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give his life a ransom for many. that serveth? is not he that sitteth

- lat meat? but I am among you as Saint Bartholomew the Apostle. The that serveth. Ye are they The Collect

which have continued with me in Almighty and everlasting God, my temptations. And I appoint

who didst give to thine Apos- unto you a kingdom, as my Fa. te Bartholomew grace truly to ther hath appointed unto me; that believe and to preach thy word ; ye may eat and drink at my table trant, we beseech thee, unto thy in my kingdom, and sit on thrones, Church, to love that word which judging the twelve tribes of Israel. be believed ; and both to preach and receive the same, through! Saint Matthew the Apostle. Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.,

The Collect. For the Epistle. Acts, v. 12 in Almighty God, who by thy By the hands of the Apostles blessed Son didst call Matthew

D were many signs and wonders from the receipt of custom, 10 be wrought among the people, (and an Apostle and Evangelist; grant they were all with one accord in us grace to forsake all covetous Solomon's porch. And of the rest desires, and inordinate love of darst no man join himself to them;lriches; and to follow the same ti but the people magnified diem. Son Jesus Christ, who liveth and And believers were the more add- reigneth with thee and the Holy ed to the Lord, multitudes both Ghost, one God, world without of men and women)insomuch that end. Amen. they brought forth the sick into The Epistle. 2 Cor. iv. 1. the streets, and laid them on beds THEREFORE, seeing we have and couches, that at least the sha-i this ministry, as we have redow of Peter passing by might|ceived mercy, we faint not; but overshadow some of them. There have renounced the hidden things came also a multitude out of the of dishonesty, not walking in crafcilies roundabout unto Jerusalem,tiness, nor handling the Word of bringing sick folks,and them which God deceitfully, but by manifestawere vexed with unclean spirits; tion ofthe truth, commending ourand they were healed every one. selves to every man's conscience

The Gospel. St. Luke, xvii. 24. in the sight of God. But if our AND there was also a strife gosple be hid, it is hid to them

among them, which of them that are lost : In wbom the god of should be accounted the greatest. this world hath blinded the minds And he said unto them. The kings of them which believe not, lest the of the Gentiles exercise lordship light of the glorious Gospel of over them; and they that exer- Christ, who is the image of God, cise authority upon them are call- should shine unto them. For wa ed benefactors. But ye shall not preach not ourselves, but Christ be so: but he that is greatest among Jesus the Lord ; and ourselves you, let him be as the younger : your servants for Jesus' sake. For And be that is chief, as he that God,who commanded the light to doth serve. For whether is great- shine out of darkness, hath shine er, be that sitteth at meat, or he in our hearts, to give the light

the knowledge of the glory of God, the whole world: he was cast out in the face of Jesus Christ. linto the earth, and his angels were

The Gospel. Si. Matt. is. 9." cast out with him. And I heard a AND as Jesus passed forth from loud voice saying in heaven, Now

thence, he saw a man named iscomesalvation and strength,and Matthew, sitting at the receipt of the kingdom of our God, and the custom : and he saith unto him, power of his Christ : for the 'acFollow me. And he arose, and cuserof our brethren is cast down, followed bim. And it came to which accused them before our pass, as Jesus sat at meat in the God day and night. And they house,behold many publicans and overcame him by the blood of the sinners came and sat down with Lamb, and by the word of their him and his disciples. And when testimony; and they loved not the Pharisees saw it, they said their lives unto the death. Thereunto his disciples, Why eateth fore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye your Master with publicans and that dwell in them. Woe to the sinners ? But when Jesus heard inhabitants of the earth and of the that, he said unto them, They sea : for the devil is come down that he whole, need not a physi- unto you, having great wrath, becian, but they that are sick. But cause he knoweth that he hath go ye and learn what tnat mean- but a short time. eth, I will have mercy, and not The Gospel St. Matt. xviii. 1. sacrifice; for I am not come to A T the same time came the discall the righteous, but sinners to a ciplesunto Jesus, saying, Who repentance.

is the greatest in the kingdom of

Jheaven? And Jesus called a little Saint Michael and all Angels. child unto liim, and set him in the The Collect.

midst of thein, and said, Verily Everlasting God, who hast I say unto you, Except ye be con.

ordained and constituted the verted, and become as little chilservices of Angels and men in dren, ye shall not enter into the a wonderful order; mercifully kingdom of heaven. Whosoever grant, that as thy holy Angels al- therefore shall humble himself as ways do the service in heaven ; this little child, the same is greatest $0, by thy appointment, they may in the kingdom of heaven. And succour and defend us on earth, whoso shall receive one such little through Jesus Christ our Lord. child in my name, receiveth me. Amen.

Bit whoso shalloffend one ofthese For the Epistle. Rev. xii 7. little ones which believe in me, it THERE was war in heaven ; were beiter for him that a mill

Michael and his Angels foughtstone were banged about his neck, against the dragon ; and the dra- and that he were drowned in the gon fought and his angels, and depth of the sea. Woe unto the prevailed not; neither was their world because of offences ! for it place found any inore in heaven inust needs be that offences come; And the great dragon was cast but woe to that inan by whom the out, that old serpept, called the offence cometh. Werefore if thy devil and satan, which deceiveth hand or thy foot ottend thee, cut


them off, and cast them from Thessalonica ; Crescens to Galathee: it is better for thee to enter tia, Titus unto Dalmatia. * Only into life halt or maimed, rather Luke is with me. Take Mark than having two hands or two and bring him with thee : for he feet, to be cast into everlasting is profitable to me for the minisfire. And if thine eye offend thee, try. And Tychicus have I sent pluck it out, and cast it from thee: to Enbesus. The cloak that I it is better for thee to enter into left at Troas with Carpus, when life with one eye, rather than thou comest, bring with thee, and having two eyes, to be cast into the books, but especially the bell fire. Take heed that you des- parchments. Alexander the cop pise not one of these little ones : persmith did me much evil : the for I say unto you, That in bea- Lord reward him according to ven their angels do always behold his works. Of whom be thou the face of my Father which is in ware also, for be hath greatly heaven.

withstood our words.

The Gospel. St. Luke, a. 1. Saint Luke the Evangelist. The Lord appointed other 98. The Collect.

venty also, and sent them two ALMIGHTY God, who calledst and two hefore his face into every 4 Luke the Physician, whose city and place, whither he him. praise is in the Gospel, to be an self would come. Therefore said Evangelist and Physician of the he unto them, The harvest truly soul; may it please thee, that by is great, but the labourers aro the wbolesome medicines of the few : pray ye therefore the Lord doctrine delivered by him, all the of the harvest, that he would send diseases of our souls may be heal- forth labourers into his harvest. ed, through the merits of thy Son Go your ways; behold, I send Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. you forth as lambs among wolver,

The Epistle. 2 Tim. iv. 5.. Carry neither purse, nor scrin. W ATCH thou in all things, en- nor shoes; and salute no man by

1 dure afilictions, do the work the way. And into whatsoever of an Evangelist, make full proof house ye enter, first say, Peace of thy ministry. For I am now be to this house. And if the son ready to be offered, and the time of peace be there, your peace of my departure is at hand. I shall rest upon it: if not, it shall have fought a good fight, I have turn to you again. And in the fioished my course, I have kept same house remain, eating and the faith. Henceforth there is laid drinking such things as they gives up for me a crown of righteous- for the labourer is worthy of his ness, which the Lord the righteous hire. Judge shall give me at that day :and not to me oply, but unto alll, Saint Simon and Saint Jude, them also that love his appearing.

Apostles. . Do tby diligence to come shortly

The Collect unto me: For Demas bath for- Almighty God, who hast buit I saken me, having loved this pre-l thy Church upon the founda sent world, and is departed unto tion of the Apostles and Prophets

Jesus Christ himself being the and speak evil of dignities. head corner-stone ; grant us so to The Gospel. $t. John, xv. 17. be joined together in unity of spi- THESE tnings I command you, rit by their doctrine, that we may – that ye love one another. If be made an holy temple accept- the world hate you, ye know that able unto thee, through Jesus it hated me before it hated you. Christ our Lord. Amen. If ye were of the world, the world

The Epistle. St.Jude, i. would love bis own: but because TUDE, the servant of Jesus ye are not of the world, but I have

Christ, and brother of James, chosen you out of the world, there. to them that are sanctified by God fore the world hateth you. Rethe Father, and preserved in Jesus member the word that I said unto Christ, and called : Mercy unto you, The servant is not greater you, and peace and love be multi-than his lord ; if they have perseplied. Beloved, when I gave all cuted me, they will also persediligence to write unto you of the cute you ; if they have kept my common salvation, it was needful saying, they will keep yours also. for me to write unto you, and ex-But all these things will they do hort you, that ye should earnestly unto you for my name's sake, becontend for the faith wbich was cause they know not him that sent once delivered unto the saints. me. If I had not come and spoken For there are certain men crept unto them, they had not had sin: in unawares, who were before of but now they have no cloak for old ordained to this condemna-their sin. He that hateth me, hat. tion ; ungodly men, turning the eth my Father also. If I had not grace of our God into lascivious- done anong them the works less, and denying the only Lord which none other man did, they God, and our Lord Jesus Christ. had not had sin : but now they I will therefore put you in remem- have both seen and hated both me Drance, though ye once knew this, and my Father. But this c how that the Lord having saved to pass, that the word night be the people out of the land of fulfilled that is written in their law, Egypt, afterward destroyed them They hated me without a cause. that believed not. And the angels But when the Comforter is come, which kept not their first estate, whom I will send unto you from but left their own habitation, the Father, even the Spirit of be hath reserved in everlasting truth, which proceedeth from the chains under darkness, unto the Father, he shall testify of me. judgment of the great day. Even And ye also shall bear witness, as Sodom and Gomorrah, and because ye have been with me the cities about them, in like from the beginning. manner giving themselves over to fornication, and going after All Saints' Day. atrange flesh, are set forth for

The Collect. an example, suffering the ven- Almighty God, who hast knit geance of eternal lire. Likewise together thine elect in one also these filthy dreamers de- communion and fellowship, in dle the Aesh, despise dominion, the mystical body of thy Son

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Christ our Lord; grant us grace. After this I beheld, and lo, a so to follow thy blessed saints in great multitude, which no mab all virtuous and godly living, that could number, of all nations, and we may come to those unspeaka- kindreds, and people, and tongues, ble joys, which thou hast prepar-stood before the throne, and be ed for those who unfeignedly fore the Lamb, clothed witba love thee, through Jesus Christ wbite robes, and palms in their our Lord. Amen.

Thands; and cried with a loud For the Epistle. Rev. vii. 2. voice, saying, Salvation to our AND I saw another angel as-God, which sitteth upon the u cending from the east, hav- throne, and unto the Lamb. And ing the seal of the living God; all the angels stood round about and he cried with a loud voice to the throne, and about the elder, the four angels, to whom it was and the four beasts, and fell be given to hurt the earth and the fore the throne on their faces, and sea, saying, Hurt not the earth, worshipped God, saying, Amen: neither the sea, nor the trees, till Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, we have sealed the servants of and thanksgiving, and bonour, our God in their forebeads. And and power, and might, be unto I heard the number of them our God forever and ever. Amen. which were sealed; and there The Gospel St. Matt. v. I. were sealed an hundred and for- TESUS seeing the multitudes, ty and four thousand, of all the went up into a mountain : and tribes of the children of Israel. when he was set, his disciples

Of the tribe of Judah were came unto him. And he opened Bealed twelve thousand. This mouth, and taught them, say.

of the tribe of Reuben wereling, Blessed are the poor in spia sealed twelve thousand. rit: for theirs is the kingdom of

of the tribe of Gad were sealed heaven. Blessed are they that twelve thousand.

mourn: for they shall be com. Of the tribe of Aser were seal- forted. Blessed are the meek: for ed twelve thousand. . they shall inherit the earth. Blesse

Of the tribe of Nepthalim were ed are they which do hunger and sealed twelve thousand t hirst after righteousness: for they

Of the tribe of Manasses were shall be filled. Blessed are the sealed twelve thousand. merciful: for they shall obtain

Of the tribe of Simeon were mercy. Blessed are the pure in sealed twelve thousand. heart: for they shall see God.

Of the tribe of Levi were seal-Blessed are the peace-makers: ed twelv; thousand.

for they shall be called the chil. of the tribe of Issachar were dren of God. Blessed are they sealed twelve thousand. jwhich are persecuted for righté.

Of the tribe of Zabulon werefoisness' sake: for theirs is the sealed twelve thousand. kingdom of heaven. Blessed are

of the tribe of Joseph were ye, when men sball revile you, sealed twelve thousand. and persecute you, and sball say

of the tribe of Benjamin were all manner of evil against you sealed twelve thousand. |falsely for my sake. Rejoice and

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