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To her father she said, "My dear kingdom! If there was a Deist father, I have for a long time had here, I would declare to him the & desire to reveal my mind more certainty of the divinity of the Safully to you ihan I have ever done. viour, whose presence I now enjoy! My dear father, I know you love - If I did not believe that my name was me; but I bave not made those re written in the Lamb's book of life, turns of gratitude to you which you this room would not contain me deserve, for all your kindness to but I know in whom I have be.. wards me. I have abundant reason lieved :'I have not followed a cunto be thankful, and to bless God for ningly-devised fable. Now I am go. religious parents, by whom I was ing, I shall behold you with these brought under the sound of the gos. bodily eyes no more. In a few mi. pel when very young. I look back nutes I shall be in glory! Sweet to the period when I was about 12 Jesus! sweet Jesus ! he is precious! years of age, and remember the he is precious !” Holding out her dawnings of a work of grace upon 'band, sbe said, Farewell, farewell.* my soul, and now, dear father, the A convulsion fit seizing her, she wasLord has given me power to speak deprived of her. speech for a little those things to you which I believe while; when recovering a little, she will be for your comfort when I am said, "O how am I disappointed ! gone. I now feel Christ precious to I thought I was just landed !” A my soul! I know that he bath friend observed to her, I hope you Joved me with an everlasting love, will be resigned to the will of God. and therefore with loving kindness, Perhaps, he has a little more work he hath drawn me. O what a scene for you to do before he takes you to of glory will burst upon my soul as himself. “Well,” said she, “ bis suon as I quit this nauseous body, will be done! I hope he will grant which is now unpleasant to myself! The patience !” He graciously did; I desire that you will rejoiôe for me, till be removed her happy spirit to and noi.grieve, :- I know that you unite with the spirits of the just are in the right way!. -- go on, dear made perfect, in praising the Lamb, father, it will not be long, and you saying, • Unto him that loved us, and I sbali meet again, to part no and washed us from our sios in more !"

his own blood, to nim be glory for To her mother, she said, “ And ever!! Amen.

J. II. you, my dear mether, don't grieve ior me; but go on your way, rejoicing that I am gone to Heaven RECENT DEATHS. before you, where I trust you will.

Ar Coventry, on Thursday, Aug.

Ar Coventry on Theme soon come; and you, my dear sis- 3.1. after a

and you, my dear $1$- 31, after a few days illuess, the Revo ter Sarali, i kzow what you are:- Jonathan Evans, aged 60. For you are one of a sorrewful spirit;

about 30 years he has been a zealous

about 30 vears Bilmy you are in the right way, -I

preacher of the gospel, chiefly in the know you are! Give your doubts

villages of Warwickshire, and among and fears to the wild, the Lord will give you strength equal to your

a congregation raised by his own la

bours, at Foleshill, near Coventry. day: I know he will. That God, He

He was-a man of sense, piety, acwhose presence I now enjoy, will be tin

tivity, and fortitude ; a firm and jour suppori in life and in death;

generous friend; and a kind beneand finally bring you to beloid his

factor to the poor, both by his meface, when sorrow auci doublingdical assistance and his ministerial snad no inore be kuona! I now

labours. -- We hope to present our tinai Chrisi present with me, and pred readers with a Meinoir of this truly cious to!y soul!”

ilseful member of society. To some young persons, who came to see her, she said, “ O my Suddenly, on Tuesday evening, deur soung friends, do recommend Aug.29, at Coventry, Mrs. Sibley, of thelbuviour wherever you go. Pray Islington, immediaiely after returnfor the couve!sion of the Heatben, ing from hearing a sermon, by ibo fun the increase oi lue Hedetiner's Rev. Mr. Grove.


REVIEW OF RELIGIOUS PUBLICATIONS, &C. Four Sermons, preached in London, most depraved of ancient cities :

at the Fifteenth General Meeting yet the promise reaches even to of the Missionary Society, May them. You have engaged, brethren, 10, 11, 12, 1809. By the Rev. in an enterprize ihe mosi noble, the James Peddie, Edinburgh ; Jobn most laudable, yet the most difficult Clayton, Jun. London; J. R. to accomplish, to evangelize the Richards, Hull; and J. K. Mar. Heathen! And why did you cagage tyn, Jun, M. A. Pertenhall. Also, in it? Your reasocs have been The Report of the Directors; 86. clearly aud amply assigned years Svo, price 38.

ago, -- they hardly need to be re(Coxcluded from our last.) peated : the command of the SaWe pass on to the third sermon,

viour, - the need and wretchednesswhich is from Ezek. xvi. 60, 61,

of the Heathen,- your love of walk: and is entitled, Predictions and

as a reasonable and accountable Promises, Grounds of Faith, and

creature, and the promises and pre

dictions of revelation on the subject. Motives to Prayer and Exertion.' This discourse breathes a serious,

But, knowing the general depravity, evangelical spirit, a deep sense of

the savage manners, the barbarous:

languages of the Heathen nations, the rain of the world by sin, and of

together with the universal enmity the abounding treasures of grzce in

of the human heart against the pardon and restoration, and an a'r

things of God, in every age and dently benevolent compassion for

climate, why did you attempt the the benighted and depraved Hea

work at all: You attentively read tben; yet we must confess, that the

and believed the many Scriptureenlargements, though sufficiently

promises on this point; you ready ample, are not equally appropriate

and respected, and obeyed the comas the general design. Wheu pas

mand. Whatever the Almighty sages of Scripture are quoted iņ a ser

commands, is clearly the crealure's mon so very profusely, and with only

duty to perform, or attempt to pera slight illustration of their scope

torin. You perceived this, and and import, it appears to us, that

have seriously attempted the work : the effect intended by the preacher

and, blessed be God, not without is much weakened. Among the

sumne tokens of success ! many wise' and valuable injunctions

We heard the last discourse with of the Westminster Directory, this

uncommon pleasure, and we have is one: - The parallel places of

little doubt that many, who could Scripture confirming the doctrine,

not enjoy the advantages of hear. are rather to be plain and pertinent

ing, will read it with a large partithan many, and (if need bc) somewhat insisted upon, and applied to

cipation of that pleasure. This

truly caiholic, scriptural, and enthe purpose in 'hand.' - We select < the following brief passage, to ex

couraging discourse, is founded on

Psalm xcvi. 10--13, and bears the emplify the pious and affectionate

title of · The Christian's Privilege manner of the worthy minister :

and Duty resulting from the Nainie • If the preceding statement of the

and Exteat of Messiah's Kingdom." import of the promise be just, it

The most general and characteristic clearly appears that it is the will of Jehovah that the Saviour should

impression made upon our minds,by have the Heathen for his inherit.

this sermon, was that of fine talents ance, and the uttermost parts of the

veiled by unafleeled and humble

modesty. We shall present to our globe for his .possession. It ap

readers the concluding paragraph:pears also, that extreme uoworthiness and degradation of moral cha "We bear the voice of the Lord racter, are not impediments to the calling to us, to say among the exercise of divine mercy. Sodom Heathen that he reigneil ; -- QUE and Samaria ranked among the hearts bure within us with a boby,


zeal, to proclaim his glorious name sure, in luxury, and the expensive among those who are yet ignorant decorations of the table or the per. of it: but how shall we do it? son, we lent it to the Lord ? Let We would faia go forth upon the us then lend our aid to this glorious wings of love, and bear the heaven. cause, which will surely bring a ly message, but the Lord has al- blessing on all who engage in it, lotted as our work at home, which Being ourselves reconciled to God, we may not leave. Shall we, there let us draw near and offer our gift fore, do nothing for the Heathen, with a willing mind, according as because we cannot do all that our he has blessed us ; - offer it on the hearts suggest: Far be it from us altar of a pure heart, filled with the to let our zeal evaporate in empty love of Christ, and he will present wishes ; an opportunity is now pre. it as an acceptable sacrifice before sented to us of aiding the exertions his Father's throne. Thus shall we of a Sociсty, which has already been become more deeply interested in eminently blessed. Surely, if a cup the progress of the gospel, and shall of cold water, given from love to read, with encreased pleasure, of the Christ, shall not lose its reward, a future success of our Missionaries. blessing will attend the most feeble We shall bless God for having put exertions to deliver his members it into our hearts to contribute our from their loathsome captivity to mile, and shall only wish that we the prince of this world. We have had made greater sacrifices, exer, wept at the miseries of the poor cised more self-denial, and offered African slaves ; their appeal to our more abundantly.' compassion, to our humanity, to The Annual Report of the Direce our justice, has been heard ; and tors to the Missionary Society, is none of us could listen without prefixed to the Sermons. This Reemotion to that piteou's cry, Am I port is emiacntly important, and not a man and a brother?' But will be read with attentive interest what are all the chains which by those who prefer the prosperity avarice can forge, when compared' of Zion to their chief earthly joj. with the bondage of the soul? And The informalion which it contains is not that a still more heart-rend. has been in part, at different times, ing cry which is uttered by the sube and in an abridged form, announced jects of the King of kings, who are in the department of this work deyet in captivity to Sin and Satan, voted to religious intelligence; but

Am I not a brother! - did not the desires of our readers, who are your Saviour sbed his blood for seriously concerned in this great me? Yes, my Christian Friends, object, will not be satisfied without there is a time coming when they the perusal of the full statement, will be with you in glory! – they Its details successively relate to the will not want your help then, but missionary affairs at Otaheite, Ber: now it will be most acceptable! - thelsdorp, Orange River, the NamaDo we ask a gift of you? No : we quas, Graaf Reinet, Vizigapatam, ask a loæn; for he that hath pity on linevelly, Nega patam, Surat, Cey: the poor, lendeth to the Lord; and lon, Cbina, Malta, New Brunswick, that which he hath given will he Tobago, and Demarara; the Mission pay him again. Where is your to the Jews, and the Missionary faith ? Cannot you trust God with Seminary under the able superin. your property? Where can you tendence of ihe Rev. David Bogue., place it on so good security: In reviewing the operations and Where will you look for such in- attempts of this Society, what terest as he will give ? In the pre- heart, that is not void of enlightened sent more than ordinary uncertainty patriotism and Christian benevo, of human affairs, who among us can lence, will not devoutly say, 'Esto tell how soon he may be bereft of perpetua ! May it live ! - may all earthly resources? In such a prosper! the glory and defence on day, should we not recollect with our country, the lowly but ales; satisfaction, that instead of wasting tionate tribute of homage to our our wcalılı ir lie pursuit of plea. RUDEÈYERI

A REPLY to the Pamphlets lately pub- very characters for whose benefit

lished, in Defence of the London alone it was established !! Can he Female Penitentiary ; with fur- possibly be considered as speaking ther Remarks upon the Dangerous the words of truth and soberness? Tendency of that Institution. By We shall quote his own language, W. Hale. 8vo, Price 28. 6d. .. and leave our readers to determine [Concluded from p. 388.7 for themselves :

"After the most attentive peru. It must have been observed, that sal of all the pamphlets 'that have the style, the spirit, and the ten- been published, in reply to the Ad: dency of this pamphlet are such as dress upon the Dangerous Tendency to require a more than ordinary of the London Female Penitentiary: share of our attention. Nothing I feel not the least hesitation in der but a deep sense of the importance claring, That they have in no inand usefulness of Penitentiaries stance refuted one single objection could reconcile us to so painful a that I brought against ii: p. 6. From task as that of exposing the author's a firne conviction that the whole of sentiments in their genuine colours; what I have advanced cannot be reand we are confident, that a simple futed,' I appeal to every friend of and clear exposure of them will suf. Virtue throughout the kingdom; fice to shew their fallacy. "This and call upon thein to discourage the public have a right to expect, the increase of institutions, which and the cause of truth demands it: will give a greater blow to the mothis is a duty we oweto our numerous rals of society than can at present be readers and to ourselves" (Hale's Re- conceived by the religious world: ply, p. 40); so that, however re- p. 142. It is impossible to devise a luctant we are, it is further requisite plan more certain to increase the to prove that this writer is endea- sum of prostitution : p. 141. How vouring, on the most erroneous ridiculous is it then io suppose that grounds, to destroy an Jostitution the London Feinale Penitentiary well adapted to save perishing sin- will lessen the sum of prostitution ! ners, and to rejoice the holy angels! On the contrary, it must be ouvivus The grand aim of the Penitentiary, to every reflecting mind, that it will to which indeed all its efforts and most certainiy increase it; and that wishes tend, is the restoration of pe in proportion to the numbers adnitent young women, who have been mitted into the Institution : p. 85. either seduced or voluntarily gone To those who consult their Bibies, into prostitution, - by plucking it requires po gagacity to foresee the them as brands from the fire, pro. awtui consequences that will result viding them with religious instruc from such a' tatal violation of the tion, turnishing them with the laws of God and man: p. 73. How means of becoming industrious, sa have gentlemen attempted i (02. ber, and useful members in society, fute this sentiment? They have &c. We do not hesitate to say, blended with their ridicule thai igthat those momentous objects have norance which would have digy raced constantly occupied the talents and a heathen philosopher (p.92). They time of the ministers and others who are as igaorant of the gospes as they superintend tbis Institution, expe- are oithe law: p. 96. ji is imposa cially keeping in view the selection sible io support the principie upon of proper females, and the applica- which the Penitentiary is founded ; tion of evangelical truids for their because, in offering eternal salvaconversion ; and that very promis- tion to the vitast sinners, through ing suecess has hitherto followed Jesus Christ, it blends with it the such endeavours. But Mr. Hale con- promise of the pardon of the legal tradicts all this! He opposes the punishment due to their crimes whole plan; and calls in question against society : p. 99. Vught such the competency, the zeal, the piety, ao last!lation as inis to be countethe discernment of the Committees. Danced a sigle day? p. 50, Lio He eveo denies that they do in fact doors are karred against the poor, receive into the Penitentiary those seduced, forsaken temale, who, hav. ing deviated from the paths of vir. shameful practice of the ad Focates tue, is desirous of being restored hy of the Penitentiary has been to dereligious instruction; she is ex- $cribe those infamous characters by cluded, and can never be admitted expressions of innocence, apply. within its walls. This is openly ing soft and tender epithets to the avowed by ALL who have defended the most cruel and profligaie of the feAsylum. I huve had several conver, male race! I feel it my indispensations with some of the Managers, sable duty to warn the public against and they have aLL declared the same placing any dependence upon what thing! But, its doors are opened the Comunittees and Advocates of Fewide for the reception of the most male Penitenciaries consider as deciabandoned prostitutes : tbe Institu- sive proofs of real and genuine contion is solely for those who, by version.' - Sce p. 9, 42, 48, 50, 51, choice, persevere in their infamous 113, 114, 122, 126, 130, 134, 142. practice of murdering the health Any candid and impartial reader and destroying the souls of all with of the above extracts would charitain their reach. It was rained for the bly conclude, that the author was express parpose of offering supe- totally ignorant of the nature and rior comforts and peculiar rewards design, as well as the internal ma(as a premium FOR VICE) to those nagement of this Institution, but, who, hy choice, continue in their in- instead of that being the case, Mr.H. famous career, rather than work før seema offended at such an idea ; their living! When a female' has and declares, " There is no piece of 'arrived at the highest pilch of de- information which his opponents pravity, then, and not till then, she have communicated on the subject, 1s quaified to go into the Pepiten- but what he was in full possession tiary! These are the prostitules of before he published his first Adfor whom its advocates are plead. dress! p. 5. Nay, he adds, 'I beg. ing, in order to procure them come leave now to observe, that I was well forts and rewards, far superior to acquainted with its internal econothose enjoyed by poor virtuous wo- my:but by what means he obtained men! The souls of poor virtuous such information, does not appear; women are of equal importance with for, certainly, he has been very de those of prostitutes ; and it is re- plorably misinformed respecting its pugnant to the divine economy to joternal economy;' and always pass by the foriner, and offer exclu- has steadfastly refused even to visit sive privileges and rewards to the the Penitentiary! These are then batter! To think that a number of the views of Mr. Hale ; and þy such Ladies, of the very first respectabi. representations, he hopes to raisc lits, should pass by continual scenes himself high in the scale of public of distress, and be constituted the opinion, p. 4. Alas! alas! we be. internal Committee of such an Ille lieve the discerning public will stitution, is to me truly astonishing differ from him in their sentimente Anuinber of Christians have formed of an Institution, which (as he ade Chemselves into à Society, they mits) is at this time the most popu. have collected large sums of mo- lar with Christians of every depo; ney; but for what purpose? The mination,' Address, p. 68; nor can imagination of a Christian weuld be he have the vanity to expect, that Jost in wild conjecture before it what he has advanced will lurn the could possibly guess the design! It tide of public opinion against the is, passing by ALL the deserving af. cause they have 90 liberally, sup: flicted poor,' te be applied for the posted :'' but this fashionable cha. express purpose of providing a com- Pity' will, we hope, continue long to fortable maintenance for those who be the admiration of the religious are determined to persevere in their world. Reply, p. 17. infainous conduct, raller than sub- We refrain from animadverting mit to work for ibeirlivig! Omy upon the very disreputable and un soul! éome not thou join their just manner in which this author secret! Unto their asembly, mine speaks of the LADIES at tte Penta honour, be bot thou united ? The tentiary, who are confessculy' of

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