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It may not be improper to record in this place, the Prayer which, by order of the Privy Council, was composed for the occasion, by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and used in all the places of Worsbip connected with the Establishment.

O God! in whose hands are the issues of life and death, and to whom alone it belongeth to distribute mercies, as well ia lengtheniug as in shorl. cning the days of men, tvö yield the praise and thanksgiving for the protectiou thou hast Vuciuafed our gracious Sovereign, during a long and arduous réign ! Continue, we pray ihee, thy watchfolness over him; shield him froin the open allacks of his enemies, and from hiddeo dangers, --- from the arrow that flieth by day, and froin the pestilence that walketh in darkness; enlighten his counsels for the public good; strengthen all his measures ; and when it shall seem fit to thine unerring wisdom, perfect the ends of both, - the restoration of peace and security to his people, --- of concord and independence to contending and bleeding nations! These blessings and mercies we inplore for our Sovereige, ourselves, oor allies, and our enemies, through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Amen.'

To render this day somewhat like the Jubilee of the Jews, a proclamation was issued for pardonin Seamen and Marines, and another for pardoning Degerters from his Majesįy's land-forces. Deliaquents, coafined for offences of a military nature, were also ordered to be set at liberty. An extra allowance of provisions was likewise granted to the sailors.

The same zeal which distinguished the metropolis, was manifested in every district of the country, and especially in the great cities and towns, the same expressions of joy, the sanie altention to the worship of Goil, and the same spirit of liberality towards the poor and distressed. This latter circumstance is peculiarly pleasing; it was directing the joy of the nation into the best and most uselai channel; it served to exciie and increase the spirit of benevolence, for which, we trust, the British nation is 80 justiy celebrated, and which, in years to come, will render ibe day deserving of special remembrance.

Among the diversified modes of keeping the day, none was more appropriate to the occasion, or better suited to exemplify the Christian character, than that which was adopted by the Master and Seniors of Trinity College, Cambridge, who unanimously voted a Donation of Fifty Guineas to the Britioli aud Foreign Bible Society, for the purpose of diffusing the glad tidings of Redemption.

The Rev. Mr. Dunn, of Marypori, in Camberland, thus writes to the Secretary of the Missionary Society, with a Donation of 221. Is.:-On the late occasion of general joy, and among the various methods adopied of expressing it, we have chosen to.cxpress ours in that way which, with the divine 'blessing, will be productive of the most lastins benefit. The blaze of powder, the glare of oil is transient; but if the light of the glorious Gospel can, by such means, be diffuseci in Heathen lands, it may shine to the latest posterity, to the everlasting joy of all the friends of Jesus.'

List of Texts preached upon October 25, 1309.

[Those marked with an Asterisk (*) are printed.] St. James's, Clerkenwell. Lev. xxv. 9, “ Then shalt thou cause the irum

pct of the Jubilee to somuid,' &r.. St. Ann's, Blackfriars, Dr. Hawker. Rev. xi., 15, · The kingdoms of

this world are become',' &C Queen Suure Chupci, Westminster, Mr. Shepherd. Isa. Ixi 1---3,' TO

proclaim the acceptable year',' &c. Penionville Chapel, Nr. T. Sheppera. Col. iii. 15, · And let the peace of

God rule in your hearis,'&'. Chapel of Bridewell Hospital, Mr. Budd. Isaiah xxxix. 8, ' He said, more

over, there shall be peace and truth in my days.'


Ely Chapel, Mr. Wilcox. 1 Sam. vii. 12, · Ebenezer, - hitherto the Lord

hath helped us.' Peu Street, Mr. Smith. Lev. xxv. 9, . Then shalt thou cause the trumpet

of the Jubilee to sound,' &c. Tubernacle, Mr. Wilks. Psalm cxlix. 2, · Let the children of Zion be joga

ful in their King.' Sion Chapel, Mr. Wilkinz. The same. . . Lothbury, Mr. Thomas. The same. Islington, Mr. Lewis. The same. Tottenham Court Chapel, Mr. Hyatt. · Rev. xi. 15, ' And he shall reign for

ever and ever.' Camden Chapel, Mr. Hooper, Ps. xcvii. 1, 2, The Lord reigneth,' &c. Worcester Chupel, Mr. Stodhart. Judges xiii. 23, "If the Lord were

pleased to kill us,'&c.' Queen Street Chapel, Dr. Clark. Psalm lxxxix. 15--17, • Blessed in the

people that know the joyful sound,' &c. Bentinck Chupel, Mr. Magn. The same. Ram Chupel, Huckney, Mr. Williams. Dan. v. 10, King !' live for

ever!' * Greenwich Chapel, Mr. Chapman. Nehem. ii. 3, “ Let the King live for

ever !' * Holywell Mount, Mr. Platt. 2 Chron. xxiij. 2, God save the King ! Eagle Sirect, Mr. Ivimey. The same. * Broad Street, Mr. T. Hill. The same. White Row, Mr. Goode. Psalm Ixi, 6, · Thou wilt prolong the King's

life,' &c. St. Clement Danes. The same. Wilson Street, Mr. Buck. Prov. viii. 15, · By me king's reign,' &c. Hare Court, Mr. Webb. The same. Deihnal Grcen, Mr. Kello. The same. Rose Lane, Mr. Williams. Psalın xviii. 50, - Great deliverance giveth he

to his King,' &c. Weigh House, Mr. Clayton. i Peter ii. 17, · Honour the King.' Warworth, Mr. G. Clayton, The same. St. Dunston's, West. The saine. New Couri, Dr. Winter. The same. Gate Streei, älr. G. Williams. The samc. Mile End, Vew Town, Mr. Evans. The same. Camomile reel, Mr. John Clayton. Psalın'cxlvii. 20, “He hath not

dealt so with any nation.' Peckham, Dr. Collyer. The same.* Stepney, Mr. Ford. The same. Feiler Lune, Mr. Burder. I Tim. ii. 1, &c. " I exhort, therefore, thats

first of all, prayers and giving of thanks be made for Kings,' &c. St. Swithin's, Mr. Watkins. The same. * Surry Chapel, Mr. Griffin. The same. * Haberdasher's Hall, Mr. Brooksbank. The same. Bermondsey, Mr. Townsend. The same. Hackney, Air. Palmer. The same. Orange Strect Chapel, Mr. Waugh. The same. Swallow Street, Dr. Nicol. The same. Hammersmith, Mr. Raffius.' Isa. xxxiii. 15, ó Seventy years, according to

the life of one King.' Pell Street, Mr. Clouit. Prov. xvi. 31,' The hoary head is a crown of

glory,' &c. * Islington, Mr. Jennings. Luke xii. 48, · Unto whomsoever much is

giyen, of him shall be much.r:quired!,' &c. Shepherd's Market, Mr. Hackett. 1 Peter ii. 11-17, Dearly beloved,

&c. honour the King.'


ciety, among that people. Mr. N. The Directors of the Missionary J. who has gralnitongly and very Society, being earnestly desirous of zealously distributed them, says, in attracting the aitention of the Jews his Report to the Commitiee, -• I to the gospel of the Son of God, commenced the distribution : have engaged i number of the mi- Drury Lane, proceeding in a sraight pisters in and about the metropolis, . Jiue to the Hay' Markei ; including to preach a course of lectures to also the short streets to the right them, on Tuesilay eveninys at Ar- and left, The next distributica tillery-sireet Chapel, the place which was hetween St. Martin's Lane and they formerly procured for Mr. Bedford Street, west and east ; the Frey, who now preaches in anotier Strand and High Holborn, norih connexion. By the importance of and south. It was my practice to the subjecis chosen (a list of which deliver them in their respective bas been published), and the variety houses, as well as to the Jews walkof the preachers employed, they ing in the sireets. I have followed hope that a good altendance will be the same method in the neighboursecured. The subjects proposed for hond of St. Mary Axe, Duke's discussion, though intended more Place, Whitechapel, Petticoai Lane, immediately for the benefit of the &c. &c. Although I received opJews, will be found peculiarly in- probrious language from some, the teresting to Christian; also ; and great majority (perhaps Iš out of especially to your persons, as 16) received ihem with civilily, likely, by the blesaing of God, to some with great complacency, and establish their minds in the belief of others with the most cager impa. the truth. These lectures com- tience. I therefore hope that many merced on Tuesday evening, Nov. have scriously perused ihem.' 281h, when the Rev. Mr. Waugh delivered an introductory discourse LONDON FEMALE PENITENTIARY. on • The bénevoient disposition of WE ôre informed that two Sertrue Christians towards the posterity mons will be preached on Sunday, of Israel.'

December the 10th, for the benefit

of the above Institution at St.

' James's Church, Clerkenwell (in TRACTS FOR THE JEWS.

which paris, the Penitentiary is We are happy to learn that a siluaied); that in the morning by very considerable number of Tracte, the Rev. Henry Foster, M. A. Mi. composed and printed for the rise nister of the parista, &c. and that in of the Jews, have been dispersed, at alternoon by the Rev. E. T. B. the instance of ihe Missionary So- Beyaon, M. A, of Carshalton.


Ye sons of Jacoh, gather round and hear; -
Your father Israel's last address revere !

"REUBEN, my first-born thou, once my delight,
My strength, and the beginping of my might;
5. The excellence of dignity and power ;

Pui, ah! how chang'd since that disgraceful hour!
Impetuous passions hurried thee astray, .
As swelling waters bear their banks away;

Thon durst ascend thy father's marriage-bed, -
10. Pollute my couch! -- theo Reuben's glory fied !

Line 7. Pachaz cammajim, impetuous as waters; swollen, turbid (see Zeph. iii. 4, and Judges ix. 3) Lurbulent, presumptuous, aliacious, rather than light (Jer. xxiii. 32.): by their lfes and by their presumption. Not instability, but presumption, under the infuence of impetuous passious, was the source of Reuben's misconduct. -- S . Robertson's Clavis Pentateuchi.

ESIMEON and LEVI were too closely join'de*
Brothers in guilt, and in a fraudsul mind;
Their contracts, weapons of the sorest woe,

Expos'd the helpless to the vengeful blow!
15. Into their secret enter not, my soul,.

Their upknown counsel I could not coptronl ; .
They knew my honour scoro'd so base a plot;
Let them alone sustain the odious blot!

They, in their rage, presum'd a man to kill,
20. Extirpated a prince in their self-will!

Curst be their anger, for it knew no bound;
Their passion gave an unrelenting wound !

Yet shall their race remain among my heirs,
• A part, tho'pot a birthright, shall be theirs ;
25. in Jacob's lot shall each a portion know,

Their seed 'midst Israel's favour'd tribes o'erflow.

• JUDA II, thy vame is Praise ! thy brethren join To hail thee Father of the Royal Live!

The necks of all thy foes thy hands shall press ;
30. Thee with respect thy father's sons address.

Just as his prey the youthful lion rends,
So from the spoil my victor son ascends!
The couchant lion thus secure may lie, - .

Who dares the suckling lioness dery:
35. He that would steal her new-born whelps away,

Sball make his forfeit life her instant prey.
. The sceptre shall remain in Judah's hand,
And still his legislative pow'r shall stand

Till SHILOH come; that prosp'rous, peaceful One
40. Convenes obedient nations round his throne !

Bound to the vine shall be his foalconline, -
His ass's.coit shall browse the choicest vine;
The luscious clusters yield a purple flood,

And soak his raiment with their richest blood:
45. His sparkling eyes the generous beverage shew;
His teeb retain a more than milk-white hue.

Thou, ZEBULUN, shalt reach from sea to sea, -*
Commerce and fishing thine employ shall be :

Like Zidon situate thy western side ;
50. Ships in thy friendly ports shall safely ride.

( While ISSACHAR, endued with strength of bone,
His heavy panniers bears without a groan :
Rest his chief good, and pleasant is the land,

This boon enjoy’d, let whoso will command.' .
55. Imur'd to bear, his shoulders shall refuse

No ruler's laws, por tributary dues.

"Dan, tbo’ but small, a tribe distinct shall be ; en 'Midst Israel's rulers lie his Judge shall see.

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Line 12, Mekerotheihem, their fraudulent contracts (see Venema's Dissertations, vol. i. 226). Macar, which in Hebrew denoies he sold, in Arabic sig. nifies to beguile, and in Syriac to espouse.

Line 20. Ikkeru shor. James Robertson's Translation seems much preferable to ours, and still more so to the Seventy; not they dug down a wall,' much less they houghed an ox,' but trus:

For in their anger they slew a man,

And in their self-will they extirpated a prince.
Line 25, Achallekem bejaakob, I will divide them a portion in Jacob,

Va-apkitzem vejisrael, And cause them to overílow in Israel. So Venema renders it, and includes Reuben in the blessing, as otherwise no blessiog at all would have been pronowiced on these tribes, contrary to the assertion in ver. 28, that he blessed them, every one according to his blessing.' ---Compare Moses's blessing on Reuben (Deut. xxxiii. 6.) and on Levi (v. 8-11.).

Live 47. From the Mediterranean ta the Sea of Galilce. -
Line 51, Issachar is a strong ass (ckamor gerem, an ass of bone).

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.' Dan shall the serpent's subtlety display, ,
o. Coil'd like a slumb'ring adder in the way :

His sudden bite shall wound the horse's heel; .
The rider backward throw, his vengeance feel,

"For thy salvation hare'l waited, Lord !
Thus for my shield, at last my great reward!

"Gad from a troop may suffer a defeat, Yet in the end his conquest be complete.

- Be Ashcr blest indeed! - with choicest bread And royal dainties shall his sons be red,

• Let NAPRTALI divine deliverance find,
90. And bound along, a disentangled hind.

His gracious words shall other hearts prepare
To wrestle and prevail in fervent pray’r.

Joseph, the son of a most fruitful vine,
Son of that first-lov’d, best-lov'd wife of mine! "
75. Tho' long delay'd, her fainilies increase,

Her branches flourish after her decease.
Near a perennial spring this vine shall grow,
Her fruitfulness shall future ages shew.

Their venom'd shafts the archers thickly shot ;
· Keen were their arrows, but they reach d him uot;
While his own bow shall in full strength abide,
The Mighty One of Jacob on his side.
His arms, his hands, his father's God sustains,

While Israel's Shepherd, Israel's Stoce remains.
85. From his blest name my son his strength derives,

The all-suficient God, who ever lives!
Ilis aid thou hast experienc'd oft, and still
Tby cup with blessings shall Jehovah fill:

Blessings from Heaven above to thee shall flow,
go. And blessings from the deep that lies below: .

The blessings of the breast and of the womb
Shall be thy loi, when I am ia iny tumb: -
The blessings of thy father shall exceegi

All that his ancestors foretold their seed.
95 High as th'eternal hills these blessings rise,

wide as the earth, and lasting as the skies!
On Joseph's head shah erery good descend,
On him once babish'd far from every friend !

Fierce as a wolf shall BENJAMIN prepare,
100. With hostile troops, to wage successful war!

Ile in the morning shall his prey devour,
The spoil dividing at the ev'ning hour .

Line 22. Joseph is the son of a fruitful vine (ben porath). This seems to refer to Rachel, wbo, though she was long barren, and left but two sons, yet had two® tribes, which sprang from her grandsons, and very large ones, especially that of Ephraim, as Jacob had already predicted (Gen. xlviij. 16. 19, and Deut. xxxiii. 37.). I wonder so vatural an idea, which must affect the tenderest feelings of the Patriarch's heart, has not been noticed before. Psalm cxxviii. 3.

Line 85. The Samaritan and Syriac both read'Mishen, 'from ihe name,' instead of Misham, 'from thence' (see Psalm xx. I, 5, 7). This agrees also with tae preceding and following clause . Bidei abir Jaakob, From the hands of the Mighty One of Jacob. * Mishem Roeh eben Jisrael, From the pame of the Shepherd, ihe Stone of Israel. Die-El abica vejazereca, &c. From the God of thy Father, and he shall bless

thee, &c. Line 94. I have introduced a reference to his ancestors; but I suspect the true reading is, , 11 bircoth harei ad (or harrei all)

Ta-avath gibeoth olam ; and not Al bircoth horai,

Adta avath gibeoth olam. See Deut. xxxiii. 15, and Habak, iii. 6. In the former, harrei Kedem ; and in the latter, harrei ad occurs in the first clause, to correspond with gibeoth olan, in the following line.

ther &

| Printed by G. AULD, Greville Street, London.

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