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The victories

of David found in his heart to pray before thee. From the Philistince,and from Amalek

26 And now, LOND, thou art God, 12 níoreover Abishai the son of Zel and hast promised this goodness unto ruial slew of the Edomites in the val hy servant:

ley of Salt eighteen thousand. 27 Now therefore let it please thec 13 1 And he put garrisons in Edou, to bless the house of thy servant, that and all the Edomites became Davidla it inay be before thee for ever: for servants. Thus the Lord preserved thou blesscst, O Lord, and it shall be David whithersoerer lie went. blessed for ever.

14 So David reigned over all Israel, CHIAP. XVIII.

and executed judgment and justice OW after this it caine to pass that among all his people.

David smote the Philistines, and 15 dud Joab the son or Zeruiah ruas subdued them, and took Gath and ber over the lost; and Jolosliaphat the lowns out of thehand of the Philistines. son of Alilud, recorder;

2 And he smote Ntoab; and the No. 16 'And Zadok the son of Abitub, and abites became Darid's servants, und Abimelech the son of Abiathar, were brought gilts.

the priests; and Shavaba was scribe; 31 And David smote Hadarezer king 17 And Benaiah the son of Jeboida of Zobal unto Hamath, as he went to wis over the Cherithites aud the PeEstablish his doininion by the river lethites; and the song of David were Euphrates.

clief about the king. 4 Aud David took from hinn a thou

CHAP. XIX. sand chariots, and seven thousand OW it came to pass aller this, that men: David also loughed all the of Ammon died, and bis son reigned chariot korses, but reserved of them a in lsis stead. hundred chariots.

2 And David said, I will show kindŐ And when the Syrians of Dainiscus ness unto Hinun the son of Nahasli, came to lielpHadarezer king of Zobab, because his fathershowed kingness to David slew of the Syrians two inj And David sent messengers to twenty thousand men.

comfort liim concerning his father. 6 Then David put garrisms in Syria- So toe servants of David came into ilie damascus; and the Syrianis became land ortle children of Ammon to HaDavid's servants, and brought gilta. us, to comfort bim. Thus the Lord preservcd David 3 But the princes of the children of whithersoever he werit.

Ammon said to Hanun, Thinkest thou 7 And Darid took the shields or gold what David doth honour thy father, that that wereon the servants of Hindarézer, he hall sent comforters unto thee? are and brought them to Jerusalem. not bis servants come unto thee for lo

8 Likewise from Tibhath, and from search, and to overthrow, and to spy Chun, cities of Hadarezer, brought out the land? David very much brass, wherewith 4 Wherefore Hanun took David's serSolomon made the brazeu sea, and the vants, and shared them, and cut oll pillars, and the vessels of brass. their givinents in the midst hard by

9 1 Now when Tou king of Hanath their buttocks, and sent them away. heard bow David had omitten all tlic 5 Then there went ccrtain, and told bost of Haclarezer king of Zubah, David how the men were served. And

10 He sent Hadarom his son to king he sent to meet thein : for the men David, to inquire of bis welfare, and to were greatly ashamed. And the king congratulate him, because lie had said, Tarry at Jericho until your fought against Hadurezer and smittel beards be grown, and then return. hiin; (lor Hadarezer had war with 6 11 And when the children of AmTou;) and with him all inanner of mon saw that they had made them. : ressels of gold, and silver, and brass. selves odious to David, Hanun and the

11 Thein also king David dedicated children of Ammon sent a thousand unto the LORD, with the silver and the talents of silver to hire them chariots gold that he brought from all these na- and horsemen out of Mesopotamia, tions; from Edom, and from Moab, and out of Syria-maachah, and out of and li'oin the children of Ammon, and Zobalı.


Rabbah besiegel

On takon 7 So they hired thirty and two thou-killed Shophach the captain of the cand chariota, and the king of Maachah host.. and luis people; who came and pitched 19 And wlien uic servants or Hada:before Nedela. And the children of ezer silly that they were put to the Aminon galliered theinselves together worse before Israel, they made peace for their cities, and came to battle. willi Lavill, and became his serrani:

8 And when David bearil of it, he neiilor would the Syrians help llie sent Joan, and all the lost of the children of Ainmon any more. mighty men,

C111 2. XX. 9 Andine chililren of Angloul came ND it came to pass, uiat are the out, and put the battle ir vrny before Trier was expired, at the time that the gate of the city: and the kings that kings go out to bulle, Jorb led forth were come w7°¢ by themselves in the the power or the army, and wasted the lielil,

COLry of the children of Ammon, JO Now when Joab saw that the bath and came and besieged Ribual. But tle was set ayamst han before and be- Darilaried at Jerusalem. And Jord) loin, le chose out of all the choice of smote Billbill, and destroyed it Israel, and put them in airty aurinst And Livid took the crown of ihrir tlic Syriang.

king from old his here, and found it is 11 And the rest of the people be de-weig talent of gold, and there were livorned into the band of Abislai vis precious stone in it; and it was st! brother, ilod they set themselves in ill upon Iliriil's head : an le brouglio ray ayniuse the children of ammoi. al:n exceculing much spoil out or ile

12 and he said, If the Syrian belum eis. strong for me, thien thun shall belonie: 3 ulje bronhit out the people 11:27 € but if the children ollumon be louvore in it, and cut then with savs, strong for thee, then I will brilplus. Jaud Weile harrows of iron, and will:

1: Be of good courage, and let 118 beares. Even so denli Dinrich will all Dave ourselves calamily love our pro- the cities of the children of Ammoli. ple, and föribe cilies of our God iad an avid and all the people returu letibe Lond do that which is gooi in ce in Jerusalern. lig sight.

+ Aud il cane to pass after this, 14 So Jonb and the people lloat were that there aroze war at Gezer with the with bim drew niglı before the Syrians Philistines; it wlich time Sibbeckku unto the battle; and they'lled before the Hushithite slew Simpai, that is him.

ol the children of we giant : and they 15 And when the children of Amnon vere subdued. saw that the Syrians were sud, tley 5 And there was war again witli the. likewise fled before it bislai bis brou Philistinez; and Elhanan the son oi er, and entered into the city'. Tlien Jair slow Laluni the brother of GoliJoab came to Jerusalem.

at the Giltite, wlascapear's stailivas 10 | Aud when the Syrians saw that like a weaver's leam. they were put to tlie worse before 19. 6 And yet again there was war at rael, they sell messengers, and drew Gillh, where was a man of great stalforth the Syriaus tlitt were beyond the ure, whose fingers and toes were four river: sind Shophacle the captain or and lwenty, six on each hand, and six the livst of Hadarczer, went before each foot: and be also was ibe son them.

of the giani. 17 and it was told David; and be 7 But when he defied Israel, Jona gathered all Israel, and passed over than the son of Sbimea, David's brothJordan, iud came upon them, and setler, slow him. the nilile in arriy giunst them. So 8 These were born unte when David bad put the battle isi ar Galh; and they lellty ray against the Syraus, they fought viel, and by the bar with him.

CH and David slew of the Syrians seven

A D Satan thousand rren which fought in char- Israel. iots, and forty thousand loutmen, and I 2 And Davis


Darid unberet!

the peoplc rulers of the people, Go, number Israel 15 And Go:! sentin angel uuto Jeru fiora Beer sheb even to Dan; and saiern to destroy ili awl ag lie iras bring the nunbier of them lo me, tliat lestroying, the LOND behell, und be [ mny know it.

repented hini of the evil, and said 10 3 And Job answered, The LORD the angel that destroyed, It is cnough, make his people a hundred times 60 stay now thy land. And the angelor many more as they ve: bui, ins lord the LORD siood by the threshing.floor the king, are they not all my lor's of Orman the Jewusite. sérvalls? wig then doth iny lord re 10 Am Diurid lifted up lig


and quire this thing? why will he be a silly the angel of the Lord slund cause ol trespass to Israel? between the earth and the heart,

1 Nevertheless the king's word pre. bring a drawn sword in his band vailed against Joab. Wierefore Joab stietched out over Jerusalem. Then devierleil, and went throughout all Is- David and the elders of Israel, who rae, and cime to Jerusalem. Icepe clothed in sackcloth, fell upon

Off And Joab give the sum of the their faces. Quinber of the people unto David. 17 And Divid said unto God, Is it not And all they of Israel were a thousand that commamed the people to be thousand and a lunreal thousand men numberei? even I it is that have sini wat drew sword: and Juli 2012 louried and done evil indeed: but asinge nundred threescore and teu llousand (132 sleep, what boas ve Ley done? mmil thailt drew sworil,

Let thy hand, I pray thee, O Lord niy 6 But Levi and Benjamin counted he God, ble on me, and on my filler's not anong them: for the king's word house, but not on this people, that 1:19 albominable to Joab.

they should be plagued. 7 And God was dispiler.ged with this 18 1 Then the angel of the Low thing; therefore le smote Israel. commanded Gird to say to David, that

Sul Daril said unto God, I bare David should go up, and sel up 11 sinned greitly, because I have louejallar unto the Lord in the livreslingthis lluny: but now, I beseech ther, floor of Ornan the Jebusite. do away lie iniquity of thy servant; 19 And David went up at the saying for I have done very coolislily. of Gád, which lie spake in the name 9 s And lle LORD spake unto Gad, for the Lond. David's seer, saying,

20 And Omuu tumed back, and saw 10 Go and tell David, saying, Tlus the angel, and his four song with him anith the Loll. I ofter thee three loid liemselves. NOW Oman Wig things : chooselbec one of them, that threeing wheat. I may do it into tliee.

21 And 113 David came to Ornan, Or. 11 So Gau came to Davil, and said nan looked and saw David, and went unto him, Thus saith the LORD, out of the threswalloor, and bowed Choose tliee.

hinsell to David with his face to t!!! 12 Eitber three years famine; or ground. three months to be destroyed before 22 Tlien David said to Ornan, Grant thy foes, while that the sword of thing ine the place of this threshiny. Noor; coémics overtaketli chce : 0relselberie that I may bulld an allar therein unto days the sword of the Lon), even the the LORD: thou shall grant it me for pestilerce, in the land, and ile angel the full price, tbal the plague may be of the LORD destroying throughout all stayed from the people. the coasts of Israel. Now therefore 2:3 And Oman said unto David, Tiike advise liysell what word I shall bring it to thice, and let my lori the king clo pirmiuto lim tal split ine.

that which is good in luis cyes: 10,1 Soud said unto Gad, I am in give thee ille oxen also for burnt-oller

me til now into the ings, the threshing instruments for

fravery greit are wood, and the wheat for the meal-ofme vot fall intolering; I give it all.

2- Aud king David said to Oral, nt pestilence Nay; but I will verily buy it for fell of Israe! the full price: for I will not take hat which is time for the LOLD


lle prepareth

for the temple nor ofler burnt-offerings without cost. dantly,and hast made great wars; thou

25 So David gave to Ornan for the shall not build a house unluiny name, place six hundred shekels of gold by because thou hast shed much blooit weight.

upon the earth in ing siylat. 26 And David built tliere an altar 9 Behold, a son shall be born to thee, unto the Lord,and oflered burnt:offer- who shall be a man of rest; and i ings and peace offerings, and called will give liiur' rest from all his enemies upon the LORD;

and be answered round alout: for his unne shall be hiu froin licaven by fire upon the al. Solonon, and I will give peace and tar or burnt-ollering.

quietness unto Israel in big days. 27 And the Lord commanded the 10 He shall build a house for my angel; and he put up liis gword again name ; au be sijall be iny son, and I into tlie shealli thereof.

will be his father; and I will establish 23 | At that time when David saw the throne of liis kingdom over Israel that the Lord had answered him in for ever. the threshing-loor of Oman the Jebu 11 Now, my son, the Lord be with bile, then he sacrificed there.

thee; and prosper thou, and build the 29 For the tabernacle of the Lord, house of ille LuiD thy God, as he hath wliich Moses inade in the wilderness, said of thee. and the altar of the burnt-offering, 12 Only the Lord give thee wisdom were at that season in the high place and understanding, and give thee at Gibeon,

charge concerning Israel, that thou 30 But David could not go before it to mayest keep the laws of the Lord thy inquire of Gau: for he was afraid, be. God. cause of thesword of the angel of the 13 Then shalt thou prosper, is liou LORD.

takest heed to fullil the statutes and CHAP. XXII.

judgments wlich the LORD charged THEN Darul said, This is the house Moses with concerung Israel : be

or dread

altar of the burnt offering for Israel. nor be dismayed.

2 And David coinmanaled to gather 1.1 Now, behold, in my trouble I liare together the strangers that were in the prepared for the llouse of the Londra land of Israel; and he set inasous io hundred thousand talents of goll, iud hew wrought atones to build the house a thousand thousand talents of silver; of God.

and of brace and iron without weight 3 And David prepared iron in abun- (for it is in abundance ;) timber also dance for the muls for the doors or the land stone have prevared; and thou gates, and for the joiuinys; and brass nayeat add thereto. io abundance williout weight;

15 Moreover, there are workmen 4 Also cedar-trees in abundance: for with tice in abundance, hewers and the Zidonians and they of Tyre workers of stone and timber, and all brought mucli cedar-wood Lo Davidl. manner of cunning men for every

5 And David said, Solonnon my son is manner of work. young and tender, and the house thai 16 Or the gold, the silver, and the is lo be builded for the Lord must be bre9, and lite iron, there is no number. exceeding magnilical, ol lame and of Arise therefore, and be doing, and the glory throughout all countries: I will LORD be with thce. There sure now inake preparation lorit. 17 1 David also communded all the So David prepared abundantly before princes of Israel to help Solomon his liis death.

son, saying, 6 T Then le called for Solomon his is Is not the LORD your God with 8on, and charged him to build a bouse you? au liath he not given you rest on for llie LORD God of Israel.

every side? for he hath given the in7 And David said 10 Soloinon, Mly habitants of the land into ny hand; 8011, as for me, it was in my mind to and the land is subdued before the build a house unto the name of the LORD, and before his people. Lord my God:

19 Now set your heart and your soul 8 But the word of the Lord came to Lo scek the LORD your God: arise me,eying, Thou hast slied blood abun-therefore, and build ye Ule sanctuary Solomon made king. I. CHRONICLES. O Dice of the Levites. of the LORD God, to bring the ark of habialı the chief. And Eliezer had the covenant of the LORD, and the holy none other sons; but the sons of Re. vessels of God, into the house that is to habiah were very many. be built to the naine of the Lord. 18 or the sons of Izlar; Shelomith CHAP. XXIII.

the chiel.


days, le iade Solomon his 900 first, Amariah the second, Jalaziel the king over Israel.

third, and Jekainean the fourth. 2 1 And he gathered together all the 20 of the sous of Uzziel; Micah the princes of Israel, with the priests and first, and Jcsinh the sccoud. the Levites.

21 | The sons of nieràri ; Mahli and 3 Now the Levites were nunbered | Dushi. The sons of Malli; Eleazar from the age of thirty years and up- and Kislı. wari: and their number by their polis, 22 And Eleazar dicu,and bad no sons, man by man, was thirty and eight but daughters; and their brethren the thousand.

sons or kisli took them. 40f whiclı, tıventy and four thousand 23 The sons of Nushi ; Mahli, au) were to get forward the work of the Eder, and Jerenioth, three. house of the LORD, and six thousand 24 T These were the song of Levi were officers and julges :

after the house of their fathers; even 5 Moreover, louribouganıl were por- the chief of the fathers, as they were ters, and four thousand praised the counted by number of names by their Lond with the instruments which I polls, linataid the work for the service wade, said David, to praise therewith, of the house of the Lord, from tin

6 And David divided them into cours age of tiventy years and upward. cs among the song of Levi, namely, 25 For David said, The LORD God of Gershon, Koliath, and Merari. Israel hath given restuuto his people,

7 of the Gerslionites were Laadan that they inay dwell in Jerusalem for and Shiinei.

8 The sons of Laadan ; the chief was 26 And also unto the Levites; they Jehiel, and 'Zetlan, and Joel, tiree. shall no inore carry the tabernacle,

9 The sous of Slinei; Shelomilli, nor any vessels of it for the service und Haziel, and Haran, three. These thereof. were the chief of the lithers of Laa- 27 For, by the last words of Davic?, dan.

thelerites were numbered froin (wen 10 And the sons of Shimei 20era Jaty years old and above : hath, Zina, and Jeugli, and Beriah. 28 Because their oilice ruas to wait on These four were the sons of Suimei.

the song of Aaron, for the service of 11 And Jalath was the chief, and the house of the LORD, in the courts, Zizal the second: but Jeush and Be. and in the chambers, aun in the puri rialı had not many sons; therefore lyiog of all holy things, and the work they were in one reckoning, according of the service or the liouse of God; to their father's house.

29 Both for the shew brend, and for 12 . The song of Koliath; Amrain, the fine flour for meat-oflering, and Izhar, Hebron, and Uzziel, four. for the unleavened cakes, and forthil

13 The song of Amrain ; Aaron and which is baked in the pan, and for Moses: and Aaron was separated, that that which is fried, and for all manner he should sanctisythe most lioly things, of meas'tre and size; he and his sonsforever,to burn incense 30 And to stand every inorning to before the Lord, to minister unto him, thank and praise the Lord, and like. and to bless in his name for ever.

wise at even ; 14 Now concerning Moses the man 31 And to offer all burnt-sacrisicce of God, bis 8009 were named of the unto the Lord in the sabbaths, in the tribe of Levi.

new-moons, and on the set feasts, by 15 The sons of Moses were Gershom namber, according to the order comand Eliezer.

manded unto them, continually before 16 or the sons or Gershom, Shebuel the LORD: 1oas the chic..

32 And that they should keep the 17 And the sons of Eliezer were Re- charge of the tabernacle of the cour

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