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that organists and choirs should themselves seek such a musical interpretation of the Psalms as will be edifying. The Committee was exceedingly fortunate in obtaining the co-operation, as expert musical editor, of Mr. Charles N. Boyd, Instructor in Church Music in the Western Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh. To his skill and painstaking care very much is owing. The Committee takes this opportunity to thank the composers and publishers who have granted free permission for the use of copyright material. Together with the ordinary indexes, a topical index, analyzing and classifying the rich content of the Psalms, has been provided. This supplies a ready reference for both doctrinal and practical themes. The Psalter has been made more complete as a service book by the insertion of Responsive Readings. It is believed that the growing number of congregations which have a responsive exercise in their order of worship will welcome this new feature. To the Responsive Readings are appended two doxologies and the Apostles' Creed for public repetition. With this brief preface the book is sent forth upon its sacred mission. It presents anew the immortal songs of the Holy Spirit, those matchless hymns of the Bible which have been sung in far-off countries and centuries, which were chanted by our Lord and His disciples, and which with their measured language of religious feeling and devotion will abide until the end. In submitting the results of its labor the Committee expresses the earnest hope that the Church may be able, more worthily than ever, to fulfil the injunction: “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly; in all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts unto God.”

John McNAUGHER, Chairman

WILLIAM I. WISHART Pittsburgh, November, 1912

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1 The Blessedness of the Godly


--Who will not stand with wick-ed men, Who shuns the scorn-ers' seat.

Copyright, 1890, by John H. Gower. Used by per.

2 Yea, blest is he who makes God's law
His portion and delight,
And meditates upon that law
* With gladness day and night.

3 That man is nourished like a tree
Set by the river's side;
Its leaf is green, its fruit is sure,
And thus his works abide.

4 The wicked like the driven chaff
Are swept from off the land;
They shall not gather with the just,
Nor in the judgment stand.

5 The Lord will guard the righteous well,
Their way to Him is known;
The way of sinners, far from God,
Shall surely be o'erthrown.


2 The Righteous and Unrighteous

PSALM 1 8s and 7s REDEEMER Luther O. Emerson

2 Blest is he who makes the statutes 4 Like the driven chaff the wicked

Of the Lord his chief delight, Shall be swept from off the land; In God's law, divinely perfect, With the just they shall not gather, Meditating day and night. Nor shall in the judgment stand. 3 He is like a tree well planted 5 Well the Lord will guard the righteous, By the flowing river's side, For their way to Him is known; Ever green of leaf and fruitful: But the way of evildoers Thus shall all his works abide. Shall by Him be overthrown. SECOND TUNE SARDIs Arranged from Beethoven

1 Blest is he who loves God's pre-cepts, Who from sin re-strains his feet,

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2 But the Lord will scorn them all, All the earth at Thy request
Calm. He sits enthroned on high; I will give Thee for Thy own;
Soon His wrath will on them fall, Then Thy might shall be confessed
Sore displeased He will reply: And Thy foes be overthrown.
Yet according to My will
I have set My King to reign, 4 Therefore, kings, be wise, give ear;
And on Zion's holy hill Hearken, judges of the earth;
My Anointed I maintain. Learn to serve the Lord with fear,

Mingle trembling with your mirth. 3 This His word shall be made known, Kiss the Son, lest o'er your way

This Jehovah's firm decree: His consuming wrath should break; Thou art My beloved Son, But supremely blest are they Yea, I have begotten Thee. Who in Christ their refuge take.

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