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God showeth the

CHIP, AX114.

. . justice of his wwys. 29 There is Edom, nerkines, and allged from liis way, that wicked man her princes, which willi wieir miglil shall die in his iniquity, but his blood are laid by them that w0re slain by will I require al thy band. the sword: they shall lie with the 9 Neverbeless, ir ihon warn the Uncircumcised, ud with them that go wicked of liis way to turn from il; il down to the pit.

he do not turn from his way, lie shall 30 There be the princes of the north, Jie in lis iniquity : but thou bast deAll of them, and all the Zidoniaus,livered thy soul. which are gone down with the slaiv;j 10 T Therefore, O thou son of mar, with their ierror they are aslianed or speak unto lle liouse of Israel, TIMS their inight; and they lie uncircum- ye speak, aying, IT our transgressions rised with then that be slain by the and our sins be upon us, an we pine sword, and bear their shaine with away in them, hovy slould we ihen them that go down to the pit.

live? 31 Pharaoh shall see thein, and sball 11 Say unto tieni, As I lire, saithilie be coniforled over all his multitude, Lord God, I'vave 110 pleasure in the even Pharaoh and all his armiy slain death of u.e wicked; but that the doge the storil, saith the Lord God wicked turn from his way urci live:

32 For I have caused my terror in turn ye, turn ye from your evil way: the land of the living: and he shall be for wliy will ye die, Oliousc of Israel? laid in the midst of lle uncircunicised 12 Therefore, thou son of man, saya with them that are slain with the unto the children of why people, I'll fword, eren Pharaol.nnd all his multi- righteousness of the riglileous shall lude, saith the Lord Gos).

not deliver him in the day of his CHAP. XXXII.

transgression : ils for the wickedness unto ne, saying,

in the day that lie turneth (rom hija 2 Son of all, speak to the children wickedness; neither shall the right of thy people, and say unto them, eous be alsle to live for his righicours When I bring the sword upon a land, css in the day.Lalle sinneili. is the people of the land like a man 13 When I shall sny to the righteous, oi'll:eir coasts, and set huu for their at he shall surely live; il lie trust watchman:

to his own righteousness, and comic 3 I, when lie seeth the sword conie iniquity, all is rightfousnesa sha!! upon the lanıl, be blow the truunpet, not be remembered: but for his ini. ain warn the people ;

quity that be ball conimittel, be sliail 4 Then wiiosoeverleretl tlie sound lie for il of the trumpet, and taketh not warn-1 lt Again, wlien I say unto the wick ing; if the sword come and take liim ed, Thou shall surely dic; ille turn away, bis blood shall be upon his owen (roni bis silt, and du tliat wbich is dead.

lawiul and right; 5 Helicard the sound of the trumpel, 16 Is the wicked restore the pledge, and took not warning; his bloou shall give again that he had robbed, walk in lie uron

lin: but he wiat takell the statutes of life, without commit Waruing shall deliver his soul. ting iniquity ; be shall surely live, lic

6 Bulil the watchman see the sword shali not die. come, and blow not the trumpet, and 16 None of bis sins that he haili the people benot warned; if the sword committed shall be mentioned unto come and take any person liom aniongi lim : lie hati dove that which is lawllicin, he is taken away in his iniqui. Cul and right; lie shall surely live. lybut bis blood will I require at the 17 | Yet the children of thy people Watchuana laul.

say,The way of the Lond is not equal; 7 So thou, O son of man, I have set but as for them, ileir way is not equal. thee a watchinau unto the bouse of 18 When the righteous turneth lion Israel; therefore thou shalt bear the bie righteousness, and cominilleui in. word at my mouth, und warn them quity, lie shall even die thereby. from nie.

19 Butil the wicked uu from los 8 When I say unto the wickrd, O wickedness, ad do that wbich is law. wickeil onon, thou shalt surely die; if an and right be shall live thereby. Liou dost not epeak to warn the wick. 20 Yet ye say, The way of dic Loun

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d reproof of EZEKIEL.

the shepherds. le not equal. O ye house of Israel, Iftlice as my people, and they hear lliy will judge you every one after his words, but they will not do thein: for fyays.

with their moulli they show much 21 1 And it came to pass in the love, but their heart goelli alter their twelfth year of our captivity, in the covetousness. tenth month, in the afth lay of the 32 And, lo, tliou are unto them as a montlı, that one that had escaped out very lovely song of one that hath a of Jerusalem came unto ine, saying, pleasant voice, ind can play well ou The city is smitten.

ar instruinent; for they hear thywords, 22 Now the land of the LORD was but they do liein not upon ine in the evening, afore he that 33 And when this cometh to pags, was escaped came; and bad opened (lo, it will coine,) then shall they may moutis, until he came to me in the know that a propliet hath been amonu morning; and my mouth was opened, thein. und I was no more duri'.

CHAP. XXXIV. 23 Then the word of the loan came muto me, saying,

2.1 Son of man, they that inhabit 2 Sou of man, proplesy against the triose wastes of the land of Israel sheplerds of Israel, propliesy, and siy speilk, saying, Abralian was one, and tollen, Thug saith the Lord God die inherited the land: but we are unto the shepherds; \o be lo the hiny; the land is given us for inlicr shepliers of Israel that do feed theinilance.

selves! should not the shepherds lied 27 Wlieresore say unto tiem, Thus the socks? saith the Lord God, Ye eat with the 3 Ye calllic fal, anel ye clothe you blood, and lin up your eyes toward with the wool, ye kill them that are your idols, and shed blood : and shall led: brit yeleed not the lock. ye possess the land ?

4 The diseased have yenol strengtli 26 Ye stand upon your sword, ye ened, neither have ye healed ihat work anominations, and yedefile eve which was sick, neither bave je bound sy one liis neighbour's wise: and shall up that which ilus broken, heither Je possess the land ?

bare je brouglit ayuin ibat which was 27 Say thou thus unto thein, Thug driven away, neither have ye sought saith the Lord GOD; As I live, surely that which was lost; but with force they tliat are in the wastea shall fall and with cruelty have se ruled tliein. ly the sword, and hiin tiiat is in the 6 And they were scattered, LCCAUND open fielel will I give to the beasts to there is no shepherd: and they becaine be devoured, and they that be in the meat to all the beasts of the field, Corts and in the cares shall die or the when they were scattered. pestilence.

6 My sheep wandered through all the 28 For I will lay the land inost des moulins, and upon every high bill: olate, and tbe pomp of lier strength yea, my nock was scattered upon all shall cease ; and the inountains of 1s- the face of the eartlı, anii pone diu rael alall be desolate, that none sliall searrlı or seek after them. pass through

9 Therefore, ye slieplierils, lear the :29 Tlien shall tley know Ibat I am word of the LORD. the LORD, when I have laid the land s As I live, saith the Lord God,aure. most desolate, because of all their ly because my flock becaine a prey, abominations which they have com- and my flock became meat 10 every initted.

beast of the field, because there was 30 1 Also, thou son of man, the chilno shepherd, neither didiny shepherda "Iren of thy people still are talking search for my flock, but the shepherds against thee by the walls and in the led themselves, and red not my lock Joors of the housea, and speak one to 9 Therefore, o je sliepherds, lear another, every one to his brother, the word of the Lond; saying, Conne, I pray you, and hear 10 Thus saitli the Lord God; Peliold, what is the word that conneth fortI am against the sliepherds; and I fioin the Lond.

vill require my flock at their limb. 31 And they coinc unte: thee 13 thc and cause thern lo cease froin feedling people cometh, and they sit before the lock; neither shall the aliepherds

The kingdoin

of Ciureal. feed themselves any niore; for I will and I will julige between cattle and deliver ny hock liom tbeir mouth, caille. that they may not be ment for them. 23 And I will set up one shepherd

11 1 For thus saith the Lord God;fon:r them, and he shall feed them, Behold, 1, even I, will both search my even my servant David ; lie shall seed sheep, and seek thein out

them, and he shall be their shepherd. 12 As a shepherd seekelly out his 2-1 And i the LORD will be their Rock in tlie day that he is among his God, and my servant David a prince

are scaltered; so will I anon18 them; I the Lord bave spoken beek vut my slicep, and will deliver it. lhem out of all places wliere tlies have 25 And I will make with them a been scattered in the clouily and dark covenant of peace, and will cause the day.

evil bea:ls to ('ease out of the litud : 13 And I will bring thein out from and they shall dwell sasels in the the people, and gatlier them from the wilderness, and sleep in the woods. countries, and will bring them to their 26 And I will make them and the owo liud, and feed thein upon the places round about my lilla blessing; inountains of Israel by the rivers, and and I will cause the slower to come in all the inliabiled places of the dovu in his scason: there shall be country.

slowers of biessing 14 I will feel them in a good pasture, 27 And the tree of the field shall and upon the high nountains of Israel yield ber fruit, and the earth sball shall their fold be: there shall they lyinla her increase, and they shall be lie in a good fold, and in a fut pasiure safe in their land, and shall know that yhall they leed upon tie mountains of lain the LORD, when I bare broken israel.

llie binds of their yoke, and delivered 15 I will lead my flock, and I will lein out of the hand of those that cause them to lie down, saith the served themselves of them. Lord Gon.

28 And they sliall be 110 inore a prey 10 I will seek that which was lust, Lollie heathen, weither sirali the beasts Hind bring aynin lluit which was driven of the land devour them; but they away, and will bind up that which is shalliwell safely, and none shall make isroken, And will strengthen that which them afraid. was sick: but I will destroy the fall 29 and I will raise up for them u and the stron;; I will feed thein with plant of renown, and tbey shall be no judgment.

more cousuined with hunger in the 17 And os for you, O my flock, thus tand, neither bear the shame of the saith the Lord God; Behold, 1 judge beathen any more. between cattle and cattle, between the 30 Thus shall they know that I tbc rains aud the lic.goats.

LORD their God am with usein, ao! 18 Secinell it a small thing unto you that thes, cron the house of Ismel, to bave eaten up the good nasture, but are my prople, saith the Lord Gon.' ye must tread dow will your feet 31 Andye my tlock, the flock of my ihc residue of your pastures and io pasture, are men, and I am your God, have drunk of the deep waters, but y'e suith the Lord God. must foul the residue will your feet?


lea: Me Mitle sardorthe LORD whiclı ye hitve trouden willa your leet;

came into me, saying, and they drink ihat which je lave Son of man, set thy face against fouled with your feet.

mount Seir, and profilesy against il, 20 | Therefore thus saith the Lord 3 And any unto il, Thuy saith the Gou unto them; Behold, I, even 1, Lord Gon; Bebold, O mount Seir, I vill judge between the lat cattle and am against thee, and I will stretch out between the lean cattle.

my hand against thee, undI will make 21 Because ye bave thrust with side llice most desolaic, and with shoulder, and pushed all the 4 I will lay thy cities waste, and thou diseased with your horns, till ye have shalt bc desolate: and thou shalt know Ecattered them abrond ;

that I am the LORD. 22 Therefore will I enve my flock, 5 Because thou hasl lind a perpetual and they shall no more be a prey ihatred, and hast sled ne blood of the for a prey.

The land of


Israel confomicd. hildren of Israel by clie force of the bave made you desolate, and swalloweword, in the time of their calamity, ed you up on every side, that ye might in the time that their iniquity had an be a possession unto the residue of the end:

heather, and ye are taken up in the 6 Therefore, as I live, sailli the Lord tips of talkers, and are an intimy of GOD, I will prepare tice to blood, the people : and blood shall pursue ther: since 4 Therefore, yo mountains of Israel, Wiou hast not lated Llood, even blood hear the word of the Lord GOD; Thu aliall pursue thee.

saith the Lord God to be mountains, 7 Thus will 1 inake mount Scir inost and to the bills, to the rivere, and tre desolate, and cut off from Illins that the valleya, to the desolate nates, and passeth out and bin that reluruetli. to the cities that are forsaken, which

8 And I will all liig mountains with becaine a prey and derision to the res.
Luis slain men; in Uy luills, and in thy idue of the heathen that ure round
valleys, aod in all thy rivers, bliall about ;
they fall that are slain with the gword. 5 Therefore thus gailh tlie Lord God;

9 1 will make thee perpetual desola- Surely in the fire of my jealousy lave
tions, and thy cities shall not return : I spoken against the residue of the
and ye shall know that I run the LORD. Heathen, and against all Iduinea, whicit

10 Because thou liasl said, Tliese lave appointed by land illo ilieir pos. two pations and these two countries session with the joy of all thcir lwar shall be mine, and we will posce will despiteful iucis, to cast it oui it; whereas the LORD was there:

11 Therefore, as I live, saith the 6 Propliesy therefore concerning the Lord God; I will even do according land of Israel, and say uulo de Moul to live anger, and according to thioe lains and to the bills, to the rivers an! etivy which tliou bust uecd out of why to the villleys, Thus sauth the Lord Jalred against ibem; and I will make God, Behold, i bave spoken in my myself known among them, wlien 1 jealousy, and in any fury, because yo Lave judged thee.

Have borile tie slame of the leathen. 12 And thou alalt know that I am 7 Therefore ilius saith the Lord Gov, Rhe LORD, and thut 1 lave Jucard all I lave liked up by hand. Surely the thy blasphemies which thou Jiast spo boalden that are about you, they sliall ken against the mountains of Israel, bear their shane. daying, They are laid desolate, they 31 But se, o mountaijis of Israel, are giveth us to consume.

ye sbal}] shoot forth your branches, 13 Thue with your mouthi ye five and yiell your fruit 'to niy people of boasted against me, and have multi Israel; for they are at hand lo conie. plied your words against me: I have 9 Tor, beliall, I am for you, and Heart Ten,

will turn unto you, and ye shall be 14 Thus gali tie Lord God; When çilled and sowi: llie whole earth rejoicet, I will incke 10 And I will multiply men upon lilee desolate,

you, all the House of Israel,cren all of 15 As thou didst rejoice at the lolier: and the cities shall be inhabited, itance of the touse of Israel, beclude and the wantes shall be buildud: it was desolate, #0 will I do nothee: 11 And I will alliply upon you man thou glialt be desolate, O mount Seir, and beast; and they shall increase und and all Idumea, even all of it: wd bring fruit: and I will settle you alter they shall know that I am the LORD. your old estalea, and will do better CHAP. XXXVI,

unto you thian at your beginnings ; LSO, thou son of unan, propheay and ye shall know that I am the LORD. Aay, Ye mountains of Israel, bear the upon you, even any people Israel; mm word of the LORD:

Hey shall possess thee, sul thou shald 2 Thug saith the Lord God; Because be their inheritance, and wou shalt no the enemy liach said against you, Ala, more henceforth berenve them if meri. even the ancient bigli nlaces ara vura 13 Thuy saith the Lord God, Because jit posseusion :

they say unto you, Thou land dleyourSTlierefore prophesy and sny, Thus cst up men, and hast bereaved tluy dial. saith the Lord God; Because Ley tione

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A un

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Tlc blessings of

Christ's kingrlom. 14 Therefore thou shalt devour men out of your nesh, and I will give you 110 inore, weiller bereave thy nations a heart of flesti. uny more, sailli the Lord Gov. 27 And I will put my Spirit within

lo Neither will I cause men to hear you, and cause you to walk in my in tliee the shanie of the ireathen any statutes, and ye shall keep my juus more, neither glialt thou bear the re- ments, and do thim. proach of the people any inore, neither 28 And ye sball dwell in the land that slialt thou cause thiy nations to fall any I gave to your fathers; and ye shall inore, saith the Lord GOD.

be iny people, and I will be your God. 16 IT Moreover, the word of the LORD 29 I will alssi save you liom all your came into me, saying,

uncleanness; and I will call for the 17 Son of an, when the house or corn, and will increase il, and lily 110 Israel dwelt in their own land, they famine upon you. defiled it by their own way, and by 30 and I will multiply the fruit of their doings: Vieir way was before the tree, and the increase of the Held, me as the uncleanness of a renioved that ye shall receire no inore reproach

ul lavnine among the beallen. 18 Wlierefore I pored ny fury upon 31 Then shall ye 'emeinber your them for the blood that they had slied own evil ways, and your doings that upon the land, and for their idols were vot good, and shall loatli your ichereroith they had polluted it: selves in your own sight, for your in

19 And I scattered diem among the liquities, and for your abominations. leathen, and they were dispersed 32 Not for your sakes do I this, saith

lurough the countries: according to the Lord Gow, bc it known into you: their way, and according to their dobe ashamed and confounded for your ingy, I judged them.

Ovi svase, Olouse of Isnel. 20 And when they entered unto the 33 Thus saith the Lorel Gov, In llie heathen, whither they went, they pro Jay that I shall bare cleansed you from fined my holy name, when they said all your iniquilies, I will also cause to themi, These are the people of the you to dwell in the cities, and the LOND, and are gone forth out of luis wastes slınll be builded. land.

34 And the desolate land shall be 211 But I had pity for my lioly name lilled, whereas it lay desolate in llie which the house of Israel bad profan-sight of all that passed by: ed among the beetlen, whither they 35 And they shall say, This land thai

Wils desolate is become like the garden 22 Therefore say unto the house or of Edeo; and the waste, iud desolate, Israel, Thus saith the Lord God, I do and ruined cities, are becomc fenced, nol this for your sakes, O house of Is- and are inhabited. rurl, but for ny holy name's sake, 36 Then the heathen, that are left which ye have profoued among the round al c.ut you, sball know that I the linathen, whither ye went.

Lono build the ruined places, and 23 And I will sanctily my great plant that that was desolatc: 1 tlic name, which was profaned among the LORD bave spoken is, and I will do it. cathen, which ye have profaned in 37 Thus saill the Lord God; I will the midst of them; and the heathen yet for this be coquired of by the bouge shall know that I am the LORD, suilh of Israel, to do it for them; I will inthe Lord God, when I shall be sancti crease them with men like a flock. lied in you before their eyes. 38 As the holy flock, as the clock of

24 For I will take you from among Jerusalem in her solemnu fiests; sc the heathen, and gather you out of all shall the waste cities be filled with countries, and will bring you into tlocks of men: and they shall kuon your own land.

liiat I am the Lord. 23 | Then will I sprinkle clean wa

CHAP. XXXVII. ter upon you, and ye shall be clean ; THE hand of the LORD was upon (10) all your filthiness, and from all


me, and carried me out in the your idols, will I leanse you, Spirit of the LORD, and set me down 26 A new lieart also will give you, in the unidst of the valley which was and a new spirit will I put within you; full of bones, and I will take away the story licat| 2 And caused me to pass by then


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