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no matter what doctrines they hold. gious pestilence through the city and It is the throwing overboard all the the country! peculiarities of Christianity, and al- Oh, my brethren, there is a strong lowing all men, whatever they may propensity in the human heart to bufcall themselves, to associate on one foonery and caricature! It is wondercommon platform, as Christ's brethren. ful even how a wise man can be tickled It is sinking the peculiarities of God's by such a sight, if he will be foolish truth. It is shutting the door of the enough to stand to see it. But that temple, in which temple the glorious the Son of God—that the Spirit of truth is written, that all men shall God—that the word of God—that the honour the Son, even as they honour church of God, should be made the the Father—that if any man have not actual subject matter of buffoonery in the Son he hath not life—that if any a nominally Christian city, does prove, man hath not the Son of God the that there is something in us ripe for wrath of God abideth on him still- destruction. that without the shedding of blood Oh, my beloved brethren, what there is no remission of sins—and that shall the end be? These things are except a man be born again he cannot going on-these things are known ; see the kingdom of God. It is shut. and when they are spoken of, the acting up the temple, I say, in which alltors in all these iniquities put the these glorious truths are written, and branch to their nose, they despise the turning to the sun, where nothing is warnings, they despise the bigotry and written that man can read—where we the intolerance, and the narrow mindcan only know that God is—but do edness, and the spiritual pride, and the not what he is, or what he will do fanaticism, and the self-conceit of any with us. The Bible tells us what he

man that will dare to give such a is, and they will not have it, be- warning as this. I am well aware of it. cause they hate the truth—because I am well aware that, at the moment, they love wickedness. Is not this the charges against me of bigotry, and true in the land? Are not the mani-intolerance, and madness, and selffestations of infidelity in the land, and conceit, and spiritual pride, are in in this city most fearful? Are there the hearts of any such men who may not lectures frequently delivered on be present in this congregation, unless, infidelity avowedly—and are they not indeed, the Spirit of God be in their numerously attended in this very city? hearts, ready to subdue that iniquity. And because the language of the lec- Well, what shall the end be? Surely, tures cannot reach the minds of some it is wise to take warning by historyof the more uneducated, the disciples surely, it is wise to take warning by of the devil have got up exhibitions what has gone before. When God of infidelity—they have got up scenic was provoked in the days of Noahexhibitions, in which the Saviour is when judgment was threatened-when exhibited—in which the devil is exhi- long suffering patience was exercised bited—in which the descent of the Holy and when a separation was made what Ghost is caricatured. They have got up was the end? The Deluge was the end. a scenic exhibition, in which a bishop is But these our infidels are willingly igbrought on the stage, represented by a norant concerning the history of the buffoon, to be refuted by a deist. old world—willingly, I say, because These things they have got exhibiting they are acting every day upon evito the people, spreading their conta- dence less conclusive than that which they have for the Deluge. They are his presence and the glory of his power, acting on hearsay events in other --thus shall the end be. (2 Thess. i. hemispheres, on which they cannot 7–9.) have the evidence which they may This is not believed, my brethren ; have of the Deluge; yes, they are wil. the history of the world is not attended lingly ignorant that God interferes to. Men, with all their wisdom, are with this world. When God was pro- keeping the world in its infancy, bevoked in the days of Lot-when cause they will not learn by the history judgment was threatened—when long of its infancy, now it is grown old, to suffering patience was exercised—and be wiser, than when it was young. when a separation was made—what But if men will not learn by what bapwas the end ? Fire and brimstone pened when the world was young, they fell from heaven on the cities of the are fools, though they call themselves plain, and consumed them. When God wise. The men who throw history was provoked in the days of Zedekiah, overboard, continue in the world's when judgment was threatened—when infancy instead of gaining wisdom as long suffering patience was exercised it grows older. Now, the history of and when a separation was made—what the world tells us, that such must be was the end? The sword of the Chal- the end, when such are the provoking deans laid prostrate the city of Jerusa- events preceding the end. Should the lem. When God was provoked in the history of one nation give a warddays immediately following our Savi- ing to another? Should the circumour's life—when judgment was threat-stances of the king and people of ened—when long suffering patience was France give a warning to the king and exercised—and when a separation was people of England under similar cir. made—what was the end? The destruc- cumstances ? Or should the history tion of the city by famine, by pesti- of the king and people of England, in lence, by the sword on the people, and the sixteenth century, give a warning by the dispersion and ruin of those to the king and people of England in who remained alive. And now, the nineteenth century? If this be when, after a long interval-after a admitted in these cases, where all the very great increase of privilege-after parties on both sides are different, a great increase of light-after a great with how much more force does it variety of opportunities given to men apply to what may be termed the theoto see more of what God is, and to logical history of all nations, wherein judge by the history of the world, and

one of the parties continues the same? to take warning by past experience - The King of kings and nations is the now, when God is provoked-when same yesterday, to-day, and for ever; judgment is threatened—when long and the principles of his righteous gosuffering patience is exercised—and vernment are like himself

, unchangewhen a separation shall be made—what able. Oh, brethren, take warning by shall the end be? The Lord Jesus the history of the world ! Christ shall descend from heaven with

Now, what shall we say to these flaming fire, to take vengeance upon things ? Some men say, when we them that know not God, and obey speak of the judgments to come, why not the Gospel of our Lord Jesus threaten us now?-the nation was Christ. All that believe not on the always wicked—there was always in. Lord Jesus Christ shall be destroyed fidelity. I have heard this argument with everlasting destruction, and ba- urged, again and again, in answer to nished for ever from the brightness of the warning voice of the faithful wit


ness of God. There was always in- and famine, and against war ; because fidelity—there was always wickedness. all these things have been kept so We deny not that there was always long from the land there is no real wickedness; we know it, too well we feeling of apprehension that they should know it; but is that a reason why

But, my brethren, at the last, punishment should not come upon us when it does come, by a parity of at last ? No; rather the reverse, rather reasoning, all the righteous blood a reason why, when it does come, it which has been shed since the first should be aggravated more. What did Christian martyrs slain by pagan our Saviour say unto the Jews ? “ Fill Rome, all the barbarities of the middle ye up then the measure of your fathers. ages, and all the savage atrocities of Ye serpents,'ye generation of vipers! the Reformation, all shall be visited how can ye escape the damnation of on the last generation of Christendom. hell? Wherefore, behold, I send unto By being of the same spirit as those you prophets, and wise men, and that committed all—by inheriting the scribes : and some of them ye shall spirit of their fathers—by sanctioning kill and crucify; and some of them the deeds of their fathers they shall shall ye scourge in your synagogues, all fall under the judgment—the acand persecute them from city to city : cumulated and concentrated judgments that upon you may come all the of God; all, all shall fall on that last righteous blood shed upon the earth, generation. And who shall tell when from the blood of righteous Abel that last generation shall be ? It may unto the blood of Zacharias son of be ours, or it may be that we are Barachias, whom ye slew between the heaping up treasures of judgment for temple and the altar. Verily I say our grand-children, but it must come unto you, all these things shall come -behold it is near--the end shall upon this generation.” The vengeance for the blood of Abel which was exe- And what shall be done in the cuted on his brother Cain, did not ex- meantime? Shall there be nothing said haust the judgments of God for that about these things ? Shall no attempts murder. They who followed after and be made at reformation? Shall not a showed by their spirit that they would word be spoken about it? What shall have taken part with Cain, inherit a we say? My brethren, you are here participation in the anger of God for assembled to night in support of a his brother's murder; and, therefore, combination of men who are deterthe blood of Abel was to come on them, mined to speak about these matters. and also the blood of all the righteous The REFORMATION Society supplies men slain in other days.

the rallying point. They are men who Through the tender mercy of God call things by their proper names, who he has spared us. He has not brought are not willing to avoid the persecution, down judgments upon us for any of and the ridicule, and the scoffing of the the great wickednesses committed in world, by a trimming or compromising the land. He has only warned us with vocabulary, but they speak plain, they a gentle hand, and He has not yet say with David, “ I am for peace : but poured out any of his desolations on when I speak, they are for war." us. We are taught in wisdom, in our Then why speak at all? Is not peace beautiful liturgy, to continue praying a Christian virtue? Is not charity all against God's judgments--but the Christianity? No. In so saying men prayer has become almost a dead letter say a lie. Is not charity the prime of on our lips—against plague, pestilence, Christian virtues ? Charity is, in the


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real meaning of it, but not in their which this truth of God has brought meaning of it. When they say that on your minds this night-I call on charity is the chief of Christian vir- you by all the value you have for etertues, they say true in words, but their nity—by all the anxiety you have about meaning is a lie; because they do not your own souls, and the souls of your mean by charity what the Bible means fellow-creatures—by all the certainty by charity, and, therefore, we cannot that you have, that, except in the blood speak peace, peace, when there is no of Jesus Christ, there is no salvation peace—when there is no righteous for any man–I call on you by all these, peace—when there is no real charity, and other things more mighty if I when there is no divine love. Peace, could speak them, that you will make at the expense of truth, is denounced some effort, some Christian aggression in the word of God. We may say to upon the ungodliness of the country, them what Jehu, the son of Nimshi, the ungodliness of society in Chris. said: “What peace, so long as the tendom, that you will make some efwhoredoms of thy mother Jezebel and fort for God, that you will not be her witchcrafts are so many?" Jere- ashamed for Jesus Christ. And if miah was so overwhelmed that he de- there be an opportunity brought to termined to keep his peace. “Then I your doors for making an effort-if said, I will not make mention of him, there be a society of men banded to. nor speak any more in his name. But gether, in the face of a gain-saying his word was in mine heart as a burn- nation, and running the risk of perseing fire shut up in my bones, and I cution, even unto stoning and pelting was weary of forbearing, and I could at the various anniversary meetings of not stay."

the society-if there be such a society And is it not right to speak? Here is of men for the putting of stagnant a statement which is the truth of God, pools in motion, and for stirring up and there is a man who professes him the dormant Protestanism that is going self a brother, and if I make this state- to sleep in the land—if there be such a ment I shall offend my brother. What society of men, I ask whether it is not shall I do? The Lord says, love your right, whether it is not fitting, that brother. And shall I keep back this some of the large excesses of indul. statement rather than offend my bro- gence and luxury to which some, ther? What shall I do? Suppose, I perhaps, many of you, are habitually say, I will be a very peaceful, quiet yielding yourselves, should be given man rather than offend that brother, up, in order that the substance 30 and thereupon suppress the offensive wasted, may be thrown into this treastatement; well, next day, I meet sury, that we may help these men another brother, and there is another against gainsayers, and enable them to statement, and I must suppress that travel from town to town, and to hire also, for fear of offending him. And rooms, and to print papers, and to in the course of a month or two I can- distribute books, in order that these not open my Bible at all. If I must keep great truths may have circulation peace with every one, I must put my through the land, that these protests Bible in the fire. My brethren, we against Popery, against infidelity, must speak out.

against uprighteousness, against all the This is the business—this is the pro- wickedness that is standing rampant vince—this is the operation of the Re- in the nation, may be repeated, may FORMATION Society; and I call on sound from pulpit after pulpit, from you, by all the power of the conviction

room aster room, from barn after barn,



and from street after street, throughout | But faithful exposure is not the order of the length and breadth of England, the day. One man after another Scotland, and Ireland; so that the shrinks from it, and according to our word of God may have free course and proverb, what is every man's business be glorified, and the people marked becomes no man's business, and what with the mark of God's mercy, before all agree should be exposed, remains the destroying slaughter weapon comes without ure.

God of all grace forth on the land.

and mercy help me to perform my Oh, my brethren, join yourselves own duty. I hold it a duty, and I heart and hand—join yourselves with thank God for the opportunity of permight-join yourselves with prayer-forming that duty as a minister of the join yourselves with money, according church, righteously established as the Lord prospers you, to help for- Scriptural grounds in this land-fosward this great work of reformation tered by king after king—fostered as it before the Lord comes in his glory. ought to be by the Father of his people, This is the work you are called on to who should thus take charge of the support to-night-this is the nature, Christian instruction of his national faI say—this is the position—this is the mily-I think it the duty of the minister operation of the ReforMATION So. of such a church, to stand forth, and tell

And now, you are invited the truth, concerning the king and his cordially to join in this work-you are family, concerning the nobles and the invited liberally to support it-you are bishops, concerning the pastors and invited to pray for it-you are invited to the people, to tell the truth on all ocpray for the men who are engaged in it casions, in the name of God and of -and you are invited to give God our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus thanks for so much as has been already Christ. And I pray the Holy Ghost done by it.

to bless it to your souls; and to conAnd now I leave the cause thus. I vince you that there is such a thing as pray God that I may not have omitted faithful witnessing for God, and that any thing that I should have said, and the truth of God is worth all, and every that I have not said any thing that I thing; that we should be willing to should have omitted. If I have said live with it, and die with it, and not any thing more than the truth of God live without it. calls for-if I have said any thing to Now, my beloved brethren, stifle not offend any man, I pray God that he your own convictions. Do not lightly will not lay it to my charge. He knows throw off the impressions that may have that my desire and my intention this made on you. Do not return lightly night are honest-he knows that my to the giddy scenes and worldly dissiheart is set upon telling the truth in pations of this night. Wait, and let a love to my brethren-in love to my peaceful and prayerful conviction settle king-in love to my superiors-in love on your souls. Oh, keep silence among to my country, and that I would, in one another, whisper not, and chat order to do them good, most gladly not the moment the minister ceases, submit to be misrepresented, as pos- dissipating the impression and getting sibly I shall be. My duty, my office, back into the frivolities of society ; but my high calling is to tell the truth con- concentrate your feelings—retire with. cerning them in love.

in-continue in prayer-bring down a Oh, if I had an opportunity of blessing from God upon the land this speaking these things in their own ears, night. May God, who careth for us, I need not stand here to speak them ! who can controul the infidel, who can

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