A Treatise on Elementary Trigonometry

Macmillan, 1892 - 306 páginas

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Página 14 - It follows that the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter is the same for all circles.
Página 12 - A trapezoid has only two of its sides parallel ; as ABCD. (Fig. 4.) Any other four sided figure is called a trapezium. II. A figure which has more than four sides is called a polygon. A regular polygon has all its sides equal, and all its angles equal. III. The height of a triangle is the length of a perpendicular, drawn from one of the angles to the opposite side ; as CP. (Fig. 5.) The height of a four sided figure is the perpendicular distance between two of its parallel sides ; as CP.
Página 274 - Radian is the angle subtended, at the centre of a circle, by an arc equal in length to the radius...
Página 59 - At a point 200 feet from, and on a level with the base of a tower, the angle of elevation of the top of the tower is observed to be 60° ; what is the height of the tower ? 8.
Página 129 - T' formulae. 2 sin A . cos B = sin (A + B) + sin (A -B), ' 2 cos A . sin B = sin (A + B) — sin (A - B), h 1v.
Página 30 - VI. 33) angles at the centre of the same circle are to one another as the arcs on which they stand...
Página 225 - The elevation of a steeple at a place due south of it is 45°, and at another place due west of it the elevation is 15°. If the distance between the two places be a, prove that the height of the steeple is a( \/3 — 1) -^2\/3.
Página 242 - Now, twice the area of a polygon circumscribed about a circle is equal to (the radius x the perimeter).
Página 256 - Prove that sin (A + B) = sin A cos B + cos A sin B, and deduce the expression for cos (A + B).
Página 288 - Show how to solve a triangle when two sides and the included angle are given. If two sides of a triangle are 71 and 25 feet and the contained angle 69° 32...

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