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bringing forth the fruit of good sat down, in number about five works, ray by thee be plenteous- thousand. And Jesus took the ly rewarded, through Jesus Christ loaves, and when he had given our Lord. Amen.

thanks, he distributed to the disFor the Epistle Jer. xxiii. 5. ciples, and the disciples to them REHOLD, the days come, saith that were set down, and likewise o the Lord, that I will raise unto of the fishes, as much as they David a righteous branch; and a would. Wiven they were filled King shall reign and prosper, and he said unto his disciples, Gather shall execute judgment and jus- up the fragments that remain, tice in the earth. In bis days, that nothing be lost Therefore Judah shall be saved, and Israel they gathered them together, and shall dwell safely: and this is his blled twelve baskets with the fragname whereby le shall be called, menis of the five barley-loaves, THE LORD OUR RIGHTE-which remained over and above OUSNESS. Therefore, behold, unto them that had eaten. Then the days come, saith the Lord, those men, when they had seen that they shall nu, more say, The the miracle that Jesus did, said, Lord liveth, who brought up the This is of a truth that Prophet children of Israel out of the land that should come into the world. of Egypt ; but, The Lord liveth, T if there be any more. Sundays before who brought up, and who led the

Adoent-Sunday, the service of some of

those 'Sundays that were omitted after seed of the house of Israel out of the Epiphany, shall be taken in to supthe north country, and from alll ply so many as are here wanting. And countries whither I had driven

if there be fiwer, the owrplus may be

omittud: Provided that this last Collect, thein; and they shall dwell in

Epistle, and Gospel, shall always bo used their own land.

upon the Sunday next before Advent. The Gospel. St. John, vi. 5. W HEN: Jesus then lift up bis Saint Andrew's Day. " eyes, and saw a great com.

The Collect. pany come unto him, he saith ALMIGHTY God, who didst untó Philip, Whence shall we give such grace unto thy holy buy bread, that these may eat? Apostle Saint Andrew, that he (and this he said to prove him ; readily obeyed the calling of thy for he himself knew what he Son Jesus Christ, and followed would do.) Philip answered him, him without delay; grant unto us Two hundred penny-worth of all, that we, being called by thy bread is not suficient for them, holy word, may forthwith give, that every one of them may take up ourselves obediently to ful67 a little. One of his disciples, An-thy holy commandments, through drew, Simon Peter's brother, the same Jesus Christ our Lord. saith unto him, There is a lad Amen. here, who hath five barley-loaves, The Epistle. Rom. x. 9. and two small fishes; but what TF thou shalt confess with thy are they among so many? And mouth the Lord Jesus, and Jesus said, Make the men sit shalt believe in thine heart that down. Now there was much God hath raised him from the "ass in the place. So the men dead, thou shalt be saved. For

with the heart man believeth unto his brother, casting a net into righteousness, and with the mouth the sea : (for they were fishers.).' confession is made unto salvation. And he saith unto them, Follow For the Scripture saith, Whoso-me, and I will make you fishers ever believeth on him shall pot of men. And they straightway be ashamed. For there is no dif- left their nets, and followed him. ference between the Jew and the And going on from thence, he Greek: for the same Lord over saw other two brethren, James all, is rich unto all that call upon the son of Zebedee, and John his him. For whosoever shall call brother, in a ship with Zebedee upon the name of the Lord, shall their father, mending their nets; be saved. How then shall they and he called them. And they call on him in whom they have immediately left the ship and not believed ? and how shall they their father, and followed him. believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they! Saint Thomas the Apostle. hear without a preacher? And

The Collect. how shall they preach, except A LMIGHTY and everliving they be sent? 'As it is written, God, who for the greater How beautiful are the feet of confirmation of the faith, didst them that preach the Gospel of suffer thy holy Apostle Thomas peace, and bring glad tidings of to be doubtful in thy Son's resurgood things! But they have not all rection; grant us so perfectly, obeyed the Gospel. For Esaias and without all doubt, to believe saith, Lord, who hath believed our in thy Son Jesus Christ, that our report? So then, faith cometh faith in thy sight may never be by hearing, and hearing 'by the reproved : Hear us, o Lord, Word of God. But I say, Have through the same Jesus Christ; they not heard? Yes verily, their to whom, with thee and the Hoo sound went into all the earth, and ly Ghost, be all honour and glory, their words unto the ends of the now and for evermore. Amen." world. But I say, Did not Israel The Epistle. Ephes. ii. 19. know? First, Moses saith, I will NOW therefore ye are no more provoke you to jealousy by them strangers and foreigners, but that are no people, and by a fellow-citizens with the saints, foolish nation I will anger you. and of the household of God; But Esaias is very bold, and saith, and are built upon the foundaI was found of them that soughi tion of the Apostles and Prophets, me not; I was made manifest Jesus Christ bimself being the unto them that asked not after chief corner-stone ; in whom all me. But to Israel he saith, All the building, fitly framed togeday long have I stretched forth ther, growcth unto an holy temmy hands unto a disobedient and ple in the Lord: in whom ye also gainsaying people

are builded together for an habiThe Gosple. Št. Matt. iv, 18. tation of God, through the Spirit. TESUS walking by the sea of The Gospel. St. John, xx. 24.

Galilee, saw two brethren, Si- THOMAS, cne of the twelve, mon, called Peter, and Andrew called Didymus, was not with

them when Jesus came. The the right hand of God, to succOUE other disciples therefore said un- all those who suffer for thee, our to him, We have seen the Lord. only Mediator and Advocate But he said unto them, Except | Amen. shall see in his hands the print of Then shall follow the Collect of the Nathe nails, and put my finger intol tivity, which shall be said continuallu

le nails, and put my mnger mountil New-Year's Eve. the print of the nails, and thrust For The Epistle. Acts, vii. 55. my bands into his side. I will not STEPHEN, being full of the believe. And after eight days, V Holy Ghost, looked up steadagain his disciples were within, fastly into beaven, and saw the and Thomas with them : The glory of God, and Jesus standing came Jesus, the doors being shut, on the right band of God; and and stood in the midst, and said, said, Behold, I see the heavens Peace be unto you. Then said he opened, and the Son of man standto Thomas, Reach hither thy fin-line

per ty no-ling on the right hand of God. ger, and behold my hands; and Then they cried out with a loud reach hither thy hand, and thrust voice, and stopped their ears, and it into my side; and be not Taith- ran upon him with one accord, less, but believing. And Thomas and cast him out of the city, and answered and said unto him, My stoned him: and the witnesses Lord, and my God. Jesus saith laid down their clothes at a young unto him, Thomas, because thou man's feet, whose name was Saul. hast seen me, thou hast believed; And they stoned Stephen, calling blessed are they that have not upon God, and saying, Lord Jeseen, and yet have believed. Andl:

asus, receive my spirit. And he many other signs truly did Jesus kneeled down, and cried with a in the presence of his disciples, loud voice, Lord, lay not this sin which are not written in this to their charge. And when he book. But these are written, had said this, he fell asleep. that ye might believe that Jesus The Gospel. St Matt. xxiii. 34. is the Christ, the Son of God; PEHOLD, I send unto you proand that believing, ye might have D phets, and wise men, and life through his name.

scribes; and some of the ye Saint Stephen's Day.

shall kill and crucify; and some

of them shall ye scourge in your The Collect.

synagogues, and persecute them GRANT, O Lord, that in all our from city to city; that upon you

sufferings here upon earth, may come all the righteous blood for the testimony of thy truth, we shed upon the earth, from the may steadfastly look up to hea- blood of righteous Abel, unto the ven, and by faith behold the glory blood of Zacharias, son of Barathat shall be revealed; and being chias, whom ye slew between the filled with the Holy Ghost, may temple and the altar. Verily I learn to love and bless our perse-say unto you, All these things cutors. by the example of thy first shall come upon this generation. martyr Saint Stephen, who pray-lo Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou ed for his murderers to thee, Othat killest the prophets, and blessed Jesus, who standest atlatnaest them which are sent unto

thee; how often would I have and do not the truth : But if we gathered thy children together, walk in the light, as he is in the even as a hen gathereth her chick-light, we have fellowship one with ens under her wings, and ye would another, and the blood of Jesus not! Behold, your house is left Christ his Son cleanseth us from unto you desolate. For I say un-all sin. If we say that we have no to you, Ye shall not see me sin, we deceive ourselves, and henceforth, till ye shall say, Bless- the truth is not in us. If we coned is he that cometh in the fess our sins, he is faithful and name of the Lord.

ljust to forgive us our sins, and to

cleanse us from all uprighteousSaint John the Evangelist's Day. ness. If we say that we have not The Collect.

sinned, we make him a liar, and MERCIFUL Lord, we beseech his word is not in us.

thee to cast thy bright beams The Gospel. St. John, xxi. 19. of light upon thy Church, that it JESUS said unto Peter, Follow being instructed by the doctrinel" me. Then Peter turning about, of thy blessed Apostle and Evan- seeth the disciple whom Jesus gelist Saint John, may so walk in loved, following, (which also the light of thy truth, that it may leaned on his breast at supper, at length attain to everlasting life, and said, Lord, which is he that through Jesus Christ our Lord. betrayeth thee?) Peter seeing Amen.

lbim, saith to Jesus, Lord, and The Epistle. 1 John, i. 1. what shall this man do? Jesus THAT which was from the be- saith unto him, If I will that he

ginning, which we have heard, starry till I come, what is that to which we have seen with our thee? Follow thou me. Then eyes, which we have looked up-went this saying abroad among on, and our bands have handled the brethren, that that disciple of the word of life; (for the life should not die: yet Jesus said not was manifested, and we have seen uuto him, He shall not die : but, it, and bear witness, and show If I will that he tarry till I unto you that eternal life which come, what is that to thee? This was with the Father, and was is the disciple which testifieth of manifested unto us ;) that which these things. and wrote these we have seen and heard, declare things, and we know that his teswe unto you, that ye also may timony is true. And there are have fellowship with us; and truly also many other things which our fellowship is with the Father, Jesus did, the which, if they and with his Son Jesus Christ. should be written every one, I And these things write we unto suppose that even the world ityou, that your joy may be full. self could not contain the books This then is the message which we that should be written. have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in

The Innocents Day. him is no darkness at all. If we

The Collect. say that we have fellowship with Almighty God, who out of hirn, and walk in darkness, we lie, the mouths of babes and suck.

lings hast ordained strength, and night, and departed into Egypt madest infants to glorify thee by and was there until the death of their deaths; mortify and kill ail Herod : that it might be fulfilled vices in us, and so strengthen us which was spoken of the cord by by thy grace, that by the inno- the prophet, saying, Out of Egypt cency of our lives, and constan- have I called my Son. Then He. cy of our faith even unto death, rod, when he saw that he was we may glorify thy holy name, mocked of the wise men, was exthrough Jesus Christ our Lord. ceeding wroth, and sent forth, and Amen.

slew all the children that were For the Epistle. Rev. xiv. 1. in Bethlebem, and in all the T Looked, and lo, a Lamb stood coasts thereof, from two years I on the mount Sion, and with old and under, according to the him an hundred forty and four time which he had diligently inthousand, having his Father's quired of the wise men. Then name written in their foreheads. was fulfilled that which was spoAnd I heard a voice from heaven, ken by Jeremy the prophet, sayas the voice of many waters, and iog, In Rama was there a voice as the voice of a great thunder: heard, lamentation, and weeping, and I heard the voice of harpers and great mourning, Rachel harping with their harps : and weeping for her children, and they sung as it were a new song would not be comforted, because before the throne, and before the they are not. four beasts, and the elders : and no man could learn that song, but! The Conversion of St. Paul. the hundred and forty and four

The Collect. thousand, which were redeemedlo God, who, through the preachfrom the earth. These are they ing of the blessed Apostle Saint which were not defiled with wo-Paul, hast caused the light of the men, for they are virgins : these Gospel to shine throughout the are they which follow the Lamb world; grant, we beseech thee, whithersoever he goeth: these that we, baving bis wonderful were redeemed from among men, conversion in remembranee, may being the first-fruits unto God, show forth our thankfulness unto and to the Lamb. And in their thee for the same, by following mouth was found no guile; for the holy doctrine which he they are without fault before the taught, through Jesus Christ our throne of God.

Lord. Amen. The Gospel. St. Matt. ii. 13. For the Epistle. Acts, ix. 1. THE angel of the Lord appear- AND. Saul, yet breathing out

eth to Josepb in a dream, say- threatenings and slaughter ing, Arise, and take the young against the disciples of the Lord, child and his mother, and flee in- went unto the High Priest, and to Egypt, and be thou there until desired of him letters to DamasI bring thee word; for Herod will cus to the synagogues, that if he seek the young child to destroy found any of this way, whether him. When he arose, he took the they were men or women, be young obild and his mother byl might bring them bound unto Je

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