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Where such, when glittering out all o'er,
As mortal eye-lids wink'd before.

'Twas Rubi-once among the prime And flower of those bright creatures,

nam'd Spirits of Knowledge, who o'er Time And Space and Thought an empire

claim'd, Second alone to Him, whose light Was, ev'n to theirs, as day to night-'Twixt whom and them was distance far

And wide, as would the journey be To reach froin any island star

The vague shores of Infinity! "Twas Rubi, in whose mournful eye. Slept the dim light of days gone by; Whose voice, though sweet, fell on the eår

Like echoes, in some silent place, When first awak'd for many a year ;

And when he smil'd-if o'er his face

Smile ever shone-'twas like the grace Of moonlight rainbows, fair, but wan, The sunny life, the glory gone. Ev'n o'er his pride, though still the samie, A softening shade from sorrow came;":

And though at times his spirit knew

The kindlings of disdain and ire, Short was the fitful glare they threwLike the last flashes, fierce but few,

Seen through some noble pile on fire!


Such was the Angel, who now broke

The silence that had come o'er all, When he, the Spirit that last spoke,

Clos'd the sad history of his fall; And, while a sacred lustre, flown

For many a day, relum’d his cheek, I And not those sky-tun'd lips alone But his eyes, brow, and tresses, rolld

Like sunset waves, all seem'd to speak; Thus his eventful story told: - 10


“You both remember well the day

When unto Eden's new-made bowers, He, whom all living things obey,

Summond his chief angelic powers To witness the one wonder yet,

Beyond man, angel, star, or sun, He must achieve, ere he could set

His seal upon the world, as done--To see that last perfection rise,

That crowning of creation's birth, When, mid the worship and surprise Of circling angels, Woman's eyes

First open'd upon heaven and earth; And from their lids a thrill was sent, That through each living spirit went Like first light through the firmament !

Can you forget how gradual stole
The fresh-awaken’d breath of soul
Throughout her perfect form--which seem'd
To grow transparent, as there beam'd
That dawn of Mind within, and caught
New loveliness from each new thought? o'er summer seas we trace

The progress of the noon-tide air, Dimplinig its bright and sileut face Each minute into some new grace,

And varying heaven's reflections there; Or, like the light of evening, stealing

O'er some fair temple, which all day Hath slept in shadow, slow revealing

Its several beauties, ray by ray, Till it shines out, a thing to bless,

. All full of light and loveliness.



Can you forget her blush, when round

GoT Through

ISIS She look'd---and at the sea---the skies--

TORT And heard the rush of many a wing,

By God's command then vanishing, And saw the last few angel eyes,

DISA mine among


rest,-Reluctant leaving scene so blest?

9130 THEO 500 no brew From that miraculous hour, the fate

of this new, glorious Being dwelt For eyer, with a spell-like weight, Upon my spirit---early, late,

Whate er I did, or dream'd, or felt, The thought of what might yet befall That splendid creature mix'd with all.

Nor she alone, but her whole race

Through ages yet to come.--whate'er

Of feminine, and fond, and fair, Should spring from that pure mind and face,

All wak'd my soul's intensest care; Their forms, souls, feelings, still to me God's most disturbing mystery!

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It was my doom---ev'n from the first,

When summon’d with my cherub peers, To witness the


vernal burst Of Nature through those blooming

spheres, Those flowers of light, that sprung beneath The first touch of the Eternal's breath... It was my doom still to be haunted

By some new wonder, some sublime

And matchless work, that for the time Held all my soul, enchain'd, enchanted, And left me not a thought, a dream, A word, but on that only theme !

The wish to know---that endless thirst,

Which ev'n by quenching is awak'd, And which becomes or blest or curst,

As is the fount whereat 'tis slak'd--Still urg'd me onward, with desire Insatiate, to explore, inquire--

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