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We on Thylov - ing - kind - ness dwell, The won-ders of Thy grace.



sing Thy praise, o

God, Wher - e'er Thy Name is known

Byev - ery deed Thy hand hath wrought Thy right-eous - ness is shown.

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135 The Vanity of Trust in Riches PSALM 49 78

Calvin S. Harrington


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of high

and low

de - gree, Rich and poor, give heed



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i Dust to dust, the mor-tal dies, Both the fool-ish and the wise ; None for-ev - er can re-main,


Each must leave his hoard-ed gain. Yet with in their heart they say That their houses

are for aye, That their dwell - ing pla- ces grand Shall for gen - er - a - tions stand.

[Stanzas 6-13]

2 To their lands they give their name 3 O'er them soon shall rule the just, In the hope of lasting fame,

All their beauty turn to dust; But man's honor quickly flies,

God my waiting soul shall save, Like the lowly beast he dies.

He will raise me from the grave. Though such folly mark their way, Let no fear disturb your peace Men approve of what they say;

Though one's house and wealth inDeath their shepherd, they the sheep

crease; He within his fold will keep.

Death shall end his fleeting day,

He shall carry naught away.
4 Though in life he wealth attained,

Though the praise of men he gained,
He shall join those gone before,
Where the light shall shine no more.
Crowned with honor though he be,
Highly gifted, strong and free,
If he be not truly wise,
Man is like the beast that dies.

PSALM 50 L. M.

Acceptable Worship


Arranged from Bortniansky

1 The might-y God, Je - ho - vah,speaks And calls the earth from sea

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From beau-teous Zi - on God shines forth, He comes and will not si - lent be;

De-vour - ing flame be - fore Him goes,

And dark the tem-pest round Him grows.

2 He calls aloud to heaven and earth

That He may justly judge His own;
My chosen saints together bring
Who sacrifice to Me alone;
The heavens His righteousness

For God Himself as Judge is there.

4 I will receive from out thy fold

No offering for My holy shrine;
The cattle on a thousand hills
And all the forest beasts are Mine;
Each mountain bird to Me is

Whatever roams the field I own.

3 Hear, O my people, I will speak, 5 Behold, if I should hungry grow, Against thee I will testify;

I would not tell My need to thee, Give ear to Me, O Israel,

For all the world itself is Mine, For God, thy covenant God, am I; And all its wealth belongs to Me; I do not spurn thy sacrifice,

Why should I aught of thee reThy offerings are before My eyes.


My thirst or hunger to relieve? 6 Bring thou to God the gift of thanks,

And pay thy vows to God Most High;
Call ye upon My holy Name
In days when sore distress is nigh;

Deliverance I will send to thee,
And praises thou shalt give to Me.

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1 Thus speaks the Lord to wick-ed men: My stat-utes why do

de - clare ?


Why take My cov - enant in your mouth, Since ye for wis - dom do not care?

For ye My ho - ly words pro-fane And cast them from you in

dis - dain.

(Stanzas 7-10]

2 Ye have consented with the thief,

Ye have partaken with the vile,
Your mouths to evil words ye give,
Your tongues proclaim deceit and guile,

Ye glory in your brother's shame,
Your mother's son do ye defame.

3 Thus have ye done; I silence kept,

And this has been your secret thought,
That I was wholly as yourselves,
To take your evil deeds as nought;

I will reprove you and array
Your deeds before your eyes this day.

4 Consider this, who God forget,

Lest I destroy with none to free;
Who offers sacrifice of thanks,
He glorifies and honors Me;

To him who orders well his way
Salvation free I will display.

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