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count of the State of Man by Nature, his Recovery by Jesus Christ, The Work of the Spirit upon the Heart, - The Necessity of seeking Dis. vine Grace in those Moans which God has appoioted in his Church, ---- The Nature of Baptism, and The Obligations of baptized Persons; which, I trust, through the blessing of God, will be useful to them,

• You will rejoice to hear that the prejudices of the people are, in a great measure, done away; and, I trust, the enemies of the gospel will soon ben come its friends. The white people, who attend preaching, and even somo wbo have not yet been at the church, have subscribed near £200 towards the Missionary Cause; and several of the poor slaves have cast in their mite. There is a prospect of being permitted to instruct the slaves of another estate in the neighbourhood... We have reason to believe it will be under the management of a very serious man. In that case, a congregation of 6 or 700 people will be obtained. without difficulty.

I have met with some very serious coloured, and black. people in town, whom the Lord has been pleased to call by his grace in the islands. They come almost every Sabbath to hear. There are five in one family, true lovers of the Lord Jesus Christ. Had I time to send you an extract of iny Journal, you would form some idea of their character as Christians, from the conversation which I have had with them; but this I cannot do till you send another Missionary ; for I have not one inoment to spare. If one be not on his way, I hope and trust you will send one as soon as this letter arrives. Do not say, We cannot spare one ; for I am sure you would, if you only were to spend one Sabbath ia Demarara, and see the people come eight miles each way to hear the gospel, and how desirous they are to learn the Catechism. We will be content with one, for two or three months, and then we will beg for more. Dear brethren, contemplate for a moment the many thousands that loudly cry by their misery, Come over and help us ; - come and teach us the way to Heaven. We have long been in darkness, and no man cared for our souls.' Unless another person be sent, the work of the Lord must be neglected, and my own health impaired. Were another Missionary here now, I could preach up the coast to a great number of people, once or twice every week,, akd catechizo as many more on this plantation. .

. You will easily conceive that teaching the people the Catechism is a. very laborious task, when I tell you that I have, in general, the answer to repeat near a hundred times before many of them are able to remember it, especially those who speak Dutch; and every time to explain it in the. plainest manner. About 20 adults, who belong to Mr. Post, learn to read. and likewise a great number of children, but I have not liberty to teach those who come from other plantations. You will do me a great favoar to send me some useful books to lead out; such as Baxter's Call, Dod. dridge's Rise and Progress, &c. ; and a good many Tracts, such as Dr. Watts's Golden Rule, and on the Sabbath.

"I have met with a very serious man of the name of B , a member of the Scois Church, who employs himself, as much as possible, in catechizing the people on the estate where he lives.

Pray for me, that I may be useful to my fellow.creatures ; that God would deliver me from all unreasonable men, and keep me from giving way to the temptations which daily surround me. I assure you, I have Bced, every moment, of Paul's promise and Joseph's resolution. The people in England are entirely unacquainted with the temptations of this country; but, I trust, the Lord will be with me, and give me grace and strength according to my day.

I am,' &c. [Mr. Davies, another Missionary, was sent to Demarara, sometime ago, and it may be hoped, is already there. Two inore are going shortly. Together with the intended wives of Mr. Wray and Mr. Davies. 1 ..

Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Dr. Vanderkemp,

dated Bethelsdorp, Aug. 30, 1808. * BETA ELSDORP gradually Aourishes more and more. It contains be. tween 60 and 70 houses, eacb, upon an average, having 10 inhabitants, whose industry likewise increases; and the work of God's converting grace -Janifests itself from time to time among our people. Nor are we disturbed by hostile invasions. In short, the Institution has, after six years labour, attained such a degree of solidity, that it may be committed to the care of another Missionary, which will enable me to proceed in the work of the Lord, and to devote some subsequent days of my far advanced age to his service, among some other nation hitherto unacquainied with the way to everlasting happiness!

" The first object which presented itself to our view, as calling for our succour, is the long-neglected island of Madagascar: but botore we under. take this voyage, we think it our duty to request permission of the Go. vernor to make an excursion out of this colony, by land, in a north-easterly direction, leaving Kaffre-laud on our right hand, with a view to extend the chain of Missionary Settlements along the east coast of Africa ; and, first, to attempt to establish a Mission among the Malbiinbas (commonly called Tambookees, or, as an alternative, to proceed towards the north, to explore the nations which may be found near the meridian of Algoa Bay. Should the Governor decline our petition, we intend, by the first opportanity, to sail for Madagascar. As iny three breihren, Kead, Ulbricht, and Smitb, wish to accompany me in this Mission, my first object is to pray to God to point out to the Directors a proper person to superintend the Institution at Bethelsdorp ; and we carnestly rmuest, that if such a one can he found, he may be immediately rent, accompanied by iwo or three associales, to take upon him that work during my absence, which may be for life, should our projected journey to Madagascar or to the Tambookecs. terminate in an established Mission.

"I have received a letter from a soldier of the 931 regiment, stationed at Stellenbosch, whom I knew by report as a young man of sugular piety and of good parts, signifying lis earnest desire to become a Missionary to the Heathen. He is leader of a society of pious soldiers, and an eminently zealous preacher, of good character, and one who enjoyed the privilege of a liberal education. Should you be inclined to accepi him, when discharged, as a Missionary assistant, i should think it my privilege to be associated with him.

• Could my dear Broiber Read be prevailed upon to take the direction of Bethelsdorp, at least, till another brother, commissioned by you, shouid arrive, I should be at liberty immediately to proceed on the work to which I think Providence calls me; and all iny a prehe..sions for the safety of the people would be at an end.'

The Directors, willing to comply with the Doctor's request, have agrced to send out Messrs. Wimmer and Pacalt (two German breihren, who have been about three years at Gosport) to assist in the worli at Bethelsdorp; but accompanied with the expressions of their carnest desire that Mr. Read would continue, for the present, at that place, as they, with Dr. Vanderkemp, have the fullest confidence in his picty, prudence, and faithfulness.

Ordination of Missionaries. On Thursday, January 26, Seven MISSIONARIES were ordained al Silver Street Chapel, Londou : -- Mr. Prrichel, Mr. Braill, and Mr. Hands for Ine Birman country, and other parts of the cast; Mr, Wimmer and Mr. Pacalt (originally from Germany) for Bothelsdorp, in South Africa ; and Mr. Adam and Mr. Purkis for Demarara and the West Indies. "I'ne Rev. Messrs. Greig, Burder, Platt, Hyatt, Buck, and Steinkopil, eigaged 10 ihre soluma service. -- May the prayers of our numerous roadeas succeed

those of the great congregation which assembled on that interesting occasion, that the blessing of Gud may protect the Missionaries to the several places of their destination, and open effectual doors for them amoug the Heathen!

Since the last Annual Meeting, Nine brethren have been sent forth to different parts of the world; beside Three sisters, the wives of the Mission aries. The very considerable increase of expenditure, occasioned by the education, equipment, voyages, and salaries of so many persoby, will, we confidently hope, call forth the energies of Christian generosity in aid of the funds of a Society, so actively and extensively employed in promoting the cause of our adorable Redeemer.


ther aid, in proportion as they are We are exceedingly rejoiced to enabled to extend the sphere of learn that a Bible Society has lately

their operations. been commenced at Philadelphia ; which, considering the state of com

JAMAICA. mercial affairs in that country, does. The cruel law made in this island, infinite honour to thc piety and li- forbidding the religious iostruction berality of its members, and shews of the slaves by the Methodists and that God still builds the walls of his Dissenters, is as impolitic as it is unspiritual Jerusalem in troublous just; for nothing can so effectually times.

render servants obedient to their The preamble to the Plan of the masters, and faithful to their trust, Society (dated Dec. 12, 1808) is thus as a belief of the truth and an expeexpressed: "The subscribers hav: rience of its power. We are told jog taken into consideration the in that the enemies of the gospel have estimable value of the revelalion, gone so far as to give a challenge which it pleased God to make to our in the public newspapers of the world, of his existence, character, island, to produce a single instance will, works, and grace in Jesus of any good being done by the Christ, in the Bible, and of the great preachers. The following recent benefits to be cxpected from the dis- fact will speak for itself: tribution of it among persons who A Merchant of the Hebrew nation are unable, or not disposed to pur had ihrce negroes, very bad charac'chase it, have agreed to form thein ters, who frequently got drunk and selves into a Society for that pur. robbed him. Observing a sudden posc, to be called The Bible Seciety.' change in their conduct, he enquir

We are glad to find that the Bible ed into the cause. One of the poor proves, in this inslance, as in mariy fellows replied, “Massa, God Alothers, the grand centre of union, mighty in a top ! He was answerin which Christians of various names ed, “ Was not God Almighty in a consunt' to meet; for this establish top (that is, above) when you got ment already embraces seven dira drunk and robbed me?” Yes, ferent religious denominations, or, Massa,' he replied; • but we no as one of the incmbers expresses it, savy then' (savy, is to know). He * Draws together the diffurent reli- then asked them, How they came to gious Socielies ia Philavelphia (how know. They auswered, “ Massa, we well suited to its oame!) in a spirit been gona chapel, and preacher tell of fraternal love, and cerlainly by we so; and now we fraid to get the bands of uumingled truth.'. drunk and rob, like fore tiene. God

The British and Fo.eign Bible So wili see, and he will be angry. Him ciety in London, whose coininend. see, - Him sary every thing.' able example gave occasion for the The Jewish master was well pleas. forination of that at Philadelphia, ed with the good effect of the Chrishas, according to their wonted ge tian instructions; and recommended nerosity, voted £200 for the encvu it to them to continue to go to the sageinent of the infant cause; and chapel whenever there was preachhas encouraged them to expect fure ing, and he would take care to pay

the expence, as they had so much of Two Hundred Pounds in aid of profited by what they beard. the funds of that Institution.

Many, niany happy instances of similar good effects have followed the preaching of the gospel, and Wonderful Preservation of Thomas yet it is prohibited by law! Let MOORHEAD, late Mate of the Brig the West Indians beware lest, by

Acorni. • forbidding the gospel to be.

The Acorn, Hugh M Cleod maspreached to the Gentiles, they fill

ter, of 265 tons, sailed from Nova up the measure of their iniquities,

Scotia, Oct. 1, 1808, with a cargo and bring upon themselves wrath to

of timber, bound to Stockion, the the uttermosť 1 Thess. ii. 16. We

crew consisting of 13 persona, men shall give more instances of the

and boys. On the 12ib, they met beneficial effects of the gospel at

with very violent gales, which couJamaica hereafter, communicated

tinued, with but little intermission, by a coffee planter.

until thc 30th, when, in lat. 51,

long. 48 W. a sudden squall of wiod SPAIN,

upset the vessel, which immediately Extract of the 26th Bulletin, from

filled with water. Every article on

deck, except the cables, was washed · t'alladolid, Jan. 7, 1809.

overboard; and, in about 15 mi. The Emperor of the French thus nutes, the main-mast was carried addresses ine Dominican Monks, away, and the carpenter and cook who had murdered a Frenchman :-- drowned wi the cabin. The vessel • Barbarians and hypocrites! who righted again next morning, when preach intolerance, excite discord two more men yere washed overand blood, you are not the ministers hard. The remaining part of the of the gospel! The period when crew proceeded, with great diffi. Europe bebeld, without indignation, culty, to the fore-top for safety, the massacre of Protestants, celea where, in about five hours after, brated by illuminations in great four more men died through fatinue cities, can never be revived. The and cold. On the third day, those blessings of toleration are the first who survived were driven to the rights of man: it is the first inaxim awful necessity of supporting life of the gospel, because it is the first by feeding or the dead body of one attribute of charity. If there was à of their shipmates. . time when some false teachers of the On the fourth day, the weaiher Christian religion preached intoler- being inore moderate, Moorhead ance, they had not then in view the and another mian went down upon iøterest of Heaven, but those of deck (the captain and two others their temporal influence; - they beiug frost-bitten in the top) in wished to be powerful amongst ig- hope of procuring soine food from norant people. When a Monk, a the cabin; they now found that Theologist, a Bisbop, or a Pope the stern was stove in, and every preaches intolerance, he preaches thing washed away. Tocy their his own condeinnation ;he gives throw the cables overboard, to himself up to be the laughing-stock lighten the vessel abast, and proof nations.'

cieled to the top again.

On the eight day, the weather

being very moderate, they came LONDON

down again, wind, with the pump

hook, hauled up three pieces of PENITENTIARY.

meat; they also found a cat, a THE Corporation of the City of candle, a biscuit, and about six Loudon have been so well satisfied potatoes. · On the 12th of Nor. concerning the great utility of the iwo more seamen died for want of London l'emale Penitentiary, that water; after which, a small and they have, very much to their preca, ious supply was procured, hr honour, generously yoted the bum contriving to conduct the rain from

the rigging into a cask which they in the example to general imita. found.

tion : On the 23d of Nov. the master, died. "The provisions being all con.'

Address to the Clergy of the Diocese sumed, the two survivors were again

of London, daled Fulham-House, reduced to the horrible necessity of

Nov 23, 1808. feeding on the deceased. On the Rev. Sir, ~ Having obtained a 12th of Dec. the last man, except copy of the followiny Resolutions, Moorbead, died in great misery. wh ch have been lately entered

On Tuesday, Dec, 21, the wreck into by all the most respectable iphà. of the Acorm was scen at a distance, bitants of Windsor, they appeared to by some of the people on board theme so well calculated to promote · ship Montecello, Peleg Aburn mas the great object they have in view ter, from Peru, bound to London, (uapely, the suppression of thosc in lat. 51, "long. 28 W. This only gross proianations of the Lord's survivor was taken on board in a Day, which are now most prevalent very exhausted and emaciated state,' aad most obauxious) that I thought and treated with great humanity I could pot do a more material serand attention. The Montecello ar. vice to the inhabitants of my diocese, gived in the port of London Jan, 14. than by requesting the clergy to

A regular fieclaration of the whole promote similar resolutions in their was made before Mr. Thos. Fergu- respective parishes, wherever the son, Nolary Public, and proper same profanalions, or any other witnesses, on the 16th; and solemnly flagrant violations of the Lord's attested, upon oath, before the Day, have taken place. I tope, Lord Mayor of London on the 28th, therefore, you will have the good.

Thus was this poor distressed man ness to exert yourself with zeal in preserved, in the most perilous the accomplishmeni of this most situation, and under the most afflict. laudable pirrpos: ; and am, Rev. ing circumstances, for 51 days, a Sir, your aifectionate brother, monument of astonishing mercy !

*. B. LONDON, May that mercy prove the happy Resolulions of a Meeling for Promeans of effectually drawing bis moling a due Observance of the heart to his great Benefactor!

Sabuih. The poor sufferer having lost every thing, and having an aged

At a general Meeling of the inmother and sister's dependent on him,

habitants of the Toan and Casile subscriptions for his relief are receiv.

of Windsor, neid ai the Guildhall ed by Mess. Buckwood, Richardby,

on Tuesday, the 26ih of April, 1808, and Co. 11, Lombard Street; Mess.

for the purpose of adopiing such Harrisons, Rice, and Co. Mansion

resolutions as should be thought House Street; Messrs. Hogs, Red

most effuctual for promotio the head, and Co. Insurance Brokers,

a better obserya!.ce of the Sabbath, &c. Brabant Court, Philpot Lane ;

within the Borough and its neigh. and by the Publishers of this Work.

bourhood, J. Lytisione', £«q. Mayor,

in the chali, resolvcil, That the Observation of the Sabbath practice of orening shops, or other

wise exercising iradles or callings on We have long intended to lay be- Sundays, the delivery of yoods by fore or readers an account of the the cominon karricis, and the ad.. praiseworthy efforts made by the mission of persons into publicinhabitants of Windsor, to promote houses, and suffering tippling there. the oliservation of the Lord's Day in durin, divine sortie, are gross w that town, the principal resi- ' breaches of the Sabbath, ane tend dence of his Majesty. , We are not greatly to the corruption oi morals sorry for the delay, as it has afford- and the increase oi dissipation. ---ed us the additional satisfaction of Resolved, That ine persons present prefixing io it the following ad- at this Moins do herubs pledge eress frumo the venerabic Bishop of themselves to discomienilice such Bondon to his Ciergy', l'ecoinmend practices; and that they will not

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