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Δακρυόεν γελάσισα. .

te flentem, lacrimis umentia vidi
Lumina caeruleo splendidiora polo.

Blanditias mirans tristes, Sic mane, putavi,
Lucenti violae rore micare solent.
Vidi iterum risus : coram ridente subacti

Sapphiri radios deposuere suos.
Non locus est gemmis, oculos ubi gloria talis

Implet, et ingenuo vivit in ore iubar.
Nam velut occiduus vario nitet aethere Titan,

Nec propria nubes luce rubere facit,
Qvae vel adhuc servant roseae vestigia flammae,

Cum tenebras pulso nox trahit atra die:
Sic hilari fulgens risu tu pectora donas

Laetitiae quamvis tristia parte tuae. Risus abit: menti superest ridentis imago,

Irradiatqve alma corda fovetqve face.

W. E. E.

Surge age.

I vel adhuc, virgo, somnus tua lumina claudit,

Erige te lecto, nec mora, pande fores :

Aspicis ? Aurorae nova lux rubet : en age mecum Per iuga per campos prataqve carpe viam. Nec curae tibi sit suris aptare cothurnos,

Sed mihi vel nudum crede, puella, pedem. Per fluvios latos iter est qvaqve aestuat unda,

Per qvae mane novo gramina rore micant.

F. T. C.


ENTI cur neqveat se mens ostendere qvaeris?

Qvod mens, cum loqvitur, desinit ipsa loqvi.


POME down, O maid, from yonder mountain height;

For Love is of the valley ; come thou down,

And find him ; by the happy threshold, he,
Or hand in hand with Plenty in the maize,
Or red with spurted purple of the vats,
Or fox-like in the vine; nor cares to walk
With Death and Morning on the silver horns ;
Nor wilt thou snare him in the white ravine,
Nor find him dropt upon the firths of ice,
That huddling slant in furrow-cloven falls
To roll the torrent out of dusky doors.
But follow : let the torrent dance thee down
To find him in the valley; let the wild
Lean-headed eagles yelp alone, and leave
The monstrous ledges there to slope, and spill
Their thousand wreaths of dangling water-smoke,
That, like a broken purpose, waste in air :
So waste not thou, but come ; for all the vales
Await thee; azure pillars of the hearth
Arise to thee; the children call; and I
Thy shepherd pipe, and sweet is every sound,
Sweeter thy voice, but every sound is sweet :
Myriads of rivulets hurrying through the lawn,
The moan of doves in immemorial elms,
And murmuring of innumerable bees.


On a Ventriloquist.
YHE stomach is a thrifty thing :,

So Juvenal of old did sing:

I deemed his saying was not sooth ;
But now experience proves its truth :
For here is one whose stomach's feats
Procure the food his stomach eats.

S. A.

Huc ades.

Λής, φίλα, ώδ' ενθών, έδoς ώρεος από λιποϊσα;
χώρον "Έρως φιλέει θεός ήμενον ένθ' επ' "Έρωτα.
όλβίω ή μάλα τηνον επί προθύροιο τύ λαψή,
ή'ν σταχύεσαι καλά συνεπισπόμενον μετ' "Οπώρα.
έντι δ' όχι αυτός έβαπτίσθη τρυγί πορφυροέσσα,
ένθ' όκ αλωάων κέεται μέσος ήύτ' αλώπηξ:
αλλά οι ου κορυφαι κατά τον νόον αργικέρωτες
ένθ' άως νάρκαις μετ' ανιαραϊσι πολείται,
ουδ' αυλώνι θεός θηράσιμος εν νιφόεντι,
ουδε γυάν έπι κεκλιμένος χειμώνα παγεισαν,
ται τε φέρονται κάτω, φαίη κέ τις έργον αρότρω,
εκ δε καταχές ύδωρ σκιεράν πέμποντι θυράων.
αιετόν οίον έα λεπτόστομον ωρύσασθαι,
υψόθε δ' αίκα λής μετα νάματα ποσσί χορεύσαι,
τως καταβάλι θεον διζημένα άγκεα πάντα
ελπίδ' έχοντι τεούς, βωστρεϊ του τα παιδία καπνώ
κίονες ωράνιαι κατά παν στέγος εστήκαντι:
χω σος εγω ποιμαν τυρίσδω, πάντα τ' αείδει,
γλώσσα μεν ών κλήσδει σέθεν άδιον, αδύ δε πάντα
αδύ κατειβομένοις κελαρύσσει νάμασι λειμών,
τρυγόνες αρχαίαισιν επί πτελέαις στενάχοντι,
βομβεί δ' εν κάποισιν ανάριθμα φύλα μελισσαν.

W. G. C.

In Ventriloquum.

ENTRE nihil novi frugalius, inquit Aqvinas;

Huic ego non prorsus credulus ante fui: Nunc non inficior qvod res mihi nota probavit:

En sibi qvi victum non nisi ventre parit.

Ι. Ρ.


T little profits that an idle king,
By this still hearth, among

these barren crags,
Matched with an aged wife, I mete and dole
Unequal laws unto a savage race,
That hoard, and sleep, and feed, and know not me.
I cannot rest from travel: I will drink
Life to the lees : all times I have enjoyed
Greatly, have suffered greatly, both with those
That loved me, and alone ; on shore, and when
Through scudding drifts the rainy Hyades
Vext the dim sea: I am become a name;
For, always roaming with a hungry heart,
Much have I seen and known; cities of men
And manners.


The Pimpernel.

EE'ST thou yon pimpernel ? An hour is past,

And he was holding dalliance with the sun,

All bared his crimson pride: now closed, downcast, His blossoms seek their favourite skies to shun. Young Edwin came, the warning change beheld,

Then hurried to his hinds; and hark! I hear His loaded wagons creaking from the field;

For storms, he says, and angry hours, are near. Oh, ʼmid the flowers life's tortuous path that strew,

Is there not one like this ? E'en as I speak,
Thy bosom-friend's estranged look review,

Remark his icy eye, his smileless cheek:
Adversity is nigh. Speed, counsel how
To soften as thou may’st th’inevitable blow.

R. W. E.

"Ανδρα μοι έννεπε, Μούσα, πολύτροπον. *πόποι, ού τοι ταύτα θέμις άνεμώλιον αύτως οίκω εν ευκήλω, πέτρης υπό παιπαλοέσσης, γραίης αμφ' αλόχου βασιλεύεμεν» ή ρα θέμιστας δει με καπηλεύειν γενεή τοι δε μετ' ανδρών νηπίη, ούτε πανημέριον μεγάροισι εοίσιν εύδουσή μεθύουσιν ατασθαλοι, ουδ' έτ' έμείο μνήσαντ'; αλλά μοι ήτορ ένα στήθεσσιν άνωγεν άλγεα πάσχειν πάντα τα κεν δώωσι θεοί περ. πλάγξομ' έπει κακά πολλά πέπονθά τε πολλά τ' άρ εσθλά αμφ' ετέρους έριήρας, έπειτα δε νόσφιν απάντων, Πληϊάδων άμα δυσμώ, ότ' ήερόεσσα θάλασσα πνοιες τετρήχη, κραιπνή δ' επιδέδρομε λαίλαν ευρύ τέ μοι κλέος έστιν εν ανδράσιν αλφηστησιν. αιει δ' εν στήθεσσι λιλαιόμενός περ οδοίο πολλών ανθρώπων ίδoν άστεα και νόον έγνων.

G. 0. Μ.

Certis poteris cognoscere signis.

FZSTAM tune vides anagallida ? Non ita pridem

Visa fuit medium solis amare iubar

Purpureo ridens fastu: nunc lumina claudit Tristia, nec dulcem spectat, ut ante, diem. Adstabat monitumqve vigil perspexit Amyntas ;

Protinus agrestes convocat ipse manus.
Audin, iamiam abeunt agro stridentia plaustra :

En, ait, Auster adest; en furit hora minis.-
Num florum, quicumque habitant loca devia vitae,

Huic nullus simili condicione viget ?
Dum loqvor, aversi vultum non cernis amici ?

Luce carent oculi, risibus ora carent.
Sors adversa venit: tu cessas ? I fuge, tecum,

Qvid ferat infaustis, consule, rebus opem.



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