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—Shotts Revival—Livingston's Great Sermon—The Holy-

rood Sermon—Three Young Men—Livingston's Methods

—Killinchy—Suspended—Attempts to Reach America—

Marriage—Deposed—Second Attempt to Reach America—

Stranraer—Newburn Skirmish—Commissioner to the King

—" The Plague to Scotland "—Cromwell and Livingston—

Cromwell asks him to Preach—His Prayer —Oliver has

enough of John—Summoned before Privy Council—Banished

—Life in Holland and Studies—Death .... 25-44


Declaration of American Independence—The Signatories—

Robert Livingston—Birth and Removal to Holland—

Emigrates—Settles in Albany—Marriage—Appointments—

Indian Raids and Negotiations—Lords of Trade—With Earl

of Bellomont fits out Adventure Galley—William Kidd—

The American Landowner—"Livingston" on the Hudson

—Kidd turns Pirate—A Desperate Career—Livingston's

Estates Confiscated—Captured—Again in London—Regains

Position—Colonial Speakership—Death .... 45-54


Lady Livingston's EpitaphViscount Dundee—His Life

a Biographical Problem—His Avariciousness—From Cornet

to Peer—Birth—College Life—In the Army of William—

Joins Royalists—Sent to Scotland—Drumclog—John King's

Invitation—Dundee's Marriage—Jean Cochrane's Beauty

and Constancy—The Cases of John Brown and Andrew

Hislop—Attends the Convention — Rallies the Clans—

Killiecrankie 55-67


The First Laird Livingston—The Second Laird—The Third


Laird—Flodden—The First Baronet—Darnley and

Mary—Banishment—Restoration—A Juryman in the Morton

Trial—Earl of Lennox Arrested—Kilsyth Befriends Him—

Divorced—The Second Baronet—His Accomplishments

—Fits out a Fleet—His Estates and Wealth—The First

Viscount Kilsyth And Lord Campsie—Defends his

Castle - Overpowered by Cromwell—Disgraceful Conduct of

Cromwell's Troops—The Castle Burnt—The Supplication of

the People—Cromwell's Act of Pardon—Cromwell and the

Provost of Glasgow—Charles raises Sir James to the Peerage

—The Second Lord Kilsyth—Changed Opinions—In

Parliament—Resigns Commission—Resigns his Estates—

His Vacillation and Character 68-77


William Livingston, Last Lord Kilsyth—Case of Betty

Whytfoord—Marches into England—The Edinburgh Con-

vention— Attempt to join Dundee—Arrested—Critical Posi-

tion—Appeal for Mercy—Banishment—Marries Lady Dun-

dee—The Exchanged Rings—Utrecht—Lady Livingston

Killed—Presbyterian Plots—Exposure of Lady Livingston's

Remains—A Picturesque Description—Sir Archibald Ed-

monstone's Letter to Napier—Lord Kilsyth and the French

Plot—Again Arrested—" The Standard on the Braes o'

Mar"—Battle of Sheriffmuir—Lord Kilsyth Flees—The

Last of the Kilsyth Livingstons 78-95


The Covenanters' Graves—The Battle Of Kilsyth—Scottish

Army in England—Montrose—Famine—Pestilence—The

Story of Bessie Bell and Mary Gray—Montrose's Victories

—A Hot Day—Strength of the Armies—The Decoy—The

Snare — Charge of Covenanting Dragoons — Onset of


M'Leans and M'Donalds—General Engagement—Fearful

Carnage—A Romance of the Battle—Gordon's Gravestone 96-108


Livingston to Robe—Archibald Graham—Samuel Ruther-

ford— Gabriel Cunningham—Public Worship—Rous

versus Barton—James GartshoreWalter M'gill

Leighton—Prelate versus Presbyter—A Parish Riot—Insult

and Resignation—Michael Robe—Elected to Easter Lenzie

James Hay—Parochial Cases and Anecdotes—Cursing

the Minister-Assistant to be Appointed . . . 109-120


Battlefields and Churches—Principal Carstares—Interview with

the King—James Robe—Presented by Lord Kilsyth—

Parish Records — New Collections — The Communion

Vessels—Church Repaired—Parish Administration—Com-

pared with Edward Irving—A Faithful Ministry—Societies

for Prayer — Pleurisy — Schismatical Controversy — A

Period of Dearth—Operation of Holy Spirit—Sermons on

Regeneration—Whitefield—The First Kilsyth Revival

Evidences of the Power of the Spirit—A Pleasant Work—

Communion—A Gracious Time—Results—Testimonials—

Opposition of Seceders—a Dignified Reply—Robe's Literary

Activity and Death 121-142


Rev. John Telfer—Manse and School Building—Parish Notes

—Church and State—Carlyle and Hill Burton—Patronage

—Ebenezer Erskine—Thomas Gillespie—The Relief Church

Formed—James Graham—Allan Cornfoot—James Dun—

John Anderson—Robert Anderson—John S. Goodall—Dr.

William Anderson—Early Life—Influence of Chalmers


—Using the Paptr—The Organ Question—Various Contro-

versies—His Preaching—LL.D.—Estimate . . 143-155


The Agricultural Interest—James FrewRobert Graham

Introduces the Potato—History of the Potato—Graham's

Experiments — Widespread Interest and Success—Dr.

Robert Rennie—Graham and Rennie Compared—Peat

Moss Studies—The Nature of Peat—Peat Companies—

Rennie's Early Life—Presentation and Marriage—A Dis-

tinguished Son—Second Marriage—A Faithful Pastorate—

Number of Communicants—New Parish Church—The

"Essays on Peat Moss "—The Peat Bogs of Europe—Dul-

latur Moss—Flanders Moss—Substances contained in Moss—

Qualities and Sterility of Moss—Publication and Honours—

Czar of Russia—Alexander I.—Offers Appointment—Sir John

Sinclair Advises Acceptance—The Czar's Presents—Bell of

Antermony—Rennie's Death 156-168


York House—York Buildings Company—A Romantic Story

—Sale of Confiscated Estates—Rise and Fall of Shares—

Kilsyth Estate—State of Agriculture — Kilsyth Estate

Farmed by James Stark—Bought by Campbell—Dullatur

Bog—Plague of Frogs—The Young Pretender—The Com-

pany's Undertakings—Sir Walter Scott—An Aberdeen Tin-

smith—Increase in Price of Land—The Company Wound

Up—The Livingston and Ed monstone Families . . 169-179


The Kilsyth Estates—The York Buildings Company—The Ed-

monstone Achievement—The Edmonstone Family

Princess Isobel—Royal Descent—Cadency—Princess Mary

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