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REV. H. F. LYTE, M. A.




Second Edition



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My dear Lord Farnham,

This little volume was to have been inscribed to Lady Farnham. It was at her instance that it was sent to the press; and I was in the act of penning a little dedicatory tribute to her for its commencement, when intelligence reached me of the loss which your Lordship, myself, and the world at large, had sustained in her death. I must not attempt to describe my feelings on such an occasion. To know Lady Farnham, was to reverence and love her: and I knew her well. This, however, is not


the place to enlarge on her talents and virtues : I did not dare to eulogize them while she lived; and could she now address me from her present bright abode, I know that her admonition would be,“ Give glory to God, not to me.” For myself, and my little volume, I feel that we have lost in dear Lady Farnham a kind and efficient Patroness. The favourable opinion of one, whose taste was as refined as her piety was exalted, would have afforded some sanction to these trifles; and the dedication of them to her would have shown that I was not insensible of the many kindnesses I have received at her hands. But these hopes are over now. She is gone where better strains claim her regard, and I have no longer an opportunity of testifying to her thus my affection and respect. Permit me then, my dear Lord, to transfer the


tribute to you: and should you, amidst your numerous important and patriotic engagements, find time to cast a glance on the ensuing pages, what pleasure would it afford me to think that any sentiment expressed there might contribute to give you comfort, under a bereavement such as few are called to experience.

I have the honour to be.

My dear Lord, Your affectionate and sympathizing servant,

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