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204 God Our Only Good

PSALM 73 6s and 4s OLIVET Lowell Mason

[Selected Stanzas 1

2 Ever, O Lord, with Thee, But God my strength appears, All shall be well with me, And will to endless years Held by Thy hand; My portion be.

And Thou wilt guide my feet
By Thy own counsel sweet,

Till I, for glory meet, 4 O it is good that I In glory stand. May still to God draw nigh, As oft before; 3 In earth or heaven above The Lord Jehovah blest, Who is there that I love My refuge and my rest, Compared with Thee? Shall be in praise confessed My heart may faint with fears, For evermore. SECOND TUNE LyTE Joseph P. Holbrook

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2 Thy righteous judgment, Thou hast 4 Jehovah holds a cup of wrath,

Shall in due time appear, [said, And holds it not in vain, And Thou Who didst establish it For all the wicked of the earth Wilt fill the earth with fear. Its bitter dregs shall drain. 3 Thou teachest meekness to the proud, 5 The God of Israel I will praise And makest sinners know And all His glory show; That none is judge but God alone, The righteous He will high exalt To honor or bring low. And bring the wicked low. 207 Zion's Glory and Safety PSALM 76 8s and 7s TEMPLE Boro F. Pinder

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Zion's Glory and Safety

2 Excellent and glorious art Thou, 3 When from heaven Thy sentence
With Thy trophies from the fray; sounded,
Thou hast slain the valiant-hearted, All the earth in fear was still,
Wrapt in sleep of death are they; While to save the meek and lowly
When Thy anger once is risen, God in judgment wrought His will;

Who can stand in that dread day? Even the wrath of man shall praise Thy designs it shall fulfil. [Thee,

4 Wow and pay ye to Jehovah,
Him your God forever own;
All men, bring your gifts before Him,
Worship Him, and Him alone;
Mighty kings obey and fear Him,
Princes bow before His throne.

208 Aspects of the Divine Character

PSALM 76 L. M. EASTON Arranged from Mozart

He makes Je-ru - sa - lem . His throne, Her peaceful hills His dwell-ing-place. ~

[Selected Stanzas 1

2. When God the righteous judge appeared
To save the meek from wrong and shame,
The earth stood still and greatly feared;
Then forth from heaven His sentence came.

3 The wrath of man shall praise the Lord,
Restrained by His almighty will;
Your vows to God the King record,
Your covenant made with Him fulfil.

4 Let all to Him their presents bring,
To Him Whom all the world should fear;
Ye kings and princes, own your King,
With reverence and with awe draw near.


209 Doubts Overcome by Faith

PSALM 77 L. M. SESSIONS Luther O. Emerson 2-Q

2 In long-continued grief I stand 7 In weakness I was pressed with fear, And seek the Lord with outstretched But better hopes my spirit cheer; hand; Past mercies lead me to rely I find no comfort for my soul, Upon the help of God Most High.

The clouds of darkness o'er me roll. 8 Thy deeds, O Lord, will Irelate

3 I think of God and call to mind And on Thy wonders meditate; His goodness, yet no peace I find; Thy way, O God, is just and right, I still pour out my sad complaints, And none is like to Thee in might.

My burdened spirit almost faints. 9 Among the nations Thou hast shown 4. With sleepless eyes and speechless Thy wondrous power and made it

grief - known; I search the past to find relief, Thou art the God that mightily The former years when days were Redeemed and set Thy people free.

bright And songs of gladness cheered my 1o At sight of Thee the waters fled,

night. The quaking clouds their torrents

shed, 5 My constant meditations bring The lightnings flashed, the thunder

My heart to anxious questioning: pealed,
Has God cast off, and will He be The trembling earth her fear revealed.

No longer merciful to me? 11 Thy way, O God, was in the sea, 6 Has God forgotten to be kind? But, though Thy paths mysterious Shall I His promise faithless find? e, For me shall wrath henceforth replace Thy people Thou didst safely keep His tender mercies and His grace? As shepherds lead their helpless sheep.

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