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“ Dr. Dodd would have given both of nursery divinity which enlighthis hands and both his legs to have ened our early years ; and which lived.” On another occasion John- may, and does, illuminate the path son related, that when some of of the most established believer to Dodd's pious friends tried to con- the end of his pilgrimage :sole him, by saying that he was just such is the Christian : his course he going to leave a wretched world; Like the sun in a mist, when he mourns “ No, no,” said he; “ it has been

for his sins, a very agreeable world to me.

And melts into tears; then he breaks out Johnson added, “I respect Dodd and shines, for thus speaking the truth; for, to

And travels bis heavenly way:

But when he comes nearer to finish his be sure, he had for several years enjoyed a life of great voluptuous. Like a fine setting sun, he looks richer in ness.” This amply confirms the opinion you have given, in the Re- And gives a sure hope, at the end of his view of the Gamester, respecting


Of rising in brighter array! Dr. Dodd's general character; and

How different from such converts supports also your theory, that an

as glitter in the very earliest stage act of atrocious criminality, when of their progress; dazzling indeed suddenly perpetrated, is not to be the vision of many, but causing a considered as a black spot on the few to gaze upon their course, as robe of a vestal; but as an addi. tional stain on vestments already meteor, and then—all is dark !

upon the momentary flashes of a discoloured, but the hue of which

ALCANOR. had not been previously discernable by every eye.

Since the above was written, Tothe Editorofthe Christian Observer. your Number for June has reached my hands ; containing the commu- EVERY well-wisher to the cause of nication from S. B. (pp. 345–347.) the abolition of slavery, must feel I entirely concur with a wish indi. truly gratified on reading your rectly expressed in his address, very important remarks upon the that prison chaplains would either question of bringing the subject prohibit, as far as may be in their forward in the pulpit, more espepower, the publication of pernicious cially in those cities and towns fables ; or, what would be far bet- which form the residence of slaveter, furnish, themselves, accurate owners, and merchants connected statements. They might thence be with the West Indies. I would induced to examine the present hope your faithful admonitions will system of the religion of felons ; both be received kindly, and acted and particularly in relation to the upon. And as an encouragement administration of the sacrament. If to any clergyman well-disposed to the present course be persevered the cause, and who sees the imin, the commemoration of the death propriety of being altogether silent of Christ in the eucharist will be on the peculiar sins of his bearers, come nothing better than extreme I will copy a few extracts from a unction under the forms of a Pro- sermon preached at St. Peter's, testant church ; in fact, the Anti- Liverpool, nearly fifty years ago, nomian comforts which a true peni- by G. Gregory, F. A. S., author of tent rejects with abhorrence, and Essays, Historical, &c.” His text the impenitent welcomes, as confer- is from Micah vi. 8. And in treatring forgiveness for sins which he ing of justice he says, “ I fear it is confesses, but does not sincerely a melancholy fact, that not indivilament. I shall conclude by citing, duals only, but whole nations, and in reference to the general sub- those the most enlightened which ject, a fragment of that sound body the present (or perhaps any) stage

of society can exhibit, will be found, I require it, and at the hand of every in an accurate inspection, mise- man's brother will I require the life rably ignorant of the principles of of man. Let him ponder this, and this virtue ; a virtue which indeed let him (if he be a man possessed of appears to dwell more upon our any sense of religion) reflect on the lips than in our hearts; and serves innocent multitudes whom he has to grace our conversation, but is not been the means of bringing to an seen in our practice." “ If we turn untimely and miserable end; let our eyes to that scene of unparalleled him then, if it be possible, silence cruelty and injustice, which univer- the reproaches of his conscience, sally disgraces our possessions in the and rest tranquil and satisfied, under West, surely we shall find this me- the apprehension of that justice lancholy reflexion too fatally veri- which will render to every man (exfied. When we consider the un- actly) according to his works. These happy and unmerited fate of thou are among the more glaring breaches sands, forced by violence from that of justice," &c. home which, however rude and in- Much of the above obviously reelegant, has always charms to in- fers to the slave trade which has terest the passions of men; the happily been abolished by our legis-, tender wife torn from the embraces lature, yet does it apply with almost of her husband; the parent de- equal force to legalized slavery. prived of his child; every delicate The author adds notes from Ramconnexion, every tender tie that sey's tracts on slavery, and also from constitutes the felicity of human his own essays, and at the close of life, rudely burst asunder ; when one of them on the subject of we consider these unhappy fugitives cruelty to females, he subjoins ; for ever removed from that country « These assertions are proved in where all their happiness was cen- the above essay, which has never tered, for ever removed from the been controverted by particular assistance of those whose affections facts.” and cares might serve to lighten the Ought not the Christian boldness burden of calamity ;--when we re- of this author, contending probably gard them exposed to hunger, to fa- alone in the very focus of slave tigue, to the utmost inclemency of transactions, and exposed not only seasons, perishing under the lash, to obloquy, but perhaps to perenduring the infliction of tortures, at sonal violence, to shame the timidity the bare idea of which every feeling of many in the present day, in which of humanity revolts; what but ig. there is a host of combatants ennorance of the virtue of justice, gaged in the righteous cause, and shall we say, can induce a great prepared to encourage each other? and generous nation to be told

J. U. T. these enormities with a callous indifference ? ” “ Let the slave-holder or the slave-merchant peruse with Tothe Editorofthe Christian Observer. attention the sacred dictates of Almighty justice. Let him read, I AGREE with your correspondent that whoever, in any form or man.. J. D. L., that we are indebted to ner, directly or indirectly, shall ATTORNATUs for mooting the quescause the death or misery of a fel- tion as to the form of bequests to low-creature, will at the last great religious and charitable societies, day be called to the severest ac- and also in the opinion that the count. Let him read the awful form objected to by him is not quite sentence pronounced by the mouth sufficient to exclude doubts. I hope, of Almighty God: Surely your however, that J. D. L. will not blood of your lives will I require; think me needlessly fastidious in at the hand of even every beast will doubting whether the form proposed by himself, is as clear as is desirable. this form very long ; but I would

The subject is of great importance; rather use too many words in needI trust, therefore, that your readers less caution, than have a legacy enwill patiently bear with me, while, dangered by brevity. without further preface, I lay before them another form, which (perhaps through prejudice and partiality), I humbly submit, is more free from Tothe Editorofthe Christian Observer. objection than either of those al. ready inserted.

It would be presumptuous to sup“ I give and bequeath unto my pose that any remarks from an friends A. B. and C. D., their execu- anonymous correspondent in your tors and administrators, all and sin- pages could add weight to the well gular my ready money, securities known and highly respectable name for money (not being chattels real, of the Quarterly Review. The con. or in any way affecting real estate), ductors of that work, I am informed money in the funds, debts which (for I have not yet read the article), may be due to me at my decease, have undertaken in their last Num. .cattle, and all other my personal ber, just published, an investigation estate and effects whatsoever and of the questions lately at issue, with wheresoever, which by law may be respect to the foreign translations, applicable to the discharge of and other more general operations legacies for religious and chari- of the British and Foreign Bible table purposes, upon trust, with Society. I am perfectly sure that all convenient speed, to convert good must result from such an ininto money such part of the same vestigation, if fairly conducted; and personal estate and effects as shall whilst the cause of that invaluable not consist of money, and therewith society will, I trust, from its very or thereout to pay the several le- nature and structure, ultimately gacies following ; namely, to the triumph, all intermediate struggles treasurer for the time being of the will only tend to make it more voluntary society or association known and more pure. My object established in London, and called for now addressing you has, how« the

Society,” for the ever, no direct reference to that are purposes of that society, the sum ticle, with which, as I have already of ; and to the treasurer for stated, I am at present, through the time being, of the institution at want of opportunity for its perusal,

called " the In- unacquainted* : but not so, with an firmary," for the purposes of that interesting article in the preceding institution the sum of And I Number, which reviews and abdo declare, that the receipts of the stracts Dr. Henderson's Biblical said several treasurers shall be suf- Researches and Travels in Russia, ficient discharges to my said trus- and the Chevalier Gamba's "Voyage tees, for the said legacies respective dans la Russe Meridionale," and ly. And as to the surplus or residue on a portion of which I am about to of the said trust-moneys which shall tender a few remarks. i The pararemain, after payment and discharge graph in that review to which I of the aforesaid legacies, I direct allude is as follows: that my said trustees shall stand " If any one should think it possessed thereof, upon the trusts impossible, that forty thousand and for the purposes hereinafter mentioned." (Then will follow the be- Our respected correspondent will quests of mortgages and other per- doubtless, by this time, have become aesonal estate affecting realty, and quainted with that uncandid and unjust the devise of real estates, &c.]

article, and we shall be happy if he will

favour our readers with a reply to it. Your readers may perhaps think


persons; of forty different modes of general harmony we have been apfaith -- Jews, Christians, Moham- plauding, two sects of Christians; medans, and Pagans--ever could the Rascolnicks, a kind of Russian be found living together under the Round - heads, and the Roman same government, and in the same Catholics, whose priests are here, town, each worshipping the Deity as they too often are elsewhere, after his own manner, all tolerated, ignorant, bigoted, and intolerant. nay, protected by one presiding na- Both these sects bear a hatred, plustion, and all tolerating each other, quam theologicum, towards the Estawithout hatred, or malice, or un-blished Greek Church."--- Quarterly charitableness, on the score of their Review for March 1827, pp. 401, 402. respective religious opinions,-let Thus far the Quarterly. Now, it the sceptic go to Astrachan. He is to be remembered that the editor will there find Russians, Greeks, of the above paragraph has rendered Armenians, Persians, Hindoos, Cal- himself responsible, in the subsemucks, Cossacks, Mongols, Chinese, quent Number, for a correct and Bucharians, Turcomans, Poles, Ger- impartial investigation, with, I trust, mans, Italians ; in short, represen- a fair intent, of the object and opetatives of every nation and every rations of the British and Foreign horde, from the wildest steppe of Bible Society. And the question Asia to the most civilized kingdoms I would put, with all openness of Europe; and among the rest, and frankness, is this: whether the three English, or rather Scotch, penman, or the editor, of such a families, sent by the Bible Society paragraph is to be deemed a fit of London to convert the Bucharians, and worthy arbiter in the important Calmucks, &c. to the Christian faith. controversies respecting the Bible

For this end,' says M. Gamba, Society; controversies on which it s they distribute Bibles translated is not too much to say, that, in one into the languages of these different way or the other, the spiritual inpeoples; but the greater number, terests and eternal welfare of millions unable to read, can make no use of upon millions are deeply staked. them, and those who can read, are In the first place, with respect to hardly disposed to change their the mere head of correctness. The creed for a religion deprived of all writer asserts, that the Bible Society ceremony and exterior worship. of London had sent “three English,or Mr. Henderson says, in substance, rather Scotch, families, to convert nearly the same thing: Sometimes the Bucharians, Calmucks, &c., to they found few of the inhabitants at the Christian faith;" and adds, that it home ; at others, those whom they is stated by both the authors under did meet would scarcely listen to review, that these Scotch families them. Sometimes they treated their inhabit (“ we need not say,” he remessage with mockery and scorn, marks, " at whose expense"), behooted them with the utmost rude- yond comparison, the best looking ness, and ordered them away! And house in Astrachan. Now, I will ven. yet it is stated by both our authors, ture, notwithstanding the inuendo that these Scotch families inhabit evidently implied, to believe, that (we need not say at whose expense), never at the expense of “ the Bible beyond comparison, the best looking Society in London" was any one house in Astrachan ! * No body English, or rather Scotch, family can attach importance to the cold. sent out to Astrachan, for the purness with which professed proselyte- pose of converting Bucharians, Calmakers may happen to be received mucks, &c. to the Christian faith, any where. But perhaps we ought or for any

other purpose

whatever. to distinguish from the state of The Bible Society in London does « * This useless mission, we believe, has

not send out families, either English since been abandoned.”

or Scotch, on the work of converCHRIST. OBSERV. No. 307.

3 G

sion: and the writer of this article, donment of the mission at Astraeither in originating or believing chan will be perceived from the such an assertion, must be wholly extracts to have been conveyed unacquainted with the first principles to the Reviewer in the same page of the Bible Society in London, and and text with that which furnished with all the most obvious, necessary, him with the information of its exand unalterable conditions of its pensive housing; and can leave no proceedings, foreign and domestic. doubt on the mind of any fair reader, That a Scotch Missionary Society where and in what manner it should had once a mission at Astrachan, is have been mentioned by him. The a fact : but I do not exactly believe, omission of the sentence with rethat the Bible Society in London, spect to the moderate terms on and the Scotch Friends to Missions which “ the best house in Astrain Edinburgh, or the Scotch Biblists, chan ” was obtained by the English, consider themselves as one society or rather Scotch, families, shall have Yet it is this abandoned Scotch no comment of mine. I will only mission in Astrachan, that the writer ask, Was it ingenuous to omit it? of the article in the Quarterly Re- “ About 12 o'clock, we reached view, or his friend who undertakes, the house of the Scottish Missionary I understand, in the last Number, Society, where we met with the to arbitrate in Biblical controver- kindest reception from all the famisies, has called forth from its non- lies ; some of the heads of which we existence as a specimen of, and an had known before leaving our native argument against, the present ope- country in 1805, and others we had rations of the British and Foreign seen in St. Petersburgh, on their Bible Society. Indeed it would way to this town.” p. 419. not have been quite fair even to « It was with feelings of no ordiour Northern neighbours them- nary interest that the author entered selves, to have inscribed their errors the gates of Astrakhan. For near at full length in the broad and ly three years his attention had been legible type and text of the Quar- directed to that town, as the centre terly page ; and to have inserted in of an important sphere of Biblical a single line scarcely legible, and operations; his furniture and library not observable at the bottom, the had been forwarded from St. Petersconfession, that this charge against burgh the preceding summer, and their cool and collected judgment commodious rooms in the Missionhad in fact no existence; “the useless house had been kindly allotted for mission having been abandoned !” his residence.” p. 420.

The following extracts from Dr. In the summer of 1807, an Henderson's Tour will sufficiently edition of five hundred copies of substantiate the perfect innocence the Gospel of Matthew left the of the Bible Society in London, of Karass press. It is printed in all the guilt of the Astrachan Chris. folio; and the paper being blue, it tian Mission, even to the very inci- presents rather an uncommon apdental Biblical operations them- pearance. · A specimen having been selves ; Dr. Henderson having been forwarded to Britain, it was subthe agent of the Russian Bible So- mitted to the Committee of the Briciety, not of that “ in London.” In tish and Foreign Bible Society; the course of the extracts will ap- which, after its being examined by pear what I conceive to be always the Rev. Dr. Clarke, voted a grant the legitimate and approved share of a fount of types to the Missionborne by " the Bible Society in aries, and a quantity of paper, sufLondon," in all Missionary, or other ficient to print 5000 copies of the stations, where the opening is afford- whole New Testament.” p. 423. ed for its simple and beneficent ope- “ It is with pleasure, however, rations. The “ lamented” aban. I observe, that the Committee of

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