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404 Universal Adoration

PSALM 148 H. M. AMELIA William B. Bradbury

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praise ye the Lord In yon - der heaven - ly height; Ye an - gels, all }

His hosts, In joy - ful praise u - nite;

2 Praise Him, ye highest heavens,
Praise Him, ye clouds that roll,
Created by His power
And under His control,
Ye heavens that stand eternally,
Established by His firm decree.

3 Ye creatures in the sea
And creatures on the earth,
Your mighty Maker praise
And tell His matchless worth;
Praise Him, ye stormy winds that blow,
Ye fire and hail, ye rain and snow.

4 Ye hills and mountains, praise,
Each tree and beast and bird;
Ye kings and realms of earth,
Now let your praise be heard;
By high and low, by young and old,
Be all His praise and glory told.

5 By all let God be praised,
For He alone is great;
Above the earth and heaven |
He reigns in glorious state;
Praise Him, ye saints, who know His grace
And ever dwell before His face.

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1 Praise ye the Lord a-mong His saints, New songs of glad-ness sing;

5 Kings and princes, bow before Him,
Earthly judges, give Him praise,
All ye people, tell His glory,
Old and young, your voices raise.

6 Praise His Name with praise unend-
For His Name alone is great;
Over heaven and earth exalted,
Reigns the Lord in kingly state.

7 He has greatly blessed His people,
Therefore, all ye saints, give praise;
Chosen of the Lord and precious,
Thankful hallelujahs raise.

Exultant Praise

Arranged from Handel

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Zi-on's children praise and bless Their Maker and their King, Their Mak-er and their King.

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Exultant Praise

2 Yea, let them praise His blessed Name 4 Ye saints, by day and night rejoice,

With all abounding joy,

The sounding timbrel and the harp

In songs of praise employ.

Exult and joyful stand, Jehovah's praises in your mouth, His sword within your hand.

3 The Lord takes pleasure in His saints, 5 This is the glorious judgment given:

He is His people's strength, And He will glorify the meek With victory at length.

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His saints shall rule the earth; Then bless the Lord, His glory tell, And celebrate His worth.

The Promise of Victory

HoughTon Henry J. Gauntlett

Go forth in His service
And strong in His might

To conquer all evil
And stand for the right.

4 For this is His word:

His saints shall not fail,

But over the earth
Their power shall prevail;

All kingdoms and nations
Shall yield to their sway.

To God give the glory
And praise Him for aye.

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[ Stanzas 1 2 O let His Name employ 3 Ye saints, your joy proclaim Your every note of joy, And glory in the Name His praises speak; Of God above; He looks with loving face And when the daylight dies, Upon His chosen race, Ere sleep shall close your eyes, And will with every grace Let praise to God arise Adorn the meek. For all His love. 409 A Summons to Praise PSALM 150 8s and 7s WELLESLEY Lizzie S. Tourjée


A Summons to Praise

2 Hallelujah! Praise Jehovah
For His mighty acts of fame;
Excellent His might and greatness;
Fitting praises then proclaim.

3 Hallelujah! Praise Jehovah
With the trumpet’s joyful sound;
Praise with harp and praise with viol,
Let His glorious praise abound.

4 Hallelujah! Praise Jehovah,
With the flute His praises sing;
Praise Him with the clanging cymbals,
Let them with His praises ring.
5 Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
All that breathe, Jehovah praise;
Let the voices God hath given
Joyful anthems to Him raise.

410 A Universal Doxology

PSALM 150 L. M. Soto Lowell Mason

Praise ye the Lord, ye hosts a - bove, In heaven a

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[Selected Stanzas 1
2 Praise ye the Lord; all creatures, sing
The praises of your God and King;
Let all that breathe, His praise proclaim
And glorify His holy Name.

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