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ed, (L.) and in the Time of your Faults, ye shall take it pa

tiently? But if when ye DO WELL, TEMPTATION FALL away. and suffer for it, ye take it pa. [ Mr. And these are they tiently; this is acceptable with which [M.] received Seed Gov.

21. For even hereunto were ye among the Thorns, [L] and called: bccause Christ allo SUFFER. when they have heard [Mr.] Ed for us, Icaving us an EXAMPLE, the Word, go forth, I M.] that we should follow his Steps:

22. Who did no Sin, neither was and the (c) CARES of this Guile found in his Mouth. WORLD, 'and the Deceitful. Heb. x. 26. For if we SIN WILness of RICHES, [L] and FULLY after that we have received

f. the KNOWLEDGE of the Truth, the PLEASURES of this Life,

there REMAINETH no more SAMr.] and the LUSTS of CRIFICE for Sins, OTHER THINGS entring in, 27. But a certain FEARFUL lookchoke the Word, and it be

ing for of Judgment, and fiery In

dignation, which shall DEVOUR the come unfruitful, (L.) and adverfari they bring no Fruit to Per- (c) Tim. vi. 6. But GODLINESS fection. Mr.] And these with Contentment is great GAIN.

7. For we brought NOTHING inare they which[M. received to this world, and it is certain we Seed into the good Ground, can carry NOTHING out.

Mr.] such as hear the Word, 8. And having Food and RAIand receive it, and [L.7 in MENT, let us be there with content.

a LL.] in 9. But they that will be RICH, an honest and good Heart, fall into Temptation and a Snare, having heard the WORD, and into many foolish and hurttui

Lusts, which drown Men in De. KEEP it, M. and under- ftruétion and Perdition. stand it, (L.) and bring forth 1 John ii. 15. Love not the World, FRUIT with PATIENCE, neither the Things that are in the

? WORLD. If any Man love the [Mr.lome thirty told, lome World, the Love of the Father is fixty, and some an hundred. not in him. [M.] And he said unto them, 16. For all that is in the World, Is a Candle brought to be put

the Lust of the Flesh, and the Is a Canale broughouc put Lust of the EYES, and the Pride under a Bushel, or under å of Life, is not of the Father, but is Bed ? and not to be set on a of the World. Candlestick? (L.) No Man. UiNoMar 17. And the World PASSETS

away, and the Lust thereof : but when he hath lighted a Can he that doth the Will of God, dle, covereth it with a Vef- abideth for ever. fel, or putteth it under a Bed; but fetteth it on a Candlestick, that they which enter in may see the Light. [Mr.] For there is nothing bid, which shall not be manitested : neither any thing kept secret, (L.) that shall not be known and come abroad. (Mr.] If any Man have Ears to hear, let him hear. And he faid unto them, [L.] Take heed therefore [Mr.] WHAT


and L.] now (fl ve HEAR. (f) James i. 13. Let no Man say Mr.] With what Mealure of God : for God cannot be tempt

when he is tempted, I am tempted you meet, it shall be measur- ed with Evil, neither temptech he ed to you : and unto you any Man. that hear, shall more be giv- w

14. But every Man is TEMITED,

when he is drawn away of his own en. (L.) For whosoever hath, Lust, and enticed. to him shall be GIVEN: and 15. Then when Lust hath conwholoever hath not, from

com ceiycd, it bringeth forth SIN; and

Sin when it is finished, bringeth him shall be taken even that forth Death. he seemeth to have. [Mr.] 16. Do not crr, my beloved BreAnd he said, So is the King

thren, dom of God, as if a Man perfect Gift is from above, and

17. Every good Girt, and every should caft Seed into the cometh down fiom the Father of Ground, and should fleep,

neis, neither Shadow of turning. and rise Night and Day, and

18. Of his own Will begat he us the Seed should spring and with the Word of Truth, that we grow up, he knoweth not should be a kind of FIRST-FRUITS

of his Creatures. how. For the Earth bringhow. For the Earth bring 19. Wherefore, my beloved Breeth forth Fruit of her self; thren, let every Man be swift to firit the Blade, then the Ear, HEAR, flow to 1peak,llow to Wrath, after that the full Corn in the

20. For the Wrath of Man work

in the eth not the Righteousness of God. Ear. But when the Fruit is 21. Wherefore lay'apart all Filbrought forth, immediately thiness, and fuperfluity of Naughtihe putteth in the Sickle, bes nels, and receive with ME EKNESS

the ingrafred WORD, which is able cause the Harvest is come. to save your Souls.

22. Bút be ye Doers of the rm [M.] Another Parable put Another Darahie nut WORD, and not HEARERS only,

dcceiving your own felves. he forth unto them, laying, 23. För if any be a Hearer of the The KINGDOM of Heaven is. Word, and not a Doer, he is like likened unto a Man which unto a Man beholding his natural

Face in a Glass; fowed good SEED in his"

24. For he beholdeth himself, and Field: But while he slept, his goeth his way, and straightway forENEMY came and fowed getteth what manner of Man he TARES among the WHEAT,"

25. But whoso lookerh into the and went his Way. But when perfe&t Law of LUERTY, and the Blade was sprung up, and continueth therein, he being not a brought forth Fruit, then ap- of the Word, this Man shall be bles

FORGETFUL HEARER, but a Doer peareth the Tares also. So the fed in his Deed. Servants of the Housholder' Heb. ii. 1. Therefore we ought came and said unto him to give the more earnest Heed to

the Things which we have heard, Sir, didit not thou low good left at any time we should let them Seed in thy Field ? from slir. whence then hath it Tares ?. 2. For if the Word spoken by

ANGELS Was stedfast, and every He said unto them, An Ene- Transgression and Disobedience re.




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my hath done this. The ceived a Just Recompence of ReServants faid unto him, Wilt ward;

3. How shall we escape, if we thou then that we go, and negle& so great SALVATION, which gather them up ? But he at the first began to be spoken by laid, Nay : left while ve ga- the LORD, and was confirmed unto

us by them that heard him; ther up the Tares, ye root up also the Wheat with them. Let both grow together until the HARVEST : and in the Time of Harvest I will say to the Reapers, Gather ye together first the Tares, and bind them in Bundles to burn them; but gather the Wheat into my Barn.

Another Parable put he forth unto them, Mr.] and said, Whereunto shall I liken the Kingdom of God? or with what Comparison shall we compare it? [M.] The Kingdom of Heaven is like to a Grain of Mustard-seed, which a Man took, and fowed in his Field ; (Mr.] which when it was sown in the Earth, is less than all the Seeds that be in the Earth : But when it is fown, it groweth up; [M.] and when it is grown, Mr.] it becometh greater than all Herbs, [M.] and becometh a Tree, [Mr.] and shooteth out great Branches, [M.] so that the Birds of the Air come and [Mr.] lodge under the Shadow of it, (M.) and in the Branches thereof.

Another Parable spake he unto them, The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto Leaven, which a Woman took and hid in three Measures of Meal, till the whole was leavened.

All these Things spake Jesus unto the Multitude in Paables. (Mr.] And with many such Parables fpake he the Word unto them, as they were able to hear it : But without a Parable fpake he not unto them. And when they were alone, he, expounded all Things to his Disciples : [M.] That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the (5) Psalm 1xxviii. 1. Give Ear, Prophet, saying, (9) I will O my People, to my Law : incline

When your Ears to the Words of my open my Mouth in Parables,

Muuth. I will utter Things which 2. I will open my Mouch in a have been kept secret from PARABLE: and will utter dark say. the Foundation of the World. ingang

PS. xlix. 3. My Mouth shall speak

of WISDOM: and the Meditation of my Heart fall be of Understanding.

4. I will incline mine Ear to a PARABLE ; I will open my dark Saying upon the Harp.

Of the Tares, and others.

Matt. THEN Fesus sent the Multitude away, and xiii. 36. I went into the House, and his Disciples came unto him, saying, Declare unto us the Parable of the Tares of the Field.

37. He answered and said unto them, He that SOWETH the good Seed, is the Son of Man:

38. The Field is the WORLD : the good Secd are the CHILDREN of the Kingdom : but the Taxes are the Children of the Wicked One.

39. The (a) ENEMY that (a) Rev. xiv. 15. And another fowed them, is the Devil:

ANGEL came out of the Temple,

crying with a loud Voice to him The HARVEST is the End that fát on the Cloud, Thrust in chy of the WORLD, and the Sickle, and REAP : for the Time is REAPERS are the ANGELS.

come for thee to REAP'; for the

Harvest of the Earth is ripe. 40. As therefore the TARES 16. And he thar sat on the Cloud, are gathered and BURNT in thrust in his Sickle on the Earth; the Fire ; so shall it be in and the Earth was reaped.

17. And another Angel came out the End of this world.

of the Temple, which is in Hea41. The Son of Man shall ven, he also having a sharp Sickle. fend forth his Angels, and 18. And another Angel came ouc

* from the Altar, which had Power they Thall gather out of his over Fire ; and cried with a loud KINGDOM all Things that Voice to him that had the sharp OFFEND, and them which do SICKLE, saying, Thrust in thy sharp

Sickle, and gather the Clusters of INIQUITY;

the Vine of the Earth; for her 42. And shall cast them Grapes are fully ripe. into a Furnace of FIRE: 19. And the Angel thruct in his there shall be wailing and

Sickle into the Earth, and gathered

the Vine of the Earth, and cast it gnashing of Teeth.

into the great Wine-press of the 43. Then (6) shall the Wrath of God. Righteous SHINE forth as the (6) Dan. xii. 3. They that be

WISE, Ihall SHINE as the BrightSun in the Kingdom of their ness of the Firmament, and they Father. Who hath Ears to that turn many to Righteousness, as hear, let him hear.

the STARS for ever and over.

Psal. iv. 6. There be many that

fay, Who will thew us any Good? 44. Again, the Kingdom Lord, lift thou up the Light of thy of Heaven is like unto Trea- Countenance upon us. fure hid in a

Phil. iii. 8. I count all Things

Field: the but Loss, for the Excellency of the which when a Man hath Knowledge of Christ Jefus my Lord: found, he hideth, and for Joy for whom I have suffered the Loss

of all Things, and do count them . thereof,


" thereof, goeth and felleth all but Dung, that I may win Chris, that he hath, and buyeth that

9. And be found in him, not hay.

mal ing mine own Righteousness, which Field.

is of the Law, but that which is through the Faith of Christ, the

Righteousness which is of God by 45. Again, (c) the King

FAITH DOM of Heaven is like unto (c) Pfal. Ixxiii. 25. Whom have a Merchantman seeking good. I in Heaven but thee? and there is ly PEARLS :

none upon Earth I defire beside 16. Who when he had 26. My Flesh and my Heart failfound one PEARL of great eth: but God is the Strength of my Price, he went and sold all Heart, a Daire he ment and sociall Heart, and my Portion for ever.

i Cor. ii. 9. But as it is written, that he had, and bought it. Eve hath not seen, nor Ear heard,

neither have entred into the Heart 47. Again, the KINGDOM

of Man, the THINGS which God

hath prepared for them that LOVE of Heaven is like unto a Net him that was cast into the Sea, Heb. xi. 13. These all died in and gathered of every Kind.

Faith, not having received the Pro

mises, but having seen them afar 18. Which, when it was off, and were perswaded of them, full, they drew to Shore, and and embraced them, and confessed sat down, and gathered the that they were STRANGERS and Good into Vefsels, but caft

PILGRIMS on the Earth.

14. For they that say such Things, the Bad away.

declare plainly that they feeka 49. So shall it be at the Country (that is, an heavenly) End of the World : the An.

Am 16. Wherefore God is not asham

ed to be called their God: for he gels shall come forth, and se- hath prepared for them a City. ver the Wicked from among Pet. i. 3. Blessed be the God the Juft;

and Father of our Lord Jefu Chrift,

which according to his ABUNDANT so. And shall cast them MERCY, hach begotten us again unto into the Furnace of FIRE: a lively Hope, by the Resurrection there shall be wailing and of Jesus Chrif from the Dead, "

4. To an Inheritance incorruptignashing of Teeth.

ble, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in Heaven for

you, 5. Who are kept by the Power of God, through Faith unto SalVATION, ready to be revealed in the last Time.

i Cor. ix. 24. Know ye not that they which run in a Race, run all, but one receiveth the PRIZE? So run, that ye may OBTAIN.

25. And every Man that striveth for the Mastery, is temperate in all Things : Now they do it to obtain a CORRUPTIBLE Crown, but we 20 INCORRUPTIBLE.

gels That Wicked

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