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Shimei curseth David. CHAP. XVII.

Ahüthophel's coinsel. to ride on; and the bread ano summerflill's side orer against him, and cursTruit for live young men to eal; andel i29 lie went, iud trew stones at the Hme, that such as be liaint in lloc him, and cast dust. wildernega inay drmk.

H and the king, and all the people 3 And the ling said, And where itinere will him, came weary, auid thy masier's son? And Zilve said 0110 refreshed themselves there. the king, Beltoli, le abideibal Jerina 15 11 And Absalom, and all the peo lein; for be sail, To-cliny suall the ple the men of Israel, came to Jerusa liouse of Ismel restore me the king leni, iud Alilophiel wiili him. com ofiny filter.

lisandit came to pass, wlien Hushair 4 Then said the king to Ziba, Behold, We Archite, David's friend, was come thine are all that pertained unioilo. Ibsaloin, that Hushai said unto philosheth. And Ziba said, I humbly Absalom, God save the kinx, God save beseech thee that I mily lind grace in the king. thy sight, my local, o king.

17 And Absalom said to Husliai, Is 1 And when King David came lotus lliy kindness to thy Griend? why Baluriin, beloond, theoce canne out a wellest thou not williiby friend? man of the lanily of the house of Siaul, 1$ and blushai said unto Absalom, whose name is Shimri, the son of Niry; but whoin the lond, and this Gera: he came lorils, and cursed still people, and all the men of Israel, as le catine.

(bcose, bis will I be, and with limi 6 And be cast stones at David, und at will l abide. all the serviunts of king David: all 19nd again, whom should I sérre? all the people and all the mighly men smeld I not serve in the presruce of 1007C On his riglit lid and on bis louli. his son? As I lave spremini thy la

7 And thus säidl Slimei when he user's presence, so will I be in thy ed, Come out, come oul, thou bloody pirspuce. nin, and thou miell ol' Belial:

20 T Then said Absalom to Aliithe3 The Lonblath returned upon tipe phel, Gire counsel uniong you what all the blood of the liouse of Saul, in we shall du. whose stead thou last reigned; aud 21 And Altbophel said unto Absa. ilie Loro bali tulivered the kingdom om, Go in unto thy father's concuinto the band of Absalon l!ig son:aud, bines, which he hath left to keep the lieboll, thou are taken in thy mis house ; and all Israel shall liear that chier, because thou art a bloody man. thou art abhorred ofiliy father: thien

9 | Then said Abishai the son of shall the hands of all that ure wiw Zeruiah unto the king, Why should three be sirong. this (lead vlog curse my lord the king?| 22 So they spread Absalon a tent up. let me go over, I pray thee, and take ou the top of the hous"; and Absalom or his head.

went in unto his failer's concubines 10 And the king sail, What have I to in the sight of all Israel. do with you, ye sons of Zeruiih? so 3 dad the counsel of Alithophel, let himn curse, because the Lord 11:11h which he counselleit in those daye, said unto linn, Curse David. Who 2015 as is a man had inquired at the sliall then say', Wherefore liast thou oncle of God: so was all the counsel done so ?

of' Abithophel, both with David and 11 And David said to Abishai, and to with Absaloin, allhis servints, Beliold, io y son, which

CHAP. XVII. came of seeketh my

A unBenjamite in il? let bim alone, and out lielve thousand inen, und I will let him curse. for the Lonu hath bid. arise and pursue alter David this night: Jou him.

2 And I will come upon liim while 12 It may be that the Lord will look he is weary and weak-sanded, and on mine afiliclion, and that the LORD will make him afraid : and all the peowill requite me good for his cursing ple that are with him shall flee; and this day,

I will suite the king oply: 3 And as David and his men went by 3 And I will bring back all the people Ule way, Shimci went along on thelunto thee; the man wliom thou seek

Husiai dcfiatcil

11. SANUEL. Akithophel's counsel. est is as ila! reluracd: so all the peo un to Abatlar ile priests, thus gorge ple shall be in perice.

thus did Anithoplel counsel absilloin And the saying pleased Absalom and the elders of Israel; and thus and Well, and all the elders of Israel. llius Hilve I counselled.

6 Then said Absalom, Call now Hu- 16 Now therefore send quickly, and shiu the Archite also, and let us bear tell David, saying, Lodge not this night likewise what lie sich,

in the plains of live wilderness, but 6 And when Hushai was co!10 Abspeedily pass over; lest the king be salom, Absalon spake unto hin, say. sulowed up, iud all the people liat ing, Abithophiel hattı spoken after this are with him. manner: shall we do asier his saying? 17 Now Jonallian and alimaaz stay. il not, speak thou.

ed by Enirogel ; (for they might nolbe 7 And Hushai said unto Absalom, seen to come into the city ;) and a The counsel that Alithiophel hath giv-wench went and told them; and they en is not good at this time.

went and told king David. 8 For, said Husbai, thou knowost thy) 18 Nevertheless, a lad saw thein, and father and his inen, that they be migla- told Absaloin ; but they went both of ly men, and they be chased in their them away quickly, and came !o a minds, as a bear robbed of her wlielps man's house ur Baburim, wnich had a in the field and thy father is a man well in his court; whither they went of

war, and will not lodge with the down. people.

19 And the woinan look and spread a 9 Beliold, lie is lid now in some pit, covering over the well's mouth, aud or in some other place: and it will spread ground corn thereon: and the coine to pass, when some of thein beliung was not known. overthrown as the first, that whosoev-| 20And when Absalom's servants.came er leareth it will sily', There is a lo the woman to the house, they said, slaughter among the people that fol. Where is Ahimaaz and Jonathan? And low Absalom.

the woman said unto them, They be 10 And he also that is valiant, whose gone over the brook of water. And heart is as tlie heart of at lion, shall ni when tliey had sought and could 110! terly incit; für all Israel kuowell that fud then, they returned to JerusaUiy father is a mighty man, and they lem. whichi be with Alin are valiant mer. 21 And it came to pass, after they

11 Therefore I counsel that all Israel were departed, that they came up out be generally gathered unto thee, Crom of the well, and went and told king Dan even to Beer-siseba, as the sand David, and said unto David, Arise, and that is by the seal for mullitude, and pass quickly over the water: for thus that thou go to battle in thine owalath Ahithophel counselled against person.

30u. 12 So shall we cnine upon loin in 22 Then David arose, and all the peosome place where he shall be found,ple that were witli bin, and they pasand we will light upon bin as the dew sed over Jordau: by the inorning light fallech on the ground: and of hin, and there licked not one of them that was or all mea that are with him, there not gone over Jordan. shall not be left so nuch as one, 23 1 and when Ahitophel saw that

13 Nioreover, is he be gotten into a his counsel was not followed, be sad. city', then shall all Israel bring copes to dled his ass, and arose, and gat lim that city, and we will draw it into the home to liis louse, to his city, and put river, will there be not one small his houselold in order, and banged slone rouml there,

himsell, and died, and was buried in 14 And Absalon and all the men of the sepulchre ollis litlier. Israel sud, The counsel of Hushai thel 24 Then David came to Malanajin : Arebite is better than the counsel of and Absalom passed over Jordan, lic Ahithoplel: for the Lord bad ap- and all the inen of Israel with him. pointed to defeat the good counsel of 25 1 And Absalom made masa capAlitkoplier, to the intent that the tuin of the lost instead or Joab: wbici Loro might bring vil upon Absalom. Arnasa was a man's son whose name 15 T Then sud Hushu unto Zalok was Itbra, in Israelite, that went in

Israclitos smilten,

osolu slain. to Abigail the daughter of Nalash, over the face or all the couutry': and sister to Zeruiulli, Joub's mosver. thor wood devoured more people that

26 So Israel and Alsirloin pitched in day throu the stond devoured. the land of Gilcard.

9 An Ausnon met the servants of 27 TT Ånd it came to pass, when Din Davidl. And Absalom rode upon ? vid was comi 10 Nalmain, that Sbo. Mily, and the mule went under thic bithe sono ribasli, ol Ralıbel of the thick loals of a great oak, and bia children of dom1011

, and Nirchir_the bead coglit lokal of the ori, and be Sun of Amiel of Luerbar, and Bar- was lakın up between lloc heaven and zillai che Gilradite of Rogolim, use carth; and the nule that was un

23 Brought beds, and basons, and der lin went away. carlhein vessels, and weal, and bar- 10 Anda certain man sawis, and to!u 104, iud Iloil, and patirled coin, and Joab, und said, Echold,1 saw Absalom beams, and lentiles, and parchied pulse, hangael in an oak.

29.11., honey, and butter, and sheep, and Joab said to the man tbat and cheese of line', for 1): vild, and told him, And, behold, thou sawest for the people talt 117€ Will Turn, 10 him, and will didst thou not smile till: for they sirid, The people is hun bim there to tlie ground? und I would ry, and weary', wd thirsty, in lie have given thee ien shikels of silver, wilderness.

and a girdie. CHAP. XVIII.

12 And the man sail unto Joab,

that core with him, and set cop shikels of silver in my band, yet would tains of thousands and captains oflin-I not put forth my hand against the trells over then.

kiuy's son: for in our learn the king 2 And Havid sent lorth a third part of clergeel thee and Abiebai and Iitai, clic people under the hand of Jobs, Endleyin. Beware that none touch the it third part under the line of Abislai jaiente nan Absalon. the son of Zeruialı, Jonb's brother, and 13 otherwise I should have brought a third pert under the land of Ittii Pulsehood against mine own life: Tor Die Gillile. and the king said unto there is 110 maiter liid from the king, the people, I will surely go lorth will and llon thysell' wouldest hare set you myself also.

thyself against inc. 3 Buttle people an: red, Thou shall 14 Then said Joab, I may not iaity not go forth: Tur is wellé avany, 11:05 [thius with tle. And he took liec will not care for lis; neither it blind darts in his hand, and thrust them us die, will they care for us: bit vow through the licart of Absalom, while Thou art worth ten thousand of 19; he l' vel alive in the midst of the therefore now it is better thitt thou onko succour 1$ oli of the city.

1.5 Aod ten young men that bare 1 And tuching said unto them, 11at Jvali's armour conipassed about and seomelle poulie'st I will do. And the mote Absalon, ani slew liim. kinn 100d loy the gate-side, and all the 16 4:0 Joab blew the trumpet, and people came out by hundreds and by the people returned from pursuing af thousillutis

tel lsritel: for Joab lield back the 5 And the king commanded Joab,and twople. Abslai, andliti, saying, Deulgentiyi 17 And they took Absalom, and cast formy sike withillie young man, men via into a great pil in the woorl, and Willa Anton And all the people laid it pery great leap of sinnes upon beard when the king gave all the cap-him: 3 all Israel iled every one lo tains clarge concerning llistlwm. liis fcut. 6 1 So ile people were out into the 18 Now Absalom in luis lifetiine bele against Israel: and the battle was had taken and reared up for himsell :1 in the rood of Ephraim;

pillar, which is in the king's dale: lon 7 Where the people of Israel were he said, I have no son to keep mo alain before the scrvals of David: in remembrance: and and there was there a great slauglile: pillar ailer liis own that lies of twenty thousand mici. called uv10 tliis ö Ori!...Die wils there scattered 1 19 Then si

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ever, lut

Durid 1.107:18cth the


decilku Jl sucom. Zudok, Let me down, and bear the for the LORD hili avenged thee this king tidings, low that the LORD bath day of all them that ruse up against avenged bin of liis enemics.

thee. 20 Aud Joab said unto him, Thou 39 And the king said unto Cusli, Is shalt not bear lidings this day, but tlou the young man Absalom sale? Auu shalt bear tidings another day ; but Cushi aiswerel, The encinies of my this day thou shalt bear no udings, be lord the king, and all Wiat rise agaiust cause the king's son is dead.

tbce lo do thic lurt, be its lhut young 21 Then said Joab to Cuslii, Go lell man is. the king whit thou hast secu. And| 33 Audthe king was inuch movcil, Cushi bowed himsell unlo Joab, and and went up to llie chamber over tlie

gate, and wept; and, as he went, thus 22 Then said Ahimanz lle son of he said, O ins son Absilom! my son, Zadok yet again to Joll, Butliowso-iny soni Absalom! would God I had



prily ther, also run al died for thee, O Absalumn, ipy son, my ter Cuslii. And Joib said, l'herelvre son! wilt thou rum, my son, seciug thältliou

CHAP. XIX. hast no tidinys ready ?

ND it was told Joab, Behold, the 23 But howsoever, said he let me rw. king weepeth and mourneth for And he said unto him, Ruu. Then Alibsilom. manz ran by the way of the plam, iud 2 ud the victory that day was 112rnoverran Cushi.

ed into mourning uuto all the people: 24 And David sat beliveca the two for the people heill'd say that day, liony gues: and the watchman went up to the king was vrieved for his son. the rool over the gitte under the wall, 3.40d the people gat them by slealth and listed up liis ejps, and looked, and wilt day into the city, as people being behold a man rucoing alone. isbaned steal al wily when they flce in

25 And the watchman cried, and toll batlle. the king. And the king sail, If l:c bc 1 Lut the king covered his face, and alone, ihere is tidings in big mouth. the king cried will a loud voice, O my And he came apice, ilnd drew near. sou Absalom! Obsalom, 1Dy Son, my

26 And the walilum $26 another son ! man rumming: and the watchman call. 5 And Joab came into the house to ed unto the porter, in Eaid, Behold the king, and saill, Thou hast shamed another man ruming alone. And the this clay the faces of all thiy setrants, king said, He also bringeth Lidings. whicle this day live sirved thy life,

27 And ile waloliman said, Metlink-und tlie lives of thy sous und of this etl the runnmg of the foremost is like daughters, and the lives of thy wires, the runuing of Abnnar the son of Zit and the lives of thy concubines; dok. And the king sail, le is a good 0 In that thou lorest thine enemies, man, and comctl with good tidings. and latest thy friends: for thou lasi

28 And Alimaaz called, and said uw leclared this day, that thou regardest to the king, All is well. And he tell neither princes nur scrvants: for this down to the eartlı upon his face before day I perceive, that is Absalom lad the king, and said, Blessed bithe LORD lived, and all we bad died this day, thy God, which hath delivered up tlietben it had pleased thee well. nien that listed up their band against 7 Now therefore arise, go lorth, and my lord the king.

speak comfortably unto thy servants: 29 And the king said, 18 the young for I swear Lig the LORD, if thou go not man Absalon sale? And Alimaaz lort, there will not larry one witlo answered, When Joab sent the king's thee this night; and that will be worse serranit, and one thy servant, 1 saw a unto thee thao wl the evil that befell gr. at tumult, but I knew not wbat if thee from thy youlli until now,

8 Then the king arose, und sat in the vue king said unto him, Turn gate. Aod they told unto all the peo. Jhere. And be turned ple, saying, Behold, the king cloth sit

in the gate. And all the people rane ghi came ; and before the king ; for Israel bud ned lord the king: every mali io luistent.

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Duvid brought back,


Shiner pirrdonca 9 Auld all the people were at striecome the first this day of all the house throughout all the tribes of Israel, say-of Josepli tovo down to ineet any lord ing, The king en ved us out of the land the king. of our creidies, and be delivered us 21 But Abishai llie son or Zeruialı out of the hand of the Philistines; and answered and said, Shall not Shinei now he is led out of the land for Ab- be put to death for this, because lie willow.

cursed the LORD's anointed ? 10 And Absalom, whom we anointed 22 And David said, What have I to over us, is dead isi battle: low there do with you, ye s0118 01 Zerujalı, that fore wly speak ye not a word of bring. ye should this day be adversaries unto ing the king back?

ine? shill there any man be put to II 1 And king David sent to Zadok death tivis day in Israel? for do not I and to Abiallar the pries!s, Brying, know that I am this day king over 19Speak onto the elders of Judab, say. rael? iną, Why are ye the last to bring the 23 Therefore the king said unto Shiking back to his house? seeing the inei, Thou alall not die: and the kids speech of all Israel is come to the aware unto biin. king, even to big house.

24 l And Mephiboslieth the son of 12 Ye ure iny bretliren, ye are my Saul came down to meet the king, and bones and my lesli: wherefore then had neither dressed his feet, nor trinnare je luie last to bring back the king? med his beard, nor washed his clollies, 13 And say yelo Amasa, 11thou not from the day the king departed unul of iny bove, and of my fleshi? God do the city lie came again in pence. so to me, and more also, if thou vc not 25 and it came to pass, when lie was captain of the liost before ine continu come to Jerusalem to meet the king, ally in the ruoin of Joab.

Wat the king sail unlo liin, Where14 And he bowed the heart of all the fore weutest not thou with me, Me: men of Judaali, even as the heart of one pbibochell? inan; so that they sent this word unto 26 Aud be answered, My lord, o the king, Return thou, and all thy ser-kings, my servant deceived me: for

thy servant said, I will saddle ine an 15 So the king returned, and came 10 ans, that I may riile thereon, and go Jordan. And Judalı came to Gilgal, to to the king; because thy servant is golomeet the king, to conduct theking lieme. over Jordan.

27 And he hath slandered thy servant 10 1 And Shimai the son of Gera, a to iny lord the king; but iny loru Benjamite, which was of Bahurim, the king is 19 an angel of God: do lasted, and came down with the men cherefore what is good in thine eyes. of Jwab lo ineet king Davidl.

23 For all of my father's liouse were 17 Audthere were a thousand wen of but dend mon before my lord the king; Benjamin with bim, and Ziba the sprayct didst thou set thy servant ainon yant of the house of Saul, and tris hilinein that did eat at thine own lable: teen gous and bis twenty servaits with what riglit therefore have 1 yet to cry him; and they went over Jordan be- any wore unto the king? fore the king

29 And the king sajid unto him, Why 18 And there went over a ferry-boat spcakest thou my more ofthg 111itters? to carry over the king's household, and I have said, Thou and Ziba divide the to do what he thought good. And land. Shimci the son of Gera rell down be- 30 And Peplubosheth said unto the fore the king, as he was come over king, Yea, let liim take all, forasmuch Jordan;

as my loril the king is come again in 19 And said unto the king, Let not peace unto his own house. my lord inpute iniquity unto me, nei-31 1 And Barzillai the Gileadile came Jier do thou l'einember that which tly down from Royelin, and went over servant did perversely the day that my Jordan with the king, to conduct him lord the king went out of Jerusalem, over Jordan. thal thr king should take it to his heart. 32 Now Barzillai was a very aged

20 Forilis servant doth know that I man, even fourscore years old: and he resiuncil; therefore, behóll, I am had provided the king of sustenance,

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