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all attainments to every man is, the knowledge of himself. Yet among the thousands who assume a Christian profession, multitudes are ignorant of their spiritual state. They are hastening blindfolded to eternity. To stimulate such persons seriously and without delay to try their character by the word of God, and to afford some help both to them, and to all who are solicitous to know their real condition, is the design of the Author in this work. His aim has been to treat every part of it with Scriptural plainness and simplicity. As he is not aware of any previous treatise on the same plan, he fondly hopes that it may be serviceable to the cause of vital godliness. -To the care of that Divine Redeemer he now commits it, for the spiritual good of whose church it has been penned; and to Him he looks up in prayer, to render this humble effort instrumental in opening the eyes of some who are self-deceivers, and in ministering direction and comfort to his own saints!

J. B.

GLASGOW, December, 1830.


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