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Gen31:13. vowedst a vow unto me:
Lev. 7:16. if the sacrifice of his offering (be) a vow,

22:18. for all his vows,
as the wind:

21. to accomplish (his) vow,

23. but for a vow it shall not be accepted.

23:38. and beside all your vous, 17? [nāh-dūhn'], m.

27: 2.a man shall make a singular vow,

Nu. 6: 2. separate (themselves) to vow a vow Eze.16:33. thou givest thy gifts

5. the days of the vow of his separation

21. according to the vow which he vowed, 15: 3, 8. a sacrifice in performing a vow,

21: 2. Israel vowed a vow unto the Lord, 1Ch 21:27. he put up his sword again into the sheath

29:39. beside your vows, and your freewill thereof.

30: 2(3). If a man vow a vow

314). If a woman also vow a vow

4(5). her father hear her vow, 1727) nid-neh', Ch. m.

-(-). then all her vows shall stand,

5(6). not any of her vous, Dan. 7:15. in my spirit in the midst of (my) body,

617). when she vowed, (lit. and her vows were (marg. sheath)

upon her)
7(8). then her rows shall stand,
819). he shall make her vow

9/16), But every vow of a widow,
* KAL.-Future. *

11(12). then all her vows shall stand, Job 32:13. God thrusteth him down,

12(13) out of her lips concerning her vous, I's. 1: 4. which the wind driveth away.

13(14). Every vow, and every binding 68: 2(3). (so) drive (them) away:

14(15). establisheth all her vows,

Deul2: 6. and your vows, and your freewill offerings, * NIPHAL.- Preterite. *

11. all your choice vows Isa. 19: 7. every thing sown by the brooks, shall 17. nor any of thy vows wither, be driven away,

26. and thy vows, thou shalt take, NIPHAL.-Infinitive.

23:18(19). Thou shalt not bring the hire of a

whore,...for any vow : Ps. 68: 2(3). As smoke is driven away,

21(22). When thou shalt vow a vow NIPHAL.-Participle.

Jud.11:30. And Jephthah vowed a vow Lev.26:36. the sound of a shaken (marg. driven) leat

drive leat! 39. (according) to his vow Job 13:25. a leaf driven to and fro?

1 Sa. 1:11. And she vowed a vow, Pro.21: 6.a vanity tossed to and fro

21. the yearly sacrifice, and his vow. Isa. 41: 2. as driven stubble to his bow.

2Sa.15: 7. let me go and pay my vow,

8. For thy servant vowed a vow

Job 22:27. und thou shalt pay thy vows. 772 nāh-dar'.

Ps. 22:25( 26). I will pay my vows * KAL.-Preterite, *

50:14. pay thy rows unto the most high:

56:12(13). Thy vows (are) upon me, Gen31:13. where thou vowedst a vow

61: 5(6). hast heard my rows : Nu. 30:10(11). if she vowed in her husband's house,

819). that I may daily perform my vows. Deu23:23 21). thou hast vowed unto the Lord

65: 1(2). unto thee shall the vow be performed. Jud. 11:39. his vow which he had vored :

66:13. I will pay thee my vows, 2Sa.15: 7.1 have vowed unto the Lord,

116:14, 18. I will pay my vows 8. thy servant vowed a vow

| Pro. 7:14. this day have I payed my vows. Ps. 132: 2. vowed unto the mighty (God)

20:25. after vows to make enquiry. Isa. 19:21. yea, they shull vow a vow

31: 2. the son of my vows ? Jer. 44:25. our vows that we have vowed,

Ecc. 5: 4(3). When thou vowest a vow
Jon. 2: 9(10). I will pay (that) that I huve vowed.

Isa. 19:21. they shall vow a vow

Jer. 44:25. We will surely perform our vows
No. 6: 2. to vou a vow of a Nazarite,

- ye will surely accomplish your vous, and Dcu23:22(23). if thou shalt forbear to vow,

surely perform your vows.

Jon. 1:16. offered a sacrifice...and made vows.
KAL.— Imperutive.

Nah. 1:15(2:1). perform thy vows :
I's. 76:11(12). Vow, and pay unto the Lord

KAL.-Future. Gen28:20. And Jacob vowed a vow,

Ai nõhåh, m. Xu. 6:21.the Nazarite who hath vowed,

- according to the vow which he vowed, Eze. 7:11. neither (shall there be) wailing 21: 2. And Israel vowed a vow 30; 2(3). If a man vow a vow 3(4). If a woman also vow a vow

27 nūh-hag'. Deu12:11. which ye vow unto the Lord: 17.any of thy vows which thou vowest,

* KAL.- Preterite. * 23:21(22). When thou shalt vow a vow

1 Sa.30:20. the Hocks and the herds, (which) they Jud 11:30. And Jephthah vowed a vow

drave I Sa. 1:11. And she towed a vow,

Lam.3: 2. He hath led me, and brought (me into) Fec. 5: 4(3). When thou vowest a vow

KAL. Imperative.
-(-). pay that which thou hast vowed.
5(4). Better...that thou shouldest not vow, I 2K. 4:24. Drive, and go forward ;
than that thou shouldest vow and not pay.

Jon. 1:16. offered a sacrifice...and made (marg. Gen31:18. And he carried away all his cattle,
vowed) vows.

Ex. 3: 1.and he led the flock to the backside of the KAL.- Participle. Poel.

desert, Lev.27: 8. according to his ability that vowed

1 Sa.23: 5. and brought away their cattle, Mal. 1:14. and voweth, and sacrificeth unto the Lord

30: 2.but carried (them) away,

22. that they may lead (them) away,

2K. 9:20. he driveth furiously. 773 nēh'-der & 7) neh'-vier. m. | 1Ch 20: 1.that...Joab led forth the power of the ariny,

2Ch 25:1). and led forth his people, Gen28:20. And Jacob vowed a vow,

Job 24: 3. They drive away the ass of the fatheriess, Cant.8: 2. I would lead thee, (and) bring thee


| Isa. 40:11. shall gently lead those that are with young. Isa. 20: 4. shall the king of Assyria lead away

49:10. by the springs of water shall he guide them. KAL.--Participle. Poel.

PIEL.Participle. 2Sa. 6: 3. Uzzah and Ahio,...drave the new cart. Isa. 51:18.(There is) none to guide her ICh 13: 7. Uzza and Ahio drave the cart.

* HITHPAEL.-Future. * Ps. 80: 1(2). thou that leadest Joseph like a flock ;

Gen33:14. I will lead on softly,
Ecc. 2: 3. acquainting mine heart with wisdom;
Isa. 11: 6. a little child shall lead them.
KAL.-Participle. Paül.

nah-håloh-leem', m. p). Isa. 60:11.(that) their kings (may be) brought.

Isa. 7:19. upon all bushes. (marg. commendable trees ) * PIEL.-Preterile. * Ex. 10:13. the Lord brought an east wind Isa. 63:14. so didst thou lead thy people,

071 [nūh-ham']. PIEL.-Future.

* KAL.-Preterite. * Gen31:26. and carried away my daughters,

Pro. 5:11. And thou mourn at the last,
Ex. 14:25. that they drave them (marg. or, and made Eze.24:23. ye shall pine away...and mourn

them to go) heavily:
Deu 4:27. whither the Lord shall lead you.

KAL.-Future. 28:37. whither the Lord shall lead thee.

Isa. 5:29. yea, they shall roar, and lay hold Ps. 48:14( 15). he will be our guide (even) unto death.

30. And in that day they shall 'roar 78:26. and by his power he brought in the south

KAL.-Participle. Poel. wind.

Pro.28:15.a roaring lion, and a ranging bear ; 52. and guided them in the wilderness Isa. 49:10. he that hath mercy on them shall lead them,

·02) nah'-ham, 'm. JA? (nāh-hag'].

Pro. 19:12. king's wrath (is) as the roaring of a lion ;

20: 2. The fear of a king (is) as the roaring of * PIEL.-Participle. * Nah. 2: 7(8). her maids shall lead (her)

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772 nāh-hūh'.

Ps. 38: 8(9). I have roared by reason of the disquiet

ness of
* KAL.-Preterite. *

Isa. 5:30. like the roaring of the sea :
Mic. 2: 4. and lament with a doleful lamentation,
KAL.- Imperative.

Eze.32:18. wail for the multitude of Egypt,

* KAL.- Future, * * NIPHAL.-Future. *

Job 6: 5. Doth the wild ass bray when he hath grass? 1 Sa. 7: 2. and all the house of Israel lamented

30: 7. Among the bushes they bruyed; 7173 [n'hāhr], Ch. m.

77 [nāh-har']. Dan. 2:22. and the light dwelleth with him.

* KAL.-Preterite. *

Ps. 34: 5(6). looked unto him, and were lightened : op n'hee, m.

Isa. 2: 2. and all nations shall flow unto it.

60: 5. Then thou shalt see, and flow together, Jer. 9:10(9). will I take up a weeping and wailing, Jer. 31:12. and shall flow together to the goodness 18(17). take up a wailing for us,

Mic. 4: 1.and people shall flow unto it. 19(18). a voice of wailing is heard

KAL.-Future. 20(19).teach your daughters wailing, 31:15. A voice was heard in Ramah, lamentation, Jer. 51:44. and the nations shall not flow together Am. 5:16. skilful of lamentation to wailing. Mic. 2: 4. lament with a doleful lamentation,

772 nūh-hūhr', m.

Gen 2:10. And a river went out of Eden 1797 neeh-yāh', f.

13. the name of the second river' Mic. 2: 4. lament with a doleful lamentation, (marg.

14. the name of the third river a lamentation of lamentations)

- And the fourth river (is) Euphrates. 15:18. from the river of Egypt unto the great river,

the river Euphrates: 24:10. went to Mesopotamia, (lit. Syria of the

two rivers ) Dan. 2:22. (ans) and the light dwelleth with him. 31:21. passed over the river,

36:37. Saul of Rehoboth (by) the river

Ex. 7:19. upon their streams, upon their rivers, 9797) nah-hee-roo', Ch, f.

8: 5(1). over the streams, over the rivers, Dan. 5:11. of thy father light and understanding

23:31. from the desert unto the river:

Nu. 22: 5. which (is) by the river 14. und (that) light and understanding

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24: 6. as gardens by the river's side, Deu. 1: 7. unto the great rirer, the river Euphrates.

11:24. from the river, the river Euphrates,

23: 4(5). of Pethor of Mesopotamia, (lit. Syria * PIEL.- Preterite. *

of the two rivers) Ex. 15:13. thou hast guided (them) in thy strength Jos. 1: 4. unto the great river, the river Euphrates,

24: 2. Your fathers dwelt on the other side of PIEL.-Future. ..

the flood Gen47:17. and he fed (marg. led) them with bread

3. from the other side of the flood, 2Ch 29: 15. and carried all the feeble of them

14. served on the other side of the flood, 32:22. and guided them on every side.

15. that (were) on the other side of the flood, l's. 23: 2. he leadeth me beside the still waters. Jud. 3: 8.king of Mesopotamia: (marg. Aram 31: 3(4). thy name's sake lead me, and guide me.

nuharaim lit. of the two rivers )

Sopp [nāh-hal'].


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2Sa. 8: 3. at the river Euphrates.

Jon. 2: 3(4), and the floods compassed me about: 10:16. that (were) beyond the river:

Mic. 7:12. from the fortress even to the river, IK. 4:21(5:) ). from the river unto the land Nah. 1: 4.and drieth up all the rivers : 241-:).(the region) on this side the river,

2: 6(7). The gates of the rivers -(-:-). all the kings on this side the river: Hab. 3: 8. Was the Lord displeased against the rivers ? 14:15. shall scatter them beyond the river,

(was ) thine anger against the rivers ? 2K. 5:12. Abana and Pharpar, rivers of Damascus,

9. Thou didst cleave the earth with rivers. 17: 6 & 18:11. the river of Gozan, and in the cities Zep. 3:10. From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia 23:29. to the river Euphrates:

Zec. 9:10. and from the river (even) to the ends of 21: 7. from the river of Egypt unto the river

the earth. Euphrates ICh 1:48. Shaul of Rehoboth by the river 5: 9. from the river Euphrates:

27 nhar, Ch. m. 26. and to the river Gozan,

Ezr. 4:10. (that are) on this side the river, 18: 3. his dominion by the river Euphrates.

11. Thy servants the men on this side the river, 19:16. that ( were) beyond the river:

16. have no portion on this side the river. 2Ch 9:26. from the river even unto the land

17.and (unto) the rest beyond the rirer, Ezr. 8:15. I gathered them together to the river

20. over all (countries) beyond the river; 21. at the river of Ahava,

5: 3, 6. Tatnai, governor on this side the river, 31. from the river of Ahava

6. Apharsachites, which (were) on this side 36. the governors on this side the river:

the river, Neh. 2: 7,9. the governors beyond the river,

6: 6. Tatnai, governor beyond the river, 3: 7. on this side the river.

- Apharsachites, which (are) beyond the Job 14:11, and the flood decayeth and drieth up: 20:17. He shall not see the rivers, the floods, the

8. (even) of the tribute beyond the river, brooks (marg. or, streaming brooks)

13. governor on this side the river, 22:16. was overflown with a fiood:

7:21. treasurers which (are) beyond the river, 28:11. He bindeth the floods

25. the people that (are) beyond the river, 40:23. he drinketh up a river,

Dan. 7:10. A fiery stream issued and came forth Ps. 24: 2. established it upon the floods.

46: 4(5). (There is) a river,
60[title (2). when he strove with Aram-nuharaim

777) n'hāh-rāh', f.
66: 6. they went through the flood
72: 8.and from the river unto the ends of the Job 3: 4. neither let the light shine upon it.

earth. 74:15. thou driedst up mighty rivers. 78:16. caused waters to run down like rivers. 80:1|(12). her branches unto the river.

* KAL.–Future. * 29:2526). and his right hand in the rivers.

Nu. 32: 7.and) wherefore discourage (marg. breuk) 93: 3. The floods have lifted up. O Lord

ye the heart
floods have lifted up their voice; the
floods lift up their waves.

* HIPHIL.-Preterite. * 98: 8. Let the floods clap (their) hands:

Nu. 30: 5(6). if her father disallow her 105:41. they ran in the dry places (like) a river.

-(-). because her father disallowed her. 107:33. He turneth rivers into a wilderness,

11(12). (and) disallowed her not: 137: 1.the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, Ps. 33:10. he muketh the devices of the people of Cant.8: 7. neither can the floods drown it:

none effect. Isa. 7:20. by them beyond the river,

HIPHIL.-Future. 8: 7. the waters of the river, 11:15. shake his hand over the river,

Nu. 30: 8(9). if her husband disallowed her 18: 1. which (is) beyond the rivers of

32: 7. wherefore discourage (marg. break) ye the 2,7. whose land the rivers have spoiled!

heart of 19: 5, and the river shall be wasted and dried up.

9. they discouraged the heart of 6. they shall turn the rivers far away;

up. Ps.141: 5. shall not break my head: 27:12. the channel of the river 33:21.a place of broad rivers

13 [noov]. 41:18. I will open rivers in high places, 42:15. I will make the rivers islands,

* KAL.-Future. * 43: 2. and through the rivers, they shall not Ps. 62:10(11). if riches increase, 19. rirers in the desert.

92:14(15). They shall stiil bring forth fruit 20.rivers in the desert, to give drink

Pro.10:31. mouth of the just bringeth forth wisdom: 41:27. and I will dry up thy rivers:

* PILEL.-Future. * 47: 2. pass over the rivers. 48:18. then bad thy peace been as a river,

Zec. 9:17.corn shall make the young men chearful, 50: 2. I make the rivers a wilderness:

(marg. or, grow, or, speak) 59:19. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, i

66:12. I will extend peace to her like a river, Jer. 2:18. to drink the waters of the river ?

id nõhv, m.
46: 2. which was by the river Euphrates
6. the north by the river Euphrates.

Isa. 57:19. (and) I create the fruit of the lips;
7. whose waters are moved as the rivers ?
8. and (his) waters are moved like the rivers :

10. north country by the river Euphrates. Eze. 1: 1. the captives by the river of Chebar,

* KAL.-Preterite. * 3. of the Chaldeans by the river Chebar;

Jer. 50: 3. they shall remove, they shall depart, 3:15. that dwelt by the river of Chebar, 23. I saw by the river of Chebar:

KAL.- Infinitive. 10:15. I saw by the river of Chebar.

Job 2:11. to mourn with him 20. of Israel by the river of Chebar;

Ps. 69:20(21). I looked (for some) to take pity, 22. I saw by the river of Chebar,

(marg. to lament (with me)) 31: 4. with her rivers running round about Pro. 26: 2. As the bird by wandering,

15. I restrained the floods thereof, 32: 2. thou camest forth with thy rivers,

KAL.- Imperative. - and fouledst their rivers.

Ps. 11: 1. Flee (as) a bird to your mountain ? 14. and cause their rivers to run

Jer. 48:17. All ye that are about him, bemoan 43: 3. I saw by the river Chebar;

4!):30. get you far off. (marg. flit greatly) Dan 10: 4. the side of the great river,

50: 8. Remove out of the midst of Babylon,

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Jer. 50:44. the habitation of the strong: IK. 14:15. as a reed is shaken in the water,

45. he shall make (their) habitation desolate Job 42:11. and they bemoaned him, and comforted him Eze.25: 5. I will make Rabbah u stable for Isa. 51:19. who shall be sorry for thee?

34:14. upon the high mountains of Israel shal Jer. 4: 1. then shalt thou not remove.

their fold be: there shall they lie in < 15: 5. who shall bemoan thee?

good fold, 16: 5. neither go to lament nor bemoan them: Hos. 9:13. Ephraim,...(is) planted in a pleasant place 22:10. Weep ye not for the dead, neither bemoan

him: Nah. 3: 7. who will bemoan her ?

172 nāh-vūh', f. KAL.- Participle. Poel.

Job 8: 6. the habitation of thy righteousness Gen. 4:12. and a vagabond shalt thou be

Ps. 68:12(13). and she that tarried at home 14. I shall be a fugitive and u vagabond

Jer. 6: 2. to a comely (marg. or, (woman) dwelling * HIPHIL.Infinitive, *

at home) and delicate (woman). 2K. 21: 8. Neither will i make the feet of Israel move Zep. 2: 6. the sea coast shall be dwellings

Ps. 36:11(12). let not the hand of the wicked remove

mil [noo'ăgh).
Jer. 18:16. shall be astonished, and wag his head.

* KAL.-Preterite. * * HITHPOLEL.-Preterite. *

2K. 2:15. The spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha. Isa. 24:20. und shall be removed like a cottage ;

Est. 9:22. the days wherein the Jews reste

Job 3:26. neither was I quiet; yet trouble came. HITHPOLEL.--Future.

Isa. 7: 2. Syria is confederate with Ephraim. Jer. 49:27. thou skippedst for joy. (marg. or, movedst 19. and shall rest all of them thyself)

11: 2. And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon HITHPOLEL.-Participle.

him, Jer. 31:18. heard Ephraim bemoaning himself

14; 7. The whole earth is at rest,

KAL.- Infinitive.
Nu. 10:36. And when it rested,

11:25. when the spirit rested
Jos. 3:13. as soon as the soles...of the priests...shall

rest * P’AL.-Future. *

2 Sa.21:10. suffered neither the birds of the air to rest Dan. 4:14(11). let the beasts get away from under it, Neh. 9:28. But after they had rest, they did


Gen 8: 4. And the ark rested in the seventh month, gid nõhd, m.

Ex. 10:14. and rested in all the coasts of Egypt:

20:11. and rested the seventh day: Gen. 4:16. And Cain...dwelt in the land of Nod, (lit.

23:12. that thine ox and thine ass may rest,

Nu. 11:26. and the spirit resterl upon them;
Ps. 56: 8(9). Thou tellest my wanderings :

Deu 5:14. that thy manservant...muy rest
Jos. 21:44(42). And the Lord yave them rest
1 Sa. 25: 9. in the name of David, and ceased. (marg.


2Ch 14: 7(6). because...he hath given us rest 1712 [nāh-vūh'].

15:15, and the Lord gave them rest * KAL.-- Future. *

20:30. for his God gave him rest

Job 3:13. then had I been at rest, (lit, it had rested Hab. 2: 5. neither keepeth at home,

to me) * HIPHIL.–Future. *

17. there the weary be at rest. Ex. 15: 2. and I will prepare him an habitation;

Ps. 125: 3. the rod of the wicked shall not rest
Pro.14:33. Wisdom resteth in the heart

21:16. shall remain in the congregation of

Ecc. 7: 9. anger resteth in the bosom of fools. 7.12 nūh-veh', m.

Isa. 23:12. shalt thou have no rest. (lit. shall rest be

to thee) Ex. 15:13. in thy strength unto thy holy habitation.

25:10. shall the hand of the Lord rest, 2Sa. 7: 8. I took thee from the sheepcote,

57: 2. they shall rest in their beds, 15:25. shew me (both ) it, and his habitation: Dan 12:13. for (marg. or, and) thou shalt rest, and 1 Ch 17: 7. I took thee froin the sheepcote,

| Hab. 3:16. I might rest in the day of trouble: Job 5: 3. suddenly I cursed his habitation.

* HIPHIL.-Prelerite. * 24. thou shalt visit thy habitation,

Ex. 33:14.and I will give thee rest. 18:15. brimstone shall be scattered upon his Deu12:10, and (when) he giveth you rest from all

habitation. Ps. 79: 7.and laid waste his dwelling place.

Jos. 22: 4. the Lord your God hath given rest

23: 1. the Lord had given rest. Pro. 3:33. but he blesseth the habitation of the just.

2Sa. 7: 1. the Lord had giren him rest 21:20. in the dwelling of the wise ; 24:15. against the dwelling of the righteous;

11.and have caused thee to rest

IK. 5: 4(18). the Lord my God hath given me rest Isa. 27:10. the habitation forsaken,

1 Ch 22: 9. and I will give him rest 32:18. in a peaceable habitation,

18. and hath he (not) given you rest 33:20. see Jerusalem a quiet habitation,

23:25. The Lord God of Israel hath given rest 34:13. an habitation of dragons,

2Ch 14: 6(5). the Lord had given him rest. 35: 7. in the habitation of dragons,

Eze. 5:13. and I will cause my fury to rest 65:10. Sharon shall be a fold of flocks,

16:42. So will I make my rest, Jer. 10:25. have made his habitation desolate.

21:17(22). and I will cause my fury to rest : 23: 3. will bring them again to their folds ;

| Zec. 6: 8. these that go toward the north country 25:30. he shall mightily roar upon his habitation; 31:23. O habitation of justice,

have quieted 33:12. an habitation of shepherds

HIPHIL.-- Infinitive. 49:19. the habitation of the strong:

Deu25:19. when the Lord thy God hath given thee rest 20. he shall make their habitations desolate Isa. 14: 3. that the Lord shall give thee rest 50: 7. the habitation of justice,

Eze:24:13. till I have caused my fury to rest
19. I will bring Israel again to his habitation, 44:30. that he may cause the blessing to rest

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Jos. 8: 5. that we will flee before them, Isa. 28:12. ye may cause the weary to rest ;

6. therefore noe will flee before them. HIPHIL.-Future.

20: 4. when he that doth flee unto one

6. the city from whence he fled. Ex. 17:11. when he let down bis hand,

Jud. 4:17. Sisera fied away on his feet Deu. 3:20. Until the Lord have yiven rest

1 Sa. 4:16. I fled to day out of the army. Jos. 1:15. Until the Lord have given your brethren

17. Israel is fled before the Philistines, rest,

14:22. they heard that the Philistines fled, Pro. 29:17. Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest;/ 19:10. and David fled, and escaped Isa. 30:32. the Lord shall lay upon him,

31: 7. the men of Israel fied, 63:14. the Spirit of the Lord caused him to rest: 28a. ): 4. the people ure fled Eze 37; 1.and set me down in the midst of the valley 10:14. saw that the Syrians were fled, 40: 2. and set me upon a very high mountain,

17: 2. and all the people that (are) with him HIPHIL.- Participle.

shall flee;

18:17.all Israel fled every one Jos. 1:13. The Lord your God hath given you rest,

19: 8(9). Israel had fled every man * HOPHAL.- Preterite. *

23:11. the people fled from the Philistines, Lam.5: 5. we labour, (and) have no rest.

IK. 2:29. told king Solomon that Joab was fied

20:30. And Ben-hadad fled,

2K. 9: 3. Then open the door, and flee, Did nõh'ágh, m.

ICh 10: 7. the men of Israel....saw that they fled.

11:13. the people fled from before the Philistines. 2Ch 6:41. arise, O Lord God, into thy resting place, 19:15. saw that the Syrians were fled, Est. 9:16. and had rest from their enemies,

Pro. 28: 1. The wicked flee
17. and on the fourteenth day...rested they, Cant.2:17 & 4:6. and the shadows flee away,
(lit. and rest)

Isa. 10:29. Gibeah of Saul is fled.
18.and on the fifteenth (day)...they rested, 17:13. and they shall flee far off,

20: 6. whither we flee for help
DVI (noot).

31: 8.but he shall flee from the sword,

35:10, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away. * KAL.-Future. *

51:11. sorrow and mourning shall flee away. Ps. 99: 1. let the earth be moved.

Jer. 46: 5. their mighty ones are beaten down, and

are fled apace,

21. are turned back, (and) are fied away Zec. 14: 5. And ye shall flee (to) the valley

- yea, ye shall flee, like as ye fled from before

the earthquake Ezr. 6:11. be made a dunghill for this.

KAL.- Infinitive.
Gen19:20. this city (is) near to flee unto,

Nu. 35: 6. that he may flee (lit. shall be for fleeing) Dan. 2: 5.your houses shall be made a dunghill.

thither: 3:29. their houses shall be made a dunghill:

15. that every one that killeth...unawares may

flee 32. for him that is fled (lit. for fleeing) to the


Deu. 4:42. That the slayer might flee * KAL.- Preterite. *

19: 3. that every slayer may fiee Ps 76: 5(6). they have slept their sleep:

Jos. 8:20. they had no power to flee Nah. 3:18. Thy shepherds slumber,

10:11. as ihey fled from before Israel,

20: 3. That the slayer...may flee KAL.- Infinitive,

9. that whosoever killeth...unawares might Isa. 56:10. loving to slumber.

flee KAL.-Future,

2 Sa. 4: 4. as she made haste to flee,

18: 3. for if we fee away, (lit. fleeing we flee) Ps. 121: 3. be that keepeth thee will not slumber.

they will not care for us; 4. shall neither slumber nor sleep.

19: 3(4). when they flee in battle. le 5:27. none shall slumber nor sleep;

24:13. wilt thou flee three months TIK. 12:18. to flee to Jerusalem.

2Ch 10:18. to fiee to Jerusalem. 712 noo-māh', f.

Jer. 49:24. turneth herself to flee,
Pro.23:21. drowsiness shall clothe (a man) with rags.

KAL.— Imperative.
Jer. 48: 6. Flee, save your lives,
49: 8. Flee ye, turn back,

30. Flee, get you far off,

51: 6. Flee out of the midst of Babylon, * NIPHAL.-Future. *

Zec. 2: 6( 10). and flee from the land of the north, Ps 72:17. his name shall be continued

KAL.- Future. * HIPHIL.–Future. *

Gen14:10. and the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled, Ps. 72:17.(aina) his name shall be continued

39:12. he left his garment in her hand, and fled,

13. he had left his garment...and was fled

15, 18. he left his garment with me, and fled,

Ex. 4: 3. and Moses fled from before it.
D-12 [noos).

14:25. Let us fiee from the face of Israel ;
* KAL.-Preterite. *

21:13. a place whither he shall flee.

Nu. 10:35. and let them that hate thee flee
Gen14:10. they that remained fled to the mountain. 35:26. the city...whither he was fled;
Lev.26:17. and ye shall flee when none pursueth Deul9: 4. the slayer, which shall flee
36. and they shall flee, as fleeing from a sword;

5. he shall flee unto one of those cities,
No. 16:34. Israel that (were) round about them fled 28: 7. and flee before thee seven ways.
35:11. that the slayer may flee

25. and filee seven ways before them: 25. refuge, whither he was fled :

Jos. 7: 4. and they fled before the men of Ai. Deu. 4:42. and that fleeing unto one of these cities

8:15. and fled by the way of the wilderness. 19:11.and fleeth into one of these cities:

10:16. But these five kings fled, 34: 7. nor his natural force abated. (marg. 1 Jud. 1: 6. But Adoni-bezek flid; moisture fled)

4:15. and fled away on his feet.

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