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Late President of Harvard-College in Cambridge, and

formerly Pastor of the Old Church in Boston.

WHO departed this Life on March 16th.

Having just enter'd the 68th Year of his Age,

By Thomas forcroft,
Sometimes Colleague-Pastor with him,

2 Kin. 3. 11. Here is Elisha, which poured Water on the Hands

of Elijah.
2 Tim. 3. 10. Thou hast fully known my Do&rine, minner of

Life, l'urpose, Faith, Longsuffering, Charity, Patience,

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BOSTON, New England,
Printed by T. Fleet, for SAMUEL ELIoT in Cornhill,

and John PARKER at the Head of the Town,

Dock. 1737

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To the Old or First Church


Dearly Beloved,


T was a sincere and high Respect for the Memory of

my Reverend Father, your late excellent Paftor, together with a View to your Edification, which indu

ced me to entertain you, in my publick Discourse on the Sabbath after his Funeral, with some Meditations suited to the mournful Occasion of his Death: and I doubt not, the same Principles bad their Influence in putting You upon fo unanimous à Vote, to ask a Copy for the Press.

I need not observe to You, with what Disadvantages a Performance of this Nature from me (under my present Indispositions) must appear; while the necefsary Care of my broken Health forbids that Application of Thought and Care of ExaEtness, proper in preparing and publishing a Sermon on fuch a SubjeĒt and Occasion : which would have sufficiently pleaded in my Excuse, if I had declinod the Press. However, in Deference to your Judgment and Request, I bave sacrific'd my own Inclinations ; and venture into the publick Light, boping for the same Candour to an imperfe& Discourse from others in the reading, as it met with from You in the hearing. It must be allow'd, that an affected Niceness of Method and Ornaments of Language make but an odd figure in a melancholy Funeral Sermon : and therefore I give you mine very much in its original inaccurate Dress; thoo with some few Additions, which the scant Limits of a single Hour obliged me to omit in the Pulpit.


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