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HE Sermons preached at St. Mary's and


St. Giles' Churches in Oxford, on the Wednesdays and Fridays in Lent, 1867, concluded a series which had lasted through some preceding years. The strife between good and evil had been followed out, so far as revelation supplied matter for the enquiry, from this world to the world of spirits. It remained to examine the records of its close, and to exhibit to the eyes of the faithful the Victor in that long conflict. It was this which was attempted in the series of 1867.

In 1868, the subject which had been suggested in the former course, and without which it was incomplete, and yet which could not then be followed without unduly disturbing the sequence of those Sermons, -the responsibility of man as a creature to his Creator,-with the ideas which flow directly from it, was taken as the leading subject of the course. No former course appeared to create and maintain to the end such a living interest amidst the large congregations which filled both churches.

May God grant, by His great grace, that some enduring results to the furtherance of His glory, and the benefit of His holy Church, may flow from the preaching and publication of these Sermons.


Sept. 21, 1868.


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