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of the pricsls. Errogation, and the charge of the holy 1.7 The one and twentieth to Jachin, place, and the charge of the sons of the two and tiventieih to Gamul, Aaron their brethrenmin the service 18 The tree and twentictlı tó Beof the house of the LOHD.

laiah, the four and twentietli to MailCHAP. XXIV.

ziah. Ow these are the divisions of the 19 These rocre the orderings of then

ron; Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and of the Lon), according 10 their man. Ithanar,

ner, under Aaron their father, as the 2 But Nadab and Abibu died before Lond God of Israel lad commanded Weir father, and had no children; bim. therefore Eleazar and Ilhamar execu- 20 TAnd the rest or the song or Levi ted the priest's oflice.

ivere these: Or the song of Anram; 3 And David distributed them, both Shubael; of the sons of Shubael; Ladok of the sons of Eleazar, and Jeldeial. Abimelech of the sons of Ithamar, ac- 21 Concerning Reliabial: or the song cording to their offices in their service. of Rehabiah, the first was Igalialı.

4 And there were more chier men 22 Of die Islariles; Sbelomnoth: or found of the sons or Eleazar than or the song of Shelomoth; Jabath. the song of Ithamar; and thus were 23 And tbe sons of Hebron; Jerialı they divided : anong the sons of Elea- the first, Amarial the second, Jahaziel zar there were sixteen chielinen ofthe the third, Jekainean the fourth.. house of their fathers, and eight among 24 Of the song of Uzziel; Michal: the song of Ithamar, according to the of the sous of Vicbalı; Shamir. house of Weir fathers.

25 The brother of Michal was Is6 Tins were they divided by lot, one shiab: of the sons of Isshialı; Zecha. Bart with another; for the governors of milli. the sanctuury, and governors of the 26 The sons of Nerari uccre Mab! house of God, were of the song of and Nushi: the sons or Juazialt; Beno. Eleazar, and of the sous of Itunnar. 27 | The sons of Merari by Juaziah :

6 And Sliemaiah the son of Nethancel Beno, and Shoham, and Zaccur, and the scribe, one of the Levites, wrote Ibri. them before the king, and the princes, 28 Or Nauli came Eleazar, who bad and Zadok the priest, and Abimelech no sons. the son of ballar, and before the 29 Concerning Kish: the son of Kieh chief of the latliers of the priests and nuus Jeralimeel. Levilea: one principal household be 30 The song also of Musli; Malili, ing taken for Eleazar, and one taken aad Eder, and Jerinotlı. These were for Ilhamar.

tbe sons of the Levites alter the house 7 Now the first lot came forth to Je-lof their fatliera. loiarib, the second to Jedeiah,

31 These likewise cast lots over 8 The third lo Harim, the fourth to against their breibren the sons of ArScorim,

ron, in the presence of David the king, 9 Tlie bih to Malchijali, the sixth and Zadok, and Abimelech, and the to Nlijamim,

chief of the Cilliers of the priests and 10 The seventh to Hakkoz, the Levites, even the principal father's eight to Abijah,

over against ilieir younger bretliren. 11 The ninth to Jeshuah, the tenth

CHAP. XXV. to Shecaniah,

OREOVER Darid and the cap.

twellth to Jakim,

service of the song of Asaph, and of 13 The thirteeth to Hoppal, the Heman, and of Jeduthun, who should fourteenth to Jesheveal),

propbeay with harps, with psalteries, 14 The lisicenth to Bilgalı, the six- and with cymbals: and the number of teenth to Immer,

the workman according to their ser15 The seventeenth to Hezir, the vice was : eighteenth to Aplises,

2 or the sons or Asaph; Zaccur,and 16 The nineteenth to l'ethahiab, the Joseph, and Nethaniah, and Asarelah, tweni ieth to Jelezeke!

the sons of Asaph under die hands al


The division

of the porter's. Asaph, which prophesied according to 21 The fourteenth to Mattithiali, the order of the king.

i he, his sons, and his brethren, were
30 Jeduthun: the song of Jeduthum ; twelve:
Gedaliah, and Zeri, and Jeshaiah, 22 The fifteenth to Jeremotlı, he, his
Hasbabial, and Mattithial, six, under sons, and his brethren, were twelve:
the bands or their father Juduthun, 23 The sixteenth to Hananial,he,his
who prophesied with a harp, to give song, and his brethren, were twelve:
thanks and to praise live LORD. 21 Tlie seventeenth to Joshbekashall,

4 Or Heman: the souls of Ileman; he, bis sons, and his brethren, were
Bukkiall, Mattanialı, Uzziel, Shebuci, lielve:
and Jerimoti, Hananiah, Hannani, Eli 25 The cighteenth to Hanari, he, his
athali, Giddali, and Romanti-ezer, sons, and his brethren, were lielve:

, Nalothi, Hothir, and 26 The nineteenth to Mallochi, heliis Nalazioth:

sons, and his brethren, ilers twelve: 5 All these were the sons of Heman| 27 The twentietli to Elialbal, herbis thic king's scer in the words of God, to soos, and his breuiren, 100re twelve: lift up the horn. And God gave to 29 The one and twentietli to I-lollir, Heinan fourteen sons und threc drughe, bis sons, aud liis brethren, were

6 All tliese were under the hands of 29 Tlie two and twenticth to Gid
their father for song in the house or didi, he, his sons, and bis brethren,
the Lord, with cymbals, psalteries, were twelve:
and barps, for the service of the liouse 30 The three and twentieth lo Blaha.
of God, according to the king's order zioth, he, bis sons, and his brethren,
to Asaph, Jeduthun, and Heman. lucre twelve:

7 So the number of them, with their 31 Tie lour and twentieth to Ro.
breuiren that were instructed in the mamti-ezer, le, liis 60118, and his breto
songs of the LORD, even all that were ren, were twelve.
cunning, was two hundred fourscore

and eight.

YONCERNING the divisions of the S | And they cast lots, ward against


porters; Of the Korbites was word, as well the small as the greal, Aleshelemniah the sons of Kore, or the the teacher as the scholar.

sons or Asaph. 9 Now the first lot came forth for 2 And the sons of nieshielemiali nuore Asaplı to Josephı : the second to Geda- Zechariahi tlie firxt-born, Jediel the lialı, who with leis brethren and sons second, Zebadialı the third, Jathniel were twelve:

the fourthi, 10 The third to Zaccur, he, bis sons, 3 Elain the filth, Jeliohanan tlie sixtli, and his brethren, zuere twelve : Elioenai the seventh.

11 The fourtb to Izri, he, bis sons, 4 Moreover the song or Obededom and liş brethren, were twelve: wucre, Shemaialı the first-born, Jehoza.

12 The fifth to Nethanial, he, his bad the second, Joah the third, and
sons, and his brethren, 1vere twelve : Sacar de fourti, and Nethancel thie

13 The sixth to Bukkialı,he, liis sons, lift,
and his bretliren, were twelve: 6 Ammiel the sixth, Issachar thc stav

14 The seventh to Jesharelalı,he, his enti, Peulthai the eighih: for God
sons, and his brethren, were twelve: blessed him.

15 The eiglıth to Jeahaialı, he, his 6 Also uuto Shemaial: his son were sons, and his brethren, wuere twelve: 8009 bom, that ruled throughout the

16 The ninth to Mattaniah, he, his house of their fallier: for thejt werd cons, and his brethren, were twelve: mighty men of rulour.

17 The tenth to Shiinei, he, his sons, 7 The sons of Shemiah; Othni, anit and liig brethrall, were twelve : Replael, and Obed, Elzabad, whose

18 The eleventh to Azareel, he; his brethren wucre strong men, Elibu, and bons, and his brethren, were twelve: Semacbiali.

19 The twelfth to Hashabialı, he, his 8 All these of the sons of Ohed-edom: Bons, and his brethren, were twelve: they and their sons and their brethren,

20 The thirteenth to Shubael, he, his able men for strength for the service. Bons ud his brethren, wucre (pelve: (nercthreescore and two of beil edon

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assigned by lot. 9 And Mesberemiah had sons and dedicated thungs, which David the brethren, strong me, eighteen. king, and the chief fathers, the cap

10 Also Hogal), of ibe children allains over thousands and hundreds, Nerari, had sons: Sinri le chies, and the captains of the liost, liau deu (for though he was not the first born, icatei, yet his fatber made him the chief;) 27 Oul of the spoils won in ballles

11 Hilkiah the second, Tebaliah ihe did theydedicale lo maintain liic house third, Zechariah the fourth: all the of the LORD. 800s and brethren of Hosa were chir-28 And all that Samuel the seer, and

Saul the son of Kisli, and Abner the 12 among these were the divisions son of Ner, and Joab ihe son of Zeru of the porters, even among the chief inh), bad dedicated; and whosoever mes, having wards one against an- lad dedicaled any thing ,il roas under other, to ininister in the liouse of the the hand of Shelonill, and of lis LOAD.

brethren. 13 1 Aud they cast lots, as well the 29 T0f the Izharites, Chenaniah and small as the greal, according to the bis sons were fortbe outward business biouse of their litlers, for crery gate. over Israel, for officers and judges.

14 And the lot eastwarıl fell toshele. 30 Jnd of the Hsbronites, Hashabiah miali. Then for Zecharialı his son, a and bus brelbren, men of valour, a wisc counsellor, they cast lots; and thousand and seven hundred,uere offhis lot came out northward.

cers among them of lemel on this side 15 To Obed-edom Bouilward; and Jordan westward, in all the business to his sons the house of Asuppim. of the Lord, and in the service of the

16 To Shuppin and Hosal the lot king. came forth westward with the gate 31 Among the Hebronites was JeriShallecheth, by the causeway of the jal lle chiel, eren among the Hebron. going up, ward against ward. lies, according to the generations of 17 Eastward 1001c six Leviles, north- this fathers. In the sortieth year of thic ward lour a day,southward louraday, reign of David they were sought for, and toward Assuppiin two and two and there were found among them

18 At Parbar westward, four at the nighty men of ralourat Jazer or Gil cangeway, and two at Parbar. each.

19 Tliese are the divisions of the 32 And bis brethren, men of valour, porters among the sons of Kore, and recre two thousand and seven hundred among the sous of Nicrari.

chiet fathers, whom king David made 20 | And of the Levites, Alijah was rulers orcr the Reubenites, the Gad: over the treasures of the liouse of God, iles, and the ball-tribe of Nianassel, and over the treasures of the dedicated for every matter pertaining to Guil, things.

and atlairs of the

king: 21.s concerning the sons of Laadan:

CHAP. XXVII. sons Laadan, TOW the

faliiers, even of Laadan shonite, uvere Jehieli.

Tallers and captains of thousands and 22 The sons of Jehicli; Zetliam, and hundreds,and ileir oflicers that served Joel his brother, which zvere over the the king in any matter of the courses, treasures of the liouse of the Lond. which canie in and went out inonth by

23 of the Amranites, and the Izirao month throughout all the months of rites, the Hebronites, and the Uzzíel the year, of every course were twen

ty and four thousand. 24 and Shehuel the son of Gershom, l 2 Over the first course for the fret the son of Moses, was ruler of the month was Jashobeam the son of Zab

liel: and in his course were twenty 25 Andhis bretliren by Eliezer; Re- and four thousand, habinh his son; and Jesbaiah his son, 3 or the children of Perez was tlie and Joranı his son,and Zichri his son, chief of all the caplains of the host for and Shclomith his son,

the first month. 26 Which Shelomith and bis breth- 4 And over the course of the second ren were over all the treaşırco of the mouth was Dodni tlic Alolite,and of



The (Wave coptains I. CHRONICLES. for incir montas, his course las Miklotlı also the ruler: fren of Darid: or Issachar; Oor the in his course likewise wcre twenty son or Michael: and four thousand.

19 or Zebulun; Ishwaith the son of 5 The third captain of the host for Obadial: of Naphtali; Jerimoth the the third month roas Bewarah tlie son son of Azriel: of Jehoiada, a cbiel priest: and in bis 20 Oribe children of Ephraim; Ho. .course were twentyand lour thousitud.hen the son of Azaziali: of the hall:

6 This is that Begaiah, 2.10 1008 tribe of Manasseh ; Joel the son of mighty among the thirty, and above Pedaiah: the tilty: and in his course was 21 Or the half.cribe of Manasseh in Ammizabad his son.

Gilead; Iddo the son of Zechariah: of 7 The fourth cuplain for i.lie fourti: Benjamin; Jaasiel llie son of Abner: inonth wasásábel the brother of Joab, 22 0f Dau; Azreel the son of Jerand Zebediah his son illcr him: and onam. Thiese 10ore the princes of the in his course were twenty and lour tribes of Israel. thousand.

23 T Bul David took not the number 8 Tlie in captain, for the fifth of them from twenty years old and month, icas Shaubuth the Izraliile : under; because the LORD had said he and in his course were twenty and would increase Israel like to the stars four thousand.

of the heavens. 9 The sixth captain, for the sixth 21 Joab ile son of Zeruralı began to montb, was Ira the son of Ili kesh the number, but he finished not, because Tekoile: and in his course wereliven. Here lell wratli lor it against Isracl; ty and lour thonsand.

neither was the number put in the ac10 The serenih captain, for the ser count of the chronicles of king David. enth inonth, ivas Helez lhe Pelonite, 25 | Aud over the king's treasures of the children of Ephrain : and inimus Azmareth tlic 901 01 Adiel: anid his course icere twenty and four thou-over the storehouses in the fiells, ii. saud.

ibe cities, and in the villages, and in 11 The eightli captain, forthc eighth the castles, was Jebonathan the son of month, was Sibbecai the Hushallite, Uzziah : of the Zarlites: wd in his course 26 And over them that did the work were twenty and four thousand, of the field, for tillage of the ground,

12 The ninth captain, for the nintl aus Ezri the son of Chelub: inonth, was Abiezer the netotlite, 27 and over the vineyards 200s Shiof the Benjamiles: and in his course inci the Hamathite: over the increas:? were :wenty and four thousand. of die vineyards for the wine cellarg

13 The tenth caplain, for the tenth was Zxbdi the Shipoite: months, ?ons Maharai the Netophath. 28 And orer the olive-trees, and the ite, or the Zandiles: and in his course sycamore-trecs that were in the low wvere twenty and four thousand. plains, vars Baal-havan the Gederile:

14 The eleventh captain, for the land over the cellars of oil as Joash: eleventh month, wus Benaiali the Pi. 29 And over the berd that secl in Sharathonite, of the children of Ephrain : ron was Shitrai the Sharonite: and and in his course were licity and over the berds thüt were in the valleys four thousand.

was Shaphat the son of Adlai: 15 The twelnh captain, for the 30 Over the camels also was Obil llo twellth inonth, was Heldai the Ne Isluncelite: and over the asses was topliathile, or Oibnicl: and in his Jelideiab lhe Meronotbite ; course were twenty and four tliou. 31 And over the flocks was Jaziz the saud.

Hagerite. All these were the rulers of 16 | Furthermore, over the tribes of the substance which was king David'o. Israel: the ruler of the Reubenites 32 Also Jonatban, David's uncle,vas was Eliezer the son of Zichri: of the a counsellor, a wise man, and ascribe: Simeonites; Shephatiah the son of and Jebiel the son of Hachmoni, 2018 isaaclialı:

with the king's sons: 17 Of the Levites; I-I ashabiah the son 33 And Abitophel was the king's of Kemuel; of the Aaronites; Laduk: counsellor: and Hushai the Archite 12 Of Judalı; Elihu, one of the breth-iwas the king's companion:

David exhor'leth

to fear God 34 And after Abilbophiel vas Jelioi-, with a willing mind : for the LORD ada the son of Benaiali, and Abiatbar: searcheth all hearts,andunderstaadeth iind tbe general of tbe king's ariny was all the imaginations of the thoughts Joab.

if thou seek him, he will be found of CHAP. XXVIIL.

tlice : but if thou forsake lim, lic will ND David assembled all the cast thee off for ever.

princes of Israel, the princes of 20 Take heed now; for the Lond the tribes, and the caplains of the hath chosen thee to build a bouse for companies that ininistered to the king the sanctuary: be strong and do it. by course, and the captains over the 11 Then David gave to Solomon his thousands, and captains over the hun-son lhe paltero of the porch, and of the dreds, and the stowards over all the houses thereol, and of the treasuries substance and possession of the king, thereof, and of the upper chambers and of his sons, with the officers, and thereof, aod of the inner parlours with the mighty men, and with all the thereol, and of the place of the mercy, valiant men, unto Jerusalem.

seat, 2 Then David the king stood up upon 12 And the pattern of all that lie had his feet, and said, Hear nie, my breth by the Spirit, of the courts of the house ren, and iny people; as for me, I had or tlie LORD, and of all the chambers in my heart to build a liouse of rest for round about, of the treasuries of the We ark of the covenant of tie Lond, house of God, and of the treasuries of and for the footstool of our Goul, and the dedicated things: had made ready for the building:

13 also for the courses of the priests 3 But God said unto me, Thou shalt and the Levites, and for all we work not build a bouse for my name, be of the service of Wie bouse of the cause thou hast been a nan of war, LORD, and for all the vessels of service and hast shed blood.

in the liouse of the LORD. + Howbeit, the Lord God of Israel 14 Hogare of gold by weight für chose me before all the liouse of iny things of goll, for all instruments of father to be king over Israel for all manner of service; silver also lor ever; for lie hath chosen Judali to be all instruments of silver by weight, the ruler; and of the house of Judal for all instrumeuls of every kind of the house of my father; and among service: the song of my father he liked me, lo 15 Even the weight for the candlemake me king, orer Israel:

sticks of gold, and lor their lamps of 6 And of all my sons (for the Lord gold, by weight for every canukstick, hatli given me manly sons) he hath and for the lamps thereof; and for the chosen Solomon my son to sit upon the candlesticks of silver by weight, noch Llirone of the kingdom of the LORD Lor the candlestick, and is for the over Israel.

lamps thcreof, according to the use of 6 And he said unto me, Solomon tly every cudlestick. son, he shall build my house and my 16 And by weight he gave gold for the courts: for 1 have chosen leim to be my tables of show-bread, for every lable 601, and I will be his

and likervise silver for the tables of 7 Moreover, I will establish bis kios silver : dow forever, it lie be constant to so 17 Also pure gold for the flesh-hooka, any coinmandinents, and ny judg. and the bowls, and the cups: and for inents, as at this day.

the golien basons he gave gold by 8 Now therefore, in the sight of a weight for every bason, and likewise Israel, the congregation of the LORD, silver by weight for every bason of and in the audience of our Goil, keep silver : anul seek for all the commandments of Is And for the altarof incense reined the LORD your God : that ye may pos-gold by weight; and gold for the pac sess this good land, and leare it foran tern of the chariot or the cherubiins, inleritance for your children alter you that spread out incir roings, and cor. for ever.

ered the ark of the covenant of the 9 T And thou, Solomon my son, know thou the God of thy father, Ty All this, so d David, the LORD serve liim with a pertec? heart, andl made me understand in writing by his


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