Boarding-School, Ilford,

sared by them out of their Pochut-Money.
Fari d'er the burning sands of Afric's land,

Our gen'rous Missionaries willely stray,
Apd promulgate he Gospel's joyful sound,

And teach the knowledge of the living way.'
While we securely hear the glorious word,

How Christ to save our souls a man became,
Millions of untaught Heathens ne'er have heard,

Nor known, nor felt the power of Jesu's name.
With our united prayers our mite we send ;

Tho'small the tribute, 'tis of grateful minds :
May Heaven's Almighty King our prayers atteud,

And may he free the souls that Satan binds !
May Jesu's name resound from shore to shore,

And every topgue reverberate his praise !
May distant nations know him more and more,
And Ileathens sing his triumphs in their lays !

Written by a Pupil aged 13.

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How did thy lips his name invoke

To sanctify each painful stroke! #'rillen by a Young Lady, on the Yes, from experience, I can say,

Death of the late Rev. and much- With what affection thou didst pray, lumented CORNELIUS WINTER, of When on the verge of death I stood *, Painswick.

Expecting soon to cross the ivod!

The Lord was pleas'd to hear thy FAIN would my Muse, O Winter, frame prayer, A votive tribute to thy home!

And graciously my life to spare: That name to every friend so dear, Then may th:t life devoted be, That name emhalm’d with many a tear; While it endures, O Lord, to thee! For who than thee more holy found? No greater pleasure didst thou know Whose life more pure ? whose faith Than to relieve the wretch's woe! more sound?

The widow and the orphau shar'd What words can paint thy pious zeal A parent's love, a friend's regard ;-To make the careless sinner feel ! And when the mind, with woe oppressid, With language pleasing and profound, Pour'd all its sorrows in thy brenst,

Thou didst proclaim the Gospel sound; How oft didst thou the pangs assuage To Christ inviting all to come,

Of errios youth, and drooping age ! And warning sinners of their doom. E’en those who hate Religio's ways, 'Twas grateful to thy holy mind Confess thy goodness, speak thy praise. To see a soul to Heav'n inclin'd; We mourn thy loss, respect thy worth, To view him leaning on the Lord, Since few thy image hear on earth; And trusting to his blessed word! And may thy God our portion be Oh! it was comfort to thy soul, Thro' time and in eternity! When with success thou couldst conu. oul Then swiftly fly, ye wheels of time, The waves of all-destructive sin, And bring me to that joyful clime, And precious souls for Christ to win! Where now thy happy spirit reigns, The young engag'd thy fond concern, Reliev'd from care, releas'd from That they as shining lights might burn; pains ! As plants might grow before the Lord, Sweet thought ! our friendship to To the full knowledge of his word !

renew! Were any sick, how sweet thy prayer, Till then, dear honour a friend, adieu! That God in mercy would them spare! Painswick.

A. * Alluding to a dangerous illness the preceding spring.

Printed by G. AULD, Grerille Street, London,

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