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mann tar-booth', f.

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Nu. 10: 5. When ye blow an alarm, then

OP [t'kehph], Ch.
6. When ye bloro an alarm the second
10. ye shall blow with the trumpets

* P’AL.Preterite. * Jos. 6: 8, 13, and blevo with the trumpets:

| Dan 4:11(8). The tree grew, and was strong,
9. (na) the priests that blew with the
16. the priests Ülew with the trumpets,

20(17). which grew, and was strong, Jud. 7:18. When I blow with a trumpet, I and all that

PAL.-Future. (are) with me, then blow ye the trumpets Dan 4:22(19). that art grown and become strong: I Sa. 13: 3. Saul blew the trumpet throughout

5:20. was lifted up, and his mind hardened 31:10. they fastened his body to the wall IK. 1:34. and blow ye with the trumpet,

* PAEL.- Infinitive, * I Ch 10:10. fastened his head in the temple

Dan 6: 7(8). and to make a firm decree,
Pro. 6: 1. thou hast stricken thy hand with
Isa. 22:23. And I will fasten him (as) a nail
Jer. 6: 3. they shall pitch (their) tents
Eze. 7:14. They have blown the trumpet,

Est. 9:29. Mordecai the Jew, wrote with all are 33: 3. If when he seeth...he blow the trumpet,

thority, (marg. strength) 6. blow not the trumpet,

10: 2. all the acts of his power Nah 3:19. bruit of thee shall clap the hands

Danl1:17. enter with the strength of his whole
KAL.- Infinitive.
Jos. 6: 9, 13. on, and blowing with the trumpets.
Jud. 7:20. trumpets in their right hands to blow
Isa. 18: 3. and when he bloweth a trumpet,

Dan 2:37. power, and strength, and glory.
KAL.- Imperative.

4:30(27). by the might of my power, Ps. 47: 1(2). O clap your hands, all ye people ;

81: 3(4). Blow up the trumpet in the new Jer. 4: 5. Blow ye the trumpet in the land:

6: 1.blow the trumpet in Tekoa,

51:27. blow the trumpet among the nations, Hos. 5: 8. Blow ye the cornet in Gibeah, Joel 2: 1. Blow ye the trumpet in Zion,

Nu. 32:14. an increase of sinful men,
15. Blow the trumpet in Zion,

Ex. 10:19. and cast (marg. fastened) them into the
Nu. 10: 4. if they blow (but) with one (trumpet),

Lev.25:36. Take thou no usury of him, or increase : 6. they shall blow an alarm

Pro. 28: 8. by usury and unjust gain increaseth his 7. ye shall blow, but ye shall not sound an

Eze.18: 8. neither hath taken any increase, 8. priests, shall blow with the trumpets;

13. and hath taken increase : Jos. 6: 4. the priests shall blow with the trumpets.

17. hath not received usury nor increase, 20. people shouted when the priests) blew

22:12. thou hast taken usury and increase, Jud. 3:21. and thrust it into his belly:

27. that he blew a trumpet in the mountain 4:21. and smote the nail into his temples, 6:31. and he blew a trumpet; 7:19. and they blew the trumpets,

20. And the three companies blew

22. And the three hundred blew 16:14. And she fastened (it) with the pin, 2Sa. 2:28. So Joab blew a trumpet,

* Participle. Passive. * 18:14. and thrust them through the heart

Ezr. 4: 7. and interpreted in the Syrian 16. And Joab blew the trumpet, 20: 1. and he blew a trumpet, and said, 22. And he blew a trumpet, and they

7977 tar-deh-müh', f. IK. 1:39. And they blew the trumpet ;

Gen 2:21. the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall 2K. 9:13. and blew with trumpets,

15:12. And when...a deep sleep fell upon Abram ; Zec. 9:14. the Lord God shall blow the trumpet,

I Sa. 26:12. a deep sleep from the Lord was fallen KAL. -Participle. Poel.

Job 4:13. when deep sleep falleth on men, Jos. 6: 9. the priests that blew with the trumpets,

33:15. when deep sleep falleth upon men, 2K. 11:14. and blew with trumpets:

Pro. 19:15. Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep; 2Ch 23:13. rejoiced, and sounded with trumpets,

Isa. 29:10. the spirit of deep sleep,
Neh 4:18(12). And he that sounded the trumpet
Pro. 11:15. he that hateth suretiship (marg.those that

non troo-mūh', f. strike (hands)) is sure. 17:18. A man void of understanding striketh Ex. 25: 2. Speak unto the children of Israel, that 22:26. of them that strike hands,

they bring me an offering: (marg. or, KAL.-Participle. Paül.

heave offering)

- ye shall take my offering. Isa. 22:25. shall the nail that is fastened

3. the offering which ye shall take * NIPHAL.-Future. *

29:27. the shoulder of the heare offering, Job 17: 3. who (is) he (that) will strike bands

28. for it (is) an heane offering: and it shall Isa. 27:13. the great trumpet shall be blown,

be an heave offering from the children Am. 3: 6. Shall a trumpet be blown in the city,

- their heave offering unto the Lord. 30:13. the offering of the Lord.

14. shall give an offering unto the Lord. ypm tēh'-kag, m.

15. when they) give an offering unto the Ps. 150: 3. Praise him with the sound of the

35: 5. an offering unto the Lord:

- an offering of the Lord ;
21. they brought the Lord's offering
24. an offering of silver and brass brought the

Lord's offering :
** KAL. — Future. *

36: 3. received of Moses all the offering, Job 14:20. Thou prevaiiest for ever against him,

6. for the offering of the sanctuary. 15:24, they shall prevail against him,

| Lev. 7:14. an heave offering unto the Lord, Ecc. 4:12. if one prevail against him,

32. an heuve offering of the sacrifices

Sanna see San

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Lev. 7:34. the heave shoulder (lit, shoulder of heave 1Ch 15:28. brought up the ark of the covenant...rith offering)

10:14. the wave breast and heave shoulder 2Ch 13:12. sounding trumpets to cry alarm
15. The heave shoulder and the

15:14. and with shouling, and with trumpets, 22:12. eat of an offering of the holy things. Ezr. 3:11. all the people shouted with a great shout, Nu, 5: 9. every offering of all the holy things

12. many shouted aloud for joy: 6:20. the wave breast and heave shoulder:

13. the noise of the shout of joy 15:19. offer up an heave offering

- for the people shouted with a loud shout, 20. offer up a cake...(for) un heave offering: Job 8:21. Till he fill...thy lips with rejoicing. (marg. as ye do) the heave offering of

shouting for joy) 21. an heave offering in your generations.

33:26. he shall see his face with joy: 18: 8. the charge of mine heuve offerings

39:25. thunder of the captains, and the shouting. 11. the heave offering of their gift,

Ps. 27: 6. therefore will I offer...sacrifices of joy ; 19. the heare offerings of the holy things,

(marg. shouting)
24. which they offer (as) an heave offering 33: 3. play skilfully with a loud noise.
26. ye shall offer up an heave offering of it for 47: 5(6). God is gone up with a shout,
the Lord,

89:15(16). the people that know the joyful sound: 27. your heave offering shall be reckoned

150: 5. upon the high sounding cymbals. 28. an heave offering unto the Lord

Jer. 4:19. the trumpet, the alarm of war. - the Lord's heave offering

20:16. and the shouting at noontide; . every heave offering of the Lord.

49: 2. 1 will cause an alarm of war to be heard 31:29. an heave offering of the Lord,

Eze 21:22( 27). to lift up the voice with shouting, 41. the Lord's heave offering,

Am. 1:14. with shouting in the day of battle, 52. all the gold of the offering

2: 2. Moab shall die with tunjult, with shouting, Deu 12: 6. heave offerings of your hand,

Zep. 1:16. A day of the trumpet and alarm 11. and the heave offering of your hand,

17. or heave offering of thine hand. 2Sa. 1:21. nor fields of offerings : 2Ch 31:10. Since (the people) began to bring the offerings

Eze. 47:12. the leaf thereof for medicine. (marg, or, 12. the offerings and the tithes

bruises und sures)
14. to distribute the oblations of
Ezr. 8:25. the offering of the house of our God,
Neh 10:37(38). the firstfruits of our dough, und our

39( 40). the offering of the corn,

Isa. 44:14. taketh the cypress and the oak, 12:44. for the offerings, for the firstfruits,

13: 5. and the offerings of the priests. Pro. 29: 4. he that receiveth gifts (marg. a man of

oblations) Isa. 40:20. he hath no oblation

Ezr. 4:24. So it ceased unto the second year of the Eze.20:40. there will I require your offerings,

6:17. twelve (lit. two ten) 'he goats, 44:30. every oblation of all, of every (sort) of Dan 4:29(26). At the end of twelve (lit. two ten) your oblations,

months 45: 1. ye shall offer un oblation unto the Lord, 5:31(6:1). about threescore and two years old.

6. against the oblution of the holy (portion):
7.on the other side of the oblation
- before the oblation of the holy (portion),

797 tor-müh', f.
13. the oblation that ye shall offer ;
16. shall give this oblation for the prince

Jud. 9:31. sent messengers unto Abimelech privily, 48: 8. the offering which ye shall offer

(marg. cruftily, or, to Tormah)
9. The oblation that ye shall offer
10. the priests, shall be (this) holy oblation ;
12. (this) oblation of the land that is offered
18, 18. against the oblation of the holy (portion)
20. All the oblation

? Jer. 14:14. (and) the deceit of their heart.
- offer the holy oblation
21.the residue...of the holy oblation,
- the five and twenty thousand of the

na tar-meeth', f.
- it shall be the holy oblation;

Ps.119:118. their deceit (is) falsehood.
Mal. 3: 8. In tithes and offerings.

Jer. 8: 5. they hold fast deceit,

14:14. the deceit of their heart.

23:26. the deceit of their own heart; 17917 t'roo-meey-yāh', f.

Zep. 3:13. neither shall a deceitful tongue be found Eze.48:12. (this) oblation of the land

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7yon troo-ýāh', f.

Isa. 30:17. left as a beacon (marg. or, a tree tereft of Lev.23:24. a memorial of blowing of trumpets,

branches, or, boughs : or, a mast) upon 25: 9. the trumpet of the jubile (marg. loud of

the top of a mountain, sound)

33:23. could not well strengthen their mast, Nu. 10: 5. When ye blow an alarm, then

Eze.27: 5.cedars from Lebanon to make musts 6. When ye blow an alarm the second time,

- they shall blow an alarm 23:21.and the shout of a king (is) among them. 29: 1. a day of blowing the trumpets

31: 6. the trumpets to blow Jos. 6: 5. the people shall shout with a great shout; Dan

ut. Dan 2:49. Daniel (sat) in the gate of the king.

3:26. came near to the mouth (marg. door) of 20. the people shouted with a great shout, 1 Sa. 4: 5. Israel shouted with a great shout,

the burning 6. when the Philistines heard the noise of

the shout,

- the noise of this great shout 2Sa. 6:15. brought up the ark of the Lord with shouting,

Ezr. 7:24. porters, Nethinims, or ministers of this

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nyawim t'shoo-"āh', f. Ps. 60: 3(5), made us to drink the wine of astonish- Jud. 15:18. Thou hast given this great deliverance ment.

I Sa.11: 9. ye shall have help. (marg. or, deliverance) Isa. 51:17. drunken the dregs of the cup of trembling, 13. to day the Lord hath wrought salvation 22. I have taken...

19: 5. the Lord wrought a great salvation | 2Sa.19: 2(3). the victory (marg. salvation, or, deliver.

ance) that day was (turned) into Diana t'rāh-pheem', m. pl.

23:10, 12. the Lord wrought a great victory

| 2K. 5: 1. the Lord had given deliverance (marg. or, Gen31:19. Rachel had stolen the images (marg. tera

victory) phim)

13:17. The arrow of the Lord's deliverance, and 34. Rachel had taken the images,

the arrow of deliverance from Syria : 35. but found not the images.

ICh 11:14. the Lord saved (them) by a great deliverJud. 17: 5. made an ephod, and teraphim,

ance. (marg. or, salvation) 18:14. in these houses an ephod, and teraphim, 19:12. then thou shalt help me: (lit. shalt be for 17.image, and the ephod, and the teraphim,

help to me) 18.image, the ephod, and the teruphim, 2Ch 6:41. let thy priests, O Lord God, be clothed 20. took the ephod, and the teraphim,

with salvation, Sa.15:23. iniquity and idolatry.

Ps. 33:17. An horse (is) a vain thing for safety : 19:13. Michal took an image,

37:39. But the salvation of the righteous 16. an image in the bed,

38:22(23), O Lord my salvation. 2K, 23:24. the images, and the idols,

40:10(1). I have declared thy faithfulness and Eze.21:21(26). he consulted with images, (marg. tera

thy salvation : phim).

16(17). let such as love thy salration Hos 3: 4.and (without) teraphim :

51:14/16). thou God of my salvation : Zec.10: 2. the idols (marg. teruphims) have spoken 60.11(13). vain (is) the help (marg. salvation) of

71:15. thy righteousness (and) thy salvation

108:12(13). vain (is) the help of man. winnm tar-sheesh', m.

119:41. (even) thy salvation, according to

81. My soul fainteth for thy salvation : Ex. 28:20 & 39:13. the fourth row a beryl,

144:10. (It is he) that giveth salvation (marg. or, Cant 5:14. gold rings set with the beryl

victory) unto kings: Eze. 1:16. like unto the colour of a beryl :

146: 3. in whom (there is) no help. (marg. or, 10: 9. as the colour of a beryl stone.

salvation) 28:13. the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the Pro. 11:14. but in the multitude of counsellors (there beryl, (marg. or, chrysolite)

is) safety. Dan10: 6. His body also (was) like the beryl,

21:31. safety (marg. or, victory) (is) of the Lord.
24: 6.and in multitude of counsellors (there is)

Isa. 45:17. with an everlasting salvation :

46:13. and my salvation shall not tarry: and I Ezr. 2:63. And the Tirshatha (marg. or, governor) said

will place salvation in Zion Neh 7:65. And the Tirshatha (marg. id.) said

Jer. 3:23. our God (is) the salvation of Israel. 70. The Tirshutha gave to the treasure

Lam 3:26. wait for the salvation of the Lord. 8: 9. Nehemiah, which (is) the Tirshatha, (marg.

or, governor) 10: 1. Nehemiah, the Tirshatha, (marg. id.)

| Gen 3:16. thy desire (shall be) to thy husband,

4: 7. unto thee (shall be ) his desire, navn t'soo'-meth, f. Cant.7:10(11). his desire (is) toward me. Lev. 6: 2(5:21). lie unto his fellow

ship. (marg. putting of the hand, or, |

1S:.. 9: 7.and (there is) not a present to bring to the

man of God: nixrin t'shoo-õhth', f. pl.

'Y'Um t'shee-gee', adj. ord. Job 36:29. the noise of his tabernacle?

39: 7. neither regardeth he the crying of | Lev.25:22. eat (yet) of old fruit until the ninth Isa. 22: 2. Thou that art full of stirs,

Nu. 7:60. On the ninth day Abidan Zec. 4: 7. shall bring forth the headstone...(with) | EK, 17: 6. In the ninth year of Hoshea shoutings,

25: J. it came to pass in the ninth year 1 Ch 12:12. Elzabad the ninth,

24:11. The ninth to Jeshuah,

25:16. The ninth to Mattaniah, yavn tash-bēhtz', m.

27:12. The ninth (captain) for the ninth month Ex. 28: 4. a broidered coat, a mitre, and a girdle:

Ezr. 10: 9. It (was) the ninth month,
Jer. 36: 9. of Judah, in the ninth month,

22. sat in the winterhouse in the ninth month:

39: 1. In the ninth year of Zedekiah panin t'shoo-vāh', f.

52: 4. it came to pass in the ninth year

Eze.24: 1. Again in the ninth year, 1 Sa. 7:17. And his return (was) to Ramah;

Hag. 2:10. twentieth (day) of the ninth (month), 2Sa.ll: 1. after the year was expired, (marg. at the

18. twentieth day of the ninth (month), return of the year)

Zec. 7: the fourth (day) of the ninth month, IK. 20:22. at the return of the year the king of

26. at the return of the year, that Ben-hadad 1Ch 20: 1. after the year was expired, (marg. the re- yum tēh-shag', f. & Jyon tish-gūh',

turn of the year) 2Ch 36:10. And when the year was expired, (marg. at

m. adj. num. the return of the year) Job 21:34. seeing in your answers there remaineth Gen 5: 5. the days that Adam lived were nine falsehood?

hundred and thirty years: 34:36.(his) answers for wicked men.

8. of Seth were nine hundred and twelve

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Gen 5:11.of Enos were nine hundred and five 1Ch 25:26. The nineteenth to Mallothi,

14.of Cainan were nine hundred and ten 2Ch 16:12. Asa in the thirty and ninth year
20.of Jared were nine hundred sixty and two 25: 1. reigned twenty and nine years
27.of Methuselah were nine hundred sixty 29: 1. reigned nine and twenty years
and nine years: and he died.

| Ezr. 1: 9, nine and twenty knives, 9:29. of Noah were nine hundred and fifty

2: 8. nine hundred forty and five. 11:19. Reu two hundred and nine years,

36. nine hundred seventy and three. 24. Nahor lived nine and twenty years,

42. the children of Shobai, (in) all an hun25. Terah an hundred and nineteen years,

dred thirty and nine. 17: 1. Abram was ninety years old and nine, Neh 7:38. three thousand nine hundred and thirty.

24. Abraham (was) ninety years old and nine, 39. nine hundred seventy and three. Ex. 38:24. was twenty and nine talents,

11: 1. the holy city, and nine parts Lev. 23:32. in the ninth (day) of the month

8. nine hundred twenty and eight. 25: 8. shall be unto thee forty and nine years. Jer. 39: 2. the ninth (day) of the month, Nu. 1:23. Simeon, (were) fifty and nine thousand 52: 6. in the ninth (day) of the month, and three hundred.

12. which (was) the nineteenth year 2:13. (were) fifty and nine thousand and three

hundred. 29:26. on the fifth day nine bullocks,

34:13. commanded to give unto the nine tribes, Deu 3:11. nine cubits (was ) the length thereof, Gen 5: 9. Enos lived ninety years, Jos. 13: 7. inheritance unto the nine tribes,

17. eight hundred ninety and five years: 14: 2. for the nine tribes, and (for) the half tribe.

30. five hundred ninety and five years, 15:32. all the cities (are) twenty and nine,

17: 1. when Abram was ninety years old and 44, 54. nine cities with their villages:

nine, 19:38. nineteen cities with their villages.

17. that is ninety years old, 21:16. nine cities out of those two

24. Abraham (was) ninety years old and nine, Jud. 4: 3. he had nine hundred chariots

1 Sa. 4:15. Eli was ninety and eight years old ; 13. nine hundred chariots of iron,

ICh 9: 6. six hundred und ninety. 2Sa. 2:30. David's servants nineteen men

Ezr. 2:16. of Hezekiah, ninety and eight. 24: 8. Jerusalem at the end of nine months

20. children of Gibbar, ninety and five. 2K. 14: 2. reigned twenty and nine years

58. three hundred ninety and two. 15:13. reign in the nine and thirtieth year

8:35. bullocks for all Israel, ninety and six 17. In the nine and thirtieth year

Neh 7:21. of Ater of Hezekiah, ninety and eight. 17: 1. in Samaria over Israel nine years.

25. children of Gibeon, ninety and five. 18: 2. reigned twenty and nine years

60. three hundred ninety and two. 10. the ninth year of Hoshea

Jer. 52:23. there were ninety and six pomegranates 25: 3. on the ninth (day) of the (fourth) month Eze. 4: 5. three hundred and ninety days: 8. which (is) the nineteenth year

9. three hundred and ninety days iCh 3: 8. Eliada, and Eliphelet, nine.

41:12. the length thereof ninety cubits. 9: 9. nine hundred and fifty and six.

Dan 12:11.(there shall be) a thousand two hundred 24:16. The nineteenth to Pethahiah,

and ninety days.

... After cach Hebrew word the various English terms by which it is rendered in the Authorised Version, ara

given in alphabetical order. Those in which the English is not strictly a translation of the Hebrew, but
the rendering is the result of some peculiarity, are markede. The mark indicates that the rendering is
that of the Hebrew word in combination with some other. The intensitive use of the Infinitives has also
to be noticed as the occasion of peculiar renderings in the verbs. Words, or parts of words in italice,
indicate that they are merely accompaniments of the English which translates the Hebrew word under
which they stand.


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11728 ............9 lanient, to

mourn, to
• desire

173x............ 9



728 ............ 9

* patrimony


Sax ............11
consent, to

X ..............8

rest content, to

will, to
willing, to be


728 ..........10



jag .... 528 ............11


ZN ............11

carbuncle +

73 ............8

divers weights


broken, to be

destroyed, to be

destruction 2' x ........... 10 plummett
escape, not to

fail, to

lost, to be
ears of corn, green

perish, to

ready to perish, to!

Jiax ..........10 128 Ch.

undone, to be



void of, to be
poor man

way to flee,t to
have no 17213x..


destroy, to
lose, to
728 ........

Dex............ 13
perish, to cause to angel

perish, to make to bull

spend, to


Hiphil. mighty one nyaya ......13
destroy, to

take, to
strong one

728 Ch. ......... 9 valiant

P'al. 728 ....

dust, small
perish, to


PON............ 13
destroy, to

perish, to


wrestle, to
mount up, to
destroyed, to be

17228 ..........13



728 ............ 13
lament, to

1928 () ......9 mourn, to

fly, to

7728 ..........9 lament, to maketo

lost, thatwhichwas

mourning, to
lost thing

cause a

Hithpael. 17728 ..........17
11738 ..........9

feign self to be a feather
mourner, to

7.728 .......... 14 | goodly
bow the knee


7728 .........14 mighty

mighty one


ridx ..........



777128........... 14

piece of silver cominon sortt
09?28 .......... 14




man of low degree

mean man


standing water

jipas ..........14 ruddy, to be


dyed red, to be

red, to be

red, to be made


red, to be


red, to be
D'DIX ......... 14 078 ..........21



gather, to

X7: Ch. ...... 14

07278 ........21



1 .... ...... 21



MIX .......... 14


78 ............ 1978 & 2278

IX............14 ruddy

Hiphil. 378 ............
grieve, to

1178............15 socket
Adoni-bezek 278 ........., 22


Lord, my
1:78 Ch. ...... 17

778 .............24


time, that

glorious, to be-

.........1 Hiphil.

honourable, to


778............. 24





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