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fested towards ur, and to recom- States, have been caried to France mend ourselves collectively, and as under an escort. individuals, to their continued kind remembrance and supplication.

GERMANY. (Signed) J. D. HEINRICK, University of Wurtzburgh rePastor of the German Lutheran turned to Catholicity. -- Frankfort, Church ai Reinersdorf, in Saxony. Oci.l. The organization which the

University of Wurtzburgh had reITALY.

ceived from the Bavarian governSuppression of Religious Orders ment, while the city was under that in Naples. ---- The following is part jurisdiction, has very lately been of the decree lately issued by Murat, changed, and that which is substiKing of Naples :-"Upon the report tuled approaches much nearer to of our ministers of worship, of jus. the old establishment, appointed by tice, and of finance, we have de- the Bishop of Wurtzburgh, at the creed, and do decree, as follows: time when he held the sovereigaty. Throughout our whole kingdom the No Protestant professor can now be following religious orders are sup- employed in this University. The pressed :-Toe Dominicans, and all senate is dissolved,--the theological the detached monks of their order, chairs are given to mouks, the the Minoriles, the third Order of St. eminent chemist Vogdman, and the Francis, the Micimists, ine!wo Car. most celebrated professors of the melite Orders, the Brethren of St. faculty of philosophy, have lost Peter of Pisa, the Servites, the Bre- their places. tbren of St. John of God, the Trinitarians of Mercy (Spanish and Female Nudes threatened.-AugsItalians) the Augustines, the Sylves. burg, Sept. 13. The innkeeper, trians, the Basiliaus, the Theatins, André Hofer, chief of the insurgent the Regular Minorites, the Cross mountaineers in the Tyrol, "has. Bearers, the Clerks of the Mother of issued a proclamation, which is disGod, the Bamalites, the Samaschians, tinguished by its religious tenor. the Priests of St. Roche.".

It ireats of the sins of the people, While the Pope is iminured at and of the repentance necessary to Avigcon, the Conclave of Cardinals be instantly exercised, in order to is ordered to assuinble at Paris. The avoid the further visitations and object of ihis extraordinary Couvo- chastisements of God. This instrucation is not hinted at; but it re- ment concludes in these (crnis: lates, in all probabilily, to the elec- “Many of my breibren in arms are lion of M. F'Esch (Bonaparte's un- scandalized that the women cxpose cle) to the Papal dinnity; and pose too much of their arms, and their sibly, if it be found practicable, bosoms, or display them through the removal of the Papai See to transparent dresses, whereby they Paris !!!

give occasion to guilty passions, The late treatment of his Holiness which cannot be but singularly disthe Pope, and especially his being pleasing to God, as well as every closely confined at Avignon, re- one bearing the name of Christian. minds us of a circumstance men It is boped, therefore, that these tiosed by Dr. Fuller, of tacetions women, to turn away divine wrath, memory. "Woen I was at Cam- will reform their fashions imme bridge,' says he, 'there was a false dialely; otherwise, if they do not, reperi current, that Pope Urban ihe they will have nobody to blame but Eightli was shut up by nis Cardinals themselves, if their uncovered party in the castle of si. Angelo ; upon should be covered in a manner not which a waggish scholar said, -- very pleasing to them.” Jam verissim un est, Papa non potest. errare.'--fuller's Worthies, p. 155.

SWITZERLAND. A letter from Rome states, that Mixed Marriages.---Zurich, Sept. all the heads of religious houses 8.- Many of the Swiss Cantous have throughout the whole of the Papal exclaimed forcibly against a law

promulgated by the canton of Basle, and tyrannical dominion of the which forbids its officers, under the French! penalty of forfeiling all right of A French Account. - Madrid, citizenship, to marry persons pro. Sept. 4. The solieitude of the King fossing the Catholic religion. The watches over the

watches over those unfortunate reProtestant cantons of Vand and

ligious persons who, from age or Zurich, the Catholic cantons of Lu

infirmily, cannot profit by their zerne and Tessin, and the mingled


being ro

being restored to society. Asylums cantons of St. Gal and Argovia, have been opened for objects of this have declared, That this prohibition description, and funds set apart for is contrary to the act of mediation,

their support. and to a salutary toleration ; and they have demanded, that this act

Ds. Neale, in his · Letters from be annulled : on the other side, se.

Portugal and Spain,' lately pubveral Catholic cantons, especially

lished, says, “I must tell you that those of Schweitz, Underwald, and

the people cannot help expressing Soleure, have adopted the system

the delight they feel at the abolition of that of Basle, and have pro

of the Inquisition, and the partial nounced against mixed marriages. Suppression of the monastic orders. At the last session of the Diet chis

Several of the most respectable affair was discussed; but no resolu.

neighbours of the gentleman at whose tion was adopted on the subject.

house I am, came this evening to · In that meeting the envoy from the pay bim a visii, and were absolutely Canton of Soleure, expressed his de capering about the room with joy.cided disapprobation of the favour One of these was a cura, or secuafforded to such marriages in the lar clergyman. I mention this to diocese of Constance, the bishop of

you, as it will give you an idea of which diocese, is the Prince Primate the great popularity which this first of the Confederation.

act of the new monarchy is likely

to give to Joseph Bonaparte.” SPAIN.

JAMAICA. Spanish Monks, - Madrid, Sept. 24.-Formerly the monks in their

By letiers from the Methodist habits thronged the streets of this

Preachers in the West Indies, incity; now we meet with none who serted !! the last Number of the bave not adopted the ordinary ec

Methodist Magazine, we find that clesiastical dress. The major part,

when intelligesce arrived there that having quitted their cowls, have

his Majesty had set aside the regu. returned to their families and the

lations made in Jamaica to prevent places of their birth, to live (if preaching, the greatest joy and they can) on the pension allowed thankfulness were expressed by the

pious people; apd it was hoped that

their chapel in Kingston might be Plunder of the Clergy.-Sept. 6. opened immediately, but they have The Madrid Gazelle contains varia been grievously disappointed. ous decrees by the Usurper. One. A petition was presented to the of these suppresses all the monastic Governor, the Duke of Manchesier, orders in Spain, assigning only a who informed them, that he had small pension for life to the indivi- then not received any official induals who compose them. The struction from his Majesty's Counarchbishops and bishops are also cil. It was thén determined to ap. .' put on ine pension list, and their ply, at the next Quarter Sessions, properly and revenues are seques- for a licence, according to the Toletrated for the sole use of the state. ration Act, as is customary in EngAnother decree aunuls all titles of no- land. This application appears by bility, not conferred or confirmed by the Times,' to have been made in the usurper. Such is the condition of . Seplember last; when the Court, Spain, and such will ever be the fate after a long hearing, unanimously of those unhappy countries that refused the prayer of their petition. become subject to the atrocious It is to be observed, that it was



not in consequence of passing · The ren and 9 adulis. Mr. Hartwig bad. Consolidaied Slave - Bill (rejected t'ze: 4, aud Mr. Nylander 26, beby his Majesty) that the labours of giles a number of adult Miroons, the preachers were first prevented, and a Mandingay man and woman. but by a law of the Corporation of Froun tie side of the Society's the City of Kingston ;'-- by that incs, it appears that they have re. law the preachere were silerced, ceived in the past year (with tt babecause not licenced in the island lance of the formi) 8757 1. 145. 64. of Jamaica; and now we find and expendid 19371. 118. 9. ; bat. - licences refused when applied for there is a grant of 5097. to the Cor

responding Committee in India, for Report of the Commiliee of the fou the purpose of franslating the Scrip.

turis into the Oriental Languages, ciety for Missions to Africa and the East.

wbich has noi yeu been drawn for. Thus Report gives an account of Extracts from the Periodical Acthe siate of the Society's' mission in Africa. We are chaudio fiad counts oj me unica preliiren. that some of the naiive chiefs 1. From Brother J. A. KUESTER,

profess much aitachment to the dated Grucedale (Bavianskloof) · missionaries who are now settled Dec. 22, 1807, near the Cape of

at Bussia, where they will instruct Goo:l llope, any children committed to their "My dear Friend, - I wish you care.. Mr. Butscher was about to could wast yourself hither but for take a journey into the ixterior, to eightorteo da s. I am pretty sure obtain a fuller knowledge of the you would not oʻlen have a dry eye, . language and customs of the coun- in beholding whac the Lord has try. The Society have lost a pious dine for this notior, which, but a missionary by the deach of Mr. few years ag", was buried in gross Prasse ; to repair this loss, and to ignorance, darkness, and sin. I am occupy bath the setilements at not able to describe it: it must be Dassia and Fanti:nania, two of the seen and feit. Whenever I hear Society's studeots, Barneth and Weo. them side that verse, "The Lord for zel, are to be forwarded to Africa. Os great things hath done,' &e, I

From the Journals of the Mission- feci my whole soul met within me, aries, it appears that the Abolition they do it with such energy and of the Slave Trade is happily me- sincere thauksgiving! liorating the condition of Western - On the first prayer-lay after Africa. The traders, indeed, still our arrival, we had the pleasure to indulge a hope to carry on this in- sée seven Hottentots baptized. famous traffic, in a limited degree, May the Lord our Saviour count with smuggling vessels; but they us also worthy to be mare instruhave been alarmed by the vigilancements in his hanie, to assist in this of his Majesty's cruizers; and the great work, thoug in ourselves Foolahs, who dealt largely in slaves, we are wholly unfil for his service! now bring but few to the Rio - but to his we devoie ourselves Pongas, as they fetch it a low with joyful hearts, for his great price. The abolition has brought mercy wherewith he hath 'sought an advantageous ailuation into the and found us, and granted us to hands of the missionaries; the na- rejoice in him as our Lord and tives have already improved in Saviour!! various respects; and they hope they will at length embrace Christianity. Mr. Nylander has covunued. nis ?

2. From Brother J. C. KUEHNEL, care of the colony's spiritual con

Gracedale, Jan. 12, 1808. ceros. He instructed 30 Maroons, ó You say inat you have objec. 4 natives, and 6 seitler boys, obe na. tions to changing the name of our tive man, and 6 adult Maroons.. sellement fruia Baviaaskloof tu Mr. Renner, during his residence at Gracedale, the name given it by Freetowa, bad baptized 114 child. Governor Jansen; hul I wish the


observe, that no name can be more A quantity of Bible, and Testa. suitable. First, It is indeed a dale, ments were distributed among the inciosed by high mountains; and, Indians of iwo Christian congre. Secondly, what grace has the galions at Muskingum, in the des. Lord not beslowed upon its inhabii titute parts of Maryland, Delaware, ants! With. truth we may sayi Peasylvania, and New Jersey; and « The Lord hath done great things 100 were ordered to be seot to Canin this place!' I think, acar Bro- ton, for the American sailors, and ther, that if you recall in your re- some to the slaves in Virginia. meinbrance the great i,enefiis dc- The harmony sith which Chris stowed upon us for these fitcea tians, of different denominations, years past, you will admit that ihe united in prosecuting this object,

race of God būs prevajica here; torded much satisfaction, as an and, therefore, I hope you wili, in approximation to ibat brotherly futur 's admit the latllc into your love ?mous Christians, which ail Periodical Accounts. You say, 'good men so ardeail desire. It is that our English fileads are accus- the opinion of the mana-ers, that, tumed io Baviansklooi, and it has in the prea ut convaised state of bicone a favourite nanie 'with Europe, there is no place from them; but with us it sounds very which the light of divide truth may disagreeable, anil we were glad of be sent forth more successfully to the change. The baboons and various paris of the benighted monkeys are no longer in full pos world, than from the city of Philasession, and therefore have po right deipnia.--The cash received by subto have the dale (or glon) called by scriptions, &c. to this infant insti. their name.'

tution, amounted to 27 15 dollars.

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Bible Society, Philadelphia, By tbe Report of this Society, We rejoice to hear that the influMay 1, 1809, we find that they had ence of the example of the Bible purchased 1000 Englisä Biblos, 300 Sucieiy at Philadelphia, which was English Testamenis, and 500 Ger. formed on the model of the British man New Testaments; they had and Foreign Bible Society in Lonalso ordered from Germany 300 don, has already produced a similar Gcrman Bibles, and had directed institution at Hartford, in Connecthat 100 French, 100 Welsh, and ticut, May such sociccies 'increase .50 Gạclic Bibles, should be im- and multipis,'till the world is filled ported from London..

with Bibles: Amen and Amen! MISSIONARY COLLECTIONS, &c. L. $. d.

10 0 Mr. Barnett, of Kegworth

. 3 3 0 Miss Barneit, do.

3 3 0 Decimus

1 0 0 A Friend, by Mr. Bradley 1 Rev. Mr. Clark and Friends, at Brigg and Wrapy

9 90 A Friend, at Abergavenny

1 1 0 A few Friends at Tottenham Court Chapel, subscribing small sums weekly

1 124 A Friend in the Parish of Neilston, by W. Moir, Esq. - 2 0 0 Tutors of the Children of ihe late Mr. T. Cuthbertson, of Lyon Cross, Parish of Neiston, Second Donation

2. 0 0 Ditto, for African Mission, Second Donation

1 0 0 Ditlv, for Jewish Mission, Second Donation Glasgow Missionary Society, by W. Muir, Esq.

50 0 0 Perti Society for Propagating the Gospel among Heathen Nations, by Rev. Mr Willison .

20 0 0 A. L. or Z:.' A Parcel of Needles, Ping, Thread, Thiinbles, &c. a Pre

sent for the Tobago Mission, from sundry Friends,



OCTOBER 25, 1803. This day will long be celebrated in ihn annals of Britain : it was a day of peculiar festivity, observed by all ranks of people, in a manner congenial with their respective views and habits. A similar event having taken place but twice in the history of our counity *, the attention of the public was uncommonly excited, and all acknowledgment of the good providence of God in the protection of his Majesty's person, and continuing to this country, under his government, the most invaluable privileges, civil and sacred, was made sincerely, we doubt noi, by many thousands of British subjccts.

It is not our province to describe at large the public demonstrations of joy, by means of the ringing of bells, discharge of canno, fire-works, or illuminations (though the latter were, in many instances, ! commonly superb and brilliant); but we would direct the ailention of or religious readers to that display of piety which marked the day. We do noi, indeed, call it a JUBILEE ; because we humbly conceive that the application of a name by which a diviae ordinance among the Jews was dis. tinguished, to a merely human festival, is not strictly proper ; but we rejoice to notice that, at least, apparent regard to the worship of God which inarked ihe foriner part of the day, for this was general, if not aniversal. "The cathedral, the parish church, the chapels and meetinghouses of the Dissenters and Methodists, Catholics and Jews, were not only opened, but frequented by a very great body of the people. Public collections were made at many of the places, besides liberal subscriptious, for the purpose of setting al liberty the debtor, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and encouraging the children of charly and Sunday-schools.

'The Lord Mayor weni in state to St. Paul's Church, atiended by the members of the Corporation, including 160 of the Common Council. His Lordship was received at the great west door by the Dean and Ciapter, the great aisle being lined by the River Teucibles. The chaplain preached on a very appropriate text, 2 Kings viii. 66, ' And they blessed the King, and went to their tents, joyful and glad of heart for all the goodness the Lord, had done for David his servant, and for Israel his people.' · At Westminster Abbey, Dr. Vincent, Dean of Westminster, preached to a large congregation, from Rom. xiii. 7, 'Render lo every wall bis dur,' &c. The preacher gave due honour to the character of the Sovereign, the influence of whose example, and the weight of worj character were properly appreciated † ; nor didi'be ; forget to notice that noblo aci which secured the independence of the judges.

* The reigo's of Henry Ul, and Edward III.

† “ At the commencement of his reig!), he gave this order to his chaplains, (That they should forhear all flattering speeches; and deliver their laster's mes.' sage with the force, spirit, and freedom of the gospel.' In corroboration of the truth of this anecdote, Bishop Warburton, in one of his letters to Bishop Burd, writes, That when some or the King's chaplams had been using flattering speaches, the King pablicly expressed his disapprobation; and said, lle came to hear the praises of God, and not his own.

66 While we have regularly indułged our morning siumhers, our King ijas as re. gularly been found joining in prayer with his household. Orbissoleng and unostentatious deportment in these morning devotions, in his private chapel at Windsor, they who have exercised their privilege of attending with him, can fully waluess. lle is knowu to have been an adınirer of the works of the good Bishop liall; and has often brought a volume of them forward, to point out some passages which had síreck him as worthy the observation of the Queen. The Exposition of Scripture to which he has had inost frequent reci lirse (Mr. Henry) is as popular and orthodox as ary of which our country can boast.

Mr. Watkins's Sermon, Oc'. 25, page 20, 21.

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