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VI. Fruitful Lessons upon the Passion, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of our Saviour, and the giving of the Holy Ghost.

VII. Abridgement of Erasmus's Enchiridion.

VIIJ. A Confutation of that Treatise which one John Standish made against the Protestation of Dr Barnes in the

year 1540.

IX. Christian State of Matrimony.

X. Faithful and true Prognostication on the years 1536-48-49.

XI. Translation of Luther's Exposition of the Twentythird Psalm. 1537.

XII. *How and whither a Christian ought to flee the horrible plague of the Pestilence. Translated from Osiander. 1537.

XIII. Acts of the Disputation in the Council of the Empire holden at Ravenspurg, set forth by Bucer and Melancthon. Translated by M. C.

XIV. (1) The Christian Rule and state of all the world. (2) A Christian Exhortation unto customable Swearers. (3) The Manner of saying Grace or giving thanks to God.

XV. Defence of a certain poor Christian man, who else should have been condemned by the Pope's law. Translated from the German.

XVI. Ghostly Psalms and Spiritual Songs drawn out of the Holy Scripture.

XVII. (1) Exposition of the Magnificat. (2) The Original and Spring of all Sects.

XVIII. (1) *A Christian Catechism. (2) Cantus usuales Witeburgensium. (3) The Apology of the Germans against the Council of Mantua.

XIX. A faithful and most godly Treatise concerning the most sacred Sacrament of the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, translated from Calvin; whereunto the order that the church and congregation of Christ in Denmark doth

use at the receiving of Baptism, the Supper of the Lord, and Wedlock, is added.

XX. *The Supplication that the Nobles and Commons of Osterick made unto King Ferdinand. Translated by M. C.

XXI. The Testimony and Report, which Eccius gave and sent in to the Council of those Princes, which name themselves Catholic. 1542.

Prefaces, Letters, &c.

Some other works have been attributed to Coverdale; but the evidence is not sufficient to warrant our ascribing them absolutely to him. Those works which have as yet escaped the researches of the Editor are marked with an asterisk. In conclusion, the Editor begs to express his thanks to those persons who have allowed their scarce copies of Coverdale to be transcribed for the press; of which due acknowledgement will be made in the proper place.

November, 1844.


[This work is a translation of a Treatise of Bullinger, of which the title is: “ Antiquissima Fides et vera Religio: Christianam fidem mox a primis mundi exordiis usque ad hæc tempora durasse, eamque veram et indubitatam esse, Heinrychi Bullingeri Apodixis, sive clara et evidens demonstratio, e Germanico in Latinam linguam traducta per Diethelmum Cellarium Tigurinum. In hoc Enchiridio, candide lector, habebis brevissimam historiam, cum temporum supputatione, sacrosanctæ nostræ fidei, deque illius præcipuis et operibus et professoribus : habebis hujus item incrementa et defectus ac calamitates jam inde a prima mundi origine ad hæc usque tempora. Brevissima ergo periocha est utriusque Testamenti, et probatio, quod per solam fidem in Christum veram omnes pii Deo et placuerint et salutem fuerint consecuti.” Copies of this work of Bullinger are contained in the Bodleian library at Oxford, and in the library of the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth.

It does not appear certain in what year this work of Bishop Coverdale first appeared. An edition of it appears to have been published in 1541, and another in 1547. Another edition was also published in 1624, under the following title: “Look from Adam, and behold the Protestants' faith and religion, evidently proved out of the holy Scriptures against all Atheists, Papists, loose libertines, and carnal Gospellers: and that the faith, which they profess, hath continued from the beginning of the world, and so is the true and ancient faith. Herein hast thou a short sum of the whole bible, &c.”

The present edition is printed from a copy of the edition of 1547, which was formerly in the possession of Mr Brand, and afterwards of the late Sir Francis Freeling, Bart., and which now belongs to John Matthew Gutch, Esq., of Claines, Worcestershire, who obligingly granted the use of it to the Parker Society.]




The old

faith, an evident proba

cion out of the holy scripture, that the

christen fayth (which is the right,

true, old and undoubted fayth)

hath endured sens the

beginnyng of the


Herein hast thou also

a short summe of the whole Byble,

and a probacion, that al vertuous

men have pleased God, and

were saved through the

Christen fayth.


Myles Coverdale.

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