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1. The Nature of the Ordinance is shewn.
II. The Dispositions requisite for a Profitable Parti-

cipation thereof.


The Careless Sinner is Admonished, the Formulist Deiected

and Reproved, the Feeble-minded Comforted, the Doulting Relieved, the Sincere Assisted, and the Faithful Confirmed.




Rector of Aldwinckle, Northamptonshire; and Chaplain to the

Right Honourable the Earl of Peterborow.


Printed by William Young,

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The following Treatise upon the Sacra. ment, was drawn up at Oxford. It was a part of a course of catechetical lectures on Sunday after

It pleased God, at the time of delivery, to bless them greatly to the instruction and edification of the people. I pray the Spirit of all grace, that he would still accompany them with his blessing.


READER, thou wilt find three points chiefly proposed in this work.

First, To open the conscience to a discovery of its guilt and misery, its great need of Jesus, and the salvation which is in him. This is the leading point in our most holy Religion ; a soul unawakened to a sense of sin, and unaffected with the views of his inbred corruption, and departure from God, can have no more business at the Lord's Table, than a man in health has for a physician.

Secondly, To explain the true nature of the LORD's Supper, the intention of it, and the Privilege therein conferred on the Faithful. And here Jesus must needs be the Alpha and Omega. The institution is his, the things signified are his Bo'y and Blood, the blessings conferred are all purchased by him, and freely bestowed on his Covenant people. In short, Christ is here peculiaily all and in all.

Thirdly, To enforce that universal surrender of heart to the Redeemer which his love to us justly demands; that as we declare solemnly our intention, to devote to him our bodies, souls, and spirits, “ to “ be a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, “ which is our reasonable service ;"

we shew the truth of our professions by such a conversation as becometh godliness ; not content with the lukewarm negligence of careless professors, but shewing the zealous diligence of active disciples ; not resting on the ceremonious performance of an ordinance, but living every day in a course of communion with God.

The Prayers and Meditations are added as the necessary means to promote such a daily walking with God; for as we live daily pensioners on the divine grace, we must every day ask our daily bread, and in the field of the word collect the living man

Certain it is, that a real Christian can no more live without prayer and the word of God, than a living body can subsist without proper nourishment; and they will be most flourishing in their soul's health, whose appetite for the sincere milk of the word is keenest, and who pray without ceasing.


May the God of all grace accept this mite cast into his Treasury, and make it effectual to the adyancement of his own glory, and the salvation of redeemed souls.


ALDWINCKLE, October 10, 1764.






No ORDINANCE more peculiarly merits the regard of all professors of the religion of Jesus, than that which seals to them the blessings of the Covenant of Grace. The de. cay of vital and spiritual religion is evident in nothing more than the general neglect of these holy mysteries: and a revival of it can never be hoped for till a serious concern about eternity awakens the soul to inquire about the nature of the gospel salvation, and the means of grace which lead to it: to effect this is the design of the following pages. The careless professor will here find, I trust, alarming notices of his danger, and calls to consideration ; the ignorant, instruction; the fearful, solution of their doubts; the sincere, assistance; the strong, increasing light, support, and encouragement.

May the great Master of assemblies fix the following truths deeply and abidingly in the heart of every one who reads them.

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