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—First Three Edmonstones—The Fourth Sir William—

Connection with Sir William Wallace—The Fifth Sir Wil-

liam—Murder of Sir James Stewart—Sir James Edmon-

Stone—The Gowrie Conspiracy—Apprehended by Arran

—A Deep Plot—Popular Fury—Settles in Ireland—Dun-

treath Redeemed—The Ninth Laird—His Brief but BrilliaDt

Career—Sir Archibald Edmonstoxe, the Eleventh Laird

—Buys Kilsyth—M.P. for Dumbartonshire—Sir Charles,

Second Baronet—Sir Archibald, Third Baronet—Contests

Stirlingshire—Sir William, Fourth Baronet—A Brush with

Pirates—Visits Lord Byron—Captain Wild—Sir Archibald,

the Fifth Baronet 180-193


"The Christian Gentleman's Daily Walk "—Sir Archibald

Edmonstone, the Christian Gentleman—Public Opinion

—Colzium Library and Chapel—Books, Sermons, Hymns

—Letter to.People of Kilsyth—Vols, of Travel—Thoughts by

the Way—Opinion of Mezzofanti—Prince Charlie's Widow

—Meets Belzoni—The Holy Land—Ali Pasha—Classical

Spots—Byron's " Maid of Athens "—" Fitzwalter "—" Pro-

gress of Religion "—" Happiness "—Letter from Lamartine

- Literary Estimate—Translation from Petrarch . . 194-208


William H. Burns—Two Kirk Session Meetings—Dun and

Kilsyth—9th May, 1843—Character Sketch—At the Feet

of Christ—Birth—Ordination—Work at Dun—Induction to

Kilsyth—Presentation and " Call"—At the Grave of Robe

—W. C. Burns —The Memory of Rev. John Livingston—

—The Second Revival—The '43 Secession—A Long Bright

Sunset — Rev. Robert Black — Family — Education-

Church Building—Rev. W. Jeffrey .... 209-222


William C. Burns—Boyhood—"A Maxie "—Edinburgh Life

—A Turning Point—Studies for the Ministry—Oratorical

Power—Industrious Preaching—Second Revival—Scene in

Church—Visits Dundee—Becomes an Evangelist—Visits

Canada—Embarks for China —China and Chinese Sects-

Methods and Means of Work—His Death—Thoughts of

Home—" Very Poor" 223-235


Professor Islay Burns—" The Pastor of Kilsyth" and " The

Chinese Missionary "—Three Different Characters—A Lov-

able Soul—Birth—Description of Kilsyth Manse—A Family

Group—Student Days—Loss of Sight—A Quiet Place—

Chosen for St. Peter's—A Peculiar Position—A Cultured

Ministry—Islay Burns and M'Cheyne—Liberal Views—

Pictures of Church History—Contest with Mr. Rainy—

"The Pastor" and "Missionary"—Appointed Professor

—Spiteful Opposition—Life in Glasgow—An Abundant

Entrance 1 236-246


A Successful Family—The Bairds—Sagacity and Enterprise—

Their Works—Connection with Kilsyth—Coke Making—

Members of Firm in i860—Tradition—History—Alex. Baird

of Kirkwood—Alex. Baird of Woodhead—An Anecdote—

First Mining Ventures—Merryston—Gartsherrie—"William

Baird & Co."—List of Mineral Estates—Varied Family

Gifts—William Baird—M.P.—Chairman of Caledonian

Railway—Deputy Governor of the Forth and Clyde Canal

—John Baird of Woodhead—Alex. Baird of Urie—James

Baird—Townhead Church — Portrait—Hot Air Blast—

Patent Rights Lawsuit—Auchmedden Romance—Deep Re-


ligious Convictions—Robert, Douglas, and George Baird—

Alex. Whitelaw—His Business Capacity—Tsaac Disraeli—A

Baconian Maxim Refuted—Present Members of Firm . 247-262


The Parish Church—Banton Chapel—Rev. J. Lyon—Ordina-

tion—Secession—Pursued by an Echo—Succession of Mis-

sionaries—Manse Built—Rev. James Whiteford—A Parish

Quoad Sacra—William Cadell—Friendship with Dr.

Roebuck—Carron Company Founded—William Archi-

Bald Cadell—Scientific Pursuits—His Taciturnity—Sir

Joseph Banks—" A Journey in Italy "—Encyclopaedia Con-

tributions—Clever Escape—Forth and Clyde Canal—Smea-

ton—Hugh Baird—Canal Locks — Trial of Charlotte

Dundas—Fish-tail Propeller 263-273


1843 and After—Rev. Henry Douglas—His Amiability—

"Rabbi Duncan "—Work at Saline and Alexandria—Dou-

glas and M'Cheyne engaged to Sisters—Inducted to Kilsyth

—Reception—William Henry—Douglas's Personal Ap-

pearance—Delicate Health and Death—Rev. Alex. Hill—

Preaching and Urbanity—A Distinguished Family—A. K.

H. Boyd—Church Membership—Galloway Bequest—Trans-

lation to St. Andrews—Dr. Park—" In like manner I shall

go "—St. Andrews Session Minute .... 274-286


The Methodists—Succession of Preachers—New Church—

The CONOR Eg Ationai.ists— Clerical Succession — The

Roman Catholic Church—CanonMurphy—Rev. Alex.

Speirs—Lochwinnoch—Dr. Watson, Dundee—Dr. Graham,

Kilbarchan—The Gorbals—"A Congregation without a

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