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employed in washing the bodies of and discovers tbe most earnest con. those who died of it. He was a cern for their conversion. Nor is it singular character, and possessed with the common people only that very considerable abilities. There he converses; he frequently argues cannot be a doubt that he was with the Moilas and the Effzudis, speculatively convinced of the truth labouring to expose their absurd of Christianity; and frequently he opinions and wicked practices to did not hesitate to expose the ab. their deluded followers. Hitherto, surdity of the Mohammedan re he has stood firm against all the ligion; notwithstanding which, he persecution which he has suffered ; was so much influenced by the fear neither their promises nor their of the chiefs, that he continued to threatenings having had the least the last to exercise the office of effect in leading him to relinquish priest among his countrymen. his attachment to the gospel. However, he was steady in his At his own earnest request, he attachment to us, and by his death was publicly baptized in the month we have lost a sincere and active of July. Soon after, he was indufriend.'

ced, by the wish of doing something The Directors feel peculiar for his own support, to offer bis pleasure in stating, That the young services to the Governor of Georg. natives whom Mr. Brunton has ran- hievsk; by whom he was immediati. somed from s'avery, continue to ly employed to write in one of the give the greatest satisfaction. The crown offices. progress which they make in their it is well known that Christianeducation is exceedingly encourag. ity was once the religion of many ing. Several of them can read the countries in the east that are now Bible.

overspread with Mobammedan During last year, several have darkness. A century bas scarcely been added to the church by bap- elapsed, since the Abazas, the Kaa tism, after giviog satisfactory evi. bardians, and other Circassian tribes, dence of their knowledge and were compelled, at the point of the piety. Among these the Directors sword, to exchange the name of are happy to find the game of Christians for the doctrines of 15Katagerry, the young Sultan. The lamism. But though the greater history of this young man is parti. number of the mountain tribes subcularly interesting. He is lineally mitted to the will of their conquerdescended from the Khans of the ors, there were some who success. Erimea, and is allied to some of the fully resisted : and these, it is said, greatest families in the east. His still profess to be Christians. It is father being one of the chiefs near also reported, that some of their old Karass, he became acquainted with chorches are yet standing; and that Mr. B. soon after his arrival; and they have books among ihem which has ever since discovered the strong. none of them upderstand. One of ést attachment to him. Mr. B. in the most powerful of these tribes is terested by his amiable disposition, the Sonoa, of whom the Missionbegan to instruct him in the princi- aries have received many interesting ples of Christianity; and it was not accounts. They have, for: a long long before he perceived its vast su. time, wished to visit thenr, to inperiority to his own religion. It is quire into the state of religion, to non more than two years since he - examine their ancient books, and to renounced Mohammedism, and pub. establish, a friendly communication Jicly professed himself a Christian, between ihem. Hiiherto, the poSince that period, he has not only litical state of the country has steadfastly adhered to the profession prevented them from carrying their of Christianity, but zealously en- wishes into effect; but so importdeavoured to spread the knowledge · ant did the measure appear to of it among his countrymen. He them, that, notwithstanding the loses no opportunity of recommend. 'danger of the enterprize, Mr. Paing it to their attention, boldly de terson resolved to make the alfends it whenever it is attacked, tempt, Accordingly, having pro

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cured all the information in his or receive any Guest, or serve any power respecting his route, and Liquor on that Day, during the time being furnished with letters to some of Divine Service. of the most powerful chiefs in the Independently of the obligation districts through which he was to which is incumbent on every one to travel, he left Karass in the month obey both the laws of God, which of October; but on reaching the command that the Sabbath day be Cubane, he heard that there had kept boly, and those of the land, been such å fall of snow on the which prohibit, under certa:n pea mountains, as would render it ex- naities, all open profanations of tremely hazardous for him to pro- that day, it is evident that much ceed. He was therefore obliged to temporal advantage and comfort return to Karass; but if Provie would be derived to all who live by dence spare bin till the weather trade or labour, from an entire cesbecome more favourable, the at. sation of their ordinary business tempt will certainly be renewed. and occupations on the Sabbath.

The Directors have not as yet the It is felt by many tradesmen as a means of ascertaining how this mis- great hardship that they cappoļ.en. sion may be affected by the unbapo joy one day's respite in the week py dispute between Britain and from the fatigues of business, and Russia ; but they have the fullest that they are eyen deprived of an confidence that the family at Ka oportunity of attending public rass, agreeably to their charter, worship! But if some persons of will be allowed all the privileges of that description open their shops on Russian subjects, and be permitted a Sunday, it is plain that others to prosecute tbeir plans without must either do the same, or risk molestation.

the loss of their customers. To re

lieve them from this hardship, it is LONDON,

therefore necessary that the law be

applied equally to all, and that no LORD'S DAY.

shop whatever be allowed to be The following Notice has been opened for the purpose of business drawn up by a respectable So. during any part of the Sunday. The ciety, and is inserted in this benefit would then be general, and Work, in hope that Tradesmen no one would sustain the least inand others, in various parts of the jury.. Kingdom, will make an Agree

It is no less desirable, for the sake ment with their neighbours to of the inferior classes, that all shops act accordinz to the Plan recom. - should be kept close shut on the mend d. Iï is desirable, how, Lord's Day, as, in that case, the ever, previously to oblain the

labourer would go to market on Sanction of a neighbouring Ma.

Saturday night; and much of those gistrate.

earnings which are now spent in the Parish of

public house, would he laid out for

the benefit f his family. It is earNotice is hereby given,

nestly hoped that masters will see That Informations will be laid the necessity of paying their work. against all Tradesmen, Shopkeepers, men on the Saturday evening, early Artificers, and Worknuen in the enough to enable them to purchase said Parish, who shall in future those necessaries which, in co sekeep open Shop, or sell, or exposequence of the proposed regulations, to sale, any Goods, Wares, or Mer- they will not be able to procure on chaudize, or exercise tbeir ordmary Sunday morning, Calling on the Lord's Day (exccpt. In many parishes and marking as to Works of necessity or čls of the metropolis, tradesmen have mercy, the sale of Milk or Mack, forried lliemselves into associalions, erel, a d the business of a Baker, to enforce the lan's for the Observ. under the restrictions prescribea by ance of the Sabbath; which have alLaw, 48 Geo. Ill. cap. 70): -- and ready been attended wish salutary also against all Publicans in the said effect. Parish who shall keep open House,

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The following curious and enthusi. in like manner, I may but be con

astical Leitur war lately sent by a firmed a child (though less than the
Catholic Schoolmater to a Pro- least) of that good Mother, the
testant Gentleman in the north of Roman Catholic Church.'
England (whom he is supposed tu
have mistaken for a Caicolic) re-
questing his assistance in procur:

ORDINATION, &c. ing a situation in Ireland. It is

Nov. 3. The Rev. Robert Wia. faithfully translated from the La

ton, jud. was ordained over the Intin, in which it was writtcn :

dependent Church at Chard, Somere, • At the time when I prosecuted set. Mr. Tozer, of Taunton, demy classical studies, under my mater- livered the introductory discourse, nai incie, there appeared to me, in &c. ; Mr. Saltren, of Bridport, of a vision, a most beautiful persou, fered the ordination prayer; Mr. arrayed in shining apparel, and Jones, of Plymouth Dock, gave the thus be addressed me: • The Church charge from 1 rim. iv. 16; Mr. of Rome is the truc, pure, and Apos. Stevenson, of Trowbridge, preached tolic Church; and, with my assist from 1 Thess. i. 2, 3; Mr. Tracy, ance, shall become great through of Yeovil; Mr. Varder, of Ottery; out the earth. Toe Church of and Mr. Herdsman, of South PetherEngland, 80 hereticaily divided ton, engaged in prayer; Mr. Weswithin itself, through inalice, hatred, ton, of Sherbourn, preached in the and discord, shall, by my ven- evening; and Mr. Golding, of Fulgeance, be swiftly reduced to a wood, on the preceding evening. ruined state. What are my people. It will afford pleasure to the friends about, that they present peiitions of truth to learn that, after erroto the heretics ? Let them instruct neous doctrine had been preached their children in honest aris!' -I nearly 50 years, and the congres was greatly agilated by the dream; gation had dwindled to 12 or 15 and, from that time, have studied hearers, an evangelical ministry and believed the truth of the Roman was no sooner introduced, than the Religion,

cause began to revive. In the course "When it was understood by my of twelve months, the congregation master and uncle, that I believed is become considerable. A Sunday Baptisın, Transubstantiation, Con Senool of 60 сhiidren is established, firmation, Orders, Matrimony, Ab- and every tning wears a promising solution, and Extreme Vuction, to aspect. be Sacramenis, he was exceedingly angry; and I underwent great perse Nov. 22. A small neat chapel

was opened at Overbury, Worces• So, notwithstanding I had dili- tershire, when three sermons were genlly studied geometry, geography, preached : that in the morning, by navigation, arithmetic, fortification, Mr. Jeary, of Rodborough, from tbe military art, mathematics, and Luke vii. 5; that in the afternoon, all the usetul sciences, yet, on ac- by Mr. Lake, of Worcester, from count of my professing the Roman Haggai ii, 6-9: and that in the Reli 100, and believing for truth the evening, by Mr. Brown, of Ebley, Articles of that sacred religion and from Luke xix. 9. · Messrs. Brown, Church, I was turned out of doors Richardson, Lake, Woittingham, by my own faiher, without either Sims, and Spilsbury, engaged in the clothes or property,

• Nevertheless, while in this tri. congregations were respectable, atbulation, the same person again ap- tentive, gratified with the services peared to me, and said, “ Arise, and of the day, and pleased with the withdraw from this tby native prospect of good being done in country, to the holy island of Ire- future. Each seeined to say, 0. land, and there I will direct thee.' Lord! we beseech thee send now This command I have so far obeyed; prosperity!' -'We wish you sucand now I shall greatly rejoice if, cess in the name of the Lord.'

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The Ministers who preach the Merchants' Lecture, on Tuesday Morn. ings, at Broad Street, have, in compliance with the wishes of the Commiltee, published a List of the Subjects on which they purpose lo proach durjog the following Half-year. - See the List on the Cover.

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L. $.
Rev. Ebenezer Jones and Congregation, Pontypool 6 15
A Friend, by Rev. C. Buck
Ditto, by ditto

Jan, 2, .. Fetier Lane ..........Mr. Burder
Feb. 6, ...Well Street.......... Waugh
March 6,..Pell Street ........... Slodhart
April 3,... Swallow Strect...... Nicol
May 1,... Founders' Hall...... Thomas
June 5,... Kensington......... Leifchild in
July 3,... Stockwell............ Jackson
Aug. 7,... Greenwich.......... Chapman
Sept. 4,... St. George's Chapel..

Oct. 2,...Miles's Lane.........
Nov. 6,... Barbican ...........
Dec. 4,...Cumberland Street i. Brown..




Preachers. Jan. 10, Tu. Bridge Str. On the Privilege of Adoption. Mr. Page. Feb. 16, Tb. The Pitbay. Historical View of the Incarnation. Mr. Thorp. Mar. 16, Th. Castle Gr. Justification by Faith.

Mr. Lowell. Apr. 12, W. Tabernacle. On Behalf of the Tract Society. Mr. Roberts

Evidences of Genuine Concern for Tab. Minis. May 16, Ta. Broadmead.

du. the Divine Glory. June 18, Tu. Bridge Str. {

Brider's Nature and Importance of good o Rela July 13, Th. The Pithay. Prophecies respecting the Mesisah. Mr. Page,

Sreme Importance of the Suffer. Mr. Thorp. Aug. 15, Tu. Broadmead. Supreme Importance of the Suffer, 7

.7. ings of Christ. Sept. 14, Th. Castle Gr. Necessity of Constant Watchfulness. Fab. Minis. Oct. Il, W. Tabernacle, Christian Meekness.

Mr. Lewell. Nov. 14, Tu. Bridge Str. Jacob's Dream.

Mr. Roberts Dec. 14, Th. The Pithay. laward Witness to Christianity, Dr. Ryland.

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for the Success of the Gospel at Home and Abroad,

to be held in Briston 1809.
Tima. . Place. i Time. Place.
Jan. 2, Broadmead. 11 July 3, Lady Huntingdon's.
Feb. 6, Ebenezer. Aug. 7, Bridge Street.
Mar. 6, Bridge Street. Sept. 4, Portland Chapel.
Apr. 3, The Pithay. Oc. 2, Broadmead
May 1, Castle Greep. Nov. 6, Toe Pithay.

June-5, Tabernacle. Dec. 4, Castle Green. • Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let the canopy of thy habitation be extended !

• Spare not, -lengthen thy cords, and firmly fix thy stakes : For on the right hand, and on the left, thou shalt burst forth with increase; • And thy seed shall inherit the nations; and they shall inherit the desa.

late cities.'




Nor thus alone thy love appears

To bless ungrateful man;
Reflections for any Year. Thy grace a pobler fabric rears,

Thy mercy crowns the plan !
AGAIN the fight of Time I siog, - . Lost sioners sav'd, and souls renew'd,
Time, who, with swift unwearied wing, Thy praises best proclaim;
His annual circuit fiies;

Here, may thy brightest works be Thus measuring out the dates of all,

Men and their works before him fall, From year to year the same!

And other beings rise !
A year has pass’d, and with it borne
Vast crowds, - while crowds are left
to moura

A PRAYER FOR THE NEW Some dear departed friend.

A year begins; but who can know
If it shall bring hinn bliss or woe? Lo! another Year begins,
Or he shall see its end?

Wrapp'd in Winter's deepest gloom, In this uncertain state of things,

Burthen'd with a nation's sins, True wisdom consolation brings

Dragging on a nation's doom. Froin the Eternal's throne! :

Sou'reign on thy throne ou high, Time's wide events his counsels plann'd;

Now thy suff'ring children hear!' The wheels are guided by his hand,

Lay thy rod of vengeance by! And roll his praise alone!

Spare us yet Another Year! Lre men their final doom receive, Long has Warits thousands slain, A little space, a short reprieve, Making man bis fellow's foe, For penitence is giv'n :

Squand'ring wealth and life in vain,
'Tis ours the doubtfu! space t'improve; Trampling states and princes low..
Lament the past; and onward move, Lord of Hosts, beneath, above,
With future hope, to Heav'n.

Break the battle-axe aod spear,
Turn the rapcour into love,

Give us now a Peaceful Year!

While Destruction, Woe, and Death, ETERNAJ. Being! mighty God!

Far and wide around us roam, Beneath thy sway we bow,

Meagre Want, with wasted breath, Man is on earth a mould'ring clod, Asks too oft for bread at home! The Infinite art thou !

Upexhausted Source of Good,
With wood'riog eyes we backward look, Bafie Avarice severe;
The dawn of time to trace,

Bless the hungry poor with food;
And learn fron thine unerring book, Give us now a Plentevus Year!
The Author of our race.

· Vice and Folly, through the land, Thy voice into existence spake

Riot in the face of day; The goodly frame we see,

While the unbelieviog band
And all the forms thy creatures take

Spurn thy truth and love away!
Were fashion'd first by Thee !
The shining sun, the silver moon,

God of Pow'r, thy foes reclaim !

Bring thy converts home sincere! The planets as they roll, The shades of night, the blaze of noon,

Build thy temples, spread thy name! And man's iinmortal soul!

Send the great Sabbatic Your ! The wat’ry tribes, the fowls of air, Time shall soon his race complete;

The beasts which graze the mead, Nature's wheels shall cease to roll; Thou dost for favour'd man prepare, Soun the Judge shall take his seat; And with thy bounty feed!

Fix the doom of cv'ry soul! From Winter's frost, from blooming When the awful trunp shall souud, Spring,

With thy sheep inay we appear, From Summer's glowing sky,

Welcome to the endless ro:ind Thou dost the stores of autumn bries, Of a bless'd Eternal Year! and all our wants supply?.


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