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Green thorn of the hill of ghosts, that shakest thy head to nightly winds! I hear no sound in thee; is there no spirit's windy skirt now rustling in thy leaves ? Often are the steps of the dead, in the dark-eddying blasts; when the moon, a dun shield, from the east, is rolled along

the sky.

Ullin, Carril, and Ryno, voices of the days of old! Let me hear you, while yet it is dark, to please and awake my soul. I hear you not, ye sons of song; in what hall of the clouds is

your rest? Do you touch the shadowy harp, robed with morning mist, where the rustling sun comes forth from his green-headed waves ?

son of Alpin of song. “ Ambail solas an clarsach na ncëol ?” Dwells there solace in the harp of music? Taom air Ossian, Tume (pour) it upon Ossian. "Ta anam a snamh an cëo;" His soul (anima) is swimming in mist. "Chualas ú, bhaird, a m' oicha ;" I hear thee, bard, in my night. “Ach siubhla' fón edrom uaim fein ;” But depart the light sound from me, &c.




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The fourth morning, from the opening of the poem, comes on.

Fingal, still continuing in the place to which he had retired on the preceding night, is seen, at intervals, through the mist which covered the rock of Cormul. The descent of the king is described. He orders Gaul, Dermid, and Carril the bard, to go to the valley of Cluna, and conduct from thence, to the Caledonian army, Ferad-artho, the son of Cairbre, the only person remaining of the family of Conor, the first king of Ireland. The king takes the command of the army, and prepares for battle. Marching towards the enemy, he comes to the cave of Lubar, where the body of Fillan lay. Upon seeing his dog Bran, who lay at the entrance of the cave, his grief returns. Cathmor arranges the Irish army in order of battle. The appearance of that hero. The general conflict is described. The actions of Fingal and Cathmor. A storm. The total rout of the Firbolg. The two kings engage, in a column of mist, on the banks of Lubar. Their attitude and conference after the combat. The death of Cathmor. Fingal resigns the spear of Trenmor to Ossian. The ceremonies observed on that occasion. The spirit of Cathmor, in the mean time, appears to Sul-malla, in the valley of Lona. Her sorrow. Evening comes on. A feast is prepared. The coming of Ferad artho is announced by the songs of a hundred bards. The poem closes with a speech of Fingal. Mac

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