A Treatise of Algebra, in Three Parts: Containing I. The Fundamental Rules and Operations; II. The Composition and Resolution of Equations of All Degrees, and the Different Affections of Their Roots; III. The Application of Algebra and Geometry to Each Other. To which is Added an Appendix Concerning the General Properties of Geometrical Lines

A. Millar & J. Nourse, 1756 - 432 páginas

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Página 76 - AB there be taken more than its half, and from the remainder more than its half, and so on ; there shall at length remain a magnitude less than C.
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Página 198 - The demonftration is deduced from the laft article, as the 7 8th is from the preceding. CHAP. IX. Of the Methods by which you may approximate to the roots of numeral Equations by their limits. §84. TT 7 HEN any equation is propofed W to be refolved, firft find the limits of the roots (by Chap. 5.) as for example...
Página 22 - Rule. Multiply the numerator of the dividend by the denominator of the divifor, their produit ¡hall give the numerator of the quotient. 'Then multiply t be denominator of the' dividend by the numerator of the divifor, and their predu£f jhall give the denominator.

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