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The offering

of the princes. 59. And for a sacrifice of peace-osler-/ 74 One golden spoon of ten shekels, ings, two oxen, fire rams, five he-full of incerise ; goats, five lambs of the first year. This 75 One young bullock, one mam, one was the offering of Gamaliel tlie son lamb of the first year, for a burntof Pedabzur.

otlering: 601 On the ninth day Abidan, the 76 One kid of the goats for a sinBon of Gideoni, prince of the children ollering: of Benjamin, altered.

77 And for a escrifice of peace.oles. G1 His offering was one silver chargings, two oxen, five rame, five beer, the weight whereof was a hun-goats, five lambs of the first year: this dred and thirty shekels,one silver bowl was the offering of Pagiel the son of of seventy slickels, after the sliekel of Ocran. the sanctuary, both of them full of fine 78 TT On the twelfth day Ahira the flour mingled with oil, for a meat-son of Enan,prince of the cbildren of ollering:

Naplitali offered: 62 One golden spoon of ten shekels, 79 His ollering was one silver cbarg. full of incense :

er, the weight whereof was a huti 63 One young bullock, one ram, one dred and thirty shekels,one silver bowl lamb of the first year, for a burnt- of seventy shekels,after the shekels of onering:

the sanctuary ; both of them full of 6+ One kid of the goals for a sin- fine flour mingled with oil for a meat ollering:

ofTering: 65 And for a sacrifice of peace-offer- 80 One golden spoon of ten shekels, , inga, two oxen, five rams, five he full of incense : goals, five lambs of the first year: tis 81 One young bullock, one ram, one w02s the ollering of Abidan the son of lamb of the first year, for a burntGideoni.

offering: 66 T On the tenth day Aliezer the 82 One kid of the goats for a sinson of Ainmishaddai, prince of the offering: children of Dan offered:

83 And for a sacrisicc or peace-offer67 His otlering vias one silver chargings, two oxen, live rams, live beer, the weight whereof was a hun-goale, five lambs of the first year:this dred and thirty shekels,one silver bowl was the offering or Abira the son of of seventy shekels,after the sliekel of Enan. llie sanctuary; both of them full of S4 This was Wie dedication or the fine flour mingled with oil for a meat- altar, in the day wben it was auointed, ollering:

by tbe princes of Israel: twelve chury 68 One golden spoon of ten shekels, ens of silver, twelve silver bowls, full or incense :

twelve spoons of gold: 69 One young bullock, one ram, one 85 Each charger of silver weighing Jianeb of the first year, for a burnt- a liundred and thirty shekels, each ostering:

bowl scienty: all the silver vessels 70 One kid of the goals for a sin- weighed two thousand and tour hunoffering :

dred shekels, alter wie shekel of the 71 And for a sacrifice of peace-offer-sanctuary : inga, two oxen, five rans, five le 86 The golden spoong icere twelve, goats, live lambs of the first year: this full of incense, weighing ten sh ckels was die oflering of Ahiezer the son of apiece, after the shekel of the sanctus Aminisladdai.

ary: all the gold of the spoons was a 72 1 On the eleventh day Pagiel the bundred and twenty shekels. son of Ocran, prince of the cluildren 87 All the oxen for the burnt-offer ol Asher offered :

ing were twelve bullocks, the rains 73 His offering toas one silver charg-twelve, the lambs of the first year er, the weighit wbereof was a liun- twelve, with their meat-offering : and dred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl the kids of the goats for a sin-offering of seventy shekels, after the shekel of twelve. the sanctuary; both of them full of fine 88 And all the oxen for the sacrifice flour mingled with oil for a meat 01 of the peace ciferings were twenty and fering :

four bullseks, the rame sixty, the he


The consecration


of the Levites goats sixty, the lambs of the first year 13 And thou shall set the Levites bcsixty. This was the dedication of the forc Aaron, and before his sons, and of altar, after that it was anointed. fer thein for an offering unto the Lond

89 And when Mosey was gone into 14 Tous slalt thou separate the Le. the tabernacle of the congregation to vites lion among the children of Israspeak with Him, then he heard the el: and the Levices shall be mine, voice of oue speaking unto bin from.15 And after that shall the Levitcs go oil the mercy-seat that was upon the in to do the service of the tabernacle ark of teslimony,from betwen lue livo of the congregatina; and thou shalt clcrubims : and He spake unto him. cleanse tliem, and offer them for an CHAP. VIII.

offering ND the LORD spicke unto Moses, 16 For they are wholly given unto

me froni among the children of Israel; 2 Speak unto Aaron, wd say unto instead of such as open every womb, him, When thou liglitest the lamps, even insicad of the first-born of ali ilie seven lampe slall give light over the children of Israel, lave l lakenthem against the candlestick.

to me. 3 Aud Aaron did so; he liglated the 17 For all the first-born of the chillunps thereof over against the candlc- dren of Israel are mine, both man and slick,as the Lond commanded Noseg. beast; on the day that I sinote every

* And this work of the candlestick arst-born in the land of Egypt 1 gancal'as of beaten gold, unto the shalt Lilied them for mysell. thereof, unto the lowers thereof, was 18 And I liave taken the Levites for beaten work: according unto the pat- all the first born of the children of lern shich the Lord had showed Mo- Israel, ses, so lie made the candlestick. 19 And I have given the Levites as a

5 1 And the LORD spake unto Moses, gilt to Aaron and to his sons from Bylig,

among tie children of Israel, to do 6 Take the Levites from among the the service of the children of Israel in children of Israel, and cleanse them, the tabernacle of the congregation and

7 And thus shalt thou do unto them, to make an atonement for the children lo cleanse them: Sprinkle water of lof Israel: that there be no plague purifying upon them, and let them among the children of Israel, wlien suave ali their flesh, and let them wasb the children of Israel come nigli un'o their clothes, and so make themselves the sanctuary. clcan.

20 Aud Moses, and Aaron,and all the 8 Tben let them take a young bul- congregation of the children of Israel, lock with his meat-offering, even fine did to the Levites according uillo ail four mingled willi oil, and another tint the Lond commanded Moses conyoung, bullock shalt thou take for a cerning the Leviles, so did the chilsin-ollering.

dren of Israel unto tiem. 9 And thou shalt bring the Levites be. 21 And the Levites were purified, fore the tabernacle of the congregation; and they wasbed their clothes; and and thou shalt gather the whole asgem. Aaron offered then as an ollering bly of the children of Israel together. before the Lond; and daron made ili

10 And thou shalt bring the Levites atoncinent for them to cleanse them. before the LORD; and the children of 22 And aster that went the Levites in Israel shall put their hands upon the to do their service in the tabernacle Levites:

of the congregation before Aaron,and 11 And Aaron sliall offer the Levites before bis song: as the Lord bad combefore the LORD for an offering of tbe manded Moses concerning the Levites, children of Israel, that they may exe- so did they unto them. cute the service of the Lord.

23 | And the LORD spake untonioses, 12 And the Levites shall lay their saying, hands upon

the lieads of the builocks: 24 This is it that belongeth unto the and thou shalt offer the one for a sin. Levites: from twenty and five years ollering, and the other for a burnt of old and upward they shall go in to lering, unto the LORD, to make an wait upon tlic service of the laberna Qtonemcut for the Levites. ... Jcle or the congregation:

The obscrvance


of the Passover 26 And from the age of fifty years according to all the oramances of the they shall cease waiting upon the ser-passover they shall keep it. vice thereof, and shall scrve no more; 13 But the man that is clean, and is

26 But shall minister with their not in a journey, and forbeareth to bretlıren in the labernacle of the con- keep the passover, even the same soul gregation, to keep the charge, and sball shall be cut oll from among his peodo no service. Thus shalt thou dople: because he brought not use ofler unto the Leviles touching their charge.ling of the Lord in his appointed sea CHAP. IX.

son, that man shall bear lis sin,

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in the wilderness of Sinai, in the among you, and will keep the passover first inonth of the second year aller wuto the Lord; according to the ordithey were come out of the land of nance of the passover, and according Egypt, saying,

to the manner thereol, so shall be do: 2 Leltbe children of Israel also keep ye shall liare one ordinance, both for the passover at his appointeu scasou. the stranger, and for him that was

3 In the fourteenili day of this month, bom in the land. at eren, we shall keep it in his appoint. 15 11 And on the day that the tabernaud season : according to all the rites of cle was reared up, the cloud covered it, and according to all the ceremonies the tabernacle, namely, the tent of the thereof, shall ye keep it.

testimony: and at even there was up* And Moses spake unto the children on thc tabernacle as it were lie arpearof Israel, that they should keep the ance of fire, uutil the morning paseover.

16 So it was always : the cloud cor5 And they kept the passorer on the eredil by day, and the appearance of Courteenth day of the first month at fire by night. cven in the wiklerness or Sinau ; ac. 17 And when the cloud was taken up cording to all that the LORD com- from the tabernacle, then after that manded Dioses, so did the children of the children of Israel journeyed : and Israel.

in the place where the cloud alode, 1 1 And there were certain men, there tlic children of Israel pitched wlio were defiled by the dead body of their tents. a man, that they could not keep the 18 At the coniandment ofthe LORD passorer on that day : and they came the children of Israel joumeycil, and belore Noses and before Aaron on at the cominandment of the LORD that day.

they pitched : as long as the cloud 7 And those men said unto liin, We abode upon the tabernacle they rested are deliled by the dead body of a man: in thcir tents. wherefore are we kept back, that we 19 And when the cloud tarried long inay not offer an ollering of the LORD upon the tabernacle many days, then in his appointed scason avong the the children of Israel kept the charge chikiren of Israel ?

oftlie Lord, and journeyed not. S An dioses said unto them, Stud 20 And so it was, when the cloud was slill, and I will hear what the Lord a lew days upon the tabernacle; acwill command concerning you. cording to the commandment of the

91 And the LORD spake unto Moses, LORD they abode in their tents, and saying,

according to tlie commandment of the 10 Speak unto the children of Israel, LORD they journeyed. saying, If any man of you or of your 21. And so it was, whien the cloud posterity shall be unclean by reason of abode from even unto the morning, il dead bolly, or be in a journey alur and that the cloud was taken up in oil, yet lie sballkeep the passover unto the morning, then they journeyed : the Lord

wlieter it was by day or by night Il The fourtecnth day of the second that the cloud was taken up, they nionth at even they sball keep it, and journeyed. eat it with unleavened brcad and bit-22 Or achether it wcre two days, ora ter harbs,

month, or a year, that the cloud tar12 They shall leave none of it unto ried upon the tabernacle, remaining Luc fioruing, nor break any bone of it: thereon, the children or Isracl aboue


The Israelites


remove from Sinai. in their tents, and journeyed not: but their journeys out of the wilderness when it was taken up, they journeyed. of Sinai; and the cloud rested in the

23 Attie cominandment of the LORD wilderness of Paran. they rested in their lents, and at the 13 And they first took their journey commandment of the LORD tlicy jour- according to the commandment of the neyed: they kept the charge of the LORD by the land of Moses. LORD, at the commandinue of ibe 14 || In the first place went the stand. LORD by the land of Moserbe

ard of the camp of the children of CHAP. X.

Judali according to their armies : and ND the LORD spake unto Dioses, over his host was Nalishon the son of saying,

Amminadab. 2 Make thee two trumpets of silver ;| 15 And over the lost or the tribe or of a whole piece shalt thou make the children ollsgacbar was Nethaneel. them : that thou mayest use them for the son of Zuar. the calling of the assembly, and for 16 And over tbe host of the tribe of the journeying of the camps.

the children or Zebulun was Eliab the 3 And when they shall blow will son or Helon. lucm, all the assembly shall assemble 17 And the tabernacle was taken themselves to thee at the door of the down; and the song of Gershon and tabernacle of the congregation. the sons of Merari set forward,bearing

4 And if they blow but with one the tabernacle. trumpet, then the princes, which are

18 | And the standard of the camp of beads of the thousands of Israel, shall Reuben set forward according to their gather themselves unto thee.

arinies: 33d over bis host wus Elizur 5 When ye blow an aların, then the the son of Sbedeur. camps that lie on tie east parts shall 19 And over the lost of the tribe of go forward.

the children of Simeon was Sheluinicl 6 When ye blow an alarm the second the son of Zurishaddai. linie, then the camps that lie on the 20 And over the host of the tribe of south side shall take their journey : the children of Gad was Eliasapb, the they shall blow an alarm for their son or Deuel. journeys.

21 And the Kohathites set forward, 7 But when the congregation is to be bearing the sanctuary: and the other gathered together, ye shall blow, but dia set up the tabernacle against they ve shall not sound an alarm. 8 And the sons of Aaron, the priests, 22 TT And the standard of the campor shall blow with the trumpets; and the children of Ephrain set forward bey shall be to you for an ordinance according to their armies : and over for ever throughout your generations. bis host was Elishama the son of Am

9 And if ye go to war in your land mihud. against the enemy thal oppresseth you, 23 And over the lost of the tribe of then ye shall blow in alarm with the the children of Manasseh urus Gamatrumpets; and ye shall be remember- liel the son of Pedalızur. ed before the LORD your God, and yel 24 And over the host of the tribe of shall be saved from your enemies. the children of Benjamin rcas Abidan

10 Also in the day of your gladness, the son of Gideon. and in your solemn days, and in the 25 1 And the standard of the campos beginnings of your months, ye shall the children of Dan set forward, which blow with the trumpets over your was the rere-ward of all the camps burnt-oslerings, and over the sacrifices throughout thcir liosts: and over liio of your peace-offerings; that they may bost was Aliezer the son of Ammi. be to you for a memorial before your shaddai. God: I am the LORD your God. 26 And over the lost or the tribe of

11 And it came to pass on the the children of Asher was Pagiel, the twentieth day of the second month, in eon or Ucran, the second year, that the cloud wae 27 And over the host of tlic tribe of taken up from off the tabernacle of the children of Naplatali was Aliira the testimony.

the son of Enai. 12 And the children of Isrnel took | 28 Thus were the journeyings of the



The Israelites

luathe manne. children of Israel according to their bers, and the melons, and the leeks, armies, when they set forward. and the onions, and the garlic:

29 T And Moses said unto Hobab, the 6 But now our soul is dried away: son of Ragnel the Midianile, Moses' there is nothing at all, besides this father-in-law, We are journeying unto manna, before our eyes the place of which tlie Loud said, I 7 And the inanna was as corianderwill give it you: come thou with is, seed, and the colour thereof as the and we will do thee good: for the colour of bdellium. Lord hath spoken good concerning 8 And the people went about, and Israel.

gathered it, and ground it in mills, or 30 And be said unto hin, I will not beat it in a mortar, and baked it in gn; but I will depart to mine own pans, and made cakes ot' it; and the land, and to iny kindred.

taste of it was as the taste of fresli oil. 31 And he said, Leave us not, I pray 9 And when the dew sell upon the

forasmuch as thou knowest how camp in we night, we wanna fell we are lo encamp in the wilderness, upon it. and thou inayest be to us instead of 10 TT Then Moses heard the people eyes.

weep tbroughout their families, every 32 And it shall be,is thou go with us, man in the door of his tent: and the yea, it shall be, that what yoodness the anger of the Lord was kindled greatLORD shall do uinto us, the same will ly , Moses also was displeased. we do unto thee.

Il And Moses said unto the LORD, 33 | And they departed from the Wherefore bast thou alicted Uy sermount of the LOILD three days' jour- vant? and wherefore have I not lound aey: and the ark of Use covenant or lavour in thy sight, that thou Jayest Uie LORD went before them in the the burden of all this people upon me? three days'journey, to search out a 12 Have I conceived all this people? resting place for them.

have I begotten them, that thou slould34 And the cloud of the Lord was est say unto me, Carry them in thy upon them by day, when they went bosom,as a nursing father beareth the out of the camp.

sucking child, unto the land which 36 And it came to pass, when the ark thou swarest unto their fathers ? set forward, that Moses said, Rise up, 13 Whence should I have flesli to Lord, and let thine enemies be scat- give unto all this peop.c? for they tered ; and let them that hate thee flec weep unto me, saying Give us llesh, before thee.

that we may eat, 36 And when it rested, he said, Re- 14 I am not able to bear all this people lurn, O LORD, unto the many tilou- alonc, because it is too heavy for me. sands of Israel.

15 And is thou deal thus with me, CHAP. XI.

kill me, I pray thee, out of hand, if I ND when the people complained, have found favour in thy sight; and

it displeased the LORD: and the let me not see my wretchedness. LORD heard it; and his anger was 16 ludndwe LORD said unto Moses, kindled; and the fire of the LORD Gather unto me seventy men of the burut among them, and consumed elders of Israel, wlion thou kuowest them that were in the uttermost parts to be the elders of the people, and

officerg over them; and bring thein un2 And the people cried unto Moses; to the tabernacle of the congregation, and wlien Mogas prayed unto the that they may stand there with thee. Lonn, the fire was quenclied.

17 And I will coine down and talk 3 And he called the name of the with thee there, and I will take oftlic place Taberah: because the fire of spirit which is upon thee, and will put the Lord burnt ainong them. it upon them; and they shall bear the

4 T And the mixed multitude that burden of the people with thee, that mas among then sell a lusting: aud thou bear it not tliyself alone. the children of Israel also wept again, 18 And say thou unto the people, Sanc and said, Whoshall give us desh to eat? lily yourselves against to-inorrow, and

5 We remember the fish, which we ye shall eat flesh: for ye bave wept in did eat in Egypt freely; the cucum-lhe ears of the LORD, saying, Wuo

of the camp.

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