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be strong

The restoration

o Jerusalem. Spirit by the former prophets: thereof the amiction: for I get all men ere. fore caine a great wrath from the ry one against bis neiglıbour. LORD of bosts.

11 But now I will not be unto the 13 Therefore it is come to pass, that residue of this people as in the corner as he cried, and they would not hear; days, saith the Load or hoste. so they cried, and I would not bear, 12 For the seed shall be prosperous; faith the LORD of boste:

the vine shall give lier fruit, and the 14 But I scallered them with a whirl ground sliall give her increase, and the wiud among all the nations whom they leaves shall give their dew; and I knew not. Thus llie land was deso- will cause the remmant of this people late aller then, that no man passed to possess all bese things, through nor returneu : for they laid 13 And it sliall come to pass, thatag the pleasant land desolate.

je were a curse among the lieathen,

O house of Judab,and bouse of Israel: CHP. VIII.

60 will I save you, and ye shall be al Gain the word of the Lord of blessing: fear not, but let your hands

came to me, saying, 2 Thus maith the Lord or hoste; I 14 Fortbus saith the LORD of bools; was jealous for Zion with great jeal. As I thought to punish you, wben ousy, and I was jealous for her with your fathers provoked me to wrath, great fury.

saith the LORD of hosts, and I repent3 Thus eniti the LORD; I am re-led not: turned unto Zion, and will dwell in 15 So again have I thought in these thie midst of Jerusalem : and Jerusa- days to do well unto Jerusdem and to lem shall be callel, A city of truth; the house of Judalı: fear je not. and the nouvlain of tlie LORD 01 16 T Thiese are the things that se losta, The lioly mountain,

suall do ; Speak ye every man the 4 Thug said the Lord of lioste; truih 10 his neighbour; execute the Tliere shull yet old men and oli wo judgment of truth and peace in your men dwell in the streets or Jerusalem, ates: and every man with his stafl' in his 17 And let none of you imagine evi hand ror very age.

in your liearts against his neighbour; 5 And the streets of the city shall be and love no false oath: for all these full of boys and girls playing in the are things that I hate,saith the LORD. Blrepts lliéreof.

18 1 And the word of the LORD Of 6 Thug saith the Lord of liosts; I! hosts came unto me, saying, it be marvellous in the eyes of the 19 Thus saith the Lord or hosts • remnant of this people in these days, The last of the fourth nonth, and the B!lould it also be marvellous in inine last of the filth, and the last of the eyes? sailh the Lord of losts. sevent, and the litet or the tentli,

Thug saith tlie LORD of loste; shall be lo tbe liouse of Judali joy and Behold, I will save my people from gladness, and cheerful leasts; therethe cast country, and from the westliore love the truth and peace. country';

20 Thus saith the Lord of boats; Ic S And I will bring them, and they shall yet come to pass, that there shall Bliall divell in the nidst of Jerusalem: come people, and the inliabitants of and they shall be my people, and I many cities : will be their God, in truthi and in 21 And the inhabitants of one city righteousness.

shall go to another, saying, Let us go 9 1 Thus saith the Lord of hosts ; speedily to pray before the Lorn), and Let your bands be strong, xe that hear to seek the Lord of hosts : I will go in these days the words by the also. mouth of the prophets, which were 22 Yen, many people and strong na. in the day thai the foundation of the lions shall come to seek the LORD of house of the LORD of hosta was laid, hosts in Jerusalein, and to pray before that the temple might be built. the LORD.

10 for before these days there was 23 Thus saith the Lvad of liosts; In no hire for man, nor any bire for those days it shall come to pass, that beaat; neilerroas there any peace to ten men shall take hold out of all lan. him that wint out or caine in because Ignages of the nations, even shall take Grid's promises of


ZECHARIAH. victory and defence. bold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, declare that I will render double unto myi:g, We will go with you; for we thee. have leard that God is with you. 13 When I have bent Judæli for me, CHAP. IX.

filled the bow with Epuraiin, and raisHE burden of the word of the ed up thy sons, O Zion, against thy

, ,

and Dirn:scusshall be the rest thereof sword of a mighty man. when the eyes of man, ds of all the 1.1 And the LORD shall be seen over tribes of Israel, shall be toward the them, and his arrow shall go fortli ng LORD.

the lightning: and the LORD God shall 2 And Hamath also shall border blow the trumpel, and shall go with thereby: Tyrus, und Zidou, though it whirlwinds of the south. De very wise.

15 Tlie Lond of hosts sliall defend 3 AndTyrus did build herself a strong them; and they shall levour, and sullo!!), and beaped up silver as the dust, due with sling stones! and they shall and ane gold as the mire of the street. drink, and make a poise ag Wrough

4 Belobe, the LORD will cast her out, wine, and they shall be filled like and lie will smile her power in the bowls, and as the corners of tbeollar. sea; and sire shall be devoured with 16 And the LORD their God shall fire.

save them in that day as the dock of Askelon shall see it, and fear; his people: for they shall be as the Gaza also shall see it, and be very sor stones of a crown, lilled up as an enrowlul and Ekrou; for her expecta sign upon his land. lion ciall be ashamed; and the king 17 Forhow great is his goodne99an shall perish from Gaza, and Aekelon how great is big beauty! Corn shall shall not be inhabited.

inake the young men cheerful, and 6 And a bastard shall dwell in Asli new wine the inaids, dod, and I will cut of the pride of the

CHAP. X. Philistines,

ASK ile or the Lord rain in the time 7 And I will take away his blood out of the latter rain : so the LORD of liis mouth, and his abominations shall make bright clouds, and give from between his teeth: but he that them showers of rain, to every one remaineth, even he, shall be for our gras in the field. God, and lie shall be as a governor in

2 For the idols have spoken vanity, udali, and Ekron as a Jebusite. and the diviners lave seen a lie, ani

8 And I will encamp aboutiny house bare told false dreams; they comfort Kecause of the arıy, because of lim lio vain : therefore they went their that passelh by, and because of loin way as a Nock, they were troubled,beihat telurneth: and 110 oppressor shall cause there was no shepherd. pasg through them any more: for now 3 | Nine anger was kindled against bave I seen with mine eyes.

the shepherds, and I punished the 9 Rejoice greatis, o drughter of Zion: goats: for the Lord of lusts bath slimut, o diughter of Jerusalem: be. visited his flock the bouse of Judali, hold, thy King cometh unto thee: lic and bath made them as liis goodly is just, and having salvation; lowly, horse in the battle. and riding upon an ass, and upon a

4 Qul olim caine forth the corner, colt tie foal or an ass.

out of him the nail, out o! him the 10 And I will cut off the chariot from battle-bow, out of him every oppreaEphraim, and the horse from Jerusa- sor together. Vem, and the battle-bow shall be cut 5 And they shall be as mighty mon, olf: and lie shall speak peace unto the which trad down their enemics in the breathen : and his dominion shall be mire of the streets in the battle : anil froin sca even to sra, and from the they shall fight, because the LORD is liver even in the ends of the earth. with them, and the riders on lorses

11 As for thee also, by the blood of shall be confounded. thy covenant I have sent forth thy 6 And I will strengthen the house of orisoners out of the pit wherein is no Judah, and I will save the liouse of

Joseph, and I will bring them again to 12 | Turn you to the stronghold,je place them: for I have mercy upou briseuers of hope : even to day do I them; and they shall be 19 though I


The destruction

of Jerusalem bad not cast thein off: for I am the one inondh; and my soul loathed ther, Lowu their God, and will hear them and their soul also abliorred me.

7 And they of Ephrain shall be like 9 Then said 1, I will vot feed you: a mighty minn, and their heart shall that that dith, let it die; and that rejoice as throug! wine: yea, their that is to be cut off, let it be cut off"; children shall see it, and be glad; and let the rest eat every one the nesli their heart shall rejoice in the Lond. or another.

8 I will lise for them, and giltler 10 |And I took my staff, even Beauty, them; for I have ledecnicd them; and and cut it asunder, that I night break Hey shall increase as they have in- iny covenant which I had made with creased.

all the people. 9 And I will sow them among the Il And it was broken in that day: people: and they shall remember me and so the poor of the flock tbat wait. a far countries, and they shall live ed upon me knew that it was the word with their chikiren, and turn again. of the LORD.

101 will bring them again also oul of 12 And I said unto thein, If ye think the land of Egypt, and garlier them good, give me iny price; and is not, out of Assyria; and will bring them forbrar. So they weighed for my into the land of Gilead and Lebanon; price thirty pieces or silver. and place shall not be found for them. 13 And the Lord said unto me, Cast

11 And he shall pass through the sea it unto the polter: goodly pricelliat with affliction, and shall spite the I was prized at of them. And I took wares in lic sea, and all the deeps of liie thirty picces of silver, and castihen! the river shall dry up; and the pride to the potter in the longe of the LORD of Assyria shall be brought down and 14 Then I cut asunder mine other the sceptre of Egypt shall depart away. stafl,even Bands, that I miglit break the 12 And I will strengthen them in the brotherliood betweenJucaland Israel. LORD; and they shall walk up and lö And the LORD said down in his name, saith the LORD. Take unto thee yel the instruments of CILAP. XI.

a loolislı shepherd: PENthy doors, 0 Lebanon, that| 16 For, lo, i will raise up a sheplierd

2. How), sir-tree, for the cedar is that be cut oil, neither shall seek the fallen; because the inighty are spoil young one, nor healthat that is broken, ed: bowl, О je oaks of Bashan, for nor feed that that standeth still; but the forest of the vintage is come down, he shall cal the flesh of the fat, and

3 There is a voice of the howling of trar their claws in pieces. the sheplierds; for their glory is spoil- 17 Wo to the idol shepherd that leav. ed: : it voice of the roaring of young li- eth the flock! the gworu shall be upon ous; for the pride of Jordan is spoiled. his arm, and upon his right eye: hie 1 T Thus sailli the Lord my God, arm shall be clean dried up, and his Feed the flock of the slaughter; right eye shall be ulterly darkened. 6 Whose possessors slay them, and

CHAP. XII. hold themselves not guilty: and they THE burden of word of the that sell thein say; Blessed be the Load for Israel, saith the LORI), Lord; for I am rich: and their own which stretched forth the heavens, siiepherds pity them not.

and layeth the foundation of the carth 6 For I will no more pity the inhab. and formelh Die spirit of man within itants of the land, saith the Lord; but, brim. lo, I will deliver the men every one 2 Behold, I will make Jerusalem a foto his neighbour's band, and into the cup of trembling unto all the people hand of his king; and they shall smite round about, when they shall be in the the land, and out of their band I will siege both against Judal and against Hot deliver them.

1 Jerusalem. :7 And I will feed the lock of slaughi-| 3 Avd in that day will I make Jeruter, even you, O poor of the flock. salen a burdensome stone for all peoAnd I took unto me two slales; the ple: all that burden themselves will: oue I called Beauty, and the Quier 1 it shall be cut in pieces, though all the caller Bauds; and, I led the flock. people of the earth be gathered to

Three shepherds also I cut oil in sether against it.

will open

Thc rcpcriance

of Jerusalem. 4 In that day, saith the LORD, I will to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin smile every liorse will astonislunent, and for uncleanness. and his rider witli nadness; and I 21 And it shall come to pass in that

mine eyes upon the liouse of day, saith the LORD of hosts, that I Judali, and will smite every horse of will cut off the nane of the idols out the people will blindness.

of the land, and they shall no more ve 5 And the governors of Judalı shall remembered and also I will cause the say in their heart, The inhabitants of prophets and the unclean spiritsto pass Jerusalem shall be my strength in the out of the land. LOHD of hosts their God,

3 And it shall come to pass, that oli lu that day will I make the gove when any shall y'et proplesy, then bis eruors of Judalı like a bearth of fire father and his notiier that begat hini among the wood, and like a torch or shall say unto him, Thiou sbill not sire in a sheal; and they shall devour live; for thou speakust lies in the all the people round about, on the right nane of the Lord: and his filthier land and on the left: aud Jerusalem and his mother that begat lim shall shall be inhabited again in lier own lurust bin through when he propheplace, cier in Jerusalem.

sieth. 9 The Loro also shall save lle tents 4 And it shall come to pass in that of Judalı first, that the glory of the day that the prophets shall be ashamed house of David and the glory of the every one of his visiou, wlicn he bath inhabitants of Jerusalem do not mag-prophesied; neither shall they wear it nily themselves againsi Judah. rough garment to deceive;

8. In that day shall We LORD defend 5 But lie shall say, I am no propliet, the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and be l an a husbiinuman ; lor man tauglit that is leeble among tlic at that day ine to keep cattle from my youth. shall be as David, and the liouse of 6 And one shall say unto him, \Vhut David shall be a9 God, is the angel of arc these wounds in the lande? Then thie LORD before thieu,

be shall answer, Those with which I 911 And it shall come to pass in that was wounded in the liouse of my day, that I will seek to destroy all the friends. nations that come against Jerusalein. 7 1 Awake, O sword, against my

20 And I will pour upon the liouse of Shephere, and against the man that is David, and upon the inhabitants of Je- my fellow, saith the Lord of losis: musalem, the spirit of grace and of sup. sinile tlie Shepherd, and the slices. plications: and they shall look upon shall be scallered: and I will tur my me whioin they have pierced, and they band upon the little ones. blall moun for him, as one inourreth 8 An it shall come to pass, that in for his only son, and sliall be iu bitter all the land, saith the LORD, two parts ness for him, as one that is in bilter therein shall be cut off and die; but ness for his first-born.

the third shall be len thereina 11 In that day sball there be a great 9 And I will bring the third part Mourning in Jerusalemn, as the mouris-itbrougli the Gre, and will rebue theu mg of Hadad-rimmon in the valley of as silver is refined, and will try then Niegiddon.

as gold is tried: they shall call ou my 12 And the land shall mourn, every naine, and I will hear them: I wiil faunily apart; the lily of the house say, It is my people: and they shall of David apart, and their wives apart; say, The LORD is my God. Ule family of the house of Nathan

CHAP. XIV. apart, and their wives apart; 13 The family of the house of Levi BEHOLD, the day vi the Lord

cometh, and thy spoil shall be apart, and their wives apart; the lam-divided in the midst of thee. ily oľ Slimei apart, and their wives 2 For I will gather all nations against apart;

Jerusalem to ballle; and thic city shals 14 All thic fanilies that remain, be taken, and the liouscs rifled, and the every family apart, and their wives women ravished; and ball of the city apart.

shall go forth into caplivity, and they CHAP. XIII

residue of the people sliall not be call IN N that day there shall be a fountain of froin die city, opened to the liouse of David and 3 Then shall the Lond go forth, rutu The plugues of


Jerusalem's cruce fight against those nations, as when hejand their eyes shall consuine away in fought in the day of battle.

their holes, and their tongue sliall con4 i and his feet shall stand in that sume away in their mouth. day upon the inount or Olives, which 13 And it shall come to pass in tha: is before Jerusalem on the east, and day, that a great luntut from the the mount. of Olives shall cleave in Lord shall be among them; and they the midst thereof toward the east and stall lay liolll every one on the band toward the west, and there shall be a of his neighbour, and his band shall very great valley; and ball of the rise up against the land of bie neightniountain shall remove toward the bour: norih, and all of it toward the south. 14 And Judal also shall fight at Je

5 And ye shall flee to the valley of rusaiem ; and the wealth of all the the mountains; for the valley of the heatien round about shall be gathered mountains shall reach unto Azal: yea, together, gold, and silver, and apparel, ye shall fee, like as ye ned from bein great abundance. fore the earthquake in the days of 15 And so shall be the plague of the Uzzial king of Judah: and the LORD horse, of the mule, or the camel, and my God shall coine, and all the saints of the ass, and of all the beasts that willi thee.

shall be in these tenis, as this plague. 6 And it shall come to pass in that 16 11 And it shall come to pass, that day, that the light shall not be clear, every one that is left of all the nations por: dark:

wlich came against Jerusalem, shall 7 But it shall he one day wliiclı shall even go up from year to year to volbe known to the LORD, not day, nor slip the King, the LORD of hosts, and night: but it shall come to pass; that to keep lie least of tabernacles. at evening time it sball be light. 17 And it shall be, that whoso will 8 Aod it shall be in iliat day, that not come up of all the families of the living waters shall go out from Jeru- earth unto Jerusalem to worship the salem; half of them toward the sor- King, the LORD of hosts, even upon mer sea, and hall of them toward the then shall be no rain. binder sea: in summer and in winter 18 And if the family or Egypt go not bhall it be.

hip, and come not, dat have no rain: 9 And the Lord shall be King over there shall be the plague, wherewilla all the earth : int that day shall tliere the LORD will gnite the hentben that be one LORD, and his name one. come not up to keep the seast of tab

10 All tlie land shall be turned as alernaclea, plain froin Geba to Rimmon south or 19 This shall be the punishment or Jerusalem: and it shall be listed up, Egypt, and the punislıment or all na. and inhabited in her place, from Beu- tions that come not up to keep the jamin'a gate unto the place of the first reast of tabernacles. Kate, unto the corner gate, and from 20 | In that day shall there be upor: the tower of Hapaneel unto the king's the bells of the horses, HOLINESS wine presses,

UNTO THE LORD; and the pots in 11 And men shal dwell in it, and the Lorn's house shall be like the there allall be no more utler destruc- bowls before the altar. lion; but Jerusalein shall be satels in 21 Yea, every pot in Jerusalem and habited.

in Judah shall be holiness unto the 12 | And this shall be the plague LORD of hosts: and all they that sa: wherewith the LORD will smite acrifice shall come and take of then, the people that lave lought against and seethe therein. and in that day Jeruzalem; Their nesli shall congume liere shall be no more the Canaanite away while they stand upon their feet,' in the house of the Lord of hosts.

THE Mrde inspired by Malachi.


Yet se say, Whorein hast thou loved THE inrden of the word of the lus? T'as not Esau Jacob's brother?

saitli the LORD: yet I loved Jacob, 2 I lave loved you, saith: the Lord. 3 And I hated Esau, and laid his

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