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and rebellious; but now they are industrious, quiet, and obedient. A few days ago they saw that the manager was anxious to håve the cotton picked, and brought home; on which account the invalide and old people, who had not been asked to do any thing for a long time, went, of their own accord, into the field and worked. Even the sick nurse and two free won men, who live on the estale, went; and one of them took her two slaves with her; and on the next day, they were so anxious to get the cotton home, that they would scarcely allow themselves time to eat or drink. Without doubt, this was the effect of the gospel. It is well known, that, in inany cases, it is almost irupossible to make the slaves work without the use of the whip; but now they work willingly. A few days ago, a gen tleman asked a manager under his direction, Whether the people had not been very disobedient since they heard the gospel ? He replied, Quite the contrary. I seldom have occasion to use the whip now!'"

A gentleman, who formerly prohibited his people from attending, now permits half of them to come every night ; and they take much pains to learn the Catechisin. This gentleman's lady one day asked a woman, who attended our chapel, Whether she understood what she heard? She ans swered, · Yes; me an English neger, and de minister' an Euglish gentle mon; me understand. After relating what she had heard, she added, We all come good now, - no thieves now i before, all our fowls were stolen, but now we can keep dem,'&. The same woman said to me," Tank you for bringing the gospel to dis country. Ah ! Massa, I wish you had come sooner, when I was younger ! I bid her thank God, not mie. She replied, I know we should not bave seen, nor known, nor heard you, if God had not sent you. We were then led to say something about England. • England,' said she, is a good country ; but buckra men come a Demarary a get money! I then said, “ I have not come to get money."". • Ah, Massa,' she said, you will be rich,' pointing to Heaven ; and then added, "The riches of Heaven are far better than a house full of money!".

Another gentleman, who had formerly forbidden his people to attend preaching, heard, the other day, one of the little creole children repeating a prayer, and teaching it to some others. He was so much affected wita it, that he made the child å present; and promised that they should come to the chapel when they are bigger. All his people have now liberty to attend. One of them asked him if he would permit him to be baptized. He answered, “ Yes, when the minister thinks you fit ; and I will give you a note to him.' · A third gentleman has permitted some of his people to be baptizede This was the occasion of great joy to its, for I was long afraid that I should not be allowed to baptize any; which was the source of mucho grief to me. · This is another display of God's great goodness !

Sociely for Missions to Africa and the Eust. On Whit-Tuesday, the 23d of May, being the Ninth Anniversary of this Society, a Sermon will be preached at the Parish - Church of St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, and St. Anne, Blackfriars, by the Rey. Leigh Richmond, M. A. Rector of Turvey, Bedfordshire. Service will begin at il o'clock. A Collection will be made, for the benefit of the Institution.

At Two o'clock, the Annual Meeting of the Society will be held at the New London Tavern ; when the Committee will make their Report, &c.

Four Lutheran Ministers are now in Africa, under the protection of the Society, as Missionaries to the Susoo Nation. Of ihese Missionaries, the Rev. Melchior Renner went out in the spring of 1804. Since that perior Mr. Renner, or one of his brethren, has had the charge of the spiritual concerns of the colony, whicb had been for several years destitute of a chaplain; and their services have been highly acceptable and beneficial. The Rev. G. R. Nylander, the Rev. Leopold Butscher, and the Rev. J. G. Prasse, arrived at Sierra Leone, in October, 1806. Mr. Nylander nos

lih 2 . . . . . . !

acts as Chaplain at Sierra Leone, and has the care of the children in the colony. The other brethren are settled at a Missionary Station, on the Bashia River; and a second station is preparing at a short distance.

The Committee have established a Missionary Seminary in this country, 1. the direction of which has been kindly undertaken by the Rev. Thomas

Scott, Rector of Aston Sandford, Buckinghamshirc. Four Lutheran ministers, who came from Berlin, soon after the peace of Tilsit, are now preparing for their future labours, under Mr. Scott's superintendence.' -Proparations are making for the formation of a seftlement at the Bay of Jslands, in the northern point of the two New Zealand Islands. The seitleiment is to consist of a few pious mechanics, who may instruct tbe natives in the arts most useful to thein, while they will labour to perfect themscires in the native language, and employ their leisure in the care of the chil. dren ; and thus prepare the way for a regular mission,

Provincial Intelligence, Society in Scotland for Propagating lized life. The remote fastnesses of

Christian Knowledge in the High- , the distant North, which were, in
Jands and Islands.

former times, the retreats of banThe Anniversary of this excellent ditli and the coverts of rebellion, Institution, will take place early this are now the venerated abodes of month. The following short ac- independent men, -- the nurseries of count of it will not be uninteresting loyalty and heroism. The public, to the public :-The business of the will be delighted to hear, that Society, both in Edinburgh (the seat many of the heroes of Acre, Maida, of the Parent Board) and in Lon. Vimiera, and Corunpa, were once don (where the correspondent Board pupils in the humble seminaries of has, for many years, been establish, , ihe Society in Scot'and for Propaed) is conducted gratuntously by gen- gating Christian Knowledge.'. themen of great influence and re- But the lostitution presents itself spectability. The flourishing cine to our view, in a light even still cumstances of the Institution, are a , more interesting than this, when it proof of the zeal, the talenis, the is considered as the nursery of imdiscretion, by wbich jis interests mortal souls, and as a first step toare conducted and promoted. The wards the enjoyment of eternal glo. purposes which, in general, it has ry in the Kingdom of Heaven. in view, are the dissemination of Let the mind, for one moment, calUsefol and religious knowledge, and culate the hundred thousands which the instruction of poor children, ia it has snatched from ignorance and the ordinary employments of hun error; -- the influence and value of ble life. These valuable purposes those hundred thousands, when at are obtained by means of school. the head of their 'owo families, they masters established in remote disc are enabled to declare to their litlic tricts of the country, and the addi. ones the whole counsel of God, tional assistance of catechists and the merits of the cross, and the missionaries, &c. Under the care felicities of Heaven !: The Instituof the Society, there are not less tion, on this view of it, will not fail than two hundred and eighty schools; to assume a magnitude of propor.. in which there are daily educated i tion, and an extent of power which pot fewer than sixteen thousand chila will confirm it, in the high rank it dren. 1 We know not which to ade: jostly occupice, among the works of mire most, the immense number of: British, benevolence. We have no interesting little creatures under its doubt that on this, as on former octuition, or the invaluably beneficial casions, 'it will receive the mosi am. consequences, which are continual ple encouragement from a generous Jy resulting from its labours. Those aud discrirnirating public. This year districts which were formerly buried brings round the first centenary of in barbarity and ignorance, aré ils existence it being just one hunnow enjoyiog the day-light of Chris- red years since it was incorporated tianity, and the advantages of civi. by Royal Charter.

Fortune Telling and Murder. North Wales, containing hints

and examples which may be MARY BATENAN, one of those

adopled with advantage in inany base impostors who pretend io kos

. paris of England, I am induced the fuitre destiny of their infatuated followers, had, foi maily

to request your insertion of the

following, which manifests the months, practised her decerts 01

practical effects of such associ. Mebecca Ferrigo, of Brainley, near Leeds. This unfortunate woman

·ations. Yours, &c. J. T. imagined she had an evil wish upon E.cirict of a Lelier from the Rev. .her, or some malignant influence,

7. Charles, of Bam. we suppose, of an evil spirit or witch ; and applied to Mary Bate : : : Nov. 27, 1808. man, who was esteemed a wise wn

5 Thoug. my jourcey to man, for relief. She pretended to in Sep. lasi, was attended with congive, not her own directions, but is those of a Miss Blythe, of Scar

sequences very painful tu me in my

late illness, yet the effects of that borough, and contrived false postmarks, &c. on letters, supposed to

meeting, and public calcchizing of

the cinidren in the open streets, become from her. By a series of art. fore the larrost.inn in the townia tul frauds, too tedious to mention, håre proved most beneficial indeed she obtained, from Mrs. Perrigo,

Perrigy, to that place. It is one of the most about 701. and when Mr. Perrigo drunken, ignorant, and profiigale began to suspect that the whole was towns in Wales, and has been so. a deception, she laid a plan for the (and a very persecuting place) for, destruction of them both by poison, iwo centuries past. We have now,, which was mixed in a pudding. Of

in consequence of that day's work, this they boib ale, but Mr. P. very a Sunday - school attended by above sparingly; - his wife, still so infa-*

100 children, and continually in. tuatell as to expect relief from the creasing; in which are also a great mystic food, ate more largely, and number of grown persons, altodied.

gether as ignorant as the children: # The allir aprears to have ex.

and the tidings from these are inore ciled uncommon interest in the favourable, every week. As soon county, and to have discovered

as I am able to take the field, I what sad remains of igcorance and mean to pay them another' visit ; superstition are yet found among the last was a very solemn one iamultitudes of the common people. deed. Last Suaday fortnight, we She was executed at York, on Mon. had an association of children hero das, March 20. It docs not ap- at Bala: attending at it was the pear that she discovered any sen- first thing I did after my illoess. sibility on account of her wretched - Our large chapel overflowed, and condition, or felt a pang even when the effects of the work of that day her sucking child was taken from are very evident and beneficial in her, a little while before she was the town and neighbourhood; and hanged. Her body was taken in a they are everywhere,, in different carito Lçeds, to be dissected . parts of the country, for similar - Sincerely do we hope that this

inectings, as soon as I may be able awful event may check the foolish

to move about, next spring. ! and wicked practice of consulting never knew any means so successful fortúne-tellers.

to bring all the grown-up young

people to engage in the work of Beneficiul Effects of Sunday.'

learning the Scriptures. Their hori ; Schools.

whole attention is at present eu

gaged in preparing for another Sir, To the Edilor..

meeting; and nothing else is taikod The very interesting communica. of but the Bible, and consulting totion inserted in your last Maga: gether what Scriptures are applizine, respecting the associations cable to the points in hand. The of various Sunday - Schools in points are, The Duties of Pacents

and Children, Husbands and Wives, pendent Church at Denbigħ. Mr. Master's and Servants, Pastors and Jones, of Holywell, began the ser. People, Magistraies and Subjecis, vice hy readioy, &c. ; Mr. Roberts, Buyers and Sellers. They are to of Llanbrynmair, delivered the infind out Scriptures that direct us in troductory discourse, from Jer. iji. all these important points. We 15; Mr. Hughes, of Dinasmywy. have alrcady treated on the first ddu, asked the questions, &c. ; Mr. principles and most fundamental Griffith, of Carnarvon, offered the noidls of Christianity. These are ordination prayer; Mr. Lewis new and very interesting, and are (lator of the above academy) de.. taken up with great eagerness. Hvered a very solemn charge, from

2 Tim. ii. 15; Mr. Lewis, of Llanu. On Friday Evening, March 31, wehllyn, addressed the church, from two mon pere killed by an explo- 1 Thess. ii. 20, and concluded with sion of a barrel of gunpowder, on prayer. board a barge in the Strand Junc

Oct. 28, 1808. Mr. William Wile tion Canal, near the Harrow

lianis, late student at Wrexham, Road. The barge was freighted

was ordained to the pastoral office with puncheons of spirits, barrels in the Independent Church at Wern, of gunpowder, &c. It is said, that

near Wrexam. The service com. the deceased men were boring a menced with reading, &c. hole with a gimblet in the barrel of Hughes, of Dinasmywyddu ; Mr.

Mr. gunpowder, taking it for spirits, Lewis. of Llanuwiollyó, delivered and the friction was supposed to the introductory discourse ; Mr, have produced the catastrophe. Jones, of 'Trawsfynydd, offered up Five other persons in the boat eg. the ordination prayer; Mr. Lewis, caped unhurt. The body of one of of Wrexham, gave an impressive the sufferers was blown 60 yards charge to the minister, from Heb. · from the barge. Seven hay-stacks xiii. 17; and Mr. Roberts, of Llan. pear the canal were burnt.

brynmair, preached to the people,

from the same verse. In the after. Ox Tuesday, Sep. 20, 1808, the noon and evening, four sermons Gloucestershire Independent As8o. were preached, by Messrs. Griffiths, ciation was held at Gloucester. The of Machynlleth ; Jones, of LiverRev. S. Lowell, of Bristol, preached pool, &c. This infant cause at in the Morning, from Lam. iii 24; Wera, likewise at Harwd (which is and the Rev. W. Thorpe in the nor considered as a branch of the Evening, from Col, ii. 9. The Rev. same church) were raised by means Messrs. Richardson, Harries, Jones, of the united labours of the stuTrolman, and Hawkins, engaged in dents from Wrexhain. prayer. The devotional and instructive solemnities of this day. On Tuesday, Aug. 30, 1808, Mr. made those delightful impressions Adamson, late studenl at Manches. on the minds of the bearers, which ter, was ordained to the pastoral will be neither easily nor soon for office in the Independent Church of gotten. - The afternoon was de Christ at Pattycroft, near Manches. voted to the concerns of the Inde. ter. Messrs. Sowder, Evans, Brad. pendent Benevolent Society : when ley, Roby, Jack, and Coles, ed. the members witnessed with plea gaged in the service; and Mr. sure its growing prosperity, and Fletcher preached in the evening. beard with gratitude and joy, tbat Jan. 31 and Feb. i. A new In. their late veperable friend and fa- de

la dependent Merling - House was ther, the Rev. C. Winter, of Paids

opened at Brynmenyn, Glainorganwick, had left tbein à reversionary shire : when' four serinons were legacy of 1007.

preached by the following minsa. Oct. 27, 1808. Mr. T. Powell, iers : - The Rev. W. Williams, of late student at Wrexham, was or- Newlon, from Mat. xvi. 18; Rev. dained to the charge of the lade. W. Paomas, of Aberdas, from Eph.

i. 13; Rev. G. Hughes, of Cros. ever class or denomination they may wen, from Luke xxii. 31, 32; and belong. the Rev. D. Davies, of Swansea, from Acts ji. 37. The congregation

At the late assizes at York; was respectable, attentive, gratified

fied Joseph Brown W.18 convicted of a with the services of the day, and. W

murder, committed nearly five years pleased with the prospect of good

ago, at Hensal, near Ferry bridge,

in Yorkshire, on the body of Elizabeing done in future.

Veth fletcher, in whose house he March 22. The Rev. James Ar. and one Hazzlegrove then lodged. row, from Hoxton Academy, was Understanding that she had some ordained at Godmanchester. Mr. property in a box, they administerAnthony, of Bedford, reading and ed to her and ber sister a quantity prayer; Mr. Morrell, of St. Neot's, of laudanum, mingled with ale. introductory sermon; Mr. Harris, Elizabeth died in the course of the of Cambridge, ordination - prayer; night; but her sister recovered. — Mr.Fuller, of Kettering, the charge The principal evidence against J. from 2 Tim. iv. 5, 6; Mr.Hillyard, Brown was the written and attested of Bedford, preached from Acts iv. confession of Joseph Hazzlegrove, 32; and Ma Castleden, of Woburn, who was concerned with him in the concluded. Mr. Harris preached in murder, and afterwards entered inthe evening,' and Mr. Audley the to his Majesty's service. Under expreceding evening.

treme anguish of conscience, which

rendered life insupportabic, he made Welsh ASSOCIATION. - We uno a full confession of the crime before derstand that an Association is to the magistrates in the Isle of Wight, be held on Whit-Monday, the 22d on the 31st of August last. This of this month, by the Welsh Dissene confession also recited the commise ters, of the Congregational order, sion of several other crimes (includat their New Meeting-house, Little. ing the murder of Calvert, the Selby Guildford Street, Borough, near carrier) in which they were conUnion Hall, London ; when the fol. cerned. Brown was executed at Jowing minisiers are expected to York, on Monday, March 20. preach in the ancient British Language : - Rev. G. Williama, Gate March 24. Joseph Gummiersall, Street : Rev. D. Davies, Swansea : traveller to a respectable house in Rev. J. Meyler, Fishu ward : Rev.. the city, and who had just come off D. Jones, Cerrigybarr; Rev. T. a journey, sat down with his family Jones, Lambethi and Capt. D. (a wife and seven children) to read Richards, Soivach.

a portion of scripture each ; aftcr

which he expressed that he felt comWe are happy to inform the pub.. furiable; and repeated a verse lic, that the New Chapel at Chel. (Matt. xxiv. 44). Therefore, be ye tenham, is to be opened by the Rev. also ready; for in such an hour as Rowland Hill, and other ministers, ye think not, the Son of Man comon Wednesday, the 2d of August. eth ;' - observing, that he hoped it While a most pleasing prospect pre- might be so with bim. Soon after, sents itself to inose who have been having retired to bed, he said to his active in this very necessary under wife, My dear, I feel somelhing taking, the religious public at large, like spasm. Her ailention to him who resort to these Wells, will find was instantaneous; but how inex themselves accommodated with a pressible her grief, when reclining place of worship, where all party' his head on her bosom, he silently distinctions will be avoided ; and passed away. — May we not with Protestant ministers, who are sound propriety adopt the prevailing but in the faith, and of exemplary con emphalic language, . Therefore, be duct, will be invited to wite in ad. ye also ready ; for in such an hour as ministering the word of life amung ye think not, the Son of Map coni. their fellos - Christians, to what eth.'

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