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clined to come and teach us, we Eglract of a Letter from Mr. Elliot, will gladly receive instruction from dated March 25, 1809.

you; and for your encouragement As to the mission, almost every

we tell you, That 'they who turn

ery many lo righteousness, shall shinc thing is in an encouraging and prose in the realms of glory as tbe stars perous slale. Though there cannot for ever and ever! We want the be so good an attendance in crop best thing that rou have in England. time as imight be wished, and I

! even the glorious gospel of the

even the have sometimes my ride for no- blessed God! For the temporal thing, yet doors are opening for things we have sent you, O send us preaching the gospel ; so that no

some of your spirilgal blessings, for

som thing seems to be wanting, but la- , you have enough, and soine to bourers and pecuniary aid.

spare for poor negroes! Harcpity I have reason to be truly thank

- upon us, have pity upon us, o ye ful, both to God and man, for the


one friends for

our friends, for we are silting in favours I have lately received. When darknese and in the shadow of death. I was ill, it was thought necessary Crime over, come over to Deinerara that I should go to the windward and help us! - come and teach us part of the island for change of air, the war of Heaven! - Listen, je which I did; and was there trcated friends of Jesus, to the cries of the with great respect and kindness, I Heatheni was requested not only to attend the negroes, but to preach to the

WEST INDIES. white people also : but having lo areach at inore estates already than It will afford our readers great I can well attend, I could only pro.

satisfaction to learn, that a check znise, ihat if another Missionary has lately been put to thai intoler. should come to assist me, which i ant and persccutiog spirit which has hope will soon be the case, I would prevailed for several years past in comply with their request. The some of the West India Islands. harvest is indeed great; but the la- The Legislature of Jamaica had, & bourers are very few. I do not see second time, silenced the Missionpenitential tears flow go freely, nor aries of different religious societies, hear the cry, - What shall I do to be who had been labouring with the saved?' - so frequently as I could happiest success among the negroes' wish; yet I rejoice to perceive such

and others in that island. 10 a change in the conduct of several

contempt of the express disallow. persons, that I cannot but enler apce by his Majesty of their first tain a' pleasing hope that some will persecuting act, they had passed an. be eternally saved.

other of the same principle, but with resirictions still more compre.

hensive ; and which, in effect, preExtract of a Letter from Demerara,

cluded all teachers, except the clergy dated Feb. 27, 1809.

of the established church, from alHondrems around us say, 'Come tempting to instruci the negroes, &c. over and teach us the way to Heat. The consequence was, that these opven,' &c. Yea, thousands say to pressed fellow.creatures, composing the Directors, . Use all your in- ' nine-tenths of the community, were fluence with government, and with left destitute of al instruction and our masters in England, that the religious worship; because the few gospel may be preached to us, that resident clergymen of the.established our souls may live. They also have church neither do nor can extend a word to the good peopie of Eng their pastoral labours beyond the land, and in particular to the La- white inhabitants. dies : “ You have long been parta. The insolar legislature, knowing kers of our sugar, coffee, cotton, that this ineasure would be disap&c. -- give some of your gold and proved by his Majesty, resorted to ilver to send us the gospel in re- the trick of engafiing it uprin an turn; and should any of jou be in- act to coolinue the oneral systein

of the slave laws, which had been

AMERICA. consolidated into a temporary act then just expiring. With a view

Extract of a Letter from perhaps to some such expedient,

Philadelphia. they had before substituted this tem Tre próspoet of success in our at. porary act for a permanent one, tempts to christianize the Indians, which it repealed. "Their agent was is favourable. The Cherokee nation consequently led to represent, that, has assumed, to a great exteal, if the act of continuation were dis

not only the habits, but the form of allowed, the island would be desti. governinent of a civilized nation. tute of all slave law, and that Within a ycar they have had a kind dreadful confusion would ensue: of national meeting ; at which they but the Committee of the Privy formed a constitution, chose a legis. Council for matters of Trade and lative body, and passed a number Plantations, aller full discussion, of laws ; amongst others, a law im-, found a way to frustrate this shame. posing taxes for public purposes. fol artifice, by disallowing, as they There is reason to hope, that Chrishave lately advised his Majesty to tianity will obtain a permanent es. do, both the act io question and the tablishment among them. act of repeal, which had never ex. I have read, with much avidity pressly received his Majesty's appro- and pleasure, the pamphlets on the bation, though several yeais in force. subjects of the Missions in India, and The general slave laws thereby be the translation of the Scriptures into come re-established, and the perse. the languages of the east; - every cuting clauses only of the act ob- real friend of religion must, I should jected to are in effect annulled. suppose, take a deep interest in this

But the Jamaica: legislature, pend. concern. It is cause for much graing this discussion, and by the pre- titude to God that the Missions and vious stratagem of delaying to trans Translations of the Bible have found mit the act for the royal assent, such able advocates ; and that the while it had its operation in the whole business has taken a turn so island under that of the governor, favourable. had, during more than a yaar, sus- The African Institution is also a pended the progress of the missions, noble undertaking ; and I hope will, and all religious worship and teach. in the event, be productive of much ing, by means of them, to the ob. good. I know not how these envious, and perhaps fatal, discourage. terprizes, are generally viewed ment of those jo.1s undertakings, among you in Britain, but the as well as to the great prejudice of friends of religion here view them the nuinerous converts who had been as the best defence of your nation, recently made, and who were in which they think will never be condanger of relapsing again into Pagan quered while it is the patroness of darkness and vice.

so many efforts in favour of the * To prevent, therefore, a repeti: cause of God and the gospel of tion of such shameful proceedings. Christ. You do by your exin that or other islands, bis Majesty ample as well as by the direct el. has graciously issued a general or- fects of your exertious. I am sure der to the West Indian governors, it will give you pleasure, that in requiring and commanding that this city we liave imitated your exthey should not, on any pretence ample in the institution of a Bible whatever, give their sanction to Society, which promises to be of äny law passed concerning religion, very extensive utility. until they shall have first transmit. It would indeed be a mournful ted the draught of the bill to his event if bosiilities should take piace

Majesty, and shall have received his between Britain and the United . pleasure respecting it, unless they States; but when I reflect on the - take care, in the passing such a law, state of our relations, it is a come

that a clause be inserted, suspend- forl to me to thinkiinat ihe church. ing ils execution until the pleasure of God is fouad chiefly in there of his Majesty shall have been sg countries ; and I am led io cherish a nifice upon it.

hope thai, for the sake of his church,

be will prevent the fatal effects that Extract of a letter from the Direc-
would arise from a collision between tors of the Rotlerdam Missionary
them. It is also a ground of confi. Sociely, to the Rev. C. F. A. Stein-
dence, that the present appears to be kopft, dated January 10, 1809.
a period narked in sacred prophecy We thank you for your letter of
for the pouring out the vials of di-

1. Nov. 26, 1808; which contained vine indignation on the Anti-Chris

much gratifying information from tian powers of this ungodly world. the different Missionary Societies in - Reflections of this kiod never England; and also for the Evangeenter the minds of politicians. — lical Magazine and the Missionary God, however, can use them as in

Transactioos, which you had the struments for accomplishing his most

goodness to tranımit to us. Contiwise and holy purposes ; and make

bue, if possible, to cheer our hearts their conduct subservient to the in- hv;

by the communicalion of such in. terests of his church, even when it

telligence. appears directly opposed therelo.

We understand that a Mr. BurckLet us then rejoice that the Lord bordt is about to set out from Len. reigneth !"

dou, on a journey of discovery to

the interior of Africa. - Might it We are informed, that there has not be so arranged, that two of our lately been a considerable revival of Missionary Students should accoin. religion in Long Island. In one pany him ? village, it is said, that scarcely an Mr. Spiltler, the present Secretary individual remained without some to the Religious Society in Basle, degree of serious impressions. We has sent us a bill, to the aironnt expect particulars hereafter.

of 287 florins (between £25 and £30) requesting the Missionary So

ciety in London to accept the same, Extract of a Letter from Mr. Spit

as a small token of their continued

interest in the prosperity of their tler, Secretary to the Religious

excellent Institution. We have, Society at Basle, dated Oct. 18, 1808, uddressed to the Rev. C. I.

therefore, crediled the Treasurer for

the above sum. A. Steinkopf

(Signed) J. FOXTEYN. OUR Society still sabsists. In the midst of all the political convulsions of the Continent, it has not decreas

INDIA. ed, but rather increased. The de

Extracts from the last Accounts of mand for our periudical publication

the Baptist Mission in India. becomes greater every year. We had the peculiar salislaction of re

JANUARY 28th. Serampore was ceiving from you a very interesting

taken by the English: - but the account of the last General Meetings

Missionaries say, *This event has of the Bible, Missionary, and Tract

bitherto made no difference in our Societies ; which was immediately situation ; and we have reason to · printed, and read with the utmost hope it will not in futuro.'

pleasure. You cannot conceive Culwa. On the 12th, Mr. and how acceptable such intelligence is Mrs. Robinson set off for Cutwa, to our numerous readers. It is, to assist Mr. Chamberlain for a few therefore, our particular request, months. We have repeatedly menthat you may continue the same. tigned Mr. C.'s diligence in preach, We have lately received several mosting the word to large assemblies of interesting letters from Roshan Ca- people. The following is a sketch tholic Clergyuen, who, we doubt of one of his excursions: “ We not, are truly enlightened by the set off for the great assembly at: Spirit of God. They meet with much Voiragectola. Arriving about opposition, but their letters evince noon, a crowd instantly surrounded a spirit of resolution which cannot us, to whom I preached, though lui fill our minds with ediniration! not without interruption, till eren

ing. At night, wc laid ourselves ceremony, and they will do the down under a tree, and slept in same wilh you., safety. Soon after sun rise, the “The punishments which thieves. people began to assemble by hun. and those who drink spirits, &c. dreds, and all the day, excepting meet with in this country, are very some short intervals for refresh. severe and frequent. Within a few ment, I continued to distribute days, the Missionaries saw the tracts and preach the everlasting punishment of beheading, of cuttgospel. Many thousands heard the ing off the legs, of crucifying, and word in the course of the day, and of pouring boiling lead down the the greater part very attentively. thrvat! When we were there,

• Next morning, great numbers says Mr. C. - the Governor's time came early to hear ihe word ; and was much taken up in giving orders our few remaining books and tracts for punishments. He has now been were soon distributed. At noon, I goveroor for 15 years. Formerly, gáve nosice of our departure ; and he was too mild; for which he ther, hefore them all, prayed to the was called to an account by the kius most high God. During this, the of Ava: but now he is determined people attended in deep silence. to be severe with all those who de. We then took leave, amidst a mul- serve punishment according to their tiutde of salems and good wishes. laws. Five or six have been cruci. What shall I return to the Lord for fied, and their bellies ripped un all his benefits! We are, through, while alive, for murder. One of mercy, all well. Brother and sister there has been executed since our Robinson have enlivened the scene, arrival. One had his legs cut off and are to me a great relief.'

for running away from the army: Rangoon. The Missionaries F. one had boiling lead poured down Carey and Chater arrived there.

his throat for drinking a glass of « They received much kindness from brandy; and two women are to be an English gentleman of the game' given to a tyger, for morder.' of Rogers, by whom they were in PEBRUARY, Serampore. À patroduced to the Maywoon, or tive Indian ordained; account of Governor of Rangoon. He en Rughoo, a native convert, deceased ; quired whether they had wives a number of pious soldiers found at Being answered in the affirmative, Burhampore. he thiniled, and said, They were not

Rangoon. Extracts from a letter pungees (that is, priests) but sor.

from Mr. F. Carey: -This afterras (that is, instructors). Mr.

noon a messenger was sent to Mr. Rogers is what is called a Shaubun

Rogers, desising me to wait upon dar, and is third in the government.

the Maywoon immediately. Accord. He told the Missionaries' that the ingly i dressed and weni, atlended governor was pleased at their by Mr. Rogers, the Shaubundar, for arrival; and that, if they wished to

any interpreter. As it is customary, build, or do any thing of that kind, I took off my shoes at the outward and asked leave, it would be slepe, and went into his inner apart

ment. The Maywoon was lying ! Mr. F. Carey, who had studied down. I approached him, as all the medicine, and walked the hospital officers of government and others at Calcutta, has introduced the who wait upon him do, upon my Vaccine Inculation in Burmah. hands and knces, and sat' myself - His medical attention to the down on a carpet by Mr. Rogers, ship's company during the voyage, with my feet from the minister. He procured a present from the cap. made several enquiries about the tain of a hundred rupces. They cow.pox (I had alroady vaccinated speak of the Burmans, at present, more than fifty persons, which be as kind and good-natured. You bad heard of); and after asking se. may go into their houses, and cat veral questions, he desired that I and drink with them, without any would vaccinate bis children.


vaccinated about nine persons in his an hõly mind, then he is truly God. house two women, three of his but he cannot do this. If a man. children, and four others. His wife steal, and go to Jaggernaut to be opposed it at first : however, she pardoned, he cannot take sin out came and sat by me, and saw the of his heart, for he will return to whole process. Upon the whole, his stealing again." After consishe seemned very much pleased. derable conversation on this sub

To the king belong thirty-two jeci, Kristno told them, that if provinces, something like the United they came to Jesus Christ, he could States of Amerier; and over oach cleanse them from sin. The next province a maywoon is appointed, morning, about five o'clock, they who has ahsolute power over all the proceeded on their journey; and subjects to do what he pleases, and about four o'clock in the afternoon in whose hands is life or death. arrived at Surbari. - At this place Marck, Serampore. Examina

they lodged at the house of a very tion of pupils in the Chinese lan poor man, wh, heard the gospel guage; account of Mrs. Lassar, a

with great attention. On the three Chinese tcacher, - Extracts of a following days they, preach

following days they preacheił the letter from Dr. Carey: ''The Bible

gospel at Devra and Kaneersarai, was printed in Malay, at Batavia,

at which places they met with a some years ago. The whole is

great many people. From thence printed in Tamul; and the Syrian

they went to Bagoonca, a pretty Bishop of Travancore is now super

large village. At this place they intending a translation of the Syriac

met with an Origsa man, who super

intends a number of sirip caulkers into Malayala. I lately learned that the language of Casimire is a dis

at Calcutta. This man told Kristno, tinct one. A few weeks ago I vi

that he should be born eighty lacks sited the most learned Hindoo now

of times; that he did eet know in living. He speaks only Sungskril;

what form he should come, but is more than eighty years old; is

that the last time he would be born acquainted with the writing, and a man. Kristno told him, that has studied the sentiments of all men would be born once, and die their schools of philosophy, com

once, and that after this they would monly called the Duo-shumas of the

appear before the judgmeni-jeat of Veda. This man has given his

Christ. He then proceeded to tell opinion against the burning of wo

him of the great salvation which men.'

God has provided for singers, by

Jesus Christ; and of the blessed Correspondence with respect to

hope which the Christian has of forming new stations in the Bootan

heing raised in the likeness of his territory, where the Bengalee lan

Lord. During this conversation guage is spokco; also at Assam and

several people assembled, and paid Arracan. Journey into Orissa, with a

great attention to what Kristno curious altercation between Kristno

said, and assented to its truth. and the Hindoo8 respecting Jagger This man also acknowledged the naut. Kristno said, “You are all truth concerning Christ. He con. going to see Jaggernaut; but he is tinued a fellow.traveller with them jpade of a piece of wood. If there the remainder of that day, and a , be such a one as Jaggerbaut, he can- great part of the next. After passnot live in wood nor stone, - he ing through a number of small would stay in the mind of a man villages, they came to Bhudruka.

On his saying this, the Brahmans Here they had an opportunity of were very angry, and said, “What! conversing with a nun

conversiog with a number of Orissa do you say that our Jaggernaut is Brahmans, who manifested great only a piece of wood ?' Kristno then dislike to the gospel! Many stood replied, “ Exercise your judgment. by as spectators; argong whoid It Jaggernaut can drive sin from there was a woman, who bcard very the bearis of men, and give them attentively.

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