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Thine Eyes 'hall the K}nS *n A,i

Bcawty. Isaiah, xxxiii. 17.

SHOULD nature's charms to please
the eye,
In sweet assemhlage join,
Jesus, compared with t'nine-

2 Vain were her fairest heams display d,
And vain her hlooming store;

Her hrightness languishes to shade, 'Her heauty is no more.

3 But ah, how far from mortal sight
The Lord of glory dwells!

A veil of interposing night
His radiant face conceal'.

4 O coul£ my longing spirit rise
On strong immortal wing,

And reach thy palace in the skies,
My Saviour and my King!

5 There thousands worship at thy feet.
And there (divine employ!)

The triumphs of thy love repeat.
In songs of endless joy-

6 Thy presence heams eternal day
O'er all the hussful place;

Who would not drop this load of clay,

And die to see thy face?


The Excellency and Sufficiency of the


FATHER of mercies', in thy word
What endless glory shines I
Kot ever he thy name adored
For these celestial lines.

2 Here may the wretched sons of want
Exhaustless riches find;

Riches ahove what earth can grant,
And lasting as the mind.

3 Here the fair tree of knowledge grows,
And yields a free repast,

Suhlimer sweets than nature knows
Invite the longing taste.

4 Here the Redeemer's welcome voice
Spreads heavenly peace around;

And life, and everlasting joys
Attend the hlissful sound. .

5 Omay these heavenly pages he
My ever dear delight;

And still new heauties may I sec,
And still increasing light.

6 Divine Instructor, gracious Lord,
He thou for ever near •,,

Teach me to love thy sacred word,
And view my Saviour there.

The Season* crowned with Goodness.

Psalm lxv. 11.

ETERNAL source of every joy!
Weil may thy praise our lips employ.
While in thy temple we appear,
To hail the«, sov'reign of the year.

2 Wide as the wheels of nature roll, Thy hand supports and guides the

The sun is taught hy thee to rise,
And darkness when to veil the skiee.
?, The flowery spring, at thy command,
Perfumes the air, and paints the land;
The summer rays with vigour shine
To raise the corn and cheer the vine.

4 Thy hand in autumn richly pours
Through all ou r coast redundant stores;
And winters, soften'd hy thy care,
No more the face of horror wear.

5 Seasons, and months, and weeks, and
days 1

Demand successive songs of praise;
And he the grateful homage paid.

Ana oe me graieiui uouia^e jmiu.
With morning light and evening shade.
6 Herein thy house let incense rise,
And circling sahhaths hiess our eyes,
Till to those lofty heights we soar,
Where days and years revolve no more.

A Funeral Thought.

HARK! from the tomhs, a mournful
My ears, attend the cry:
Ye living men, come view the ground
'Where you must shortly lie.
2 ' Princes, this clay must he your hed,
1 In spite of all your towers!
The tall, the wise, the reverend head
1 Must lie as low a* ours.'
5 Great God! is this our certain doom?

And are we still secure?
Still walking downward to the tomh,

And yet prepare no more?
4 Grant us the power of quickening
To fit our souls to fly
Then when we drop this dying flesh,
We'il rise ahove the sky.
A Charity Hymn.

LORD of life, all praise excelling,
Thou, in glory unconfined,
Deie'n'st to make t'ny humhle dwelling
With the poor of humhle mind.

2 As thy love, through all creation,
Beams like thy diffusive light;

So tin* scocn'd and humhle station
Shrinks hefore thine erjual sight.

3 Tims thy care, for all providing,
Warm'dthy faithful prophet's tongue.

Who, the lot of nil deciding,
To thy chosen Israel sung;

4 When thiue harvest yields thee pica

Thou the golden sheaf shalt hind,
To the poor helongs the treasure
Of the scattw'd earsh«hind.

These thy God ordains to hless
The widow and the fatherless.

5 When thine olive plants increasing',
Pour their plenty o'er thy plain,

Grateful thou slialt take the hlessing:,
But not search the how again.
Chorus. These, Lc.

6 When thy tavour' d vintage flowing, Gladdens thy autumnal scene,

Own the hounteous hand hestowing, l)ut thy vines the poor shall glean. Chorus. These, &.c.

7 Still we read thy word declaring Mercy, Lord, thine own decree;

Mercy, every sorrow sharing,

Warms the heart resemhling thee.

8 Still the orphan and the stranger,
Still the widow owns thy care,

Screen'd hy thee in every danger',
Heard hy thee in every prayer.

Halluujuh. Amen.


Jt.t the Ordination or Institution of a Minister.

flATHER of mercies! in thy house 1 We pay our homage and our vows; Whilst with a grateful heart we share These pledges of our Saviour's care.

2 The Saviour, when to heaven he rose, In splendid triumph o'er his foes, Scatter'd his gifts on men helow,

And wide his royal hounties flow.

3 Hence sprang the Apostle's honour'd

Sacred heyond heroic fame;
Heree dictates the prophetic sage,
A1iii hence the evangdtc page.

4 W. lower forms, to hless our eyes, Pastors from hence and Teachers rise; Who, though with feehler rays they

shine, fit;J mark a long extended line.

5 From Christ their varied gifts derhfc And, fed hy him, their graces live; Whilst guarded hy his potent hand, Amidst the rage of hell they stand.

6 So shall the hright succession run, Through all the courses of the sun; Whilst unhorn churches, hy their cut. Shall rise and flourish large and fair,

7 Jesus, our Lord, their hearts sha

know The spring whence all these hlessing

flow; Pastors and people shout his praise, Through the long round of endless dy,


Prayer for Minister*.

FATHER of mercies! how thine ear, Attentive to our earnest prayer; We plead for these who plead for the*t Successful pleaders may tney he!

2 How great their work, how vast their

charge! Do thou their anxious souls enlarge; Their hest acquirements are our gain, We share the hlessing* they ohtain.

3 Clothe, then, with energy divine. Their words, and let those words he

thine; To them thy sacred truth reveal, Suppress their fear, inflame their xeaL'

4 Teach them to sow the precious seed, Teach them thy chosen flock to feed; Teach them immortal souls to gainSouls that will well reward their pahv

5 Let thronging multitudes around, Hear from their lips the joyful sound \ In humhle strains thy grace implore, And feel thy new-creating power.

ti Let sinners hreak their massy chains, Distressed souls forget their pains; Let light through distant realms he

spread, And Zlon rear her drooping head.

4 Whatever the Hymn* are wA at the celthmeio* »/ divine service, a certain portion «r fr tums tij the Psalms of David in metre shall aim he wnf.

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God, his perfections and providence extolled, Psalm 96, verse fi, he. FMlms 65,

105, 145, and 147.
God, his goodness, Sec. Psalm 103, Psalm 145, verse 7, fee. Psalm 147.
God, his omniscience, Psalm 139.
God, bls omnipresence, Psalm 139.

God, his omnipotence, Psalm 68, Psalm 89, verse 6, 7, 8, and 9, Psalms 93, and 96.
God, his justice, Psalm 92.

God, his sovereignty and goodness, Psalms 8, 75, 82,113, and 144.
God, bls compassion, Psalm 103, Psalm 145, verse 9 to the end.
God, his care of the saints, Psalm 3, verse 3, fee. Psalm 7, verse 8, he. and

Psalm 34.
God, our defence and salvation, Psalms 3, 33, .61, and 115.
God, eternal, be. Psalm 9a
God, eternal, and man mortal, Psalms 90, and 102.
God, faithfulness, Psalms 89,105, 111, 145, and 146.
God, goodness and mercy, Psalms 103, and 145.
God, goodness and truth, Psalms 145, and 146.
God, governing power and goodness, Psalm 66. ,

God, greatness and goodness, Psalms 68,144,145, and 147.
God, the Judge, Psalm 9, verse 7, Sec. Psalms 50, 97, Psalm 98, last verse, Psalm

149, last verse.
God, his majesty, Psalms 63, and 97.
God, his condescension, Psalm 113.

God, mercy and truth, Psalm 36, verse 5, he. Psalms 39,103,136, and 145.
God, made man, Psalm 8, verse 5, &c .
God, bls perfections extolled, Psalm 36, verse 7, he Psalms 111, 145, 146, and

God, our portion, Psalm 4, verse 6 to the end, Psalm 73, verse 25 to the end.
Cod, his power and majesty, Psalm 68, Psalm 89, verse 6, Stc. Psalms 93, and

God our Preserver, Psalms 121, and 138.
God present in his Church, Psalms 46, and 84.
God our Shepherd, Psalm 23.

God our support and comfort, Psalm 94, verse 12, he.
God supreme Governor, Psalms 75, 82, and 95.
God, his vengeance and compassion, Psalms 68, and 97.
Gvd unchangeable, Psalms 89,and 111.
God worthy of all praise, Psalms 145, 146, and 150.
Good Friday, Psalms proper for, 22, 35, 40, Psalm 41, verse 5 to the end, Psalms

55, and 69. (See Christ, his sufferings and death.)
Good Works, Psalm 4, verse 3, kc. Psalm 15, Psalm 21, verse 3, he. Psalm 106,

verse 3, he. Psalms 112, and 119.
Goodntss of God celebrated, Psalms 103, and 147. (See God.)
Gotptl, its blessings, glory and success, Psalms 19,45,89,98,110,-and 111,
Grace prayed for, Psalms 25, 42. and 43.
Grac*, its evidences, Psalm 26.
Grace without merit. Psalms 16, and 32.
Grace of Christ, Psalms 45, and 72.
Grace and providence, Psalms 33, 36,135,136, and 137.
Grace preserving and restoring, Psalm 57, Psalm 66, four last verses, Psalms

125, and 138.
Grace and glory, Psalm 84, two last verses, Psalm 97, three last verses.
Grace, pardoning, quickening, and sanctifying, Psalm 119, verse 25, he vena

33, he. verse 57, Ate. verse 77, kc.
Greatness of God, and his goodness, Psalm 68,144,145, and 147.
Guilt of conscience removed, Psalms 32,51, and 130.
Harvest, Psalm 65, verse 9\ he. Psalm 147, verse8, he
Htaltk, sickness and recovery, Psalms 6, 30, 38, 39, 90, 102, and 116.
Hearing of prayer, Psalm 4, I'salm 65, first four verses, Psalm 66, last two

verses, and Psalm 102, last two verses.
Heart known to God, Psalm 139, verse 11, he
Heaven, Psalm 16, versr «, he. Psalm 17, last verse, Psalm 24, verse 3, he. Psalm

97, vent 11, kc . Psalm 106, verses 3 and 4.

Historical psalms, 73, 105, and 106.

Holiness, psalm 4, verse 3. fee. psalm IS, psalm 24, verse 4, fee. psalm 108, Tcne

S, be. psalms 112, and 119.
Holy Sliirit. supplication for, psalm 42, psalm 51, verse 11, fee, (See Grace.)
Hope and trust in God, psalm 3, psalm 16, last three verses, psalms 18, 27, 31, 46,

psalm 56, last three verses, psalms 62, 71, 86, psalm 115, verse 9, fee psaba

Humiliation, day of, psalms .proper for, 10, and 60. (See Penitential Psatmt.)

Humility, profession of, psalm 131.

Hypocrites and hypocrisy, psalm 12, psalm 50, verse 17 to the end.

idolatry reproved, psalm 115, verse 2, Ate psalm 135, verse 15, ice.

Incarnation of Christ, psalm 40, verse 6, fee

Instruction, spiritual, psalm 25, verse 3, fee psalm 34, verse 11, fee. psalm 119.

Institution of a Minister, psalm proper for, 122, psalm 132, verse 9, fee. psalm

Instructive psalms, displaying the different characters and end of good and had

men, 1, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17, 24, 25, 32, 34, 36, 37, 50, 52, 53, 58, 73,

75, 84, 91, 92, 94, 112, 119, 121, 125, 127, 128, 133. *a ~a —i—»"a ~"
Intercession, psalms of, 20, 67, 122, and 132.
Jtwsl conversion of, psalm 106, last five verses, and psalm 126.
..'mm saved from Egypt, and brought to Canaan,psalms 68, 105, 107, 114.135.

and 136. '^'

Jews'" travels-in the wilderness, psalm 78, psalm 106, verse 6, fee- psalm 114.
Judgment, day of, psalm 1, three last verses, psalm 50, psalm 96, two last

stanzas, psalm 97, psalm 98, three last verses. tSee Advent.)
Justice of God, psalm 92. (See God, his perfections.)
Justification from the free grace of God, psalms 32, and 130.
Kingdom of Christ, psalms 2, 72, 87,89,110, and 132. teee Christ, Epiphany.)
Kingly office of Christ, psalm.- 21, and 110. (See Christ, Epiphany,)
Knowledge, spiritual, desired, psalm 119, verse 5, fee. verse 33, fee. verse 129,

Law of God, its excellence, consolations, delight in it, fee. psalms 19, and n9,

verse 5, fee. verse 33, fee verse 97, fee. verse 103, fee. verse 128, fee.
lnit, psalms proper for. (See Penitential Psalms.)
Liberality to the poor, psalm 41, three first verses, psalm 112, verse 3, fee.
Life, its shortness and frailty, psalm 39, verse 4, fee. psalm 89, verses 47, and 48.

psalm 90. ^

Isife, uncertainty of, psalm 39.
Longing after God, psalms 42, and 63.
Lord's Day, psalms proper for, 63, three first stanzas, 95, 96,100, and 118, vent

19 to the end. „. .

Itevc to our neighhour, psalm 15.
Love of Christ to sinners typified in the love of David to his enemies, psalm 35.

verse 12, fee. ^

I,oset brotherly, psalm 133.
Magistrates Warned, psalms 58, and 82.
Magistrate, a good one described, psalm 101.
Majesty of God, psalm 68. (See God.)

Man, his dominion, psalm 8, third and three following verses.
Man, his mortality, psalm 39, verse 4, fee psalm 89, verses 47, and 48, psalm

90, verse 3, fee psalm 102. ■

Marriage, mystical, and typical of the union between Christ and his Church

psalm 45, verse 9, fee
Melancholy reproved, psalms 42, and 77, verse 10, fee
Mercies, common and special, spiritual and temporal, psalms 103, and 107.
Mercy, prayed for, psalms 25. and 123.
Me^ °/oGod' ce'^rated* psalm 36, fifth and following verses, psalms 66, 89,

103,136, and 145.
Miracles in Egypt and the wilderness, psalm JOS, verse 23, fee 107, verse 8,

Morning psalms, 3, v.-?rse 3, fee 19, 63, 130, verse 6, fee and 141.

Mortality of man. (See Man, his mortality.) .

Motion'* safety is the Church, psalm 48, verse 9, fee.



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Alas, what hourly dangers rise 89

All-glorious God, what hymiis of

And are we now hrought near to


Awake, my soul, and with the sun 91
Before Jehovah s awful throne 92

Christ from the dead is rais'd, and

made 82

Come, Holy Ghost! Creator, come 82
Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove 82
Come, Lord, and warm each Lan-
guid heart
Come, we that love the Lord
Cternal source of every joy
Far from my thoughts, vain world,

he gone
Father of mercies! in thy word
Father of mercies! in thy house 94
Father of mercies! how thine ear 94
From whence these direfal omens

round 81

G od of the seas! thine ewful voice 85
Go forth, ye heralds, in my name B7
Go preach my Gospel, saith the

Lord i 87

Glory to thee, my God, this night 91
Hark the glad sound, the Saviour

comes 87

Hark! from the tomhs, a mournful

sound 93

Hear what the voice from heaven

declares 86

He's come! let every knee he hent 82
He dies! the Friend of sinners dies 88
How heauteous are their feet 87

Bow oft. alas! this wretched heart 88


How long, thou faithful God, shall I 89
How helpless guilty nature lies 89

How long shall earth's alluring toys 90
Life is the time to serve the Lord 90
Lord! for the just thou dost provide 85
Lord of life, ail praise excelling 93
My God, and is thy tahle spread 82

My God, since thou hast raised me

up W

Now may the God of grace and

power 85

O that my load of sin were gone 89
O thou that hear'st when sinners ,cry 88
Our Lord ia risen from the dead 88

Salvation doth to God helong 85

Since Christ our Passover is slain 81
Should nature's charms- to please

the eye . 98

The God of life, whose constant care 83
The Lord my pasture shall prepare 84
The spacious firmament on high 84
Thou, God, all glory, honour, power 82
To our Redeemer's glorious name 92
To Jesus, our exalted Lord 92

Welcome, sweet day of rest 92

When all thy mercies, O my God 84
When dangers, woes, or death are

nigh 85

When, rising from the hed of death 83
When we are raised from deep dis-
tress 86
When I can read my title clear 99
While angels thus, O Lord, rejoice 81
While shepherd* watch'd their

flocks hy night 6J

Ye humhle souls, approach your

God 91

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