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tively privileged to witness this blessed work in their friend : and being printed with the concurrence of the writers, they steer clear of the scruple that a delicate mind will raise respecting the unauthorized publication of posthumous letters and diaries. As a beautiful exhibition of the Holy Spirit's renewing and sanctifying operations, we heartily recommend the volume. It is not large, but it contains much that may do a vast deal of good.


BARITIES practised at Rome in the nineteenth Century. By Raffaele Ciocci, formerly a Benedictine and Cistertian Monk, student and hon. librarian of the Papal College of San Bernaedo, alle terme Diocleziane, in Rome.-Nisbet and Co.

“AND Great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His wrath.” This event is nigh; it is even at the door; and we hail every exhibition of the atrocities of the Great Harlot, as given to prepare our minds to contemplate her approacbing doom. The writer of this book is an Italian gentleman, now among us, who lays bare a small part of those “iniquities and barbarities” which have come under his own observation, and have been perpetrated against himself. It is, in truth, a vivid picture of Popery as it now is, and as it will be till the hour of divine vengeance overtakes it. At the same time, the narrative shews that there are many to whom the summons may be addressed, “ Come out

of her, MY PEOPLE,” and it ought exceedingly to quicken our zeal in loudly proclaiming the merciful admonition.

PHELIM O'NEIL: or, man's extremity is God's opportunity. An Irish story, founded on facts.Grapel, Liverpool.

As bearing on the wants and woes of the priestridden peasantry of Ireland, and shewing the value of the Irish language in communicating to them spiritual instruction, this little volume deserves attention; though there is, perhaps, rather more of romance in the incidents than accords with sober reality. This only applies to the framework of the tale, events and meetings falling out more à propos to the fitness of things than to the probability of a story. It is, however, powerfully graphic in some of its details, and to the correctness of the general descriptions we can bear personal testimony. Whatever tends to warm the heart towards the wronged and misled people of Ireland, as this certainly does, merits acceptance and encouragement.


PROTESTANTS ET DES CATHOLIQUES ROMAINS; Ou Exposé du Christianisme tel qu'il est professé dans la communion Protestante. Par C. M. Raeine. MUQUARDT BRUXELLES.-Nisbet and Co. London.

ELEGANT Frencb, conveying sound doctrine, spiritually comprehended and clearly set forth by the Authoress, may well command a circulation for her modest book,-a thick pamphlet only, but beautifully printed,-among the youthful students and admirers of that language. We are greatly interested in the work, and very earnestly desire to be the means of extending its sale. It is what its title page implies, a fair exhibition of the Christian faith professed by Protestants; and which it is ardently to be desired they all possessed likewise. Our friends will gratify themselves, and materially serve a sister in that holy faith by promoting the sale of the volume.

RHODA, or the Excellence of Charity. By the

Author of the Cottage on the Common,” fc.Grant and Griffiths.

A nice little tale for little girls under ten years old ; shewing what true charity is, according to the pattern set forth in 1 Cor. xiii.


for the use of Children: by the Author of " Mamma's Bible Stories."-Grant and Griffiths.

VERY unexceptionable, and well adapted to help the child, in the important exercise of prayer. We would remark, however, that caution must be used in giving a child the form of prayer “for one who has lost a mother.” There are not very many mothers

concerning whom a little child could truly speak in the terms there employed ; and one of the deadliest snares of Popery and other erring systems, consists in supplying language that is not strictly true, for the lips of the suppliant to utter.


Man of Sin, for High treason against the Son of God. Tried at the Sessions house of truth, 8c, &c, &c. By the Rev. W. Gregory. Third edition, carefully revised and considerably enlarged, with copious notes and an appendix. By a Clergyman of the Church of Ireland.Hardy, Dublin: Groombridge, London.

MANY who would not read a grave dissertation on the leading errors of Popery will find their attention completely arrested by this lively device; and they may be led to as safe and sound a conclusion too, as by another route. We should say that for servants and young lads, among other classes, it is exceedingly well adapted. The original made a great noise some years ago, and roused many to examine the matter : in this edition the condemnatory evidence is brought down to our own day.

“ PEACE UPON ISRAEL.” Eight affectionate

addresses to the children of Israel on the three Great Feasts of the Lord. The Passover, the Pentecost, and the Feast of Tabernacles. By W. G. Rhind. Bagsters.

These addresses are affectionate ; they are also brief and to the point, wbich is to shew the typical bearing of these divine ordinances upon the manifestation of the Son of God, as the true sacrifice for sinthe sin of the world. Mr. Rbind rightly judges that the full consummation of the Feast of Tabernacles is still future. The addresses, originally printed on cards, are now collected into an elegant neat tract in stiff covers.

The Tract Society have published “The Apprentice," a most useful pocket friend to a young man entering into business; and “ The Lime tree of Linden," a sweet little book, containing a lively notice of Luther and the Reformation, in the compass of a few small pages.

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