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holy scripture, or such other as are conformable to them for substance.

ART. 3.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is our Comforter, proceeding from the Father and the Son, by whose inspiration we make our prayers, being by him renewed, who works in us all good works, and by whom we have the knowledge of all truths.

ART. 4.

We believe that there is one holy church, which is the congregation of all the elect and faithful ones from the very beginning of the world to the end, whereof our Saviour Christ is the head; the which is governed by his word, and conducted by his spirit, wherewith all good Christians ought to hold communion; for, she prays for all without ceasing, and the word which she hath is agreeable to God himself; without which church no man can be saved.

ART. 5.

We hold that the ministers of the church, as bishops and pastors, ought to be irreprehensible, as well in their life as doctrine. And that otherwise they ought to be deprived of their offices, and others substituted in their

places. As likewise, that none ought to presume to take upon him this honour, but he who is called by God, as was Aaron, feeding the flock of God, not for the sake of dishonest gain, nor as having any lordship over the clergy, but as being sincerely an example to his flock, in word, in conversation, in charity, in faith and in chastity.

ART. 6.

We confess, that kings, princes and governors, are ordained and established as ministers of God, whom we ought to obey. For they bear the sword for defence of the innocent, and for the punishment of evil doers, for which cause we are bound to give them honour, and to pay them tribute; from whose power none can exempt himself; it being likewise forbidden by our Lord Jesus Christ, who was willing to pay tribute, not pretending jurisdiction over the temporal powers.

ART. 7.

We believe, that in the sacrament of baptism, water is the visible and external sign, which represents unto us that which (by the invisible virtue of God operating) is within us; namely, the renovation of the spirit, and the mortification of our members in Jesus Christ; by which also

we are received into the holy congregation of the people of God, there protesting and declaring openly our faith and amendment of life.

ART. 8.

We hold, that the holy sacrament of the table or supper of our Lord Jesus Christ is an holy commemoration and giving of thanks for the benefits which we have received by his death and passion that we ought to assemble together in faith and charity, examining ourselves, and to eat of that bread, and communicate of that his blood, in the very same manner as he hath prescribed in the holy scripture.

ART. 9.

We confess that marriage is good, honourable, holy and instituted by God himself; which ought not to be prohibited to any person, provided that there be no hindrance specified by the word of God.

ART. 10.

We confess, that those who fear God, follow those things which are well pleasing to him, and do those works which he hath prepared, to the end that we should walk in them; which are love, joy, peace, patience, meekness, good

ness, brotherly kindness, temperance and other the like works contained and commended in the holy scriptures.

ART. 11.

On the contrary, we confess that we ought to take heed and beware of false teachers, whose scope and aim is to turn the people aside from the true worship, which belongs to our only God and Lord, and to lean upon creatures, and to trust in them; as likewise to forsake those good works which are contained and required in the holy scriptures, and to do those which are only invented by men.

ART. 12.

We hold for the rule of our faith, the Old and New Testament, and agree to the general confession of faith, with the articles contained in the Apostles' Creed, namely, "I believe in God the Father Almighty," &c.*

* Morland's History of the Evangelical Churches of the Valleys of Piedmont, p. 37.


G. SMALLFIELD, Printer, Hackney.

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