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A Prison Commission, somewhat similar in power, was established in Connecticut in 1879, but the State Board of Charities there has ceased to act.]

The following delegates were reported as present: —


Gen. F. A. Walker, New Haven, Superintendent of the United-States Census.


William F. Spaulding, Secretary of the Board of Commissioners of Prisons, Boston.

Pliny Earle, M.D., Superintendent of State Lunatic Hospital, Northampton. Elizur Wright, Boston.


William P. Letchworth, President of State Board of Charities, Buffalo.
Charles S. Hoyt, M.D., Secretary of State Board of Charities, Albany.
H. B. Wilbur, M.D., Superintendent of New York Asylum for Idiots, Syra-


Seth Low, Brooklyn Bureau of Charities, Brooklyn.

Joseph P. Noyes, Susquehanna Valley Home for Indigent Children, Binghamton.

J. W. Skinner, Superintendent of Industrial Schools of Children's Aid Society, New York.

Walter B. Wines, Irvington-on-Hudson.


Diller Luther, M.D., Secretary of the State Board of Public Charities, Reading.

Rev. John L. Milligan, Chaplain Western Penitentiary, Allegheny.

Robert D. McGonnigle, Clerk of Directors of the Poor, Allegheny.

Mrs. McGonnigle.

Charles D. Cadwallader, Society for Organizing Charitable Relief and Suppressing Mendicancy, Philadelphia.

Rudolph Blankenberg (same society), Philadelphia.


Richard M. Bishop, Governor of Ohio, Columbus.

Mrs. Bishop, Columbus.

Miss Anna Bishop, Columbus.

Gen. R. Brinkerhoff, Commissioner of State Charities, Mansfield.
Rev. A. G. Byers, Secretary of Board of State Charities, Columbus.

S. S. Richie, New Paris, Preble County.

W. S. Dickinson, Cincinnati.

Mrs. Dickinson, Cincinnati.

Mrs. George A. Baker, Cleveland, Visitor to Girls' Industrial Home.
M. D. Follett, Marietta,


John P. Early, official delegate, Indianapolis.

Mrs. N. J. Hicks, Indianapolis.

Mrs. N. G. Roberts, Social Science Association, Indianapolis.
Mrs. H. M. Gougar, Social Science Association, La Fayette.


Rt. Rev. George D. Gillespie, State Board of Charities and Correction, Grand Rapids.

E. H. Van Deusen, M.D., State Board of Charities and Correction, Kala


Henry W. Lord, Secretary of State Board of Charities and Correction, Detroit.


William E. Smith, Governor of Wisconsin, Madison.

Mrs. Smith, Madison.

Andrew E. Elmore, President of State Board of Charities and Reform, Fort Howard.

H. H. Giles, member of State Board of Charities and Reform, Madison. John H. Vivian, M.D., member of State Board of Charities and Reform,

Mineral Point.

W. W. Reed, M.D., member of State Board of Charities and Reform, Jefferson.

Theo. D. Kanouse, Secretary of State Board of Charities and Reform, Watertown.

Rev. W. H. DeMotte, Superintendent of Institution for Deaf and Dumb, Delavan.

Mrs. Sarah F. C. Little, Superintendent of Institution for Blind, Janesville. Rev. A. L. Chapin, D.D., LL.D., President Beloit College, Beloit.

Miss Ella A. Giles, Madison.

Mrs. W. P. Lynde, Industrial School, Milwaukee.

Mrs. John Hiles, Home of the Friendless, Milwaukee.

Mrs. Marion V. Dudley, Lake Mills.

Mrs. John Tapley, Taylor Orphan Asylum, Racine.

M. B. Erskine, Taylor Orphan Asylum, Racine.

Mrs. S. S. Sherman, Protestant Orphans' Association, Milwaukee.

Mrs. Emma Bascom, Madison.

Rev. E. Tasker, Chaplain State Prison, Waupun.

Rev. A. D. Hendrickson, Janesville.

Anson Rogers, Janesville.

William C. Allen, Racine.

Mrs. Allen, Racine.

Dominick Hunt, Superintendent of the Poor, Fort Howard.

O. W. Wight, M.D., Milwaukee.

James H. Foster, Railroad Commissioner, Koro,


C. S. Watkins, official delegate, Davenport,

S. W. Pierce, Superintendent of Iowa Orphans' Home, Davenport,

A. Reynolds, M.D., Superintendent Hospital for the Insane, Independence. Miss M. A. Cleaves, M.D,, Trustee Hospital for the Insane, Mt. Pleasant,


Thomas T. Taylor, State Board of Charities, Hutchinson.

C. A. Hayes, M.D., Asst. Physician Hospital for the Insane, Osawatomie.


R. C. Thomas, M.D., official delegate, member of State Board of Health.


Shelby M. Cullom, Governor of Illinois, Springfield.

E. F. Leonard, Private Secretary of the Governor, Springfield.

Lieut.-Gov. Andrew Shuman, Chicago.

George S. Robinson, President of State Board of Public Charities, Sycamore. Mrs. Robinson, Sycamore.

J. C. Corbus, M.D., State Board of Public Charities, Mendota.

Rev. Fred. H. Wines, Secretary of State Board of Public Charities, Springfield.

Mrs. Wines, Springfield.

John W. Whipp, Assistant Secretary of State Board of Public Charities, Springfield.

R. W. McClaughry, Warden State Penitentiary, Joliet.

J. C. Salter, Warden Southern Penitentiary, Chester.

E. A. Kilbourne, M.D., Superintendent of Northern Insane Hospital, Elgin. H. F. Carriel, M.D., Superintendent of Central Insane Hospital, Jacksonville.

Horace Wardner, M.D., Superintendent of Southern Insane Hospital, Anna.
J. D. Scouller, M.D., Superintendent of State Reform School, Pontiac.
George Davenport, Superintendent of Illinois Charitable Eye and Ear In-
firmary, Chicago.

C. W. Marsh, Trustee Northern Insane Hospital, Sycamore.
I. C. Bosworth, Trustee Northern Insane Hospital, Elgin.
D. E. Beaty, Trustee Central Insane Hospital, Jerseyville.
John E. Detrich, Trustee Southern Insane Hospital, Sparta.
E. H. Finch, Trustee Southern Insane Hospital, Anna.
W. P. Bruner, Trustee Southern Insane Hospital, Metropolis.
John H. Clough, Trustee Eastern Insane Hospital, Chicago.
William Reddick, Trustee Eastern Insane Hospital, Ottawa.
William F. Murphy, Trustee Eastern Insane Hospital, Newman.
M. A. Cushing, Trustee Institution for Deaf and Dumb, Minonk.
Daniel Goodwin, jun., Trustee Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary, Chicago.
W. H. Fitch, M.D., Trustee Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary, Rockford.
Perry A. Armstrong, Trustee Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary, Morris.
E. C. Lawton, Clerk of Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary, Chicago.
W. I. Culver, Treasurer of Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary, Chicago.
Obadiah Huse, Trustee State Reform School, Evanston,
Solon Kendall, Trustee State Reform School, Geneseo,

J. F. Culver, Trustee State Reform School, Pontiac.

R. D. Lawrence, Commissioner of Southern Penitentiary, Springfield.

R. J. Patterson, M.D., Superintendent Bellevue Place, Batavia.

Henry J. Brooks, M.D., formerly Assistant Physician Northern Insane Hospital, Dixon.

Rev. W. D. A. Matthews, Superintendent of Prison Department of the
Western Seaman's Friend Society, Onarga.

Mrs. John L. Beveridge, Industrial School for Girls, Evanston.
Mrs. Louisa R. Wardner, Industrial School for Girls, Anna.

Mrs. Laura J. Tisdale, Industrial School for Girls, Chicago.


H. C. Senne, Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners.
George W. Spofford, County Commissioner, Chairman Committee on Public

P. McGrath, County Agent.

D. W. Mills, Warden Cook County Hospital.

E. B. McCagg, President of Relief and Aid Society.

Rev. George C. Truesdell, Superintendent Relief and Aid Society.

D. Wilkins, Superintendent Washingtonian Home.
Charles W. Earle, M.D., Physician Washingtonian Home.
Samuel Willard, M.D., Director Washingtonian Home.
D. R. Brower, M.D.

Viola E. Archibald, M.D., Illinois Social Science Association.
Sibelia F. Baker, M.D., Illinois Social Science Association.
Mrs. Samuel Willard, Illinois Social Science Association.
Mrs. J. Tyler, Woman's Christian Association.

Mrs. J. A. Thompson, Woman's Christian Association.

Mrs. Thomas Burrows, Woman's Exchange.

Mrs. William Penn Nixon, Woman's Exchange.
Mrs. N. B. Buford, Woman's Exchange.
Mrs. A. H. Hoge, Home for the Friendless.
Mrs. Thomas A. Hill, Home for the Friendless.
Col. C. G. Hammond, Home for the Friendless.
Mrs. Henry Sayers, Protestant Orphan Asylum.
Mrs. L. L. Collins, Protestant Orphan Asylum.
Mrs. R. H. Forrester, Woman's Hospital.

Mrs. J. Clement, Woman's Hospital.

Mrs. A. Peterson, Woman's Hospital.

Mrs. F. D. Patterson, Woman's Hospital.

G. S. Randall, Architect.

Rev. R. W. Patterson, D.D., Theological Seminary of the North-West.

Rev. Clinton Locke, D.D., President St. Luke's Hospital.

J. S. Jewell, M.D.

H. M. Bannister, M.D.

E. L. Holmes, M.D., Eye and Ear Infirmary.

S. J. Jones, M.D., Eye and Ear Infirmary.

Gov. John L. Beveridge, Evanston.

E. Ingalls, M.D., President State Medical Society.

James R. Willett, Architect.

J. C. Cochrane, Architect.

A. G. Lane, County Superintendent Schools,

Mrs. J. McGregor Adams.

In the absence of the Governor of Illinois, the Lieutenant-Governor, Hon. Andrew Shuman, spoke briefly as follows:

"Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen, When the Governor is out of the State, the Lieutenant-Governor is required to act as his official substitute. The Governor is out of the State to-day; and, although I will not presume to act as his substitute on this occasion as a speech-maker, I can nevertheless appear before you as his apologist. When Gov. Cullom left for Washington, a week ago, it was his intention to return in time to be present with you, and to take part in your deliberations. There must be a very good reason for his failure to carry out his intention, or he certainly would have been here as he had promised. He is noted for the scrupulous fidelity with which he fulfils his engage


"Ladies and gentlemen, there is no greater or better work in all this world than that in which you are engaged as the managers, agents, and ministers of the public and private charities of the country. The question of the repression and control of crime, pauperism, and the ills incident to human misfortune, is one of those partially-solved great problems of the ages, which still challenges the best thought and effort of the world's science, philanthropy, and statesmanship. The question as to what extent and by what methods the State should or can care for its unfortunates, and the question of how individual benevolence and organized private charity can most judiciously and effectively relieve the distressed, and help the needy, appeal to the soberest reason as well as to the tenderest heart. As I understand it, the object of this meeting is to confer about questions of this character. I can but express the hope that the results of your conference and deliberations may be in the highest degree edifying and gratifying to yourselves, profitable to the general public, and greatly promotive of the interests of our common humanity.

Ladies and gentlemen, if Gov. Cullom were here, he would, as I do, extend to you, in behalf of our people, the most cordial greeting, and the warmest welcome to our state and city.”

Gov. Bishop, of Ohio, responded on behalf of the delegates from other States. He said it was personally very gratifying to be present on this occasion, for he took a deep interest in a subject so vital to the welfare of our common country. He had the pleasure, one year ago, to welcome many who were now present to

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