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be set forth in dry detail. We hope the work will circulate among our parliamentary gentlemen. It is calculated to set them thinking, and that too in a right track.


Charles B. Tayler, M.A. Rector of St. Peter's, and Evening Lecturer of St. Mary's, Chester.-Longman and Co.

We know of none who has made a more open and unhesitating stand against Tractarianism than Mr. Tayler, who has now given us a volume of sermons, valuable for the sound, scriptural doctrine propounded in them, apart from controversy; and doubly valuable as bearing strongly on the controverted truths that Tractarianism seeks to undermine or to batter down. The sermons referring to baptism are especially valuable.


A WELL-TOLD tale, setting forth some of the consequences that do and must result from the introduction of the pestilent heresy known as Tractarianism. The writer knows his subject well, and has given a fair exhibition of it in the character and conversation of a parochial minister, whose antitype, alas ! may be found in almost any diocese into which we choose DECEMBER, 1844.

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I dare not put such dishonour on the Most Highest as to assert, or to imply, that he has forbidden what was impracticable, or denounced that which has no existence. It is not many months since we discussed this matter fully; and I can truly say that my impressions as to the infernal, and therefore utterly unlawful character of mesmerism, are strengthened rather than otherwise since that time.'

Then, uncle, how deplorable is the fact announced in this circular!'

• It is disgraceful to the national character that such a thing should be permitted. Nevertheless, I am glad you are enabled to put parents on their guard, and again to repeat the solemo admonition to the young, not to be partakers in other men's sins. I suppose you have seen the puffing announcement that Miss Martineau bas been miraculously cured of some ailment, by these means.'

I have, uncle; and the fact of her being an open unbeliever in the divinity of Him in whose name alone we can defy, and in whose power alone we can defeat, the might of Satan, was painfully, awfully present to my mind. I should be less inclined to doubt the asserted care than to mourn over it.'

I perceive your precious circular announces this institution to be “under medical direction;” but no medical man has seen fit publicly to attach his name to it. Again, one of its objects is “the alleviation of pain under surgical operations ; ” Do you believe that pain can be so alleviated ?'

A very powerful opiate, slily administered, might produce the torpid state necessary for the purpose in slighter cases; but in any of a very severe character it could not: neither is it within the scope of any agency with which we are acquainted to rouse the sleepers at pleasure, as these performers do. I should say that, in most instances, it is done by collusion, the patient being one of a numerous class who can nerve themselves to a very high pitch of unflinching endurance, when powerfully wrought on by mercenary, or other interested motives; but in some cases, apparently attested beyond a cavil, I hesitate not to attribute the effect produced to the direct power of Satan acting on, and possibly by, one who is unconscious of the fearful communion into which he is brought; but who has, most assuredly, no present, lively, acting faith in the Lord Jesus, as the conqueror of Satan, to render bim proof against the great enemy's devices.'

• No one possessing that faith in its right exercise would dare to take any part whatever in such scenes, much less in such deeds. If, firmly persuaded in his own mind that the thing was perfectly innocent, a legitimate use of merely medicinal means, such a person, armed with earnest prayer for the continued presence and protection of the Lord, was to place himself in their hands, I do not believe that Mesmerism would have the slightest power over him. But to try it as an experiment, to go with a knowledge that there was a doubt as to its lawfulness, would be to place himself in the position of him who eats while he doubts, as described by the Apostle. It would be a presumptuous sin, and likely to provoke the grievous punishment of being given over to “ strong delusion that they should believe a lie.”..

These projectors have, as you see, united phrenology with mesmerism.'

• That,' said my uncle, “is a part of the snare; a

bait to entrap many wbo, being convinced, as I for one am, that the general system of phrenology is borne out by facts, and facts that are in no way whatever inconsistent with the most spiritual interpretation of the word of God, while it stands wholly onconnected with the possibility of any evil agency in producing those facts, may be induced to Jend themselves to this pretended investigation of a black art on the footing of its asserted connexion with phrenology. Why, they might with as much reason bave labelled their trap “ Mesmerism and navigation" as Mesmerism and phrenology!'

• It is well to note that; but now dear oncle, for another and a more generally successful trap, in which, alas ! too many are caught-Tractarianismwhat say you to its progress during the past year?'

*If by Tractarianism you mean to imply simply the doctrines propounded by that school, and the practices therefrom resulting, I am disposed to tbink that they are somewhat at a stand-still. The open advance of conspicuous disciples into Popery, wbile it ibins their ranks, also startles a multitude who would follow to a certain point, but whose inherent Protestantism shrinks back when it sees the real terminus of the path so plainly laid open. Hence a temporary check; à pause; and more wary manoeuvring in the rear. Of course, you have had your eyes open to recent proceedings in the diocese of Exeter?

• Oh yes; and I have read with some attention the rubric that is to be so stringently enforced. I want to know your opinion on a matter that may soon apply a test to every individual among us.'

• Ay, it is a solemn question, and one requiring

much prayerful thought, what part a Christian man should take under such circumstances ? For myself, I know nothing rightly, save as the Lord is pleased to teach me; and as I cannot draw in advance either strength for the future day of trial, or wisdom for the future day of perplexity, I prefer to cast myself on the divine promise, and to remain quiet until my turn comes to be called on, as a member of a congregation, to decide on my peculiar duties. But, as to the movement itself, on the part of those in authority, I view it as a most mischievous device of Satan, to embarrass, entangle, and disunite us.'

"But do you see any thing very objectionable in the rubrics?

My dear, it is idle to place it on that ground. The real question, now introduced, and about to be debated, I fear, with grievous heat, is, whether the appointed overseer, or bishop, of a diocese, has authority so to lord it over God's heritage as to compel the members of every congregation therein assembling for divine worship, to conform to usages that had become obsolete, falling into general desuetude before his or their fathers were born : whether each respective minister is to be armed with power, if so disposed, and compelled in his own despite if reluctant, to force upon his flock those obsolete usages, now become, not the indifferent things that they were a dozen years since, but the selected, the peculiar, the ostentatious badges of a party whose aim it manifestly is to subvert the gospel of Christ, and to bring upon os again the yoke of papal bondage. Mark, this is the point on which the question hinges : this is the bone of contention. The Puseyite section drew the attention of the whole

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