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The ornaments

of the temple. 12 And the four tables were of liewo jured the post of the door, two cubito clone for the burnt ollerind, of a cubit and the door, Bix cubits; and urs suid a half long, and a cubit and a hair breadth of the door seven cubite. broad, and one cubit higbı; whereupon 1 So lie measured the length there. also they laid the instruments where or, twenty cubits; and the brearith, with they elew the burnt-ollering and twenty cubity, before the temple: and the sacrifice,

le said unto me, This is the inost ho 13 And withiin avere looks, a hand is place. loroad, lastened round about: and up 5 Aller, he measured tse wall of the on the tables was the fiesli of the 01-luouse, six cubits; and the breadth ol fering.

every side-chamber, four cubits, round 41 And without the inner gate about the liousc on every side. 1vere the chainbers of the singers in 6 And the side chambers were ibrer, the inner court, which was at the side one over another, and thirty in order; of the north gate and their prospect and they entered into the wall which rras toward the youth: one at the side vas of the house for llie side-chambers of the east gate having the prospect round about, that they miglit have joward the north.

bold, but they ad not hold in the wall tö vnd he said unto me, This cbam. or the liousc. ber, whose prospect is toward the 7 And there was an enlarging, and a fouth, is for the priests, the keepers of winding about still upward to the sidr. llie charge of the house.

chambers: for die winding about of 46 In the chamber wosc prospeel the liouse went still upward round is toward the north is for the priests, about the liouse: therefore the breath the keepers of the charge of tlie allar of the bouse il'lis still upward, and su these are the song of Zadok anoong the increased from the lowest chamber lo bons of Levi, which come near to be the highest by the midst. Long to iminister unto him.

8 I saw also the height of the lious 47 So he measured the court, a hun-round about: the foundations of the lired cubits long, and a hundred cu side-chambers were a full reell of six viits broad, foursquare; and the allar great cubils. ihn rus before the house.

9 The thickneas of the wall, wlich 481 And he brought ine to the porch was foribe side-chamber without, 100s o the house, and ineasured cacn post five cubits; and that which was loji of the porch, live cubils on this side, was the place of the sile-chambers and live cubits on that side: and the that 1007'e willin. Jeadlin of the gate was three cubile 10 And bellveen the chambers a'ris Onliis side, and three cubits on that the wideness of twenty cubits round side.

about the house on every side. -19 Tue length of the porcle 10x75 11 And the doors of the side-chan twenty cubits, and the breadılı eleven bere were toward the place that reas cubits; and he brought une by the lelt, one loor toward ile hort), and slaps whereby they went up to it: another loor toward the south and oud there were pillars by the post the breadth of the place that was left one on this side, and another on tal al'as five cubits romid aliout. Bille.

12 Now the building that tvas before CHAP. XLI.

the septate place nt the end toward

the temple, and measured the and the wall of the building was lire posta, six cubite broad on the one side, cubits thick round about, and the ilmul sis cubiis broad on the other side, length thereof ninety cubits. wiich was the breadth of the taber: 13 So he measured the lionge, a bun wacle.

alred cubits loug; and the separatie And the breadth of the door was place, and the building, with the walls ten cubits; and the sides of the door thereof, a liundred cubita long; were five cubits on the one side, and 14 Also the breadth of the fice of the Sive cubits on the other side: and he house, and of the scpante place to: meaurred the length thereof, forty cu. ward ile e:1st, a hundred cubits. bits; and the breadth twenty cubits. 15 And he measured the length of Then went he inward, and meas. the builling over against the apparate


The chiamber's


for the priests. piace which was behind it, and the north: and he brought me into the galleries thereof on the one side and chamber that was over against the On the other side, a mered cubits, separate place, and which c'es before with the inner temple, and the porches the building toward the north. of the court;

2 Before, the length of a bundicú 16 The door-posts, and the narrow cubits runs the north door, and the windows, and the galleries round breadth wus filly cubits. about on

their three stories, over 3 Over against the twenty cubits against die door, ceiled with wood, which were for the inner court, and round about, and from the ground up over against the pavement which 10018 to the windowe, and the windows tucre for the outer court, wons gallery agains! covered;

gallery in three stórics. 17 To thai above the coor, even unto 1 Aud before the chambers has 11 the inner house, and without, and by walk of ten cubits breadth inwairl, 1 all the wall round about, within and way of one cubil; and their doors iu: wilhout, by ineisure.

varil the nortlı. 19 And it was made with cherubiing 6 Now the upper chambers ?lcrc n.1 palın-treos, so that a palm-tree shorler: for the galleries were higher runs between a cherub and a cherubs; than these, than the lover, and Loan rund crcry cherub had two laces; the middlemost of the building.

:9 So liial the face of a man 10175 to For they were in threc stories, but ward the palm-tree on the 0.19 side, had not pillars as the pillars of the and the face of young lion toward courts: therefore the building was The palm trce on the oilier side: il ivas straitenee more than the lowest and made through all the liouse round the middlemost from the ground,

9 And the wall hat wus without 20 From tlıe ground imto above the over against the chambers, toward the rinor were cherubims and palin-crees outer court on the forepart of the made, and on the wall of thic temple. chambers, the lengtla thercos nas fifty

21 The posts of the temple pucre cubits. squared, and the face of the sanctuary; 8 For the length of thic chambers, the appearance of the one as the ap- that were in the outer court was listy permance of the other.

cubile: and, lo, before the temple were 22 The altar of wood was three cu- a hundrert cubits. hits high, and the length thereof two 9 And from under these chambers cubils; and the corners thereof, andivas the entry on the east side, the length thereof, and the walls there-goeth into them from the outer court. or, were of woou: and lic said unto 10 The chiambers were in the thick mne, This is the table that is belore thic resy of the wall of the court toward Joil).

the cast, over against the separate 23 And the temple and thic sanciuary place, and over against the builling: had two doors.

11 And the way before them uvas like 24 And the doors had two leaves the appearance of the chambers which apiece, two turning leaves; two leaves were toward the north, as long as they, for the one door and two leaves for the and as broad as they: and all their ollier door.

goings out were both according to 25 And there were made on them, their fashions, and accoriling to their on the doors of the teinple, cherubins doors. and palın-trees, like as were made 12 And according to the doors of the upon the walls, and there were thick chambers that roere toward the south planke upon the face of the porch was a door in the head of the way, without,

cuer the way directly before the wall 26 And Here 10010 narrow vindows toward the east, as one enterella into and palmi-trees on the one side and on them, the other side on the sides of the porch, 13 | Then anid he unto me, The and upon the sile-chambers of the north chambers and the south chamlouse, and thick planks.

bers, which are before the separato CHAP. XLII.

place, they be boly chanbers, where THE THEN he brought me forth into the the priests that approach into the ouler court, the way toward the Loni shall eat the inost holy thigan :

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God's giory returreth CILAP. XLIII.

into the tempie. there shall they lay tlie most lolyjout of ll.e house ; and the man slood things, and the meat-otiering, and they ine. sioolering, and the trespass-ollering; 7 1 And lie said unto me, Son of for the place is loly.

man, the place of my throne, and the 14 When the priests enter therein, place of the soles oliny seet, wbere I then sball they not go out of the holy will dwell in the midst of the children place into the outer court, but there of Israel for erer, and my boly name, they shall lay their marinents wherein shall the bouse of Israel no more dethey joinister; for they are boly; and bile, neither they, nor their kings, by shall put on other carinents, and shall liveir whoredom, nor by the carcases approach to those things which are of their kings in their higlı places. for the people.

8 In their setting of their threshold 15 Now when he had made an end of by ny thresholds, and their posts by measuring the inner luuse, le brought my posts, and the wall between me nie lurth Lowara the gate whose pros and them, they have eren defiled my pect is toward the cusi, aud uneasured holy name by tlieir abominations that it round about.

they have committee : where lore I 16 He measured the east side with have consuined them in mine anger. the measuring read, five hundred 9 Nowy let them pul away their recds, willi'the measurine reel roud whoredvin, and the carcases of their about

kings, far liom nie, and I will dwell in 17 He measured the nortlı side, five the midst of them for ever. hundred reeds, with the measuring 10 T Thou son of man, blow the rcell round about.

louse to the house of Israel, that bey 18 He ineasured the south side, five may be ashamed of their iniquities: Sudred reeds, with the measuring and let them measure the pattern. reed.

11 And if they be ashamed of all that 19 T He turned about to the west Uiey have done, slow them the form side, and measured five hundred reeds of the house, and the fashion thereof, will the measuring reed.

and the going out thereof, and ibe 20 le measured it by the four sides: comings in thereof, and all the forms it had a wall round about, five lun. thereol,ind all the ordinances thereof, dred reeds lond, and live lundred and all the forms thereof, and all the broad, to make a separation between laws thereof : and write it in their the sanctuary and the profane place. sight, that they may keep the whole CIIAP. XLIII.

torm tereol, and all the ordinances

thercos, and do them. A

FTERWARD he brought me to 12 This is the law of the house; Un.

the gate, even the gale ibat look-on the top of the mountain the whole cth toward tlie east:

limnit thereof round about shall be 2 And, belold, the glory of the God most holy. Behold, this is the law of of Israel came from the way of the the house. cagt; and liig voice recis like a noiae 13 1 and these ure the mrasures of of many waters; and lle eartlı obined the altar after the cubits : The cubil willi lijg glory.

is a cubit and a hand-breadth : eren 3 And it was according to the ap- the bottom shall be a cubil, and the pearance of the fision which I saw, breaith a cubit,aud the border thereof cuen according to the vision llal 1 by the edge thereof round about shall saw when I came to destroy the city: be a span: and this shall be llie bigher and the visioug zvere like the vision place of the altar. that I saw by the river Chebar; and 14 And from the bottom upon the I fell upon my face.

ground cren to the lower selile shall * And the glory of the Lord came bc two cubits; and the breadth one into the house by the way of the gale cubit; and from the lesser settle crica whose prospect is toward tbe east. to the greater sellle shall be lour cu

Ő So the spirit took me up, and bits, :00 the breadth one cubit. brought me into the inner court; and, 15 So the altar shall be lour cubits: behokl, the glory of the Lon filled and from thic altar and upward shall the louse.

be four borng. 6 An I leard hiin speaking upto me 10 And the altar shall be twelve 674 doki,

parge it.

Ordinances of the allar.


The priests rcproved. bits long, Iwelve broad, square in the, tuary which looketh toward the east, four squares thereof..

and it was aliut. 17 And the seltle shall be fourteen 2 Then said the LORD unto me, This cubics long and lourteen broad in the gate shall be shut, it shall noi be four squares thercol"; and the border opencu, and no man alall enter in by about it shall be hall' a cubit: and the it; because the Lord,the God of Isbottom thereol shall be a cubit about; rael, liath entered in by it, therefore it and his atairs shall looktoward the east. shall be aliut.

18 T And he said unto me, Sou of 3 It is for the prince; the prince, he man, thus saith the Lord God; These sha] sic in il to eat bread before tlama are Vie ordinances of the allar in the LORD; lie shall cater by the way

of day when they shall make it, to olter the porch of that gate, and shall gu burn:lerings thereod, and to sprin- out ly the way of the same. bie n.ood thereon.

4 | Then bronght he me the way of 19 And thou sult give to the priests the forth gate before the house: aud the Levites that be of the seed or Za- I looked, and, behold, the glory of the

which approach unto me, to min- Loio filled the house of the LORD; isler unto ine, saith the Lord God, a and I fell upon my face. young bullock for a sin-oflering. 5 And the Lord said unto me, Son

20 And thou shall take of the blood of inali, mark well, and belold with tliereor, and put it on the four boing thine eyes, and liear with thine cars, ev it, and on the four corners of the all that I say unto the concerning all Bettle, and upon the border round the ordinances of the house of the about: thus shalt thou cleanse and Lord, and all the laws thereof; and

mark well the entering in of the 21 Thou shalt take the bullock also house, with every going forth of the of the sin-offering, and he shall buro annctuary. it in the appointed place of the house, 6 And thou shall sayto the rebellious, without the sanctuary.

cven to the liouse of Israel, Thus sailli 22 And on ihe second day thou shalt the LORD God,O ye house of Israel,let offer a kid of the guits without blem. it sullice you of all your abomivations, inh for a sin-oftering, and they sliall 7 lu tlat ye have brouglit inir my cleange the altar, as they did cleanse sanctuary strangers, uncircumcised in il witli tlie bullock.

hearli, and uncircumcised in nesli, lo 23 Vlen tilou last niade an cod or be iu iny sanctuary, to pollute it, even cleansing it, thou shalt oller n young my house, when ya oller my bread, lullock without blemish), and a rain the fat and the blood, and they have out of the fock without blemisli. broken iny covenant, because of all

24 And thou shalt oller them before your aboininations. the. Lonn, and the priests shall cast 8 And ye liave not kept the charge of Ball upou them, and they shall offer my holy thinge; but ye hare set keep. them up for a burnt-offering unto the ers of iny charge in ny sanctuary for Bonn.

yourselves. 25 Seven days allall thiou prepare ev- 9 Thus gaith the Lord God, No cry day a goat for a sin-offering: they stranger, uncircumcised in heart, nor shall also prepare a soung bullock, uncircumcised in flesh, shall enter into and a ran out of the flock, without my sanctuary, of any stranger that is bilemish.

among the children of Israel. 26 Seven days shall they purge the 10 And the Levites that are gone altar, and purify it; and they sball away far from me, when Israel went Consecrate themselves.

astray, which weut astray away from 27 And when these days are expired, me after their idols; they shall even it shall be, that upon the eightli das, bear their iniquity. and so forward, the priests shall make 11 Yet they shall be ministers in my your burnt offerings upon the altar, sanctuary, having charge at the galy and your peace-ollurinys: and I will of the house, and ministering to the accept you, saith the Lord God.

house: they shall slay the burnt offer. CHAP. XLIV,

ing and the sacrifice for the people, and gata ofiuc outward sunr.lier tiem

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Orlinances for

the pricsts 12 Because they ministered unto them, 23 And they shall teach iny people belorelleirillols, and caused the bouse the difference between the lioly and of Israel to fall into iniquity; there produir, and cause them to discern vesure lave I lillel up my hand against tween the unclean and the clean. theio, anith the Lord God, and they 2 Audin controversy they shal! shall bear their iniquity.

stand in judgment; and they shall 13 Audley shall not come near un judge it according to my judginents: to ine, to do the ollice of a priest unto and they shall keep iny laws and my me, nor to come nicar to any of iny statutes, in all mine assemblies; and holy things, in the most loly place; they shall ballow my sabbaths. but they shall bear their shame, and 25 And they shall come at no dearl iheir abommations which wiey have persou to defle themselves: but for committed.

father, or lor mother, or lor son, or 14 But I will inake them keepers of lor daughter, for brotler, or for sister the charge of the house, for all the that hath bac ao husband, they may service thereof, and for all that shall delile themselves. ve clone lbereill.

26 And after he is cleansed, they sball 15 1 But the priests the Levites, the reckon unto hin seven day's. song of Zadok, that kept the charge of 27 And in the day that lie goed into niy sanctuary when he cbildren or llie sadz'uary, unto the inner court,to Israel went astray from me, they shall ministe, in the sancluary, he sball come nello me lo minister unto me, ofler bis ac offering, sailli the Lord and they shall stand before me to offer Gos, unto me tlie lat and the blood, saith 29 And it shall be unto tlein for an the Lord God:

inberitance: lam their inheritance; 16 They shall enter into my sounctu and ye shall give them no possesiou ary, and they aliall come near to my in Israel: I an their possession. tablo, to minister unto me, and they 29 They shall eat the meat-offering, shall keep my charge.

and the sin offering, and the trespass17 1 And it shall come to pass, that offering: in every dedicated thing in when they enter in at the sales of the Israel shall be theirs. jer courl, they shall be clothed will 30 And the first of all llie first-riuils Jinen garments; and no wool shall of all things, and every oblation of all, coine upon them, while they inin isler of every sort of your oblations, shall 11 the gates of the inner courl, ind be the priest's: ye shall also give unle within.

the priest the first of your dough, that 18 They shall have linen bonnets up- lie inay cause the blessing to rest in on their heads, aud shall live linen thy house. breeches upon their loing: they shall 31 The priesi.. shall not eat of any not gird themselves with any thing thing that is dead of itself, or loru, that causeth sweat.

wheller it be fowl or beast. 19 And when they go fortii into thr

CHAP. XLV. outer court, even into the outer couri

on the people, they shall put off their Mother and

for inheritance,

garments wherein they nuistereil, by lot the land and lay them in the holy chambers, ye shall otler an oblation unto the and they sball put on other garments; Lond, a boly portion of the laud: the and they shall vol sanctily ibe people lengtli shall be the length of five and with their gilrients.

twenty thousand reeds, and tbe breadth 20 Neither shall they shave their shall be ten ibousand. This shall be heads, nor suflier their locks to grow holy in all the vorders thereof round loug; they shall only poll their bends. about.

21 Neither shall any priest drink 2 of this there shall be for the sancwine, when they enter into the imer tuary five liundred in length, witir cout.

five huvdred inbreudih, square round 22. Neither shall they take for their about; and lilly cudits round about lur wives a widow, nor ber that is put thic suburbs thereof. Hway: but they shall take maidens of 3 And of this measure sbalt thou the seed of the house of Israel, or a measure llic leugth of five and twenty widow that had a priest belore. thousand, and the breadth of ten thou

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