The children of the abbey, Volumen3


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Página 18 - O my dove that art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice; for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely.
Página 184 - Oh ! he will tell thee, that the wealth of worlds Should ne'er seduce his bosom to forego That sacred hour, when, stealing from the noise Of care and envy, sweet remembrance soothes With Virtue's kindest looks his aching breast, And turns his tears to rapture.
Página 205 - Be gay again, and know the joys of friendship, The trust, security, and mutual tenderness, The double joys, where each is glad for both ; Friendship, the wealth, the last retreat an'd strength, Secure against ill fortune, and the world.
Página 10 - ... for a moment, the chamber of her luxury ? Or, did her heart tell her that if her Lord entered that chamber, He would refuse to share with her the shelter she had chosen and would surely summon her from it : and that thus, drawn from her resting place, she too would have to say, that her " head also was filled with dew, and her locks with the drops of the night...
Página 236 - ... obscured by a cloud, and she involved in utter darkness. She ran with such violence that, as she reached the door at the end of the gallery, she fell against it. Extremely hurt, she had not power to move for a few minutes ; but while she involuntarily paused, she heard approaching footsteps. Wild with terror, she instantly recovered her faculties, and attempted opening it ; but it resisted all her efforts. "Protect me, Heaven...
Página 123 - Twas Edwin's self that press'd ! "Turn, Angelina, ever dear, My charmer, turn to see Thy own, thy long-lost Edwin here, Restored to love and thee. " Thus let me hold thee to my heart, And every care resign : And shall we never, never part, My life, — my all that's mine? " No, never from this hour to part, We'll live and love so true, The sigh that rends thy constant heart Shall break thy Edwin's too.
Página 236 - ... wish of examining it, suddenly darted through the casements. Cheered by the unexpected light, she advanced into the room ; at the upper end of it something in white attracted her notice ; she concluded it to be the portrait of Lady Malvina's mother, which she had been informed hung in this room. She went up to examine it: but her horror may be better conceived than described, when she found herself not by a picture, but by the real form of a woman, with a death-like countenance ! She screamed...
Página 187 - And never left her till he found the cause. But let her now weep seas, Cry till she rend the earth, sigh till she burst Her heart asunder — still he bears it all, Deaf...
Página 247 - For true repentance never comes too late : As soon as born she makes herself a shroud, The weeping mantle of a fleecy cloud, And swift as thought her airy journey takes: Her hand heaven's azure gate with trembling strikes. The stars do with amazement on her look : She tells her story in so sad a tone That angels start from bliss, and give a groan.
Página 247 - For true repentance never comes too late ; " As soon as born she makes herself a shroud, " The weeping mantle of a fleecy cloud." And a Poet of later day, but of no inferior name, has made a very fine use of this figure. " Iv'e known her long, of worth most excellent, " But in the day of woe. she ever rose " Upon the mind with added majesty, " As the dark mountain more sublimely towers,

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