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010: |a 08035377//r543


035/1: : |a (RLIN)MIUG82-S8581

035/2: : |a (CaOTULAS)160674766

040: |c MUL |d OCL |d NIC |d CStRLIN |d MiU


050/1:0 |a HV88 |b.A3

110:2 a National Conference on Social Welfare.

245:14: |a The social welfare forum. |b Official proceedings [of the] annual meeting.

247/1:00: |a Proceedings. |b Selected papers [of the] annual meeting |g (varies slightly) f 1874-1948

260: a New York [etc.].

300/1: : |a v. |b ill., ports. |c 22-24 cm.

362/1:0 |a 1st- 1874

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500/1: a Volume for 1874 (originally published in the Journal of social science, no. 6) was issued without title by the American Social Science

Association; reprinted in 1885 under title Proceedings of the first Conference of Charities and Correction.

515/2: a Volumes for 1875-1881 are regarded as extra numbers of the Journal of social science, though only the issue for 1875 was so designated on the title-page.

550/3: : |a Issued under earlier names of the Conference as follows: 1874, Conference of Boards of Public Charities; 1875-1879, Conference of Charities; 1880-1881, Conference of Charities and Correction; 1882-1916, National Conference of Charities and Correction; 1917-1956, National Conference of Social Work; 1957-, National Conference on Social Welfare. 650/1:0: |a Public welfare | z United States |x Congresses. 650/2:0: |a Charities | z United States |x Congresses.

710/1:22: Ja American Social Science Association

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